The Proposal

May 06, 2016:

Cindy Moon has something important to ask Fairchild; they both blow it.

The Lake House


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Cindy was an absolute mess today; which in all honesty, is not far from her natural state anyways! She looked somewhat frazzled, her hair pulled back into a low ponytail and tossed over a shoulder as she lets out a sigh and oh so very gently taps her fist against Cait's door. It was hardly a knock, really, she didn't mean for it to be one as she bites her lip and pulls her hand back. Alright Cindy. You got this, just take a deep breath- settle yourself and just do it! You've seen the silly internet video with the kid from Holes, you just need to /do it/ and make your dreams come true! But then, why did it feel like she was about to drop dead? She just couldn't will herself to actually knock, despite the only person she actually wanted to see right now being /right there/. It was terrible, no one made you more anxious than who you were actually looking for.

It also doesn't help that Cindy had brought flowers, which have now been thrown halfway down the hall because she decided that was way too cheesy- leaving her empty handed as she finally works up the will to knock sharply.

The door clicks and swings open, and Caitlin's standing there, big as life. She blinks at Cindy, then flashes her megawatt smile, a dimple popping in one cheek. "Cindy! Hi! I didn't hear you out here! Wow, what timing, right?" she laughs easily, sweeping her hair back over her shoulder. She's wearing a flirty black dress with short sleeves, definitely a 'new' look for her.

"Are you here to see me?" Caitlin asks with bubbling excitement. "C'mon in! I was just gonna get some soda, all I've got is coke, and Dr. Pepper, and um… I think I've got some juice in here. How's juice sound?"

Her pert nose wriggles as she sniffs the air, looking around over Cindy's head quizzically. "Do you smell lilacs? I love lilacs," she murmurs, looking back and forth in consternation.

Cindy Moon is caught flat footed, the girl peering upwards automatically, doing her normal 'Cait check' where she starts from mid-chest and then up with a crane of her neck. Look, it's not pervy when Fairchild is like- fifteen feet tall! But oh god, /oh god that dress/. What was Cait doing in something like that?! Honestly, it was kind of easy to forget that Cait was a woman too, and that she could wear things like that, or that she could floor her so easily still. "Y-Yeah!" She chirps back, snapping out of it and putting on a dopey smile in response, the smaller spider woman tilting her head and peering awkwardly at her friend. "Someone's dressed up…" She hums, only to pause and furrow her brow. "Nah, I was actually looking for the other sasquatch that lived here." She reports in response to the question, her smile melting into a dopier grin as Cait's infectious bubbliness washes over her. "You haven't see her have you?" Cindy asks, juice'll do Cait, juice'll do.

"Huh, Lilacs?" Cindy asks, her eyes going a bit wide before she shakes her head sternly, lips pursing as she takes a step forward and tries to push cait back into the room by presence alone. If she's successful, and as the door closes, she'll shoot a line of webbing at the discarded flowers in an attempt to discretely nab them and get them back behind her back before the door closes. Ok. Shutup.

"Nope, sorry, I'm the only floppapotamus in residence," Cait agrees with a good-natured smile. "And I'm not really dressed up, I'm just, y'know, trying something different," Cait hedges, pinking a bit and tugging at the hem of her skirt self-consciously. "Carol keeps telling me I can wear skirts. I think my thighs look a bit thick, but… I mean, y'know… adventures." She makes an unenthusiastic noise and moves to her computer desk, leaving the door for Cindy. She sits in her office chair with a creaking grind of bearings, and awkwardly rocks back and forth as she tries to remember how to cross her legs the way Carol taught her.

"So whassup?" she asks Cindy, leaning forward and resting her elbows on her upbent knee. "Did you just drop in to say hello?"

Cindy Moon sadly, looked positively normal! Green parka, red skirt, black leggings! Perfectly chique and perfectly Cindy, but she can't help but feel a little under dressed around Cait of all people! "Darn, well, I guess you'll /have/ to do." She replies back, the ribbing match is eternal after all. "You know, it doesn't really count as trying something different if you're just wearing it around." Says the girl who weaves her own clothes, and also locks herself inside. A lot. Cindy is the master of throwing rocks at glass houses. "Psh. You look great." She replies, adding a brighter grin! It was the truth, and even she couldn't muster a little snip at that bit. Though, she does note the thigh thickness term- which elicits a tiny bit of dry mouth in the spider.

