Keep Your Meal

May 03, 2016:

There's a trip to New Orlean's needed … Clint reaches out to May for help….

New York / New Orleans


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May, I need a favor. And a quick trip to New Orleans. Can we 'walk and talk' on this one? Bring any help you can.

Walk and talk. Been a bit since Barton used that code with May. It means that whatever an operative has found is so urgent that there's no time for a formal briefing and it has to be done enroute to the site. It's not usually an 'all hands on deck' situation, but it's close. It signifies the need to mobilize and get assets moving much more quickly than is usual.

New Orleans… that's going to be a quick flight or a quick… something else. Ronin has no idea what May's got available for transport. He hopes a jet but… you know, they'll see. He's arranged to meet at a private airport near the Hudson that does double duty as an alternate SHIELD landing site and is, at this moment, walking out from the empty and unmanned terminal into the cold evening air in his 'Ronin' outfit and on to the tarmac.

Mari's waiting with Ronin, in her dark brown suit with mustard yellow inset on the front - fox headed pendant at her throat. "You asked Agent May for assistance?" the dark skinned woman looks up at the Archer, as they walk.

"Wonder how she plans to get us there… it's a good lead we have on the trucks."

Off the books travel on a moment's notice. And this time May isn't given the ok to use a quinjet. So, she improvised and called in a favor from a surprisingly well-equipped friend. Just a few moments later than promised, a very nicely maintained long distance capable helicopter arrives and sets down near where Ronin and Vixen are waiting. Leaving the engines running, May disembarks and hurries over to where they are. "How fast are you needing to get there? Because I have access to something a lot faster than this."

At some point during the previous night it occured to Ryden that maybe he should check in with May and find out how she is, since he didn't get to see her yesterday. Also, find out how Jemma is and maybe apologize for trying to scare the poor SHIELD agents. But well, he had been worried about the good Doctor.
Having just finished a workout routine, watching that Aspect fellow had inspired him, the lorekeeper is considering his wardrobe, trying to find something more appropriate for this visit. The rainbow knit legwarmers, neon green tights, pink jogging shorts and turquoise tanktop aren't something to wear out to that office of agents. Yes he'd noticed the looks last night, and dammit, he'd even tried to tone it down then. Damnyou makes a snickering like sound. "Oh hush. I did! It was all solid colors. And even all menswear." Ryden is reaching for a nice, new pair of jeans and eyeing a very dull, very ordinary men's tshirt when life decides otherwise for him, and deposits the lorekeeper in Agent May's vicinity. Damnyou arrives in the same instant, gypsy curse or lorekeeper magic, the goose doesn't care. He goes where his pet human does. And about three seconds after, Ryden's pack follows and drops onto his head. "What the fu-ooh Hi." Ryden smiles brightly. Where the hell is he? And why the hell is he here?
"Oh! May!" Ryden brightens then glances down at himself and blushes. She is one of the few people that his appearance matters around. Dammit! "I was trying to get dressed. I swear! but.. god. I hate gypsies." It takes him a moment to fish a silver cloak out o fhis pack and drape it over himself. At least he doesn't look too outrageous with it covering most of his workout gear. "Well where do you need to go? I can help with that!" Damnyou makes happy goose noises and waddles up to May.

"As fast as we possibly can." Clint says. "We need to get down to the New Orleans harbor ahead of a convoy of trucks. I can explain why but we don't have much of a window. Hours. What we need to do takes time to set up and if we can't beat them pretty handily then it's going to be trouble." Which means of course the trucks will be there in probably less than a day. So time, but in terms of travel from New York to New Orleans? Not much time.

"Uh… who's your friend?"

Mari turns and watches the helicopter put down, raising her hand in greeting as the woman approaches "Agent May, a pleasure to meet you again. Perhaps this time there won't be quite as much runn—-" the words fail as Ryden appears in that outlandish outfit … "Is that a goose?" Mari's normally so much better with words.

