Taking A Bite Out Of Crime

May 06, 2016:

A convergence of Gotham (and New York's) finest meet a convergence of Gotham's… so-so.

Bowery - Gotham

The Bowery is the sibling of Park Row. Both once rather upscale districts
that have fallen to squalor and destitution. Around the time the Sprang Act
came in to affect the Bowery was a first to be approached; this institute a
whole new architectural design for the area which turned the Bowery in to a
squat blocky looking area with buildings that could belong on a military

The residential areas are terraced row house style complexes made of mostly
brownstone where as the commercial sections tend to focus more on their
display groundside than topside. This is no longer the case with the decline
in Bowery's growth many of the sector remains covered in unfinished
structures that stopped being constructed or condemned buildings housing the

With the Sprang Act not allowing more lively tower level displays the Bowery
actually took the 09' cataclysm quite well as the buildings are all quite
structurally sound (those that had been completed) except for a long it's
Streetside opened up a whole new development, with the roads being broken,
fragmented, opened and destroyed businesses had to improvise and turn the
Bowery itself in to a street spanning marketplace that also delves in to the
underground, half constructed buildings may open up in to underground
caverns that have been gutted for raves, black markets, chop shops, fighting
pits, living quarters and so forth.


NPCs: Drug smugglers



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Fade In…

While the world is still mostly undefined, one fact remains: Night in Gotham isn't hospitable.

No one would argue with that.

The sun has long since set, and the air has become so cool tonight that people can see their breath. There's a dampness in the spring air — the kind that settles into bones and truly chills from the inside out.

It's an opportune time for those that engage in the underbelly of the earth. Most would avoid the cold. Which could be why there seems to be extra activity down one of Gotham's many back alleys.

This particular alley, dimly lit, and altogether brooding, has more activity than most spectators would think normal. Two large trucks line up outside a derelict looking building. Two large men carry large wooden crates from the building, loading them on the trucks.

"Boss said these need to get out tonight — heading to Metropolis — "

Gotham has its own smell and more than once this fine evening, Daredevil has been asking himself why in the world he is here. Each time, however, he's quickly come to his senses realizing that this city, right here and now, is at the epicenter of his current investigation into gang ties in New York.

He wouldn't be here if he didn't need to be. The stench alone would drive him back home if he weren't so adamant about putting away the Flitros.

"We like the dark," Gar Logan says in a raspy low voice atop a nearby roof, not loud enough for ordinary hearing by the probable humans below. "Dark for dark business."

Yes, he's quoting from The Hobbit as he scouts out what could be a perfectly normal night shipment. Except this is Gotham. They don't do normal. Or night. Or shipme… wait, they do ship stuff. Nevermind.

"You ready?" he asks his purple-furred partner.

"I thought it was time for Second Dinner," the aforementioned purple partner says in a low, rather disappointed voice, crouching on the rooftop but using his powers of illusion to cloak himself and his husband in enchanted shadow. "You promised I could have churros."

His eyes focus on the scene, needing little assistance to see in the dark thanks to their nature. "I'm always ready, you know that."

One of the gentlemen moving the crates slips, causing his package to fall to the ground, prompting it to bust open. The distinctive packages inside are individually wrapped, and, to the keenest eye, likely narcotic of some kind. Those with keener senses of smell are likely to identify it as heroine. Lots of heroine.

"Idiot! We have to repackage that now! Look at that product — " the large muscled man (who didn't drop the crate) scolds his comrade.

"Shuddup!" counters the other one. "Help me clean this up 'fore we lose anything — "

"I could clean that for you," the voice is a bit too chipper. "We could take it right to the Gotham PD evidence locker. I'll bring both you in. It'll be fun! Sound good?" The red and black clad Red Robin has assumed a newfound confidence in his time away, and steps out of the shadows to confront the pair. Sure enough, the one that dropped the crate takes a quick swing at Tim, prompting Red Robin to state, "Guess not."

