Speaking Ukranian

May 04, 2016:

Tracking Lysenko, Bobby and Brin enlist the help of fellow X-Red member, Wanda … and discover some interesting information

New York


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Tracking down Lysenko was a bit of a chore as it turned out. The place where he had met Cathar's mystery men was empty when they arrived, or at least empty of people and any 'wares' of interest. What it had not been empty of was trash. There hadn't been much of it but a dropped reciept for a convenience store had led to a break that had eventually allowed X-Red to connect Lysenko to the so called 'Odessa Mafia'. Interestingly enough, while the man was definitely sighted regularly in their company there's no evidence of his membership per se nor that he had specifically commissioned criminal acts.

Which makes 'why is he hanging around with them' a very good question, right under 'who is he communicating with that has such an interest in apparently illegal cybernetic operations.'

For answers to these questions, they need the man. And the man, tonight, is at an illegal street racing circuit that plays merry hell in Empire City but 'tours' to prevent too much heat from the police.

Tonight they've come to visit New York. Queens, actually. It's the dead of night. Far too late for so many high powered cars to be gathered in the empty Wal Mart parking lot that just happens to be off a major and quite wide street. There's, oh, fifteen or so drivers and probably about forty five people all told. Bobby is looking them over as he approaches from about a block away in 'civillian' clothes. "Step one, find the guy. Step two… see if we can get him away from the group. I really, really hate to say it like this but based on what I've read, you two have the best chance of making him… come somewhere with less people."

Wanda quirks a brow at Bobby's words. "You mean seduce him?" The witch is dressed in black boots, short black skirt and a red hoodie - she just can't get away from red. The hood is pulled up in case she gets recognized after her recent high rotation on the news. At least no one has thrown a bottle at her yet. She looks over at the assembled crowds and cars and screws up her nose. "Smells like petrol" she pouts. "Can I see Lyseko's picture again?"

Brin sighs. She'd read the same reports Bobby had and had … dressed appropriately. Figure hugging jeans, fitted shirt that … well yeah, she's not going to think about how it doesn't button all the way up. Instead of her regular boots, she's in heeled ones … and boy, is the reserved brunette, uncomfortable.

"So I read, Bobby." she murmurs and blushes a little as Wanda is so direct. "Wanda and I can go talk to him." She's seen the photo … and scans the crowd, her height not making it easy to spot anyone.

"Not seduce per se just… get him away from the group so we can ask some pointed questions…" Fact is that the guy won't give the ice nerd the time of day. Brin and Wanda on the other hand, he might. Does that make him a cad? Yes. He's also probably a criminal involved with the Reavers so being a cad is a bit low on his list of probably sins.

Bobby shows the eight by eleven photo again. The guy's a… looker. In a… vaguely sinisiter kind of way. Strong jaw. Subtle. Favors the short, short hair, definitely. At least he's not tatted up. "He's native Ukranian and I hear he likes to speak it too. I'll… wait over there."

The ice nerd peels off toward one end of the walmart away from the light and cameras and out of sight of the meet. Which is just getting into swing as people go around and look at the competition, both cars and drivers. It won't take Brin and Wanda long to pick out Lysenko. He's near a bright red Ferrari 498, modified if either know anything about cars, and shouting something at a passer by in an eastern european language that certainly could be Ukranian. It's definitely not German or Russian.

"Why would he not like to speak his own language?" Wanda asks curiously before shrugging it away and looking over Brinley. "You have dressed nice tonight. I think he will be more interested in you." A little giggle as they start to make their way through the crowd. "With my luck I think we will find he likes Bobby. Everyone likes Bobby."

A familiar language is heard and Wanda needlessly points Lysenko out to Brinley before yelling Ukrainian back at the figure. Something along the lines of 'Your car looks like an old cart with a broken wheel'. At least she is smiling when she says it but her attempts to look seductive and sensual or not the best; Brinley's would be much better.

Brin doubts that she'll have more luck. The guy might be a looker, but she's still fairly reserved. Still two good looking women, one who actually speaks Lysenko's language? At least she can draw his attention.

