Size Does Matter?

May 07, 2016:

Rain, Ryden and May do some magical testing on Daemonite pieces to work out if, and just how much, the Daemonites are susceptible to magic.

Offsite Research Area - New York


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Researching at The Triskelion has become nigh on impossible. It's not the researching perse, it's keeping the results of said research from Daemonite hands that's the problem.

And when researching Daemonite sensitivity to magic, keeping those results quiet is a must. So it is… the british born biochem has found some research space in downtown New York, which she's made available to Rain to use, and done an ole 'bait n switch' on equipment and the Daemonite parts. As far as anyone in SHIELD knows that stuff was headed to a storage facility.

In the lab there's several sets of samples, bits of hacked up Daemonites, neatly labelled - detailing the height of the creature and the abilities it displayed. There seems to be three … ahem … subjects - one 10 Foot tall, one 13 Foot tall and one 15 Foot tall.

There's also a number of analysis machines to be used. Jemma might have them out for 'regular maintenance'.

And in fairness, not many people seem interested or willing to poke at WAND. This is a fact Rain uses and exploits. They're weird, and god knows what they get up to. Plus, they keep sending Carl, the worst owl ever to deliver memos. Can't hack an owl. Though, it is rare that Rain bothers to send memos. She is content to hide away in her lab(s) and do her thing. Captain stands alert, on watch. It is said that cats can see spirits, layers of reality that others cannot, and so he is getting bribed to sit and do cat things. It's how they roll.

Rain has safety gear on, because she doesn't want to lose an eye or worse. "Righto." She is surveying what they have. "Okay. So, objectively, we've decided to see if they, or how they, experience physiological stress in response to change. Almost all life forms experience this, good or bad. When we are happy, our heart rates increase. When we are angry, the same," She explains. "If nothing else, material stress may be a good meter stick." Material stress, chemical composition, any sort of change. "Tissue and material should suffice. I hope. I'm no biologist." Rain sighs. She cracks open a notebook and a laptop. "Well. Let's see… First test, scrying and sympathetic magic."

The world is going to end. May is actually LATE. Though she has a reason fro it: she went to collect another consulting spellcaster to help with this phase of testing and, well, she had to wait for him to be ready. Even with the help of a gander with a masterful nagging skill, there was simply no way they were going to be here at the promised time. At least they're only about ten minutes late, right?

Entering the rented space that only a very small handful of people know about, she stops and holds the door open for Ryden and Damnyou to enter as well.

Wearing a polyester muscle shirt in a pinkish purple and black leopard print, jeans and a pair of pink plastic mesh glitter sandals, Ryden's dressed a bit more normal than usual. Or at least, quieter than usual. His travel pack is clutched in one hand and he looks a little frenzied. He might've been asleep when May arrived. Like most things in his life, the lorekeeper's sleep schedule is odd.
"Sorry, sorry. My fault we're late. I overslept… whoa!" Ryden shuffles forward after setting Damnyou down to take a look at the captured Daemonites. "Tall m-uh-man. Ow! dude. Okay." The magi switches words after a swift peck to the ankle from his familiar. "Oh come one. I didn't say it! I'm not putting another dollar in the swear jar. That's like sixty bucks already today dam-duuuhagh! sonof-Oh!" Ryden stalks off a few more feet, muttering and flustered. He waves to Rain and Jemma while Damnyou makes amused little goose noises. He's getting rich!

Rain blinks. "Oh, there's uh, I got a Zojirushi water heater. Should be all boiled up if you want tea. But don't drink it past the red tape line on the floor. Safety and stuff. We got tea, hot cocoa, cider and industrial strength German coffee," Rain waves a gloved hand. Welding gloves with chain mail. She takes safety seriously. She pushes her goggles up for now, though. "Just about to get started. Figured I'd account for city traffic," Rain remarks.

"Oh you were TOTALLY procrastinating," Captain quips. Rain sighs. Then the cat eyes the goose. "… Hellooooooooooo. Wait, you're a goose. Fuck that noise." Captain hops onto a chair. "I am on spirit monitoring duty," Captain points a paw. TOEBEANS. He's a proud member of the bean toe squad, after all. "Are you - okay?" Rain boggles. "And hi, both of you." She'll fetch him - "Um. No open toe shoes in the lab." She nudges over a pair of spare boots. "Unless you want not to have toes, then that's all you."