Daredevil's investigation will have to wait.

The crashing of the crate sounds as clear to him as a bowling ball blasting into a set of pins despite the distance. He can hear the conversation of the men clearly and can even smell the distinct aroma of the narcotics residue atop the bag.

With the aid of his billy club and an impossibly long line of wire, Daredevil soars into the darkness with the familiar feeling of the breeze upon his face.

There's not so much of a smell as a crinkle of little glasssine packets, the sort that really only get used to hold pharmaceuticals, and the scent that brought Gar here earlier was the faint aroma of a dust that causes him to momentarily assume the form of a beagle.

"Yep. Drugs. Don't do drugs, kids!" he says in the voice of Officer McGruff. Then he hears another voice. "Hey! It's the red bird!"

Gar goes feathery and pigeons down out of the night skies, the ho-coo! of justice about to flap in the face of evil!

The Cheshire cat looks puzzled for a second, but then smirks. "Well, I'll be, it looks like there's a lot of people wanting to join this party."

Vorpal doesn't jump down- instead, he vanishes into thin air.

Where has he gone? Where? Now, that would ruin the surprise, wouldn't it? While Gar and Red Robin and the man on the flying trapeze man who knows no fear go for the frontal attack, Vorpal is going to bring up the rear (shutup) to see if there are any reinforcements on the way… and, if there aren't, then a good way to attack from the rear (shutup again) in order to further surprise the crooks. Surprised crooks make mistakes, and they also make for great blooper reels.

Another three thugs step out of the derelict building, rearing for a fight. One, bearing a long chain takes aim at the former boy wonder. The chain lashes out, but fortunately, Red Robin, wherever he's been (oddly absent from the streets of Gotham as of late), manages to dodge its wicked whip, countering with a bat-a-rang that misses.

A second thug that came out the door bears a large sword. Begging the question: who just carries a sword around? And backs up his buddy. The third? Well he just stands there for when the others need to tap out, but undeniably, he's the largest of the bunch.

The thug that had spilled the heroine has begun to collect the product, and the one that reprimanded has now assumed a driver's seat in one of the trucks. Evidently the first truck is fully loaded.

The driver starts the vehicle and puts it into drive.

As Daredevil soars towards the melee, his head turns slightly as he picks up the scent that seems somewhat familiar to him. A couple of years ago he met this hero, but under some different circumstances. Of course, he has no idea that this Robin has undergone a costume change. Nevertheless, he recognizes him as 'one of the good guys.'

As Tim's batarang misses, Daredevil yanks on his billy club hard, pulling him towards a path towards the wicked wip wielding foe. He lowers his shoulder and looks to bury the foe with a tackle towards his chest!!!

Changeling flies down to the one who got into the truck and flaps in his face in heroic pigeon fashion! Flappityflappity COO! And when the inevitable fist comes to try to punch him, he's turned into a ferret and is diving down the front of the thug's shirt.

You do not want a ferret in your shirt. Nor down your pants. RIZZZZ!

Of course, he would have to get the sword. Normally, Vorpal would go after the big guy and do something incredibly unpleasant or funny to him- but there was a man brandishing a sword around, and that just wasn't kosher, you know?

An enormous pair of scissors appear out of thin air and clamp down towards that sword to try and hold it.

The man who is wielding said enormous pair of scissors is somewhat on the skinny side, with long frizzy hair that falls around a very memorable face. What he's wearing? A veritable nightmare of neon and patterns that look like they came straight out of the nineties. "HEY! Hasn't anyone told you that running with these things is dangerous? I made a whole album about it!" he says in a high-pitched, rather reedy voice.

Underneath the illusion is, of course, Vorpal, and a construct pair of enormous scissors. But the guy doesn't know that.

Daredevil easily tackles the foe with the whip (named Joe because Joe). While Joe tumbles to the ground, he doesn't relent easily. But Daredevil does earn the gratitude of one very outnumbered Red Robin, "Thanks." Daredevil can almost hear Red Robin's boyish smile.