Rather than trying to look seductive, Brin goes the other way and looks … shy whilst admiring the car. "Nice set of wheels." she has no idea what Wanda just said.

Lysenko's eyes widen a little as someone insults his… oh well hello there. Brin's shy act is indeed putting her in the background ish at least at the moment. It's Wanda that the man looks up and down. You look like you might know a thing or two about carts. He replies in Ukranian before switching to english. "You like the wheels? You're friend here doesn't seem to think they're very nice." Now the eyes are back on Wanda. So… those boots, that skirt, that top… yes. It all combines for a very nice effect. They've got his attention for sure.

"I am surprised that the wheels stay on when it moves…or when it is towed" Wanda smirks, in English this time. Why is he looking at /her/ like that? She's insulting him! This is obviously going to require some major acting on Wanda's part if she's the one attracting his attention. "Are you going to drive this tonight or is it a…ummm…" The next word is easier to return to Ukrainian for. "…backdrop." Wanda looks him over a moment before glancing to Brinley. "I do not think he has enough horsepower for us." She turns on her heels. "Come on, Tiffany, we go and find a real man." What on earth has she been watching on the internet!

"She might have better taste than me." Brin would laugh at Wanda's performance, she really would, but they need to get him away. Casting those dark eyes up and down the man then back to car, she nods to Wanda "I think he's compensating for something… " she says quietly. "… but he is pretty … are you sure, Reagan?" the brunette casts one last look at the man and turns to follow Wanda away.

"It's hard to find someone who can stay all night." God, she's so bad at this… give her a profit and loss statement any day.

It would be in any other circumstance hilariously laughable that this is working. Bobby would certainly be snickering a little. But… this is working. Maybe he likes the tough girl act. Maybe he 'likes a challenge.' Maybe Brin and Wanda look really good… well no, they do look really good.

Either way, Lysenko starts to follow. "Oh, and where are you going to find a real man mmmm? You stay for the race I be sure to show you what one looks like." And he comes further… and further. Yeah, he's following them alright.

Thank goodness Wanda wasn't looking at their target when Brin started talking about long night and hardness. The look of confusion and shock on her face may have given the game away. Who is this woman? When she does look over her shoulder at Lysenko it is to smirk at his words. "Why not show us now? The race? You want to prove how quick you can finish? That is not real man." Hopefully they can keep leading them to where Bobby waits.

Brin takes a deep breath as they walk slowly, hoping her blush doesn't give her away. And please, don't let Bobby have heard any of this … she'll never live it down.

She does have one more trick up her sleeve, and with a little concentration, she sends a wave of emotion at the man. Implying desire… and attraction, cementing the good work that Wanda is doing.

They're so near to Bobby… aren't they?

Lysenko catches up with Wanda and Brin and puts an arm around each of their shoulders. "Oh I know how to, stay a course…" He assures them.

Could he get any creepier? Fortunately before any of them have a chance to find out they pass into that shadowed, out of sight area and Bobby grabs the man and from behind, shoves him against the wall and ices him to it.

"God what a creep." He mutters. "Nice work though, you two. So Lysenko…"

"Who the fuck you think you dealing with? I know people. I-"

Lysenko cuts off at the ice nerd's hand icing up.

"That's better. Now. We've got some questions for you."

But are they going to ask them or is Wanda just going to dig through his head? Bobby's good either way.

Out of sight of the crowd, scarlet energy starts to form around Wanda's twitching fingers. "I think I need a long bath" she mumbles about the smoothness of Lysenko and what she just had to do to get him here. A deep breath as she places a glowing hand against the side of his head and closes her eyes. There are still so many voices but she is getting better at distinguishing them…most of them. She searches for the one that sounds like Lysenko. The one babbling in Ukrainian. Perhaps the one that is most afraid at this moment.

Brin tenses for a moment as Lysenko touches her, throwing her mental shields more firmly. As an empath, there are times that touch amplifies what she feels and she really doesn't want know what he's feeling.

