Setting Traps (Backdated Scene)

May 07, 2016:

Follow on from Keep Your Meal Clint and team prepare for the incoming trucks

New Orleans


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Fade In…

There had been about six hours to go before the truck convoy arrived which isn't a whole lot of time when you really think about it to clear the debris and bodies from the last fight, reset everything so that it doesn't looks suspicious from the outside and most importantly rig some traps. This is a twelve to twenty truck convoy and Clint has no illusions that it'll be guarded. So traps. Lots of traps. That's what he's been doing for the last several hours. In fact he just finished. The archer is just coming out of a cargo container and shutting it - carefully - right now.

"Just about five minutes or so until they should be here. All set?"

Setting traps isn't Mari's forte but she's pitched in as best she can. Starting first with the clean up and getting the downed guards out of the way - that's certainly something the animal spirit channeler can do. Particularly when you can channel a strong animal and lift two or three of the guards at once.

There was also the repair on the fence that needed doing. That had taken the woman a little more time, but by the time the convoy gets there, it will at least look normal.

Jumping from the roof of the building, landing ever so gracefully and softly next to the archer, the brown clad woman nods. "All set… "

Ryden has dismissed the Hungarian Horntail because well, it's a little hard to hide one of those and this is an ambush. Sometimes, okay, all of the time, the lorekeeper loves his pack. Seriously. A thousand years of stuffing everything he finds, has made, summoned, bought, picked up, stolen, and can fit inside, means there's plenty of things to choose from.
Should any of the people make it onto the ship Ryden's coated all the controls and great large patches of the floor with a glue like substance that doesn't start drying fast and and holding til something is struggling against it. Wicked stuff, that. The magi has also made several large, twenty feet deep holes with his light saber around where the trucks should pull up and covered them with some kind of cloth tarp that quickly took on the appearance of the ground around it. That material may look rather suspiciously like the cloaks Frodo and Company picked up in Lothlorien for anyone that would recognize such a thing.
Ryden also had four invisiblity cloaks, two more since the last time he'd used them and offered those to his companions. He has his lightsaber and should be alright. Plus if it all hits the fan he'll just bring back the dragon. Although he's going to pass out from a migraine if he does that again so soon.. it'll be worth it to stop these bastards. Ryden nods at Clint, seems to think and then pulls a faded looking paper back from his pack and disappears around the corner of the container to add one last detail.

May likely spent the first half hour or so of the alloted time recovering from the repeated leyline travels and then running straight into a firefight. But the rest of the time she makes sure the area looks as unassuming as possible, and helps Barton with setting up traps. She's got a surprising amount of stuff on her person considering she doesn't even carry a purse. Also, if need be, she makes the leyline hop a few more times to get any supplies they truly need. And she hides the nosebleed the last hop caused. But in the end, it'll be worth it to get ths convoy stopped.

Clancy Cross — Australian bounty hunter, and keeper of extinct animals — sticks his head around another container and pushes up the brim of his stockhat. "All good 'ere, mate," he calls out to Ronin, giving the archer a thumbs-up. "Been a while since I 'ad ta set any traps that were just fer people — not complainin'. Saves me on silver. Takes me all the way back ta me T.A.G. days…"

He clears his throat, grins and gingerly steps around certain covered spots on the ground. "Th' mines won' be stoppin' no vamps, but the gas'll give the bastards that're comin' a thing'r two ta think about — not ta mention they'll get a terrific bangin'!"

There is no sign of the thylacines, except that the tattoos' eyes are glowing on the backs of Clancy's hands. He looks over at Vixen and cracks a broad smile at her.

"Got yer nasties all prep'd then, eh? My kinda sheila."

The growl of engines in the distance signals the arrival of the Convoy. "Looks like we're all set. Places everyone. May, you're on."

May is, after all, basically the only person among the lot of them who looks remotely normal. Ryden and Clancy are the two farthest from, so they really need to hide, at least until the fireworks start.