Melinda May scoops up the boots and carries them to Ryden. No arguing. If they clash, magic 'em green or something. She then goes to fix some tea. And no, Jemma's absence has NOT been missed. "How long do you think you'll need for these experiments, Rain?"

Ryden boggles a bit at Captain. Oh gods no. A talking cat. Please please, don't tell his damned familiar how you are doing that. No one else should be subjected to listening to the damned goose. Then he turns back and eyes his sandals. "What? But-" He bites off his arguement after May hands him the boots and he catches sight of the little black and white gander that is now GLARING at him.
Seriously, if looks could kill, Ryden would be dying right now. It was just two days ago that he tripped on the poor guy and squashed all his feathers. The lorekeeper sheepishly trudges over and puts the boots on over his sandals. "Thanks. Safety is important." "…." Damnyou just keeps glaring.
"So we need to find their weaknesses right? Or is there something else you're looking for?" The lorekeeper returns his attention to the Daemonites for a moment before eyeing the equipment.

"Depends," Rain admits. "We can keep them to a few hours at an iteration at most. The thing about science is, sometimes it really does boil down to do a thing and wait. So let's call it an afternoon, record and analyze what we get and go from there. If we work in bursts and move between tests, then we're less likely to be noticed," Rain grunts. Captain bleps at Ryden, pink tongue contrasting a pink nose with black dots. BLEP.

"Like I said, if you wanna lose your foot or toes- well, you can. But considering the material here, you may lose more than a foot," Rain notes. "Is your bird okay?" She peers at it with violet eyes. "Anyway, no. We're testing how they react - IF they react and what they react to. So far, I've sorted my magic into: Indirect/Sympathetic - stuff like scrying and observation, Direct/Attack magic: Not elemental, Elemental stuff, and Analysis magic. Since this is chunks and pieces, it's mostly going to be material stuff. Like, run a sample through a machine without magic alongside one what has had magic done to it. The notebook and chromebook here are for data. Always keep copies. You can have one of my flash sticks," She fishes a cat's paw USB out. Scribbles a nickname on it, hooks it up to their chromebook. "No internet on this machine." No data in. No data out. "So um, I'm gonna start the scrying soon. If you have more ideas, or want to cast in, let me know." Smile. "We can cast together, and isolate later if needbe." She pauses. "Um. Sorry. I sound so bossy. Welcome, you guys."

Melinda May finishes fixing tea and leaves it there by the water boiler for later. Since they're about to start actual testing, she moves back closer, pointedly pulling her mithril butterfly swords. You know, just in case. Oh, and because this needs to be said now, "Captain, Damnyou. Mind your manners or I'll put you outside." Like common pets goes unsaid but it's very clearly implied.

Damnyou quits glaring at Ryden and waddles over to sit next to May and watch. Ryden looks as if he wishes he had that kind of power over his familiar but quickly turns his focus back to the task at hand. Parts of what Rain said went right over the lorekeeper's head. What is a chromebook? He's never heard of that. Who wrote it? Why hasn't he… "Oh." Ryden shoots a thankful glances at Damnyou on the sly as the goose silently (at least to everyone else) explains its a tablet computer.
He takes the flashstick from Rain and nods in thanks. At least he knows what that is. "Have you captured any of these guys alive? I mean, if you did what did you do with them? Did they say anything? That armored fellow said they were stuck here..?" He could scry but if Rain is doing that he should try something else and he's got a few ideas.

Captain is sitting and watching. He's a cat. He's good at chilling. "Just keep it in the computer for now, and we can copy your data over," She remarks. Rain gives him and May a pair of goggles. Eyes are important. "Not that I know of. I imagine they would need tremendous sedation, cloaking or restraint," She admits. "And armored fellow?" Rain looks at a loss. "And let's start then, on your cue. I'll start with scrying, without touching," She has an Excel sheet up. Stats, what's being done, notable reactions.

And of course, a control sample. Always control. "If you do do something novel, just type it in." Smile. "Okay, googles on. I'll begin casting."

Deep breath. Rain looks serene.

Melinda May doesn't hesitate to put on the safety goggles. If Rain thinks they're warranted, she's not going to argue. "This is the only way we can keep a daemonite for testing without it eventually breaking loose." And she intends for these pieces to stay exactly as they are. Pieces. And if she were aware of Damnyou having to tell Ryden what a chromebook is, she'd be highly amused. Not that you'd be likely to KNOW, but that's just how it is.