"Er- Down a little Cait." She remarks awkwardly, turning her eyes up and to the left to spare herself from Cait showing off maybe a /little/ too much with an improper cross. And that smell of lilacs? Coming right from Cindy, as she's obviously hiding something behind her back that she wasn't moments before. "Uh- Well, yeah! Er, no- But… yes?" She asks. Yes. She was coming to say hello. "I actually wanted to ask you something…" The moment of levity was gone. Oh baby.

Cait blinks in confusion and looks down, then firmly puts both feet on the ground and tugs her skirt self-consciously, trying to get the springy material to cover her knees. She fails, of course, but it takes her a second to get her pink blush off her high cheekbones.

"Uh, thanks. I'm still trying to get the hang of skirts," Cait admits, clearing her throat. She manages an embarassed smile and tucks some hair behind her ear. "So, uh, what's up?" she inquires, turning inquisitive, big green eyes onto Cindy.

"…am I seriously the only one who smells flowers?" she frowns a beat later, looking around again.
Cindy Moon does her very best to stand strong against Cait's embarasment, normally, this was a thing that just happened and she would never think twice about it or even notice it. But… There was something else here, and the prickling sensation running up her spine and the tingles in her fingers only reinforced that she was just being an idiot and letting Cait get to her head. "Hey, it took me six years." She replies, mirroring Cait's movement and brushing back her hair once more. You know, the years from 0 to 6.

"Well, I was just wondering, Ehrm… If you would like to go to dinner some day?" She finally asks, her tongue dry and heart hammering as she realizes that she actually said it.

And then realizes how dumb it sounded.

And then realizes oh god he just asked Cait out on a date.

And now she's showing her the flowers! Which… Are covered in webbing.


"Sure! I was gonna get Pannucci's tonight, but I could go like, Indian or maybe Thai?" The Queen of Awkward strikes again! It's obvious Cindy's tremuolous buildup and the intent of her question both go completely over Cait's head.

Caitlin continues to smile at Cindy, blinking twice in mild confusion when the flowers appear. "Hah! Nice, are you doing some magic?" she tries with a gentle sort of enthusiasm. She goes to reach for the flowers, and promptly sticks her hand in a fistful of webbing material.

"I, uh, … uh." Caitlin wrinkles her nose and tries to extend her fingers, but she's momentarily webbed into place on the lilacs.
Cindy Moon is just, kind of dead, Cindy giving Cait just the most blank look. The silence hanging over the two is deafening.

"Cindy. Cindy. Cindy." Caitlin's been saying that for several seconds before Cindy responds. She wiggles the flowers to which she's stuck. "Cindy, I'm stuck to your flowers here. Is this part of the magic trick?"

Cindy Moon isn't letting go of the flowers, her head tilted up that dumb look still on her face as her world kind of just shatters over the two. Really, you couldn't write a worst situation than this. Cindy just made the most difficult choice of the last year, had worked all her courage up to this point and this is where it all culminated to. She's… So beyond shocked at how typical this was as Cait keeps tugging at the flowers. At least Cindy has a cute face going as her brain catches up and cheeks run crimson.

Cait starts to look uncomfortable, then flat-out uneasy. She starts glancing around her apartment, but it's not like she's got a fake phone call she can take, or even bustle off to do something useful in another room. Particularly when she's literally glued to Cindy.

"Um… Cindy, are you okay?" she asks, a bit tentatively. She leans forward a little, head cocked to the side, and looking sidelong at the spiderling with concerne on her face. "You, um, you're not talking, and it's, um, freaking me out a little."
Cindy Moon lets her head fall, her eyes glued to the flowers as she swallows and does /everything/ she can to avoid looking at Cait. "Cait… Irmnghfnng…" She mumbles, barely a whisper as she turns her head to the right now, her stomach dropping into freefall. Maybe… maybe Cait did actually get it and was just trying to put her down easy? Cindy was already building a million reasons to get out of this, to hide herself away again and just keep running! But, her body wasn't letting her- something was stopping her from closing this door too.

"Cait… I'm asking you out."
Ugh that sounded dumb too.

It sounds like Cindy just sprung a slow leak. Cindy's not looking at her, so she misses how the color drains from her face, which brings out all the freckles that are normally only faintly visible, then she turns a shade of red that'd do cherry tomatos a good service. Her mouth works several times, but words don't come out— just that low *eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*.

"O-oh-oh," Caitlin finally gets out, looking absolutely mortified as she realizes how Cindy must be feeling.

"Me? Really?"

Caitlin swallows once, her words falling against the wall of silence. "Ok-okay, yeah, I'd … I'd love to," she tells Cindy, clearing her throat and realizing she's suddenly, apparently, dying of thirst. "Like… like a -date- date, you mean?"