May is THIS close to explaining the alternative when Ryden and Damnyou abruptly appear. She simply stares at Ryden while he's putting a SILVER cloak on over his already eyesearing exercise clothes. Do not sigh. Do not sigh. But, this decides something apparently. "I have a much faster option. Give me a few." She considers Damnyou for a moment and the likely-too-close helicopter, then reaches to pick the avian up and put him in Ronin's arms. "Vixen, Ronin. Damnyou and Damnyou's human, Ryden." Then she hurries back to the helicopter and starts to maneuver it over to 'park' closer to one of the vacant hangars.

Ryden watches May move the chopper out of the way with an absent expression. New Orleans? When is the last time he was there? It's been awhile hasn't it? Wait nope. Mardi Gras. THe lorekeeper grins. Yeah, good times. Damnyou looks relieved the chopper is being moved but disconcerted to find himself being held by some guy dressed like one of those dudes his dumb human watches movies about all the time. The small goose cranes its head around and back to eye Ronin and then Mari. "!Qwek!" Yes. He's a goose. A very important goose. Please don't drop him. His wings are still not back to normal.

Clint only notices the goose when Mari calls it out. And he just stares while May moves the helicopter.

Might be she has a reason for taking the time to park, niceties of clearing the airfield aside. She might be waiting for others. Clint Barton, who is currently in his purple and black armored leather getup complete with 'splinter cell' mask, doesn't know who she called. So he's just standing there on the tarmac of this little private airfield as the breeze blows in from the Hudson, staring at a man who must have dressed himself in the dark and a goose who seems to like May.

Which is the really strange part. Likes May. Animals liking May. Maybe she did get magical powers or something. Who knows.

"So… I guess we'll wait until May's don- I'm sorry, do you work with Agent May?" Ryden breaks Clint's brain a little.

Nyx floats above it all in the zone where the air is thin. The Angel of Metropolis was not really expecting to pick up on this ping, but she will respond. But yes for now she just floats staring down at the movements of the helicoptor, long range sensors painting the contents of such, including their goose, with various particles. Why do they even have a goose. Why was she even pinged. She really hopes this will be interesting.

"Blimey, that the goose?"

Clancy approaches in his usual get-up (think: Crocodile Dundee, with a hint of Donk), black shirt, vest, pants and hat, but sans the thylacines. The tattoos on his arms, however, move when Cross recognises Damnyou, causing the Australian to glare at either arm.

"Enough o' that, or yew two can stay where y'are." Looking up again, he peers over at Nyx — he doesn't recognise the Angel of Metropolis — and then Ronin. "Who's Shinobi?" he asks aloud, looking at both May and Ryden before giving McCabe a once-over.

Clancy tips his hat.

"The Goose is named, Damnyou?" Mari's eyebrows rise as she nods at the man in the silver cape "Ryden." Whilst the mage might break Clints brain a little, he's doing dreadful things to Mari's fashion sense. "Did you loose a bet or something?" she just has to ask.

Watching May move the helicopter, she casts a look to Clint. A speaking one - they really don't have much time. And then there's Clancy. "That's Ronin, I'm Mari aka Vixen, and you would be?" She's not noticed Nyx so high in the air.

May certainly does have an ecclectic collection of people… Mari often wonders what Clints drawn her in to.

Once the helicopter is safely parked and the rotors are winding down to a stop, May returns to the others. "Cross. Glad you could make it." Another glances goes to Ryden as she takes the goose back from Ronin and seemingly tucks the avian under one arm with the ease of practice. She did ask Nyx to be here, but if time is as crucial as Barton said, they can't wait for the young woman to show. "Okay." She pulls out her phone. "Give me coordinates." She needs to be able to tell if how close the nearest leyline is. "And I hope no one's eaten a large meal very recently."

"Uhm. Not exactly. I mean, we've worked together before but I'm not with,.." Ryden squints. What if they don't know about SHIELD? "Her agency." The lorekeeper decides that's safe enough. The gooses little black eyes focus on Clancy's tattoos. That could be trouble. He doesn't want eaten. "That's his name yeah. He's my familiar."
"Qwehhhh." Damnyou rolls his eyes. If anything, it's the other way around. I mean look at the man. His clothes alone are an arguement that he shouldn't be allowed out to wander around on his own. "And no I didn't lose a bet. I was excersising dammit. It's good for you." The lorekeeper flushes. Excuuuuse him if he likes a little color in things!
Crystaline eyes turn towards Clancy and blink several times. Hmm. Interesting. "Dude, Sweet hat!" The magi grins. "Wait, can you handle this many people May? For her, it hsouldn't be too hard, ley line travel doesn't really require any personal power most of the time. Usually it's even easy. Usually. For Ryden not so much. He sucks at it. "I can help if you need but.. I can't promise a smooth ride." Fine time that will be if they all arrive in a battle or something, puking their guts out. Ryden pales a little at the thought. Did they eat yet today? He hopes not.

