Rekindling the Past

May 06, 2016:

After 'saving' Kara from a mugging, Red Robin sits down with her at her apartment to discuss dinner and other things.

Kara's Apartment


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Fade In…

It’s been a long day of classes at Metropolis University for Kara Kent. English, math, Art History…luckily, her education back on Krypton makes the math and science courses a complete breeze. Still, she’s wearing a backpack filled with textbooks for study and a large art portfolio while walking back to her apartment from the bus stop a few blocks away. Add in a reusable bag filled with groceries and Kara’s hands are pretty full.

Of course, that’s what the men lurking in the alleyway that Kara just passed are counting on…

Kara isn’t paying as much attention to her surroundings as she should be. Because, well…Supergirl. So it comes as a complete shock when all of a sudden, she’s grabbed from behind and turned around, a knife shoved in her face. “Okay, had it all over. Purse, wallet, jewelry…all of it. Now!”

All Kara can think is, ‘Really? This is really happening to *me*?’

Some habits aren’t easily broken, even when their owners wish they were. Red Robin really doesn’t spend much time in Metropolis. Not that he’s spent much time in Gotham lately either, but that’s beside the point. But something drew him here when he had some time before attending to his own studies.

The Bat-highway that towers above all Metropolis doubles as concealment and a strategy to stay above all of the action. Along with its strategic position, it allows Red Robin to move about the city undetected; something that enables him to come and go easier. Someday he’ll just have to come as Tim.

Fortunately, that’s not the case today. Instead, when he lingers outside Metropolis University, he spies an event below. Quickly, without giving it a second thought, Red Robin reaches to his utility belt and nabs one of his bat-a-rangs. But he stops shy of tossing the weapon towards the attacker. What if that should throw off balance and draw blood from the victim? That would be bad.

Instead, the bird jumps from his perch, his cape making a small sound as it catches the air, allowing him a slowed landing. Upon reaching the ground, he reaches back to his utility belt and extracts a bat lasso which is, with some measure of skill, tossed around the attacker.

It’s a position that Kara is not exactly experienced in. She’s never been mugged or held hostage or anything like that. So, it takes a while for her to process everything. She knows that the only danger she’s in is exposing her secret ID or bringing Kara Kent to some kind of attention. So, Kara widens her eyes to give the illusion of fear, and stammers out. “Okay! Okay, just please don’t hurt me!” Bags, portfolio and backpack are all dropped and Kara tries to fumble the contents of her purse out. Maybe she should take Drama for an elective next semester…

And then, Red Robin makes his entrance. And Kara is wondering if this can get any more embarrassing for her. One of the attackers is yanked backwards by Tim, dropping his club with a yelp. Kara lets out a scream and tries to run away, but the knife-guy grabs her by the arm. Thankfully, super-reflexes allow Kara to adjust her movement so that she’s not damaging her assailant in her struggles to get away. She’s never going to hear the end of it if her other friends hear about this.

Tim tugs the lasso, pulling the first fellow closer to him, and securing the first of the two attackers. With a bit of a smirk, Red Robin notes, “You’re not going anywhere — “ even as he declares this to be a fact, he hears a rather familiar voice. Distraction draws him away from the moment, and his head snaps towards the victim. His mouth gapes for several seconds and he openly stares. This, unfortunately, gives the first attacker a moment of strategy. While without a weapon, he seems to think he can get the drop on Red Robin and pushes the Boy Wonder with a forceful roundhouse kick.

While Tim is used to getting punched, normally he expects any assault on his person. In this case, the kick creams him against the pavement into a puddle. His face flushes pale crimson. Rookie mistake. He pries himself back up, reaches for the bo staff on his belt, and, with a firm shake, extends it to its full length. “Alright. Let’s dance.”

Kara would have to laugh if it weren’t all so absurd. Here they are, two trained proteges of two of Earth’s biggest heroes, and it’s like they’re amateurs all over again. And then, there’s the knife at her throat, with the knife wielder shouting out, “Drop the staff, bird boy. Drop it or I’m gonna cut this bitch!”

Time to get serious, Kara decides. Reining in her strength, she stamps her foot down on her assailant's foot, bringing forth a crunch of bones shattering and a howl of pain. Kara pulls out of the man’s grasp and starts running away, screaming for help. The knife-man is still rolling on the ground in pain, clutching his foot. Tim should be able to take them both.