Well damn. If they haven't taken any alive then he can't.. wait. He has one of the damn things from the other night. Hmm.. but only one. It'll be best to learn what he can before attempting to question it. Cause no kidding will it need restraints. Sedation isn't going to work if he want's answers. So then..
Ryden is not accustmed to using a computer or tablet for anything aside from watching… movies. Yeah, movies. That's all he watches on there and he'd prefer to keep notes in an actual paper notebook but.. he can type so he sets that up before moving to a bit of Daemonite leg.
It had taken some serious weapons power to bring them down. The first time the guy had opened fire hadn't even affected the creature. Ryden's curious how much damage his lightsaber could do but being close enough to use it would just be too dangerous. After a few moments thought, the lorekeeper pulls some equipment from his pack. A small laser cutting tool, and a handheld device that looks suspiciously like a phaser gun from Star Trek.
He wants some small pieces off to test damage on, without risking the whole sample. Hopefully the laser will work to cut some bits free. He's also sorting through his mind to see if he or his people had any knowledge collected on these beings. That.. could take awhile to find. Days, or even a few weeks. It's not something he'd have previously accessed and finding it is not going to be easy but he's at least started looking.

It's not that didn't take any alive. There are several live samples on ice - but they are under continued protection - see, previous notes about Jemma's bait and switch. The problem is, that even getting near them triggers their telepathy and they start to wake, causing them to attack their examiners.

The sample that Rain has started with is the 10 foot tall one, she might want to test the others. In fact they might all want to do that.

There's still telepathic energy about the sample, but it responds just as Rain would expect it to. What happens though on the other two samples?

Rydens people had no knowledge of the Daemonites that he can find quickly, he'll need to dig deeper but given these are extra terrestials who have been hidden on earth since at leas the '70s chances might be slim, but you never know.

The laser cutter does its job for the mage and he soon has several thin slices of all three samples. Now? What is he going to do with those?

May might notice that the earliest samples (the 10Foot tall Daemonite) have … grown since she last looked at them with Jemma. They already know the creatures are amazingly resilient … what could this observation mean?

They will all be tested in due time. Rain is playing cautious. Too long hidden and they might all get smoked. Captain is a quiet observer, eyes wide and alert. He sits near May. He can be pet if he likes. And it seems Rain's intel is behind. Regardless, she will do her thing. Carefully gather samples. Carefully test, then record and save in triplicate. In case something should happen to her. In case something might prove useful beyond her own knowledge.

"We can do things one at a time. Running multiple tests simultaneously might get haywire. And um, there's paper if anyone sees anything weird. Don't be afraid to speak," Rain offers. "Everything counts. So far, I'm mostly seeing there's still telepathic energy?"

Melinda May looks at the chunks o'Daemonite and frowns faintly. "Rain, make note of the current dimensions of those samples and compare them to previous. I think they're growing. Like starfish." That is a frigging scary thought.

Ryden cranes his head around and blinks. "…That's disturbing but interesting. I wonder if they are just trying to regrow a limb, or if they can regenerate the entire body? That would be incredible." The lorekeeper is vaguely aware of the telepathic aura but that kind of thing doesn't often affect him, his mind is so well shielded, magically and physically that he can't even sense other magical beings most of the time. The first time Ryden met Fenris, he'd thought the God-Wolf was just some guy. Probably not something that usually happens to Fenris.
"I want to see what effects some of the artifacts I have will be. Like this phaser.. I kinda doubt "stun" will do much. The kill setting though.." They are easier to aim, fast and less chance of hitting innocent bystanders. If it would work and they'd had them the other night.. it sure would have been helpful.

The purpose of these are to check how Daemonites respond to magic. It can be said that extensive testing of their resilience to weapons has already been conducted - and these things are damn tough.

So yes, the ten foot sample is scryable, even though there is residual telepathic energy. When the same scrying test is tried on the 13 Foot tall sample, it is marginally less successful - like it's hidden.

Rydens phaser makes a hole in the sample, which immediately seems to start healing. Of course there is lots of footage on SHIELD using different weapons on these creatures - those in host bodies and those in … the raw … so to speak.

May has some enchanted weapons. Maybe testing those on the samples might be useful.

The purpose of these are to check how Daemonites respond to magic. It can be said that extensive testing of their resilience to weapons has already been conducted - and these things are damn tough.

So yes, the ten foot sample is scryable, even though there is residual telepathic energy. When the same scrying test is tried on the 13 Foot tall sample, it is marginally less successful - like it's somewhat hidden.

