May 08, 2016:

Zatanna, Misfit, Rain, and May meet AI to find a possible way to stop the mage hunter.

Goldmane Manor

The dilapidated remains of a grand house secluded away in woods.



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Hax has been MIA for nearly three weeks now since he was forced to flee from a being known as a mage hunter. With no communication since his disappearance, Hax has finally broken the silence saying he has found "it". His message didn't specify what exactly "it" was, but Hax did say that a familiar acquaintance would meet them to fill in the missing details. Can't run the risk of prying eyes or ears discovering what the rune mage has planned.

The scene fades into view overlooking a tall gate and fence (the kind indicative of a mansion with plenty of private property) as well as the dilapidated ruins of a very large three story house. Though the cold morning fog and tall cedars obscure much of the scenery, one gets the impression that this was once a place of extraordinarily well kept beauty. The paths just beyond the gate, though overrun and overgrown with various flora, show the remains of animal shaped hedges, path stones alongside small ponds, and the withered remains of many flowers. The house itself aside from extensive vine coverage and occasional holes seems to have weathered gracefully through the years.

As Zee approach the gates with May, Misfit, and Rain beside her the fogs seems to react to their presence and roll away from the entrance almost seeming to allow safe passage to this dark and gloomy place. However, amongst the ruins and overgrowth one gleaming sign still shines as a reminder of what this place once was; the words read "Goldmane Manor".

Charlie, aka Misfit, whistles softly "Okay that is cool… are we going to be in a horror movie tonight. Because I have been totes netflixing the hell out of horror movies. That fog trick.. spot on horror movie…. forbidden land.. guarded monestary… graveyards… I mean totally spot on. So we need to focus on the rules of surviving these things. Since we seem to be all girls we ned to make sure to not split up the group. Captain you are scooby in this one. Sorry." she pauses for a breath … a moment of peace "I think we probably need to avoid any coed situations .. never make out in a horror movie so if there is a guy here no snogging." she grins "That is british for like Sex and stuff. Harry Potter and all." .. .. well this is off to a sharp start.

Zee, now in full possession of her power and possibly then some, walks with the rest of the group and looks over to Misfit. She'd briefed her fellow Primal Force teammate about the mage hunter and why Hax had to run. Turning up with extra help wouldn't go astray.

"I'm well versed in snoggin—-" Zee breaks off eyeing the chaos muppet, "It's british for kissing mostly…"

Heading to the doorway, she looks to May. The Magic Users are good, but sometimes the physical protection and spycraft is welcomed.

Melinda May looks at Zee in return, silently glad the spellcaster is dealing with Misfit's stream of consciousness. May would not handle it nearly as gracefully. As they approach the gates of what is apparently Goldmane Manor, she pulls her butterfly swords. Physical protection she can do. And will do. There will be no snogging and no Myst level freakishness here today.

The gate opens with a loud creak of metal long unused or maintained. The trio enters what appears to be the former gardens or front lawn of this estate and as soon as they enter the fog rolls in once more to obscure the entrance (quite possibly the fog is some kind of security net for the house). The moment the perimeter is secured once more by fog, a gleaming ball of orange floats into view from the doorway of the house. It floats past the doorways appearing to be scanning the house with some kind of light emanating from its equivalent of an eye. It looks like it might be Hax's construct familiar, AI.

In the back of everyone's mind a distinct eeriness sets in. As if the fog and cold weren't bad enough something about this place feels out of place. Maybe the floating eye might have some light to shed, or perhaps it might be prudent to take a look around first; nothing seems to be evidently dangerous at the moment.

Rain is worried about Hax. She really does care about the rune mage, somehow. He's like a brother from another mother. Also awkward, seems adept with tech, the list goes on. Rain shivers at the fog. This is eerily familiar, eerily reminiscent of the ultramasochistic soul reaving chimera that tried to pull her into their pack. That showed her what being betrayed felt like until a Japanese ghost tore it in half. She just takes a deep breath. There's a pause at the words.

"Does anyone know someone with the surname Goldmane?" She asks. She looks to the other. "AI?" She asks

Charlie takes it all in "Yup. Definitely horror movie …. I get to be the protagonist on this one. If we run into any kid's or old ladies we definitely need to take their advice." for someone talking about being in a horror movie Misfit is just tromping along with the other's amazingly unpreturbed. "Goldmane sounds like some british family who did awful things in Africa pillaging native treasures." she rolls a shrug there and then hmms as she "also once we down the monster assume it isn't dead… let's see.. no drinking either or other recreational pharmacuticals… people who do things adult's don't approve of are oddly always the first people to die.. I swear it is some sort of hollywood propaganda riight?"