But Joe the foe doesn't stay down. Instead, he lifts the chain whip and yanks it back quickly, making a clattery noise against the pavement below him.

With Daredevil attending to one of the aggressors, Robin turns his attention back to the man collecting the heroine again (Bob), "As I was saying, I'll help with that." He tugs on the bo staff condensed on his hip and he give sit a firm shake, bringing it back to its full length. He takes a single swing against Bob.

The man in the truck (Jack), swerves as he's attacked by a pigeon turned ferret. The truck turns this way and that until it hits one of the few lights along the quiet-ish alleyway. The truck door flies open and he squirms underneath the influence of said ferret, attempting to lose it outside. "GET IT OUT! GET IT OUT! IT IS GOING TO EAT ME!"

The man with the sword (Gino) attempts to pull the sword away from the scissors, tugging and pulling at it to slide it away from the skinny frizzy figure. But when Gino's eyes fall on the scissor wielder, his mouth gapes and he's rendered temporarily shocked. "What."

Rather than play around with the gesticulations of the chain getting yanked around the pavement, Daredevil goes with the more direct route. While his opponent's slow weapon is getting ready, he decides on a quick attack, throwing one half of his club towards Joe's face, while holding the other part, in order to pull it back after the strike!

Having added several painful ferret bites to places where Jack had formerly been free of ferret bites, the animal-shifting hero shouts, "RIZZ I TELL YOU!" and then changes into something else. An electric eel.

Reader Note at Top of Panel: the Taser was developed in imitation of the ability of the electric eel to stun its prey into unconsciousness.

There's a strong electrical surge from somewhere around the man's abdomen, and a RIP of cloth as a shirt is torn through by the digging claws of a green armadillo.

Having gotten free, the armadillo looks to make sure that Jack is unconscious before scuttling off threateningly towards the other thugs.

"Also? I am not right-handed…" The scissors are shunted to the left hand and the comedian reaches up to touch his face-

And tears it off.

Instead of blood and gore and skull, though, there's a fairly handsome face underneath. Or, at least, it is handsome from what can be discerned from its lower half. The upper half is completely concealed by a black bandanna, just like the rest of the body is concealed by a black blouse with wide sleeves, black leather gloves, black trousers, boots- you get the idea.

"En garde." He thrusts with his left hand- and apparently the massive scissors are now an epee. What a world, eh?

Joe takes a punch hard, his body following the momentum of Daredevil's fist. He aims to counter, but bulk and weight slow him down. He takes a very slow swing towards the hero. The chain, for the time being, has been abandoned to the ground.

Robin hits Bob hard with the bo staff. The staff is swung in a steady, flowing motion, swift and sure. Bob counters with pepper spray that he was carrying on his person — one of the things that assumes Robin's weakness. The Boy Wonder leaves a pained cry into the cold night at the agony of pepper spray in his eyes.

With the efforts of a ferret turned electric eel turned armadillo, Joe is wholly unconscious. He thuds to the ground like complete and total deadweight.

Gino gapes further as the scissors become a rapier. "Whaaaaat." But he pulls it together enough to lunge forward, but there is no true skill about his handle of the weapon. He cuts forward jabbing towards the would-be comedian.

Daredevil easily ducks under the punch which sails over his head. As it passes he reaches up with his right hand to 'hold' the outstretched arm away from Joe's body, revealing the nice open area of the thugs ribs.

Which Daredevil attempts to break with an upwards driven knee.

Garmadillo is not quite sure whether the guy actually managed to mace Red Robin. It seems unlikely because Bat Training includes withstanding all sorts of annoying sprays and things, especially given how frequently Joker likes to use his trick flowers with their toxic perfume. It might be a feint.