What happens on the 15 Foot sample, might give more insight.

Rydens phaser makes a hole in the sample, which immediately seems to start healing. Of course there is lots of footage on SHIELD using different weapons on these creatures - those in host bodies and those in … the raw … so to speak.

May has some enchanted weapons. Maybe testing those on the samples might be useful.

"Also, let me know if you think of more tests. I think if we do this more than a few hours at a time, people might get suspicious?" She is confirming, perhaps. For now, between tests, she enters the results and data. Jemma might want to see this - and just in case something happens to Rain. "I may try scrying on the 15 footer after we measure. I'm grabbing my calipers," She's got a ruler and calipers. "Has anyone tried enchanted stuff?" She asks. She doesn't really do that.

Captain curls up into a ball. It is amazing how spherical he is.

"How do you think I rendered them into pieces in the first place?" Because one thing's for sure, these new swords that Ryden gave May are far, far more efficient at slicing through Daemonites than her normal ones. The one thing she doesn't regularly carry around is that katana-like sword she appropriated from a … being whose name she can't remember. It seems like a spectacular blade, but it's impossible ton conceal. Maybe she should consider loaning it to Barton.

Ryden eyes the sample with a slightly disatisfied expession. He'd hoped it'd do more damage. Like maybe vaporize the damned thing. He hasn't yet been able to find any information on these creatures and the lorekeeper is watching the scrying results somewhat absently while he thinks. These things are telepathic, maybe the best way to fight them would be with other telepathic beings.
Only Ryden can't imagine that actually being something they can do effectively. Telepaths aren't exactly common and they would need several at least and also need them to be battle trained. The amount of time and power he'd have to expend to summon such beings would be.. it'd take months and he'd be utterly useless during the entire time for anything but that, and sleeping off his meds. And that doesn't even cover the other problems with the idea. Such as the morality of creating lifeforms for the sole purpose of war. What would happen to the survivors? Yeahhh.. Ryden discards that idea.
"Enchanted stuff?" Ryden snorts. Well that he has plenty of. The problem is which enchanted item in particular should he try out of the thousands he has or can think of? "So these things are telepathic, but those other guys were too right? the Psyborgs?"
He does grin a bit at May's swords and nods to himself. The mythril he'd chosen for those blades is incredibly strong and sharp, in both magical and physical senses. As with his lightsaber though it requires being way too close to these assholes for comfort. Still, something like that.. perhaps.. He might have an idea. Ryden starts pulling a few books from his pack.

Rydens got a good idea there. Fight them with telepaths, or at least see how they respond to telepaths. Jemma does have feelers out to the X-Men to see if any of their telepaths would be willing to work with them. It's … not an easy proposition.

Rain is gonig to try scrying on the 15 foot sample. "Oh. Fair, sorry," She looks apologetic. Granted, she didn't follow May about for this one. She looks to Ryden. "They are SERIOUSLY durable." With calipers and ruler post-scrying, she'll measure them. "I think… they are bigger," She blinks, comparing the numbers in an excel graph whipped up quickly. "A little," She makes a pinchy gesture. Crushing the daemonite's head, clearly. "These guys are, I am not sure on Psyborgs. But considering their powerful emotional suggestion," Rain handwobbles.

Captain is snoring softly. Catnaps(TM).

Melinda May steps over to offer one of her pair of mithril swords to Ryden. For testing purposes, of course. After all, they don't have the chance to do all the sciencey stuff in the middle of combat. "I've gotten the impression that Psyborgs are more … created than having any form of natural talent. But they're as much of a problem as these things."

May then glances over to make sure Damnyou is still quietly setttled. The gander is the sort where being quiet for too long is a baaaaaad thing.

Damnyou waits just until May is looking else where before eyes Ryden and makes a disapproving and insistent sound. Repeatedly. Then waddling over and pecking at his human's toes. Not as effective with the boots over the slippers but still. "Dude. Do you want tripped on again?? WHAT? I'm.. Oh. Well fine." Ryden sighs. "He says what I was thinking before, that maybe fighting them with telepathy is the best way to go. But like, where can we find telepaths? And ones that can fight? I mean they aren't exactly common. I could.. technically make some but that's.. well it'd take months. And it's not exactly ethical."
After finding the pages in the books he wants and leaving them open to the right pages, pictures and symbols and what might be words, in some strange language, seems to be different sizes and types of spears, mythril like the swords. "Well that's great. What created them? Or who. Damn. See I was kinda thinking, they seem to hate each other… if we offered to help one side fight the other maybe they'd knock off trying to destroy us in exchange. Or if the daemonites are stuck here, maybe offer them a way back? If the psyborgs are just created soldiers or whatever, I doubt they can be dealt with.
Ryden uses May's sword to test how easily the dameonite piece is cut. If it does work well enough then the spears at least will keep the things at range a bit more.