"Hax." Zee says simply. "His family name, Rain." Misfits continued stream of consciousness gets another quirked brow. "How about, less talking and more listening and watching. We've two eyes, two ears and one mouth - use them in that order." Now Zee sounds like she might be reciting told to her at some point.

Mays look gets a nod from the young mage, who is dressed all in black leather - the only colour the diamond studded collar at her neck and the emerald pendulum on her left hip.

As the orange ball floats into view, she slows her steps "Hello. AI? It's Zee. We got a message." She's not drawing magic yet and surprisingly, she sounds very cool and collected.

May watches the orange orb warily. She also knows that that is Hax's family name, but as Zee already clarified it for Rain, she doens't say anything. When Rain recognizes the orb as AI and Zee addresses it regarding their message, she simply remains on the alert. Things may seem calm right now, and Misfit might be totally exaggerating about the horror movie potential of this place, but she will not be taking any chances.

"Right," Rain nods. "I'm just worried about him, sorry." She really does care. Rain is dressed in her physics pun t-shirt, jeans and sturdy shoes. She's an engineer, her fashion sense ran away for mai thais in Tahiti with her social graces, extroversion and free time. She waves to the orange ball. "Hello, AI." She greets it, too. Rain listens, as Zee speaks.

AI's scanning pauses as he perks up to look at the ladies before him. "Ah, you came" he says floating out of the house towards everyone. "My Maker has tasked me to meet you and explain the current situation given that being here himself might cause" he pauses "complications".

AI floats slowly towards the house's doorway (leading them). "Maker said that his family might have an artifact that will help combat the mage hunter, and that said artifact might still remain in this very house! You see this used to be the primary residence of the Goldmane family before the systematic killing of their bloodline started." AI begins to expand on Hax's family history, "From this very house generations upon generations of Goldmanes have lived and practiced their arts in the pursuit of knowledge and innovation. At their peak the Goldmanes were very well respected among the magical community as pioneers of new magical techniques and theories." AI adds with a chuckle "You might say it was the Golden Age of the Goldmanes."

As the group reaches the first floor of the house AI leans in, "The Maker believes that the artifact we seek is not a weapon of any kind. Our only clue is that it is 'hidden in plain sight', which means we are looking for benign looking objects or perhaps a very subtle hiding spot."

AI's scanning light turns back on "I will continue monitoring the first floor as well as the security around the house. Good luck."

Charlie mutters "eesh" then to Zee "Fine fine.. rule #1 is pay attention to your surroundings…" she falls quiet and follows AI in. Then she just can't help herself. "Guh.. number three don't split up and search alone and number four don't touch anything strange…. dooom" though to be honest it is just muttering at this point. She is looking around carefully. She even pauses and mutters something in Asgardian before tapping her goggles with a fingertip. The lenses glow red with chaos energy as she casts an enhance senses and detect magic spell on them.

"Please say hello to Hax for us, AI." Zee responds as they follow the glowing orb into the house. Blue eyes, that are darker than they used to be, take in as much as she can. It's certainly a nice, and the feel shouldn't be too unfamiliar to her - given that she lives in a magical house herself.

"An artefact makes sense." and Zee knows it doesn't have to be a weapon. Magic can be wielded very subtly. As AI finishes, she lets out a slow breath and looks to May "Hidden in plain sight. Could be a play on words… as much as a clue." Rather than calling her magic to her to start with, the raven haired mage starts to look around "like in an image of a plain or … a plane …" photo's, paintings, knick knacks, rugs … anything that might have a motif of a 'plain' or a 'plane' on it - that's what she's looking for.

"I'll stick to my accustomed methods." Which means May is going to (gently) toss the entire place searching for anything likely. Maybe her pendulum will help in that regard. Maybe not. She's kind of the Muggle of the group again. At least the swords get put away for now.

Rain looks worried. She follows the others, and nods. "Yeah, please say hi to him for us. We're worried," She admits. Rain will keep alert, and finally, a Captain appears. "Sorry I'm late," He offers. "Sup, hoverball. Man, I wanna bat you SO BAD." The cat admits. For his part, he is alert and attentive. "Captain, watch for anything odd. Scents, too. Something - hidden in plain sight. Could be an ordinary thing," She offers.

Rain will cautiously extend magic senses out, reaching to feel the local magical landscape.

AI's focusing iris winces at Captain's remark about batting stuff around and proceeds to continue scanning the first floor. As each person sets on searching the house there is an inescapable feeling of the cold feeling like it's closing in, eyes darting out of sight the moment you look, and the fog slowly creeping from beyond the gate into the gardens.

Charlie looks around slowly cocking her head a little bit. "Nobody ever listens.. doom… wonder if it is slasher or ghost movie…" is the next mutter. "There isn't anything magical on this floor as far as my spell can tell." that part is said louder for the benefit of the group. There is a slow pause "Slasher… probably slasher."