So he runs along behind the box of spilled drugs ready to leap up and thwack Bob, and meanwhile to scope out what exactly is going on with the others… Because there is apparently a HUGE guy waiting to tag in and do painful things should either the red-devil guy or Inigo Montoya succeed in squashing their foes. And Gar wants to make sure that can't happen.

The epee changes trajectory to meet the other's sword, with a quick strike "This is what is called a Beat Parry, and this-" the masked man says, "Is a coule!"

He slides the blade along the other blade, attempting to lower it to the ground so that he can take a leap back and away from sword range…

When Vorpal lands, he no longer looks like Dread Pirate Roberts, but a man in a rather smart grey suit. The epee is now a gun, which he has aimed at the other man's chest.

"And this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world and would blow your head clean off, you've gotta ask yourself one question: "Do I feel lucky?" Well, do ya, punk?"

The gun, of course, has no bullets. Vorpal can't create working guns…

But once again, Gino doesn't know that.

"Drop the sword, kid, and maybe I'll just cuff ya instead of giving ya a new windpipe."

CRACK Joe's ribs break under the pressure. The man groans in agony as he tumbles to the ground. His body curls into itself as he becomes incapacitated. No, Joe will no longer be fighting back. He has no fight left.

Robin continues to rub his eyes. While Tim has been trained to withstand many things, it's been awhile since he's faced pepper spray. It takes several beats for him to shake off the effects of the spray, beats that are, thankfully given because of a certain Gar Logan opting to take out Bob. Bob falls pretty easily underneath the assault. In moments he's unconscious.

Meanwhile, as Gino watches all of the changes underneath Vorpal's touch, and his mouth continue to emit disbelief, the sword is dropped with a clang, and his arms are extended into the air.

Attention may go to where the last thug was: George has disappeared. Almost like steam in the ether. Maybe he grabbed a clue and figured this wasn't worth it?

Daredevil is careful not to get too close to Robin and the pepper spray, since he is more susceptible to it than most. He gives the young man a nod, as he does to the others, before he looks back to the young hero. "Milk will cut the pain. Dish detergent will get it out, but it's going to sting. Good to see you again, kid. This time in your city instead of mine." From there, Daredevil disappears into the shadows of the alleyway, eager to get back on his hunt for Los Flitros.

"… and that's a RAP," Gar says, having popped up behind Bob as a bit of a gorilla and wrapped a long arm around him in a sleeper hold. He glances back to where the last thug was.

"Wait, I wanted to grab that guy and hug him and punch him and call him George and he got away."

He tilts his head as the red-clad man prescribes milk and cookies? No wait dishwasher liquid … vanishes into the night. "Who WAS that Masked Man?"

"It was me, silly." Vorpal says, suddenly the illusion dropping away and revealing the Cheshire cat in all of his (in)glory(ous) self. He moves quickly, though, and produces handcuffs for Gino.

"Try to run away and they'll talk about you around campfires at night," the cheshire says casually, his eyes glowing red for one second- long enough.

"I know you're too busy having your eyes melting. But…" he looks at Red Robin and then calls over his shoulder "Gar, don't you think he looks familiar? I think I've seen this guy somewhere before…" the cat says, approaching R2 with a grin that he can't see. "-it stings like hell, don't it?"

Robin blinks hard and then smirks at the advice. "Thanks, I think." His smile extends as he looks towards his Titan friends, "I think I need a place to stay." Since his recent return to Gotham, he's been making do with the Auxillary Batcave. Welcome in the house or not, Tim is attempting to maintain his newfound independence, "Do I still have a room? And if so.. can we go there? Like now-ish? For milk. For my eyes. And dish soap," Tim points towards his eyes, "…for my eyes."

"Yeaaaaaah… I know it's been awhile," mostly because he disappeared without talking to most folks about it. Presumably Batman knew, but most others seem to have been left in the dark. "Can we discuss that after the eyes? That would be great…" His cheeks flush. "Just getting back to that place that I may potentially still have a room. Gosh, even some carpet. That would be fine. I could make that work… Please."

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