With the bo staff prepped and the knife-assailant already bowed over on the floor, Red Robin spins the staff once over in his hands before hitting it easily against the still standing attacker’s legs. The first hit is light, almost teasing. But with one quick sweep in the other direction, Robin has turned the table and the other man is plastered on the pavement. Zip ties are removed from his belt and the first attacker is promptly tied up to a local pipe.

The second assailant is now given evaluation. Robin stands over him, hand on chin, head canted to the side in consideration. He clucks his tongue, “Let this be a lesson to never attack a woman. You never know what kind of self-defence she’s sporting.” He winks behind the mask. This, of course, goads the man (who is still in obvious agony) to try to attack him. Unfortunately, the man with the broken foot is not accurate in his lunge towards Red Robin, and Tim easy slips out of the way, allowing him to hit the brick wall behind the Boy Wonder. Another set of zip ties is used to match the first.

With a sharp whistle, Tim gives the pair a salute. “Would love to stick around but I gotta — “ he points with his thumb in the opposite direction. “So.” Pause. “It’s been a slice.” He grins boyishly, and then, reaches to his utility belt to retrieve his grappling gun. With one loud clang, it anchors itself somewhere overhead. Another button is pressed, and Tim Drake disappears among the buildings, away from the attacker's’ view.

Moments later, Kara returns to the scene with some Metropolis Police officers in tow. The would-be muggers are taken into custody, and Kara gives her statement. A quick x-ray vision scan of the man who got his foot stomped on reveals a severely broken foot, but nothing that an adrenaline surge can’t explain away. Soon enough, Kara Kent is free to go back on her way home.

Once she’s back in her apartment, Kara goes straight to her balcony and opens the glass door. She busies herself with putting groceries away while waiting for the expected visit. Briefly, she ponders making Tim a spare key to just save time if he’s going to be hanging around Metropolis.

The clang of the fire escape, while generally indicating nothing but the wind, means something very different to Kara by now. Movement from the fire escape sees a strange and unusual cat burglar sneaking into the apartment. The cowl (in its full face form rather than just its eyemask form) is pulled over Tim’s head. An obvious case of hat hair plagues Tim Drake, prompting him to fluff it up as he strides into the room.

As casually as he can manage, he peeks into the remaining grocery bag and puts himself to work — an eternally unforgiving process when putting away someone else’s stuff. At least groceries presumably have two kinds: ones that belong in the refrigerator and ones that belong elsewhere.

This rather silent process sees him inspecting each of the items to try to decide where they belong. Finally he breaks that silence as he ponders a few items in one of the final bags: “Are you a fruit in the fridge or fruit in a basket on the counter kind of girl?” His nose wrinkles and he casts her a side smile.

Kara smiles back. “We are *never* telling anyone that I got nabbed by a mugger and you got tripped up by a mugger you’d already lassoed. Deal?” She’s blushing a bit, reliving the Keystone Cops act they put on. “But thank you,” she says to Tim. “it was very sweet of you to come to my rescue.” Kara grabs the last item from the grocery bag and gives Tim a peck on the cheek before putting the last of the groceries away.

“So,” she asks with a hint of amusement. “Still patrolling the streets of Metropolis as well as Gotham?” The question rings out in a teasing tone. “And have you checked in with the rest of the Bat Clan?”

“Yeah, that goes nowhere. Ever,” Tim agrees emphatically. “I’m pretty sure Dick wouldn’t let me live that down.” Ever. He clears his throat, “I’m sure you could’ve got away. Just,” his eyes turn upwards, “not sure how your reputation would fare.” He clucks his tongue once matter-of-factly. The peck on his cheek, however, causes his own cheeks to turn hot, and he’s well aware of his own flush.

His chin drops and his eyes turn back towards the groceries to hide his crimson glow. But it’s a futile exercise. His neck and ears glow that same colour. His throat clears again. “I was doing what I’m trained to do. Find bad guys. Take them out.” He attempts to be casual about his reasons for being Metropolis. “And you know, just… in the neighborhood.”

The mention of the rest of the Bat Clan gives him pause. “I saw Oracle,” as if that counts as ‘the rest of the Bat Clan, “and Batgirl.” His lips twitch wistfully only to be forced into a semi-secretive smile. “It’ll come soon enough, I’m sure.”

And then, as if to find some semblance of every-day in this particular situation, he tags on, “So… how was class?”