Cindy Moon is running the same gauntlet of emotions, her face similarly draining as she looks back up and grimaces. "G-Guh! I mean, only if its ok oh gosh- I just made this really awkward didn't I?!" She immediately starts apollogizing, she never had this trouble with guys, but this was something new and she /cares/ or something about Cait. She couldn't screw this up, and she's just now realizing how she's imposing so very hard on the other girl.

"Yeah, like a real date…" She acquieses.

"Cool. Okay," Caitlin says, getting her flaming blush under control. "It's… it's very okay. I'm sorry, I just… I didn't think you were… y'know, into me. Like that," Caitlin admits in a mumble. "Most people who ask me out aren't, y'know, cute and friends. They're strangers and they're weird. Or it's on Teamspeak and it's all 'lol tits or gtfo'," she points out. "I'm— I'm sorry, I didn't mean to… uh."

"I really like your shirt," Caitlin says, a bit lamely, after an awkward quiet. "And I've never really been on a, um, date, just so you know."

Cindy Moon lets out a gasp, her eyes rolling upwards as a wave of relief works over her. Alright, she didn't ruin things. "Well… I can be weird too?" She offers, a half grin working along her face before she sighs and suddenly doubles over, resting her hands on her knees. "T-That was exhausting…" She mumbles, trying to catch her breath as giddiness begins to replace the angst which had been brewing in her chest for /weeks/ now. "I guess… Yeah, I gues I am into you?" She asks, that dopey smile etched on her features as she comes up for air.

"You didn't mean t-"

She likes the shirt too.

"… You're kidding.

Caitlin looks around, more embarassed than ashamed, and the hand glued to Cindy twitches. "Well— no, I mean— y'know. Some social stuff in college, but no one really ever asked me, like, asked -me- out. And then, y'know, I 'sploded, and that… that kinda changed everything," Caitlin admits. "Guys who wouldn't give me the time of day were all 'hey baby'. And I kinda went out for burgers with this guy I'd be friends with, and then he got really, y'know… pushy, and I sort of threw him into a pool and that was it. I haven't been on a proper date. Not with someone I, y'know, like," she mumbles.

Cindy Moon can't help but frown a bit, her stomach dropping some as she bites her lip. "Ah… Cait…" She starts, gently trying to tug the flowers away- only to balk as she pulls Cait's hand along with them. "I- I'm sorry that happened." She quickly adds, biting her lip as she turns her head, then looks back as her stomach drops. "You… Deserve so much more." She mumbles quietly, little pools of tears forming in her eyes.

Look. Look. She's just emotinal. It's an emotional time! A-And Cait said she liked her.

"Nooo no no no, you… don't… don't cry, Cindy, it's…" Caitlin tries to brush at Cindy's face, tentatively, but she moves the flower-stuck hand and it makes the awkward gesture even worse, so she just twists the hem of her skirt in her fingers. "It's okay! I really is. I'm not— I'm not upset or bitter. I just never, y'know, never thought about, like, dating anyone," she admits. "…maybe being -ravished- by certain people in tights, but I don't think that's unfair," she confesses a beat later. "It's just not something I'd thought about much, but… y'know, it's something I think I'd really like to do."

Cindy Moon nope, nope! She's definitely crying, the girl clamping her eyes shut and turning her face so she doesn't have to look at Cait. "I-I'm not crying." She hisses, sever hot tears squeezing free as she coughs dryly. "I- Hold on." She starts, her tongue feeling fat in her mouth as the fingers on her free hand twist and twirl, Cindy dexterously weaving web about them as she chews on her lip.
She's the ugliest crier, even when it was just one or two stray tears. "It's still not fair." She chokes quietly, the fact that Cait /wasn't/ sad or anything only made her feel worse. It couldn't be said enough how much she admired Cait. "And uh… Hold still." She adds, flexing her now clawed fingers before Cait, only to quickly cut away the webbing binding them. "You should be upset." She adds. She would be. Which… Is well, maybe why she is so upset for Cait?

"… I'd really like it too." She hums, her face finally coming up to meet Cait's eyes once more. Ooh, there's still a little trickle of tears there.
Cindy Moon totally going to tease Cait about /ravishing/ later.

Caitlin sighs in relief when her hand is loosed, though she's smart enough to at least not immediately stick her palm to anything else immediately. "This stuff wilts in like… an hour, right?" she asks Cindy.

"Okay, so, I'm okay, you're okay with it, we're both okay with it, but um… y'know… so… yay?" she asks with a timorous little smile, shaking limp wrists in the air in tiny enthusiasm. "No more crying, yeah?"