The scrying test on the 15 foot sample … is not successful at all. It can not detect it, the sample too well hidden.

Interesting? Most certainly. What does that say for the results? Is there a correlation between size and capabilities? Maturity perhaps? Perhaps some direct magic tests are needed.

The mithril blade slices through the the 10 Foot sample like a hot knife through butter and with a little more difficulty through the 13 foot sample. When Ryden gets to the 15 foot sample, the blades are barely effective.

As to Psyborg v Daemonite? May has reports on those - she's even seen a couple of bouts. There's already been situations where the Psyborgs and Daemonites have fought - and the local population bearing the brunt of that. Further, May will know from Jemma's investigation, the Psyborgs are networked back to a central system … that SHIELD (or anyone) knows nothing about.

Rain blinks. Hmm. "Whoa. It's like this thing is hidden. I can't pick it up at all," Rain points to the 15 footer, pausing to tap at the notebook. Taking notes, writing things down. Just in case something happens to her. Plus, Jemma might be able to use this, yes? "I wonder if there's a correlation between size, capabilities, or maturity. We can move on to direct analysis as I suspect magic analysis is going to experience the same problem." And perhaps for another time when she has more time.

Deep breath. "How's the weapons test going?" She asks, adding those to the notes. Engineers, man. Captain goes snrrrk in his sleep, hind leg kicking a little. In his dreams, he's a sabretooth tiger eating everything. Everything.

"There's some people in mutant town, but much like sympathetic magic, telepathy is often a two way street. Walk it carefully, you know?" She asks. A deep breath. "Okay, direct magic, not elemental, at the small one." MAGIC MISSILE! A really little one, okay?

That's an interesting little factoid, and worth knowing. The smaller they are, the easier they are to disable. May watches both spellcasters as they work. She's fairly comfortable that these chunks of Daemonite won't start attacking anyone, but she stays on the alert regardless. "SHIELD has documentation about Psyborgs, they're… networked." That's totally a word Fitz would use, right?

Ryen frowns. How the hell is the bigger one doing that? And how can he make it stop? Damnyou turns to watch Captain sleeping. Perhaps plotting some sort of mischief. The little goose is always at war with Ry's cat and the cat with him. Drives the lorekeeper crazy and more than once he's threatened to.. "hmm. What about just capturing them. Into a thing, a little sort of combination of technology and dimensional magic. Ya know those horrid little plastic balls people stick their hamsters in? Like that but a prison for these bastards. Then maybe you could just.. I don't know, drop the balls intoa a rocket and shoot it into the sun or something?" He stabs viciously at the largest sample again. He can see it, it's right there. Why is the sword having so much trouble. He's weak at sensing this kind of thing but it's not registering on his limited abilities to do so either. "So we probably can't work with the psyborgs. Maybe then, we need to get these guys to listen." Which means they need to have something the damn things want or figure out how to kill them fast and reliably enough to get them in a deal making mood.

The magic missile hits the flesh of Sample 1, sizzles and makes a hole in it. A hole that seems to stay for considerably longer than the one inflicted by the phaser gun. After minutes though, it starts to repair.

Magic missile to Sample 2, still makes a visible hole, but the healing on that is much quicker.

Sample 3 is hit by the magic missile and whilst it makes a hole, the healing is nearly instanteous.

Again, May will know from Jemma's reports that deep freezing the Daemonites seems to … contain them. There's also the results of Sue Storms ability - she can at least put a 'bubble' around a Daemonite and keep the contained until … in most cases they get deep frozen. Of course, that ability has only been tested in limited circumstances.

Rain frowns a bit. "So far, things are pointing to step on them while they are still not big. Or at least the not big ones." Maturity? She's not sure. Tappatappascritchscritch. Write and tap. Results noted. She takes a deep breath. She looks to Ryen, shaking her head. "I imagine space stuff is incredibly limited unless you have Superman on speed dial," She remarks. "And their goal sort of opposes the whole 'us living and or not being assimilated' thing," She remarks. "I do not know if it is a predator-prey relationship or something else," Something bigger and badder hunting THEM?