Clancy is… Observant. That is a good word for what Clancy seems to be. Anyhow Nyx tilts her energy wings, brilliant light and dips dropping like a missile down towards where the people are. Ah yes technology and magic and SHIELD. Enough to wet Nyx's interest indeed. She keeps it slow though not wantng to crack a sound barrier and then there is this youth, in a ragged hoodie, the energy wings having burned the back of it right off her, standing by the assembled rag tag group. "Agent May." she notes then to Ryder and Goose "Why is there .. a goose?" no respect.

Clint looks up sharply when Mari does. Woah. And then…

"Wait… I've seen you on the news before. Angel of Met-" The Angel of Metropolis looks like she could be serving fries at McBurgers. Which isn't a bad thing necessarily but he's a bit taken aback. All of her recent footage, granted from a distance, makes her look really, really angelic.

Plus side? She's a known heavy hitter.

And then there's Crocadille Dundee. "You're… okay. Raise your hand if you work with May. May, what kind of outfit are you running?"

Right, okay focus. "Okay. My name is Ronin as a lot of you have heard and right now there's a shipment of sentinel parts on it's way to New Orleans. If it makes the docks it'll go to europe and we'll lose it and God only knows what they'll use it for. I've asked May to get us to the docks ahead of the truck convoy so we can prepare some surprises for it… starting with clearing the ship out. Now we just need May to…" Uh where'd she… here she is.

"Here you go." Barton hands over his phone. It's got google maps and the coordinates pulled right up.

"Stop it, ya blighters." Clancy scolds both tattoos as each thylacine-image has shifted from hungrily staring in Damnyou's direction, to looking straight up at Nyx. "I swear, if I could leave yew buggers home…" The Australian decides to ignore his misbehaving tatts, and give his attention to Vixen.

"I would be… bloody pleased ta meetya," he exclaims with a boyish grin before finishing with: "Oh, and the name's Clancy Cross." To Ryden he remarks:

"Hey, if yew wanna get familiar with a goose, I ain' gonna stand in yer way, mate." Clancy resorts to chuckling after that, but still has enough presence of mind to lift his hand in answer to Ronin's question.

"I'm with W.A.N.D., mate. Jus' tell me I ain' gonna hafta do the hand-raisin' thing if I gotta question — or need a piss. That's gonna get real old, fast."

He smirks.

Since Clancy answered for her, she doesn't feel the need to do so. She spends a few moments studying the map location on the phone before handing the device back to Ronin and spending a moment concentrating. Yes, the gander (Damnyou is male, after all) stays tucked under one arm like most people would carry those annoying little pocket dogs. She gets a feel for the nearest ley line — thankfully only about fifty yards away where the runways give way to grasses — then 'traces' along the ley lines to New Orleans. There's one.. pfeh. Under the harbor. The next closest one is a boggy area maybe a quarter of a mile away. It'll have to do. "Ryden, how good is your teleportation ability?"

"Your … familiar…." Mari shakes her head at Ryden, he's definitely breaking her brain. "And yes, exercise is good for you, but that colour combination is a … killer."

As Nyx descends and Ronin identifies her, Mari gives the young woman a nod and Clancy gets a roll of her eyes as she holds her hand out "Clancy, then." seems she might be used to that type of greeting.

"Haven't eaten, Agent May. Not sure about Ronin, though. Each time I see him, he's eating something… normally something that's bad for him."