Cindy Moon awkwardly grins. "Er… Something like that." She offers, her webbing- like the rest of her powers, tends to be a little screwy. Hopefully it'll be closer to an hour than six. "But… Yeah. Yay." She remarks dryly, trying to catch her breath as that rosy blush makes a vengeful return. "Well, alright, but only as long as you promise to never let something fly over your head like that." She remarks, licking her lips as she tries to steady herself. "And like- You're so tall? How does that even happen."

"Well, y'know, I was short once," Caitlin offers, sheepishly.

Then it's awkward and quiet for a minute, and she manages her backbone into order, straightening out of her cowed hunch.

"So, uh, I guess since you asked me out… where are you taking me?" Caitlin asks, looking down at Cindy with a small smile. "Somewhere all-you-can-eat is probably the best way to go," she ventures, smiling again.

Cindy Moon suddenly slumps her shoulders, her eyes going wide as she lets out the longest sigh imaginable. "Oh my god, you're going to eat me right out of my rent…" She mockingly moans, letting her head roll back as she groans dramatically.

"W-well, I mean, that's why I suggested buffet," Caitlin says, backpedaling nervously. "And you don't have to buy! It was just a joke! I— I told you, I don't know how to do this," she says, wincing visibly. "Oh god."

She rises quickly to her feet and paces away, twisting her fingers around nervously. "Look, Cindy, I— I mean— I don't want to scare you off, but are you sure you want this? I'm not good at this. I don't know how to date. I don't want to ruin this for you by doing something stupid, -again-, and… making you feel bad." She turns away, fretting her fingers in agitation.

Cindy Moon can't help but grin somewhat as Cait starts to talk herself in circles again, the other woman tilting her head and picking up a hand. "Hey, it's fine- Really, I was just teasing you Cait." She replies, offering her hands palm up towards Cait. "Because I honestly just like that look on your face." She adds, trying to add a small bit of levity to the situation as she swallows once more. "Calm-" She starts, only to cringe as Cait walks away.

"W-What? Of /course/ I want this. I thought about this forEVER Red." She complains back, trying to twist her frown into a smile. "Seriously, I… Look, I know you're not perfect, but look at me- do you think /I'm/ perfect? We all… Make mistakes and I'm not going to stop liking you just because you do something dumb. Because god knows…"

"I don't— wait, forever?" Caitlin blinks, turning and looking at Cindy with an upswept eyebrow that's very reminiscent of Carol Danvers. "How long have you been planning this?" the statuesque ginger inquires, propping one hand on her hip and letting the other hang at her side.

Cindy Moon feels absolutely dwarfed by Caitlin, her head tilting up once more as she gulps and cringes. "I- Ok, a couple weeks! That's all… I mean, it wasn't like it was love at first sight! I've just… Really liked spending time with you ok?"

"Oh." Caitlin bobbles her head left and right, looking at the ceiling. "Okay." She flashes a dimple-cheeked smile at Cindy. "I, uh… I mean… okay, so. .." She rolls her shoulders up and down in a fitful shrug.

"What do we do now?"
Cindy Moon plays with her fingers and glances away herself. Okay. You know what to do Cindy! Just- Do it. "Well. For you."

And she offers the flowers to cait, a nice little bushel of lilacs still draped with lines of silk webbing. But! At least, they don't seem glued to her anymore. "How about… A movie?" She asks, still a little awkward. Nope, she didn't just glance at Cait's thighs.

"What was that about ravishing?"

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhah…." Caitlin sort of flatlines there, then closes her mouth with a click and swallows visibly. She's almost flourescing, she's so red-faced. "M-movie sounds good," she says, avoiding the second question. "Lots of good movies. Movies good. Let's movie."

Cindy Moon smirks nope- Nope, she's needling this point now! You messed up and you hoped that she wouldn't have picked up on it! "Nope! Nope! You're red now." She remarks, pointing dramatically at Caitlin, a sharp grin working along her face. "OoooOOOooh, who's tights are /that/ nice?"

"Sh-shuttup!" Caitlin says, retreating from that jabbing finger. "No one's! I didn't say anyone!" Caitlin covers her face in a last ditch effort to run from Cindy's words. Sure, it's a bit petulantly childish, but where else is she gonna go?

Cindy Moon says, “Oh my god /it was steve?!/”
Cindy moon exclaims, “Red. Ew. He's like 90."”