"Containment might be a good idea. Do they ever sleep?" A beat. "Well. Let's test ice first. Ready?" Time for COLD MAGIC. Brrr. Thank goodness it's not Daemonite bikini season yet.

Melinda May steps a bit more out of the way and while she does so she lightly nudges Damnyou with one foot. No taunting the feline. "That's how we've been keeping these samples contained, by putting them in freezers." She doesn't stop Rain from running her tests, though. After all, if they can find something that they're ALL weak to, it would be ideal.

Ryden watches the testing with an increasingly baffled expression. These things might be in pieces but they don't seem to be actually dead. A body part on its own should not have this kind of ability. It's surprising, and kinda fascinating. They seem to be incredibly powerful and advanced but if they are then how the hell are they stuck here? Maybe it's just the power part then. Weird.
The goose quickly turns its attention away from Captain and watches the testing instead. "Huh. That makes sense actually. A vulnerbility to cold.. well.. hmm.." Ryden turns back to his book and messes with one of the pages, moving glyphs and words and symbols around with a finger and drawing them forward from the second book onto the pages of the first. Golden colored words and arcane sygils of light fly off one page onto the other. After a few minutes of this, the lorekeeper seems satisfied and with a deep frown of concentration draws a seven foot spear made of liveship wood with a mythril point and enchanted with glacierheart ice magic. He'll wait and see the effects of Rain's spells before trying it.

As Rain's magic unfolds, the first two samples simply freeze. Jemmas machines beep and display some results - the samples have been suspended, there's no 'growth' detected in them. Sample 3 though, reacts a little differently. It's 'growth' as recorded by the eqiupment, slows noticeably, but doesn't stop.

What are the results telling them?

Rain might recall too, that she successfully newted one Daemonite but not another. Can she remember the size difference between them?

Perhaps Ryden should check the response Sample 3 to the spear he's just created.

"Well. The small ones are suspended, stopped. The big one, slows but he's still going. I remember newting one. If the pattern is the same…" Maybe she can newt some of them. "So some of them might be vulnerable to transmogrification." Totes. She looks to Ryden. "And thank you for both of you coming." Captain is sleeping, legs twitching. Kickkick. "Okay, go ahead with the spear." Now it's Rain's turn to watch.

"So the bigger the Daemonite, the more resistant it is to … everything." That's NOT very promising. May steps well clear of Ryden to give him room with that spear, and watches as well. This could be a crucial difference.

Looking very interested at finding out the results. The spear is imbued with the coldness of the very heart of the artic glaciers. A single touch should freeze most things and if it works, he could add a few more enchantments, extra strength, perhaps a shattering spell. All things he murmurrs aloud as he touches the tip of the spear to the smaller samples and then larger, more difficult one.
"Or maybe we could find a nice big pit in the Arctic and put a teleportation spell on the end of here. That seems like it would hold them, pretty good right? And no risk of a machine breaking down or power going out or whatever."

Ryden might not like the response the Water People give him in relation to dumping the Daemonites in the Artic!

As expected the first two samples ice over, frozen, by the spear and become 'suspended'. Sample 3 ices over and stops momentarily before starting again. Maybe, just maybe, there's something there.

Rain will note that her second sample has just restarted too.

Rain pauses. "The third sample stopped for a moment, icing over, due to the spear," Rain offers. "The first two are as before," She remarks. "My second sample has just restarted," This is all noted down. "I want to try fire next," She remarks. "And electricity at some point." She furrows her brows. "That should suffice for this round, yes? We can't do everything at once, it'd take too long…"

Ryden seems thoughtful after watching. So they'll need to find a way to sustain the temperature but it looks like somewhere to start at least. He can probably come up with something to hold the one he has now long enough to attempt communicating, and then you know, cut it to pieces if that fails. His mind is busy spiraling off in thousands of directions, all relating to cold, ice, traps, weapons, related spells and geographical locations as well as what questions to asks, precatiouns to take, telepaths to be found or possibly created and all the ways that could help/fail. How he might be able to fix their little stuck on earth problem if that is even possible, if he should do that if it is. His mind is like a computer, although one slowed and bogged down with malware and misplaced files and such. Still he's alot faster and capable of more thought processes than most humans. By the time they are ready to meet again, hopefully he'll have something good and helpful. Barring any unforeseen events, which with Ryden are always a possibility. "Okay, we learned stuff. I think I've got a good place to start. Next time, this ought to go better."

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