Ryden rolls his eyes. The Austrailian guy has no idea. Really. Waking up to face full of goose ass every morning instead of- the things he used to wake up to.. is not his idea of a good time. He's gotten used to it though. "I'm Ryden." The lorekeeper says simply before listening to Ronin's explanation of what they are doing. Huh. Maybe it wasn't the damn gypsy curse that brought him here.
"Well, that's no good. Who exactly is it shipping these sentienal parts and how did they get them? I certainly don't plan to let them keep the damned things." The lorekeeper's youthful features and mild expression change and for a moment he seems older and tired. The kind of tired you see on someone that's seen far more terrible things in their time than they can stand.
The goose makes a comforting sound and Ryden shakes the mood off, an easy smile returning to his face. "We'll manage, I'm sure of it. The magi seems completely fine with May being the one holding his familiar, just as the goose is very happy to be held by the SHIELD agent. She's one of his three favorite people after all.
"Um. Well. I can do it." He opens the bottomless pit he calls a pack and fishes out a bottle of antinaseua medication. "You might want some of this though." Wearing total of elven different colors, (not including the pack) and not a one of which goes with the other Ryden just sighs. His style is his own!

Most definitely is in W.A.N.D's files ..Also S.H.I.E.L.D and various other groups at this point.. Nyx is. Despite her teenage fry cook appearances, which is really a deep failing of anyone ever trying to get her a real superhero uniform and raise her out of hoodie level poverty…. The Angel mystique is just that, the energy wings are definitely not angelic or magic. Some sort of particle Energy. She also has a thick classified file that some are privy to about aliens and nanites and horrible shite. Anyhow right now she is just stares at the Goose.

Finally Nyx just nods "Nyx works fine…" to Ronin and she looks to the others "We would like to get some samples of this Sentinel technology." and with that Ronin's phone beeps, like he just used one of those Bump-It data transfer apps, damnit. "Any restrictions you would request of us Agent, and are we going into this hot?" that is of course to May. Then she blinks "We are teleporting somewhere…?"

"Uh, don't hollow out the ship?" Ronin suggests helpfully. "We're going to set a trap. If you can hang around to help us spring it, great. If not uh…" He'll ask May to get her a sentinel arm or something? Ronin doens't know what Nyx wants to do with it but if May called her she must trust the girl. All he cares about is that they stay out of Purifier and terrorist hands. Whatever else happens to him is not his concern. "We'll make sure you get some."

The other two in this party that aren't Nyx or May get a curious look. The Australian is talking to his… tattoos. "Uh, no, no raising hands. I'm not in the Division anymore after all. Not real.. formal. Just kind of surprised that…" Okay he's shocked the kind of company May is keeping. She's so by the book. "Goose a- I don't want to know."

May gets a glance. "Teleporting? We're teleporting there?" Did she get teleport tech or…

Wait… this is gonna be weird. Isn't it.

The Aussie bounty hunter lifts a hand, despite being told he doesn't need to.

"I… just 'ad me a hotdog with th'lot. That gonna be a problem? I's gonna eat earlier but Grasper fancied me burger while me back was turned. Bastard."

He pauses to clear his throat, and glance around him — possibly to see if people think he is serious or joking. "What're the rules on collecting souvenirs? Do they hafta be dead first? Awroight, awroight — I'll shut up before ya beam me one. Just lemme stick the ol' head between m'knees ta kiss me arse goodbye first."

Oddly enough he does not exactly do that — but he does shut up for a while.

Melinda May considers Ryden for a moment, then decides against asking him to help. She can pull one person along easily enough, so that's the order of the day. "Everyone, with me." She leads them all the fifty or so yards out until they're all standing in the grassy area between runways. "I'll pull you one person at a time. Ronin, you're first." She puts a hand on the darkly clad man's arm and they disappear from the airstrip…

…and appear in a boggy area on the edge of New Orleans. She figures he's going to be queasy, so she sets Damnyou down. "Keep an eye on him. I'll be right back."

Returning to the airstrip is a matter of a few seconds, and she repeats this process for each person in turn until they're all in the boggy area, even if she ends up with a steadily increasing headache from the strain of the repeated trips with passengers.

"You know, Clancy. I think I've understood one in five words you've said." Mari murmurs, peering at the drover like the intent stare will help her translate him better.

As May takes Clint and disappears, the dark skinned woman, raises an eyebrow … "Oh …" she's seen some strange things in her time but that might just take the cake. If only she knew.

Finally appearing in the boggy area, the animal spirit channeler looks decidely ill. Finding a tree or a rock to rest against, she swallows … trying to keep the meal she'd had several hours ago, down.