“Right,” Kara says with a knowing smirk. “Metropolis is right in the neighborhood for you.” She gives him a wink before going back to the refrigerator. “Want something to drink? I’ve got water, OJ, diet Soder Cola….” Once she gets confirmation of drink orders, she heads over to the couch and sits down.

“Classes were good,” she says with a shrug. “I’ve got a report on ‘The Great Gatsby’ due on Monday. Calculus I’m passing in my sleep. I mean, that’s like First Grade math back on Krypton. And Art History, we’re up to the baroque period. Got some sketches done while out on the Campus Commons.” Kara nods towards her art portfolio. “So, pretty productive, I guess. How was your day?”

“Orange juice would be fantastic,” TIm replies with a lopsided grin. He follows suit and sits down on the couch beside Kara. He gives his cape a sharp tug, drawing away from his body and, essentially taking it off. “They’re useful, but man, they also get in the way.” He issues her a one-shouldered shrug.

With a small sigh he nods, “I can imagine the math is pretty fantastic for you then. Nothing like something to boost the GPA.” He sighs again, “I’m going to have to register again, I guess.” His eyebrows draw together, “Being away really isn’t conducive to getting that degree thing done.” He cringes following these words and simply shakes his head. “Some things just need to be prioritized, I guess.”

“And good on you for a productive day. You even broke a fellow’s foot. I think that one should go on the to-do list once in awhile,” his eyes gleam with unspoken mischief.

The question about his day merits a moment of consideration. “I… checked in with Alfred. And…” his teeth play at his bottom lip. “I’m working on something for Oracle and the Fox. Steel City is having some trouble lately, and I’m trying to suss out a mole…”

“Take it from a serial re-registerer,” Kara says with a wink. “It’s actually easier the second or third time around because you know what goes in what box.” She reaches over and puts her hand on Tim’s shoulder. “You’ll get it done. You’ll find the time because it’s important to you.” After he lists the tasks he’s facing as Red Robin. “Well, if there’s anything I can do to help, let me know. We can probably get all those things cleared up quick enough for you to focus on getting back to Gotham University in the fall.”

Her smile falters a bit, as she’s getting into the unsure territory that always seems to crop up between them. “So…about that dinner offer,” she starts. Kara shifts nervously on the couch, then takes a deep breath. “When were you thinking of us doing that?” She realizes how her tone might sound and she straightens up. “I mean, I really want to do that, I was just wondering if you had, like, a time or day in mind? Just need to make sure things are covered, you know?”

“Thanks. I appreciate it. I don’t even know what I want to take.” Tim’s eyes narrow into slits and his expression turns pensive. “Did I ever tell you about this woman I worked for awhile back?” It might seem like a strange question, but it prompts him to absently wave a hand. “I think I might be stepping away from the business program again. Medicine seems better. Maybe.” He chuckles. “I sound so decided.” Probably because he’s already figured out what he’s likely going to do with his life; simply because it’s the right thing to do.

The mention of the dinner offer has Tim stiffening. While he’s returned to Gotham with newfound confidence, aware of his heroics (in his own rite), he’s still not confident in other areas of life, and he’s so wholly aware. “Yeah. Uh…” His lips hitch up on one side and his head cants in the same direction. “Saturday?” it’s more of a question than an answer. “I mean,” he lifts a hand nearly apologetically, “assuming you’re not busy, and don’t have other plans, and are still needing to eat.” Pause. “And wanting to eat. With me, I mean. Not that you wouldn’t want to eat in general, but that maybe you wouldn’t — “ he sucks in a deep breath and shakes his head as if clearing whatever had been scrawled on an old school etch-a-sketch. And then it sinks in that she really wants to do that, prompting a nod, and a moment of distraction. He takes a sip of his orange juice and then, as cooly as he can manage, affirms, “Saturday. If you’re free.”

Kara smiles, feeling a bit reassured that Tim is just as nervous about this as she is. “Saturday’s good. I can make sure that Metropolis is all covered for super activity. The next question, of course, would be ‘where’. And that could open up a whole other can of worms and awkwardness. So, Kara decides to take charge some. “I don’t know if you had a restaurant in mind. But I’m thinking…maybe it would be easier. Simpler. Whatever. Maybe if we just went to Bibbo’s?” Sure, it’s not the most romantic spot in Metropolis; not by a long shot. But right now, simple might be the best for them. “Besides,” she adds with a smile, “That would let me pick up dessert for us. Deal?”