It takes Zee a while to search the floor, looking for imagery or hints where the artefact may be. "Nothing," she sighs, checking in with the others "Have you guys found anything?" Her lips thin in thought and something occurs to her.

"You know, families like the Goldmanes use seals to mark things of importance." She starts to re check the floor, locating a number of items with the Goldman lion inscribed on them, faded documents sealed with the lion and the like. "Nothing … "

With a sigh, the young mage looks at the others "I'm going to start searching the second floor."

Rain looks around. "Something is pulling me to a room above," She remarks. She looks to Captain. "Don't bat AI." She remarks. Cats love glowballs, though. "The fog is strange here," Captain remarks. British fog, maybe? ALways stopping in for tea? "It's coming in for us. If it's security, it feels redundant following us, yeah?" Net coming closer? Hmm. Captain wriggles his nose. "My feeling is upstairs, too," She offers.

May sarts out searching methodically, but as she goes her motions become … quieter, as if she's trying to listen for something. And at one point she abruptly stops and looks around. Her gut is rarely wrong. She pulls one of her swords again, then looks at Captain and gestures, pointing to her eye then her ear, and making a circle motion. Here's to hoping that the feline groks what she's silently telling him.

Captain bobbles his head, in a nod. Tailwiggle. He gets it. It's surrounding.

Zee, Misfit, and Rain approach the second floor all of their magic senses begin to light up like Christmas trees. A book from the room down the hall is giving off a muted glow only seen by those with magic senses.

Captain and May aren't wrong the fog is not only rolling into the courtyards, it's starting to roll into the house. If that fog is security, then it is trying to hide the people in the house from something. Or the fog is trying to CATCH something in the fog. Regardless of which reason a deafening banshee scream is heard from the third floor. Rain and Zee will be very familiar with that scream. It's the monster that attacked Rain's residence when Hax was escaping.

The scream is followed by rhythmic thumping of clawed feet racing down the stairs.

Charlie "Ahs… there it is." then goes very still as the scream and thumping of clawed feet. "Oh. Very fine. Slasher with the twist of Demon or Monster… very fine." well she is definitely riding this one out. "Told you so." she notes very smugly to Zee and then with another word of Asgardian she taps her gloves together and they start to glow with red energy. Better for punching the snot out of monsters.

"Should have started on this floor." Zee mutters to the others, glancing down towards May and Captain "What is it? We've found someth—-" Turning towards the stairs where the thumping is heard, she gestures to the other two. "Would one of you mind getting the book, I think we're going to need to get out of here quickly."

With a murmurs, words being spoken backwards, a gleaming shortsword appears in her hand. The way she holds it, indicates that she's had some level of training.

"Agent May…" her voice quivers just a little, she recognises that screech.

Melinda May follows the others as they pick up something with their magic senses. And then, Mrs. Bates starts shrieking and running around upstairs. This, May can handle. Placing herself to one side of the staircase (hopefully around a corner?) she has a butterfly sword in each hand now and is ready to lash out at the approaching noisemaker the moment he/she/it gets within striking distance. She looks at Zee questioningly — should she be doing something different at this point? Because by her reckoning, they have about … five seconds before the whateverthatis is down the stairs and in their faces. What was it she once heard Coulson and Sitwell debating? Oh, right. "Someone drop a Silence spell. Now."

Rain pauses. "I can get it," Rain offers. "I can turn into a giant bear if things get ugly," She promises. "I remember that thing," She does. She wrinkles her nose. "Come at me bro." Actually, Rain pulls her broomstick and is going to speed up after the book. Captain stands near May, watching her back. His tail flicks into a ?, while his pupils narrow. He is fluffing, arching his back and HISSING at the banshee. Rain is - sort of busy going to grab and dash back to the others. Too bad the quidditch team wouldn't take her.

The mage hunter rounds the corner of the stairs leading up to the third floor at full speed. The sheer size of the monster is such that in these tight halls its hands and feet are placed on the sides of the walls like a crawling angry centipede. Its gaping mouth forms dark energy but before it releases the blast a silence spell drops over it and snaps the energy from existence. AI has appeared from the first floor and yells at the ladies "RUN! Get the book out of here!"

AI's ball-like form shifts and shapes itself into his Roman general form with sword and shield in hand. He turns to Zee "I only have a minute left before I disintegrate. Make the most of it" and he advances on the mage hunter "Soldiers arise! Heed the call of the Maker!"

AI's spell forms Roman soldier constructs that begin to form block the monster from moving forward "Deny the monster her prey!" and all of the soldiers charge at the mage hunter.

The fiend responds in turn by letting out one more ear splitting screech causing the very house to shatter and break and tear itself apart. In the destruction puppets made from the rubble begin to arise and storm towards the ladies.