It doesn't take too long for the trucks to start filing in. They are guarded. It looks like two guards per truck. Their trailers are all sealed and locked with biometric access denial locks. The one from the lead truck gets out and goes looking for someone in charge. "Hey! Wake up over there! We need to get these things loaded before someone comes sniffing around."

"Sheila?" Mari arches an eyebrow at Clancy, still unable to discern more than maybe one word in five of anything the man says, but she clearly made that out.

As the growl of the engines sound, her head lifts and she looks to Clint, nodding slowly as she takes her place in the shadows … pendant glowing for just a moment … as she blends in, nearly unhearable and mostly unseeable.

Ryden is still behind the shipping container, ducked down and waiting. His beautiful pink lightsaber is clutched in one hand and he's tucking the paperback away with the other. There are a pair of tiny, fur clad men on his shoulders, having made a deal to get their help for this fight. One on the left and one on the right. Both have swords and both have bows and quivers full of arrows.
The lorekeeper has considered granting these two permanent existence several times but massive amount of power required aside, taking them from their world permanently would be cruel and wrong. The two brownies wait and listen to the noises with eagerly vicious little grins.


Bobbing his eyebrows at Shei — erm, at Vixen — Clancy ducks back behind his container and counts the seconds until the first convoy truck drives over one of his mine.

"Three… Tew… One… Christmas!"

The wheels of the truck go round and round — up in the air as the initial explosion blasts the front of the truck off the ground. However, the bang is only part of the surprise, as a choking gas billows out and around the guards and in through the windows. Clancy grins.

"Fer wot th' buggers're about ta receive, may th' Big Fella in th' sky make us bloody awesome," he chuckles, and leans out with his pistols as the fun starts.

May didn't even have to answer the goon in the truck. Clancy beat her to it. She … can't really find it in herself to be annoyed. Instead she simply pulls her ICER and starts trying to pick off as many of the people that arrived in the convoy as possible. Hopefully they'll manage to get one to talk and he'll have useful information.

A second explosion goes off, one of the containers, and it blocks the gate very nicely with the wreck of the last truck. Ronin is on the heights in an instant. He starts to lob arrows, taser and concussion, at the milling crowd. The ones not taken out by that and other attacks scatter. Some of them make for the ship and they're in for something of a surprise. The rest begin to spray lead about. Some plink off near May. Others near Clancy. Ryden and Mari seem to be igonred for the moment though that probably won't last.

Mari doesn't carry any weapons, she's a bit of a weapon herself. The camouflage fades and the shape of a gorilla appears around her for a moment, as she blasts from the shadows grabbing the nearest attacker, from behind, swinging him into the side of the container.

Melinda May ducks behind what little cover she managed to find for herself, then takes another shot or two at whomever she can. She's not wading into the middle of the fray like Vixen because she's honestly concerned that she'd be more of a liability than a help. It's not like Mari and Clancey can't handle them just fine, after all.

The lorekeeper charges around the container waving his lightsaber, rather expertly actually. He'd arrived on this earth during a time when sword fighting was a thing. A very big thing. He's had centuries during which to practice and a lightsaber is a type of sword. His battlecry needs some work though. "DAMNYOUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" Maybe that isn't a battlecry, but a call to action. The goose takes off from where May hid him and flies overhead, dropping goose bombs on the unfortunate mercanaries below.
Ryden's managed a version of the Lothlorien cloak for the goose and while some feathers are occasionaly visible, for the most part, he just blends into the sky and is hard to see. So the poor bastards below have no idea where the shit is comming from and he's less likely to be shot.
One of the truck drivers trys to slam forwards and run Ryden over but drives straight into one of his hidden pits. The lorekeeper laughs wildy as he moves to engage one of the men busy wiping at his face and screaming in disgust and rage. The two brownies are busy shooting tiny arrows that pack a powerful punch. A man movings towards May is suddenly airborne for a few feet before hitting loudly against a box of crates. When tries to get up, he's slammed back again and again by brownie arrows. The two tiny men can't keep that up for long though and switch to the poisoned arrows.