As Kara says Saturday works, Tim tugs both of his gloves off. His very clammy hands merit the slightest frown as he lowers the pair on the couch beside him and takes a deep breath. She hasn’t changed her mind, no reason to be nervous. Surely, his expression changes, finding its more relaxed nuance amid what can only be considered a stressful situation of his choosing. But the suggestion of Bibbo’s has his momentary relief turning again to something somewhat more pained. “Right.” He nods. Seconds later his lips part as if to speak only to close again.

He rakes his hair with his hands and squeezes his eyes shut. “You want Bibbos?” it’s an honest question, although hardly a confident one. “I… can make that work.” He manages a tight-lipped smile and attempts to meet Kara’s gaze.

Kara hears the loss of confidence in Tim’s voice and reaches over to take his hand in hers. “Tim…” she starts to explain. “We’ve both had an insane year. It’s been a roller coaster that’s taken it’s toll on both of us. There’s already enough stress in both our lives, I just want something simple to start with. Not because I’m unsure, but because I want to be able to take a breath with you. I don’t want to charge full speed ahead and have life knock us off the rails. Because let’s face it…” Kara smiles wryly and cocks her head. “We do not exactly lead normal, uncomplicated lives. Starting off with big steps, fancy restaurants…that’s just going to add to the complexity and distract from what’s really important here. You and me, seeing how we could make things work.”

“Yeaaaaaaaah,” comes the drawn out response from Tim. He carefully pinches the bridge of his nose and leans back in his seat. With a quiet breath, he manages a somewhat easier smile. “Bibbos will be fine.” Pause. “Good. Bibbos will be good.” The statement is hardly reassuring, but he says it just the same. “But — “

The pregnant pause is left for several beats as Tim shifts his position. He leans forward and considers: “I feel like,” ew. Feelings. This is precisely the kind of conversation that wouldn’t be welcomed in most avenues of Tim’s life, making him all the more comfortable for trying to broach it. So he shakes his head, no, that’s not what he means. “I was planning something,” he clarifies. That seems like a better direction. Good job, Timmy. Take the emotions out of it! “Kara, I don’t…” he stops his thoughts again. “I..” He shakes his head lightly again and his face scrunches tightly. Finally, with a resigned sigh, he recognizes he’s not the strong silent type. He is definitely not Batman: “I like you. I like you.” His pulse skyrockets at that random revelation, and, in a strange way, it activates his fight or flight mechanism. “So. I think I,” he points with his thumb towards the fire escape. “Yeah.” He nods slightly. “I should.. Probably…” he turns his head towards the window.

Kara listens as Tim starts to spill things out. And there’s a huge flood of her own emotions that wash over her. And there’s a bit of anger that Tim is forcing her into this situation. But she’s not just going to let him walk out like this. “Oh, no…” she says as she suddenly appears in front of Tim with a rush of air from her super-speed. “No. You don’t just say that and walk out.” Ignoring the fact that Tim’s suit has *actual* wings now…

“Tim…I like you too,” she starts. Her hand is on Tim’s chest and she’s trying to push him back towards the couch. “I *really* like you. You were the last person I was expecting to appear on my balcony, but the one that I wanted the most to be there. I know that you and I are always going to be friends. And just like you, I want to see if we can go back to the really, really, *really* good thing that we had going before I screwed it up. So if you think me wanting to start off with Bibbo’s is a sign that I’m stalling or just humoring you, or anything else other than I want to have dinner with someone that I care about almost more than anyone else in the world, then you really need to think again.”

Kara continues on after letting that sink in. “I don’t want to rush things because bad things happen when I rush ahead. I hurt people, when I let myself get carried away. And the last person in the world I want to hurt is you. I want to build this with you Tim, not just have it handed to me, no matter how much I might want it. And in case you still don’t get it….”

And before either of them know it, Kara leans in and kisses Tim, right on the lips.

Tim Drake is wholly aware that he has no ability to push passed Kara, nor does he really want to. Awkward just happens to be one of the few things he flees from. His blue eyes find Kara’s and he listens intently, standing there as she says her piece. His lips part twice over as Kara speaks, aiming to offer something in turn, but he doesn’t utter a word.

As Kara’s lips press against his own, Tim’s arms naturally wrap around her waist as he returns the kiss. There’s a gentleness in his touch, almost indicative of an erroneous fear that he’s somehow going to break or, perhaps, even more ridiculous that he could break Kara. After several beats, he breaks the kiss and gently rests his forehead against Kara’s.