Charlie holds her ground and tilts her head slowly to the right. "Well that was definitely not what it sounded like. Also not that.. puppets… that is .. like totes awesome!" she pauses "Got it!" and she vanishes with a slash of pink and purple smoke >pinkurple> and in a split second she is appearing in another slash of the same smoke toe hooked on a shelf "Yoink" as she pulls the book out and hmming opens up her bat girl stylized jacket to tuck the book into it. She figures the others can handle whatever the Hel that thing is for the moment at least. Hopefully the book isn't trapped. I mean if it is that will just up and suckage.

"Go Rain, we'll cover you getting out." At the very least, Zee should be able to teleport those that stand and defend out of the manor and away safely. Looking to May, she nods sharply - Keep doing what she's doing - they only have to hold for minutes, if that.

Speaking backwards, eyes glowing and blue energy forming around her hands, Zee tries to drop that silence spell on the banshee - that's what that damn thing is… and splits her weaving. Those in the room will feel the electricity gather. May … should know what that means…

The moment that oversized reject from The Ring bug-scrambles down the stairs May winds up for a swing, holding both of her swords so the blades are parallel. She aims for a decapitation strike if that's possible. If not, to remove which ever limb would be most inconvenient for the thing. If nothing else, hopefully it'll be enough of a distraction for Zee to be able to unleash that spell she's building.

Charlie will hand the book off to Rain as she and Captain zoooooom off on the Broom. Like bad asses really. She grins a little lopsided and then leaps down off the shelf and punches with her chaos infused glove at the puppets. Just wading in with some serious bat-kung-fu training .. her yellow gloves trailing red lines though as she punchities. "Man that thing looks bad…" she notes and then teleports vanishing from the midst of puppets and reappears up the steps … she flings a norse rune glowing red down at the monster. Unluck Rune.

Captain is watching May's back. He's a good kitty that way. Rain grabs hold of the book, unless someone stops her. She's going to most literally WOOSH BY. "I'm sorry, you guys." She feels a little sorrow at the idea that AI will disintegrate. Not for good though, right? Captain hops onto the broomstick and the two are off like a ferret on speed.

May's swords swing true and catch the hunter's right arm which is cut off. Just as the monster screams in pain AI's and his soldiers move in to pin it down, but with its good arm the monster swipes at the first six soldiers and cuts into their construct bodies. The soldiers are cut down and fall to the ground before disintegrating.

The rubble puppets formed by the banshee start taking swings at Rain as she speeds by on her broom but the speed ferret is just too fast. Sensing Zee's charging spell AI raises his sword "Last Stand Protocol initiated. FOR THE MAKER!" AI and all of his soldiers begin to burn with an aura that slowly chips bits and pieces out of their bodies but boosts their speed and strength. The banshee cuts down another two but upon death the soldiers explode with arcane energy knocking the monster back.

Zee speaks the last words of her spell and lightning flashes down on the banshee, hopefully striking true, and waiting till May and Misfit are clear. "Tell Hax, I'm sorry about his house…" the young mage doubts it will survive very well.

"Books gone, May…" Zee moves towards the SHIELD Agent, eyes still glowing "Charlie, May, we're going too… " If she doesn't get any objections, she'll drop her teleport spell and all three of them will go. "… pulling a Brave, Brave, Sir Robin…"

Dodging the creature's remaining arm as it swipes at AI's constructs, May suddenly remembers something. "Misfit, can you try to teleport this thing to Antarctica?" Or, you know, just about anywhere that's not here. Is she remembering correctly that the young lady's teleports would be fatal to anyone she'd try to pull along?

But then that's all rendered moot as Zee preps a teleport spell so they can all, in the words of Billy Connolly, F* Off. "Do it!"

Charlie looks to May "I sure caa…." and then there is someone elses teleportation spell. Well. hell…. she looks like she nearly hurls, for someone who teleports a lot she never seems acclimated to others versions. Rffk.

The lightning from Zee's spell hits the banshee but gleaming eyes filled with hatred stare back at Zee as it mutter "Korsivick nos GROTTA!" and causes the lightning to rebound onto the attacking puppets, which disintegrate. The banshee bashes the remaining soldiers aside and stalks toward the mage, the May, and the Misfit.

Zee's spell is about to go off until the banshee grabs her by her throat with its remaining good arm. AI grabs the monster from behind and hurls both of them backwards wrenching the banshee away from Zee. AI looks at Zee "He'll be in touch" and closes his eyes for detonation. As the blast wave begins to engulf the house Zee's final words spring to life and the spell wisks the trio away to safety. As the arcane teleport energies stream away, the fog moves into to consume the banshee and all that is seen is the ruins of the house collapsing in one final attempt to trap the monster. The book is secured and everyone got out alive. That's what most would call a good day.

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