As Bobby ices the man, the brunette shudders "Ugh…" That's all Brin has to say that matter. Leaning against the wall, a little further apart, she let's Wanda and Bobby and do their thing for the moment.

The voice in Ukranian is going a hundred miles a minute but Wanda can somehow understand it. He's running through names. Places. Trying to figure out who these people are from. Seems he doesn't (shockingly) recognize X-Red. Maybe he never paid attention or cared much. There's two names that stands out above all the others though. One is Joey Valencia. Wanda can see him. Clean cut. Youngish. Business man. Financier. Brin probably knows of him. The other though, is more shadowy. She can see him, in a workshop. The gleam of light hits metal on his arm, on his leg. There's a red glow to one eye. He's building something. Or is it cutting something apart. 'Omnic'. That's the name connected with that face.

And she knows where Lysenko last saw him: In a disused part of the sewer system right here in New York.

And she knows that Lysenko is afraid of him. And that somehow this one and 'Valencia' are connected.

"Wanda?" Bobby says queitly with a quick glance to Brin. "You okay?"

Wanda concentrates, sifting through the noise. She even offers a quick 'Shhh' to Bobby's question as she tilts her head to one side. "Joey Valencia" she finally mutters. "Omnic. I do not think either person is nice. One of them like a machine." A soft sight before whispering urgently to herself. "I /am/ telling them. Omnic is like machine. Like robot. But I know where he is."

Wanda pulls away, blinking a little before dismissing her magic with a flick of a wrist and rubbing at her forehead with the other hand. "I will tell him that you said 'hello'" she informs Lysenko. "He is only soldier" she nods to the man frozen against the wall. "But he will need to stay quiet until we find Omnic." Remembering that she is not in charge she glances between the other two. "If that is what you think best."

Brin straightens at the name, eyeing Wanda. She's seen the woman do this before, it's still a little unnerving.

"Joey Valencia, again. Well that's something… " she mutters "and no, Wanda. It would seem that he isn't." With a glance to Bobby, her eyebrows rise "Omnic? Robot?" she realises she sounds a little silly "Where, Wanda?"

The womans' assessment of Lysenko has Brin sighing. "We can't hold him. Do you want me to call my contacts, Bobby?" Maybe … Wanda can silence him for a bit.

"Yeah, do it." He needs to stay quiet, but their hands need to be relatively clean. "Do whatever you need to do to him so he doesn't warn his friends." That's more of a worry than him calling the cops. Bobby knows he's very unlikely to do that.

"Omnic… yes, you called it right Wanda. If you know where he is we need to get to him." They can go now. Or at least very soon.

Silence? Her fingers twitch and ancient words slip from her lips before scarlet energy covers her hand and then Lysenko's throat. It seems into his flesh and renders him mute…at least for a while. "I know where Omnic is" she nods, "But I do not know for how long."

Brin places that call, orgainsing to have Lysenko picked up, hoping that Wanda's power holds for long enough.

"That's our next stop then." the brunette nods to the Scarlet Witch "we'll put an end to this, as quickly as we can." Offering Wanda a smile "That was really nice work, you did. I'm so glad you decided to join us."

"I am still in X-Red" Wanda replies with a curious look. "Why would I not join my teammates to stop bad guy?" A slight frown as she looks over in the direction of the crowds. "Some people do not like me…again…and want to kill me for being terrorist but…that should not stop me, da?" A pause. "I am still in X-Red?"

"Of course you are." Brin sighs as the Lysenko is rendered mute "Some people are like that … are you going to let them define how you behave?" Seems the brunette is going to try some tough love tactics.

"The only thing we can influence, Wanda, is our behaviour and hope that that display is enough to encourage others to follow suit." the brunette offers another smile "and I'm proud to have you at my side."

"I understand what you say, Brinley, but it is hard to be a good person sometimes. But I will try" Wanda replies before a shy smile at Brinley's pride. That actually gets a hug. "I will keep making you proud. Honest."

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