Gently, tenderly, his fingertips brush the hair at her face, tucking it behind her ears. “I…” he starts in a whisper “…I don’t want to play games anymore. I like you. I’m not good at this.” The distinct memory of how badly he mucked up things with Steph isn’t lost on him. “Kara, I’m not handing you anything, I just…” his eyes flit away for a moment “… I’ve been thinking about this for months.” His lips press together in a thin line. “When I was…” he consider something and settles on, “away, I thought about you a lot. About what I wish I’d done before I’d gone, and I don’t want to live in regret anymore.” His lips tighten in a small smile, “We can do Bibbos.”

After the kiss is broken, Kara smiles and keeps her forehead pressed against Tim’s. She nods, smiling, at his words. “I don’t want to play games either,” she says quietly. “And I’ve been thinking about you for months, too. I don’t want to live in regret…everything that you’re feeling about us, I’ve felt it too. And that kind of scares me. Not that we’re so in sync, but that I might destroy everything again.”

Less forceful now, Kara takes Tim’s hand and brings him back to the couch to sit. “You know how headstrong I’ve always been. I lost everything in my life when Krypton died. I push myself so hard to stop anymore loss, in my life or any other. I did what I did to that HYDRA carrier to stop others from dying or being hurt. And what I did almost destroyed me. I want to take things slow because I need to trust myself not to go that far ever again. So that I don’t hurt you in any way because I’m rushing in again without thinking.” Kara sighs in frustration, shaking her head. “Maybe I’m not making sense here…”

Tim’s eyelashes flutter and he sucks in a deep breath again. “You didn’t destroy it. I…” His eyes lid lightly. “I made my choices. I don’t think I would’ve done differently. I needed — “ he can feel his defences fading. It’s been a long while since that’s happened. “ — I lived in my… in Robin’s shadow. I was the third Robin. Not as athletic as the first, not as daring as the second. The third. Adopted because Bruce felt sorry for me. And because I was Robin. Not for Tim. Not for me.”

“And then I wasn’t even that anymore.” His eyes squint. “There was a month… before we met when I think I could’ve been lost to it. All of it. The Joker he — “ Tim frowns. “Harley.” The car incident and the twitter-sphere’s reaction to Harley’s crass behaviour towards him will likely never be forgotten. His eyebrows tick upwards. “Bane.” His eyes squeeze shut. “I could’ve died. Oracle was worried. She didn’t exactly say it outloud, but she was. I think the others were too, but I saw it on her face. I was trying so hard to meet everyone’s expectations that I couldn’t help but fail.”

His chin drops. “But you. You were different. You liked me for me. All of me. Tim. Robin. Not Robin.” He swallows hard. “Me. You helped give me confidence to do what had to be done.” His cheeks flush pale pink. “So you may think that this is too easy, that you haven’t ‘earned’ my affection, but my admiration for you isn’t because you’re a woman of steel who could pummel me and make me little more than a smear on the pavement if you wanted. It’s because you saw me. You saw through every mask, every layer of apprehension, and you called it out.” He issues her a one armed shrug, “But I get it. If you need me to back off for awhile to figure yourself out, I honestly get it. I left because — “ His eyes sweep right, “I needed to feel like me. Not Robin. Me. I needed to trust myself. I needed to consider my instincts. Guarded is a go-to for me.” He pauses. “But I don’t want it to be. Not with you.”

All that Tim is saying has Kara in rapt amazement. She cannot fathom how two people, separated by galaxies and millennia of technology can be so in synch. “And I care about you because you saw the real me. I know that you care about the real Kara Zor-El, not Supergirl, not Kara Kent, not all the roles that I have to play. You care about the girl who learned crystal sculpture at the feet of her mother, even though that’s a life that you’ll never be able to know. You’re the one person that I can be myself when I’m with them. And that’s what I want you to understand: that I want to spend time with Tim Drake. Not Red Robin, not the heir to any fortune. But the bright, geeky, charming, absolutely wonderful man that sees me for who I am.”

Kara’s managing not to cry while pouring her heart out like this; barely. She wraps her arms around Tim, curling her body up against his, and lays her head on his chest. “This, right now…this is how I always want to feel. Well…with you in civvies; this costume with it’s armor pads really isn’t comfortable to cuddle.” The blonde girl looks up and smirks at Tim. “But you know, despite everything I can do and how much of a Girl of Steel I am…I never feel safer, more secure, more protected, than how I feel right now.”