Flamingly pink, Caitlin just shakes her head and continues to stare into her palms. "N-no. No! Didn't say. Not gonna say. Not saying. You're gonna be mean."

Cindy Moon puts her hands on her hips, the tiny little Cindy larger than life in this moment as she smirks all the more. "Nope. I'm not dropping it till you admit it. Nope nope nope." She continues, now crossing her arms over her chest. "I'll only be as mean as I normally am."
Which is extremely.

"Well- I mean, y'know, there's… Captain Rogers," Caitlin finally gets out, looking unspeakably embarassed as Cindy drags it out of her. "And, y'know, I mean… y'know… you've -met- Diana, that's… I mean…" She clears her throat several times, unable to look at Cindy.

Cindy Moon looks like she's about to burst, her eyes full of stars and cheeks flushed a bright red as she brings her hands up to her mouth. "Aaaaaaaand who else?" She asks, leaning up on to her tip toes. "Honestly, I never thought you would use words like /ravish/." Alright, even Cindy can't help but tease Cait THIS bad, especially with the scare that Red gave her earlier.

"Ci-cindy, I… I'm not… really comfortable right now," Caitlin finally gets out, in a very tiny voice, not really able to look at Cindy. "Be-because … y'know— you and me, we're… and— I'm… not… I don't wanna…" She swallows again, fingers twisted into firm knots in front of her stomach.

Cindy Moon blinks, and then tilts her head before she puts on her 'oh crap I overdid it again' face… Again… "A-Ah! Cait!" She starts, putting her hands up and then steepling her fingers in an apriximation of praying. "Sorry- Sorry, it's just teasing you know."

"It's… I just don't…" Caitlin closes her eyes and takes a few meditative breaths, trying to find her center. "Cindy," she says, finding her backbone and looking down at the spiderling. "I like you, and you're cute, but… you've got to be patient with me," she pleads. "I don't date. I don't even really -flirt-. And … I mean, I wanna see if things go… anywhere. But I can't do both— I can't be your girlfriend and your /girlfriend/," she tells the woman, stumbling a bit over the words but forging onwards. "I can talk about some stuff but not… not that stuff."

Cindy Moon cringes even more, clasping her hands together and turning her head a bit as she curses herself for going a little too fast and a little too hard. "No, you're right. I'm sorry." She starts, letting out a huff of air as her hands fall into her lap. "I got excited and pushed things too far, it's my fault." Cindy was clingy, it came with being entombed in a bunker for a good portion of your life. "I won't make you do anything you don't want" She replies, her voice sounding softer as she plays with her hair some. "And I understand." She feels like a jerk, rightfully so though. "… That movie still alright?"

"Okay." Caitlin smiles gratefully at Cindy. "Thank you. And the movie is perfect. Something good though. If you bring me to a romcom or anything with a rainy kiss in it, it's done," she teases Cindy. "Needs to be a, y'know a good sci-fi flick or something. But I'll buy popcorn!"
Cindy Moon blinks and then groans dramatically once more; her whole body goign lax as she slumps soooo hard. "Already off to a rocky start~" She bemoans teasingly, only to puck on a cockeneyd grin. "And come on, I don't even /like/ cheesy romance movies." She retorts, huffing and placing her hands on her hips. "What do you think I am? Some /normal/ girl or something?" She asks, only to grin. "Did you hear that they made *a live action jungle book*?" She asks, which was awesome! LIke how they made /three/ hobbit movies.

"Okay. Cool. So… tomorrow?" Caitlin asks, a bit hesitantly, but smiling bright at Cindy. She tucks a stray strand of red hair behind her ear self-consciously. "Say… uh, eight or so? And remember I can't fly and I'm not jumping downtown, so, let's take a cab or something."

Cindy Moon flexes a bicep. "And despite my strength, I'm not too keen on lugging you around my dear mountain." She replies, right back into the thick of things before she sighs and smiles. "Yeah, that sounds good." She adds, now awkwardly glancing this way and that, her tongue working along the inside of her cheek. "Hey… Uh, Red? Thanks." She finally mumbles self consciously.

"Y-yeah. Thank you," Caitlin ventures. She looks around self-consciously, then stoops quickly and kisses Cindy's cheek. And it's a swift kiss, but it definitely lingers a half-second longer than is politely necesary. "See you tomorrow… Cindy."

Cindy Moon freezes for a moment once more; the color flushing back in a wave before she lets out a soft chuckle and grins as bright as ever. "You too Cait." And then she leans right in for the hug, it's absolutely backbreaking with her enhanced strength, but Cait can take it! "Have a great night ok?"

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