Clancy returns fire with his pistols, but never aims to kill — not when they need at least some of these guys alive and capable of human speech. Of course, the gas around the first truck makes spotting anything through it quite difficult, at least at first.

Instead, the bounty hunter puts away his guns and abruptly sticks a fist up over his hiding place — as if he were about to 'give the finger' to the bad guys shooting at him. One second later, his other fist follows suit.

"I got ta be lookin' like a roight wally…" he mutters to himself, and calls forth both thylacines to leap out of the tattoos… and do unto the trucks as other dogs only dream of doing: tear them to shreds. More or less.

"No, ya can't bloody-well eat 'em!" he bellows out after the wolves in reproach. "Fetch me a bugger — alive, ya blighters!"

The rear doors of two of the trucks slam open and they are not filled with robot parts. They're full of more guards and these ones aren't using pistols and Russian submachineguns. They've got the same style of laser rifle often seen in Purifier incidents. The blazing light is enough to send Clint diving for cover. Vixen gets focused, she's a big and obvious target slamming people around in the middle of it. Amusingly, perhaps, Damn you and the thylacines are taking the next biggest amount of heat. Something about the two ghostly animals frightens people who see them and the fact that they're tearing up everything they can reach doesn't help.

And Damnyou just pisses everyone off.

One goes down near May with an arrow in this chest. Oh look. A laser rifle.

May has to duck and cover again when the Purifier style troops suddenly pour out of the trucks, and she resists the urge to curse in Cantonese. The Brownies get a nod of thanks at least. Handy little beings. And then, one of the bad guys goes down and conveniently drops one of their laser rifles within reach. Time to stop using the kid gloves, boys and girls. She snatches up the rifle and promptly turns it on the other Purifier types. They upped the ante, she's calling.

Spinning around in time to see those doors open and display the extra guards, Mari moves to find cover… not quite quick enough though, she takes a glancing hit to her shoulder. And that just manages to make her angry.

Making some for of cover she takes a deep breath and counts to ten, watching Clints arrows as they fly from the rooftops … and the dogs (they are dogs, right?) …. timing her next move carefully, wading into the frey grabbing weapons and knocking guards over as best she can.

The tiny poison arrows will drop a target into a deep sleep, when they manage to hit skin. It's not easy to do with armored men and made harder by the fact that Ryden is not standing still! He's jumping and leaping and whirling all while parrying shots and blows with his lightsaber and hacking at vital parts of the trucks.
"Down Damnyou! It's getting too hot!" The lorekeeper yells. If his familiar gets shot he'll never hear the fucking end of it. That damn goose has made friends with pretty much everyone Ryden knows. Aside from himself that is. "Asshole! Don't. Ever. Shoot. At. MY GOOSE!" Ryden swings his saber up and takes off a guy's head, before recoiling in horror and then rolling behind a truck to puke his guts out. "Ohgodsohgodsigotbloodinmymouthi'mgonnadie!!!" Though it'll be from someone taking advantage of this and not you know, the grossness. Damnyou lands next Ryden and covers his eyes with the tips of one wing. The goose's version of a facepalm.

"That's wot she said," Clancy mutters to himself with a headshake, before leaning out to fire his guns at some of the Purifier goons. "This ain' gonna do," he grunts and charges out there.

One arcane-charged bullet catches a Purifier in the knee, snapping it sideways and causing the bad guy's shots to go wild. Laser-fire rips into one of the trucks, and a booby-trapped container — with the likelihood of setting off whatever trap had been laid there.

Clancy grins — only to have his face turn ashen a second later.

Grasper takes a leap at a target, jaws open wide and mouth slavoring, only to find more of them waiting for the spirit-animal. One laser strikes the beast in its left shoulder, then again in its side while a third knocks its legs out from under it, and it skids into the shadows behind a charred container.

The light in the eyes on the red tattoo on Clancy's arm… flickers.