Tim’s defenses melt under the words. He emits a soft sigh. Where his heart had been pounding before, he finds stillness. Where his hands had been clammy, he finds confidence again. After a few beats of closeness, he agrees with a quiet chuckle, “Yeah, it’d be good to leave the costume behind.” His arms envelope her, keeping close. “Kara,” he says softly, “we can take this really slow if you want. I can try to lose the complexity. But I need you to know, our lives may be complex, but for me, when I can just be me — that’s simple. That’s straightforward. I don’t have to lie to you about my,” his nose crinkles, “riskier hobbies.” He heaves a sigh. “I care about you. That isn’t complicated. In fact, it’s one of the few things in my life that isn’t. I want to really know you. Truly.”

“But if you need time to figure out your identity and trust yourself — I’m not going anywhere. Not again.” There’s a pregnant pause, something he’s not saying, “Not that I know of, anyways.” He issues her a soft smile. “You’re welcome to take time if you need it. I just… I needed you to know. Not saying it felt like a lie.” His lips press together into a thin line.

“And you know pretty much everything about me,” Kara says in return. She takes a deep breath, closing her eyes and listening to Tim’s heartbeat. Eventually, she opens her eyes back up and looks at Tim. “We’re totally hopeless, aren’t we?” she asks with a smile. Which Kara doesn’t particularly mind; being hopeless and doomed with Tim.

“Alright,” she says finally. It’s leap of faith time here. “We don’t have to do Bibbo’s. If you have a plan and a dream, I’m all in for it, too. Take me wherever you want, all I care about is being with you.” Her lips quirk up at the corner, turning into a smirk. “Just remember, my wardrobe isn’t exactly full of Christian Dior gowns for nights out on the town.”

“Completely doomed,” Tim agrees with a curl of his lips. “I… want to romance you.” There’s a pause, “But I’m not very practiced at it. And, it’s probably wise to remember my role models are Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson.” His smile and tone take on a self-deprecating quality, “To be honest, I’m becoming increasingly concerned you’re going to think I’m terribly cheesy.” His lips twitch into a nervous smile, “But Kara, you’re so special to me. I’ve never..” His eyebrows draw together. He chuckles, “I promise it’ll be good.”

He emits a soft sigh. “This isn’t a ‘normal’ date,” it’s a word he hasn’t used to describe dinner yet. “It’s… different for me. You’re already my friend. I know you. You know me.” Bashfully, his eyes cut downwards, back towards his feet. “Thank you,” he finally lands on what he really means to say. “No regrets Kara Zor-El. Never regrets.” He lifts his hand to allow his fingertips to trace the line of Kara’s jaw, and teasingly he adds, “I will bear in mind the fashion restrictions put upon us.” He shoots her a lopsided smile, but Kara can almost see the gears in his head turning.

Kara smiles at Tim, leans her head up, and gives him another kiss. Not as passionate as the one before, but full of affection to confirm her feelings for him..”Speaking of fashion restrictions….” She sits back up, disengaging herself from Tim’s embrace and using him as a headrest. “Next time you plan to come over here, bring some civvie clothing.” She smiles teasingly. “Kevlar and armor plate do not make comfortable cuddling materials. Even for a Kryptonian.”

Tim’s lips crack into a smirk after the reciprocated kiss. “I’ll bear that in mind,” he replies softly. He glances towards the window again and then reaches towards his gloves. “But for now, I should actually go. Responsibilities, and I’m expected back in Gotham tonight. Ongoing investigation.” His lips twitch again, he doesn’t want to leave. “You’ll see me again soon.” He reaches for his cape as well before beginning to tread towards the window. “Kara, would it be okay if I start using the door? I… I need Tim to be the one that comes here. To see you.” He flushes and takes another step towards his most used entrance.

Kara smiles wide. “Tim, I think it would be best for you to use the front door, unless it’s an emergency. Because my cousin is going to expect that. And we don’t want him vaporizing you from orbit because you’re sneaking into my apartment through the balcony after Midnight.” Kara smiles and bats her eyelashes innocently.

And now Timmy has something new to fear. “Alright then,” he nods once, pulls the mask over his eyes, and finishes that too-long trip to the window. And with that, Red Robin slips back into the city, homeward bound to take care of whatever business awaits him in Gotham.

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