They're going down fast. There aren't many left. The ones that did make it to the ship are quite stuck now. The ones that haven't gone down are circling up now, laying down fire in all directions. Clint sends a concussion arrow into the crowd and a hole side of them go down. There's an opening and between May, Clancy and Ryden they should be able to end this for good.

Given she's so close in this fight, the ex Fashion Models pendant glows. This time her body is limned for a moment with the outline of the gorilla and a rhino … it will protect her from some of the laser fire at least. Taking the rifle from The Purifier she just downed, Mari uses it like a club on the next one, putting her considerable strength behind the swing, cracking the weapon in the process.

Seeing that whole section of bad guys go down under one of Clint's concussion arrows, May steps out of cover and starts trying to take down the rest as quickly and efficiently as possible. THis has already gone on too long for her taste. If she'd noticed Grasper taking fire, she would have helped regardless. Shooting at animals, bad form.

Miraculously, Ryden wasn't shot. Almost, but Damnyou saw the guy aiming and pecked his stupid pet human in a sensitive place just as he was standing up. The resulting grab and gasp caused the lorekeeper to dodge the shot. "Unnngh!!"
By the time he recovers and gets up again, there aren't many foes left and Ryden's feeling a strong urge to prove he isn't such a wuss. Crystaline blue eyes widen as they catch sight of Clancy's dog. There's got to be something he can do! But first, the assholes! Now that he's moving the slower, the brownies can take better aim and quickly spend the rest of their arrows before fading from existence, returning to the story from which they were summoned. The sudden relief of the painful drain on his power ending and the starting of a migraine from hell slows the Lorekeeper considerably and between that, the brownies work and his companions, Ryden doesn't quite get that chance. Awesome, another battle that ended with him on his knees. Well, better than on his ass. Sort of. The lorekeepr starts rumming in his pack for a healing potion and his own medical device, moving to Grasper and kneeling down to check on the poor guy. "Hey how does your friend here.. like, I got a healing potion.. you want it?" Ryden looks up at Clancy and holds the tiny glass vial of red liquid out. He's got to get his own drugs in his system soon or he's going to be completely incapicated by pain. The brownies after the dragon had pushed his broken abilities more than a little.

Normally, Clancy would send Keeper after his injured wolf, but as that spirit-animal is busy chewing on one of the few remaining Purifiers, the Australian gives Ryden a grim nod. He takes the vial and puts it in a pocket. Angrily, the man fires off some more rounds and begins strafing his way across the compound toward May — using the laser-fire from her as cover.

Keeper goes flying over an assailant, gruesomely ripping into its throat in retaliation for his 'brother' taking hits. Clancy gives May a passing nod as his remaining wolf chasing more Purifiers out of cover and into firing range…

Then the bounty hunter only cares about getting to Grasper. The fighting is almost done, making the dash just that bit safer to attempt…

That should just about to them really. There's another arrow. A couple more shots, but they're down. All of them. Not all of them are still alive, but when the bullets start flying these are the risks.

"Everyone okay?" Ronin calls out as he makes his way down from the heights. "Looks like they're all down. Should make sure there aren't any booby traps or surprises left on the trucks."

"Fine," May calls back, though she still feels like she got hit by one of these trucks. She drops the laer rifle again the moment everything's under control and just sits where she is. Excendrin is NOT enough for this.

As the Purifier she's bashed drops, Mari finally stops, breathing heavily with a mildly wild look in her eye. It takes a moment for her to recover and when she does winces, the pain from the wounds suddenly becoming realised.

"I'm alright… " she calls back, nodding as Clint suggests checking for bobby traps… everyone else is busy. "How's your dog Clancy?" she asks, making her way to the first truck and starting to check it.

Ryden sighs in relief as his Tricorderlike device administers the med combo. He's been experimenting with non-narcotic drugs of late. They've been effective but only up to a point. For now though, it's working and while he's tapped out magic wise, the pain is fading. The lorekeeper keeps an eye on Clancy and his pet/friend/familiar? Whatever the animal is, despite all his years Ryden hasn't seen anything quite like that before and is actually pretty fascinated.
He makes his way towards May with a thoughtful expression. She needs rest and time, there isn't really a magical or technological fix for over extending yourself like that and he isn't sure she'd accept painkillers but he offers the Agent a bottle of them, and a thermos of strong, dark coffee. Damnyou waddles over after picking his own little cloak off and nestles against May's side. The lorekeeper pulls one of his mageballs out of the pack and throws it towards the trucks. It can help look for traps. He's too tired.

Clancy emerges from behind a ruined container — the red-furred Grasper in both his arms, while the golden-furred Keeper trots nervously at his side. Keeper frequently licks his brother thylacine, but it would appear the healing properties in the spirit-animal's saliva are not quite enough.

That said, Grasper is still alive.

The bounty hunter looks over at Vixen, gives a nod of his head and stops near her and May. "Thanks fer th' medicine, Hogwartz," he tells Ryden with a weary smirk. When he finally stops walking, he looks down at Grasper and murmurs, "Time fer a rest, awroight? Go ta sleep, me ol' friend."

The wolf instantly dissolves into red sand-paint dust and merges with the tattoo again, which looks like a thylacine fast asleep.

"Okay," adds the Aussie. "What th' bloody hell is goin' on with these… buggers?" and he spits in the direction of a fallen Purifier. "Blimey… I need a beer."

"I could use one too…" Clint mutters. "But I need to clean up here. May I'll leave the disposal of these parts to you. Mari… why don't you go drink one for me." And then Ronin' is off. Dragging one of the fallen purifiers away. He's going to be busy for a bit, but this part at least he can handle. He's made a few calls. He knows people.

"Great. Thanks." That's all the reply that Clint gets. May doesn't even bother standing up again. This whole mess will keep for a few extra minutes. She looks up at Ryden when he offers the painkillers and coffee. She could probably take a couple more of the former, and while she actually hates coffee, right now it's better than nothing. She washes down the painkillers with a gulp of coffee and a grimace, then calls toward Clancy, "I'll explain it all. Later."

"I don't think so," Mari gives her head a sharp shake and then follows Ronin. They're in this together, they're a team. Besides she's got a lot to learn.

They can get a beer later, when the work is done and she's a feeling the work, for them, is just beginning.

"I hope your dog is alright, Clancy. If you could help May, here, that would be great. Agent May, till next time." the dark skinned woman looks to Ryden and the goose "Nice … to meet you." and she's off.

Ryden nods and grins at Clancy. That's a compliment to him! He loves those books. He actually taught at Hogwarts for awhile. Long story that and one he's never really shared, like most of his time away from earth adventures. He's not exactly proud of the amount of times he's fled from his troubles over the years.
"Anytime" The lorekeeper sticks an arm up to its elbow in the pack and pulls out a beer for Clancy. A bottle of Lithgow Larger from a place in Austrailia that brewed it's last in the Nineteen Fifties. Ryden pulls out another of the same for Clint and Mari and sets it on the nearest crate without a word. "I really hate these guys." The magi mutters and glares at the fallen enemies.

The Australian's eyes go wide as saucers seeing Ryden produce a bottle of Larger for him and snatches it up eagerly. He opens the thing like an expert and downs his first swig all in one motion.

"Ahh…Strewth, yer awroight, Hogwartz," he tells the lorekeeper before shifting his attention Vixen. "Th' wolves don' really heal well on this plane. Grasper'll be outta action fer a while — 'n 'avin' him cooped up in his tatt' all night is gonna drive me bonkers… but it's worth it." He gives her a truly grateful smile.

"'Preciate it, luv. Thanks." And he strolls away to find somewhere to sit down and enjoy his beer.

Melinda May gives herself five minutes and another grimace-worthy swig of coffee before she rests one hand lightly on Damnyou's back and then forces herself to her feet. Making sure everyone else is at least not about to bleed out, she pulls her SHIELD phone and calls in a clean up team. Because there is no way in hell she's going to be able to deal with all of this mess on her own.

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