Damnyou sits, staring crosseyed at the closet tree stump. He hadn't eaten, luckily. Pickles on pizza is just gross. Speaking of gross, the little black and white goose turns his head to watch Ryden, pale and shaking, gobble down an entire handful of the antinaseua meds. Yeah, it's a good thing May decided against having his pet human help. This kind of travel is really not the lorekeeper's specialty.
Ryden drops the bottle back into his pack and pulls out another and a bottle of water to hold out to May. Extra Strength Excedrin, not you know, his usual, and water. "Here. Sorry. I'll have to see if I can find something to be a help next time." Though travel devices without knowing a destination before hand are.. tricky to make. They are here now though at least and Ryden is ready to help. "Anyone else want some water or.. something?" Anyone looking into Ryden's travel pack will see a seemingly bottomless black hole inside and nothing else. Ryden's arm simply disappears when he reaches inside.

The fry cook of an Angel tucks her energy wings in close. After that teleport, her wings though are sparking and glowing with energy. Like …. somehow running through a Leyline like that.. Teleporting through pure magic… Has made them overoad with magical energies. Well… she does have a W.A.N.D. file for a reason right.

Once they are in the bog, Nyx spreads her angel wings and hovers up off the bog …. turf… just floating with the faint glow of particle beams .. sort of like a lightsaber really. "I will take it that we are going in hot then…" she wasn't scolded otherwise. It does simplify things for Nyx about.. restraint.

Clint is now very glad that he didn't eat recently because when the rest of them arrive he's just replacing his mask. No points for guessing what he had to take it off for. "Ugh. Oh. Ow. May when the hell did you graduate from Hogwarts?" Seriously, is this what happened to May when he left? He's not sure if he should have stayed or left a long time ago.

"Okay… ugh. Pick yourself up everyone. This way." He 'walks and talk' or rather runs and talks. They're not that far for the fit and he can lay out the entire plan as they're moving.

It's a simple plan really and they are going in hot. The docks are guarded by about thirty criminals and mercenaries, all of them heavily armed. There's another ten or so on the ship that they're going to raid. Step one and the part of this plan that they're doing right now is to clear all them out so that they can set some traps.

Since everyone knows what to do when they arrive Clint doesn't bother with the setup. Ronin simply launches an explosive arrow at the gate to announce their arrival and arrows the first two guards that come running.

"Go! Go!"

Having emerged from the teleport looking more than a little green, Clancy says very little to anyone on the other side — but gives Vixen a wan smirk. Upon hearing Ronin's 'call to arms', the bounty hunter from Oz breaks into a run.

As the distance between himself and the exploding gate closes, Cross takes a leap, clearing the gate (or what remains of it) fully although he moves with the grace of a drunken kangaroo.

"Heel!" he calls out just as he rolls to his feet on the other side, and both thylacines practically dive out of his tattoos, taking on the forms of two, large striped wolves. The wolves instantly take up attack-positions on either side of their keeper — which is a good thing, as Clancy punches down one guard…

And then throws up on him.

Melinda May accepts the excedrin from Ryden and quickly tosses it back before Ronin has them all racing to their target location. And if Damnyou doesn't fly himself there she'll scoop him up again. He's a frigging bird, for cripes' sake, why isn't he FLYING? Too late to question Ryden, though, as they do go straight into the fighting. With Damnyou under one arm, she follows the others, judiciously shooting at various gangsters with an ICER pistol. Because.

Mari returns the smirk that Clancy throws her and smirks a little at Ronin. "Glad you didn't eat, earlier?" she prods at the man.

Taking off at a run next at the Archers side, her pendant glows and her body is outlined in the figure of a glowing panther.

Up and over the ruined, she's on the next guard in a trice, one hand raking the man and scouring deep as the other drops on his neck, knocking him out.

She doesn't stop …

Ryden frowns at Ronin. He loves Harry Potter. He's also very fond of May. So to him, that seems like a compliment but.. he'd like to thump the guy only he's pretty sure May can do it better. Besides they have real problems now. So Ryden runs along easily, his long legs able to keep the pace and listens to the plan.
Generally the lorekeeper is a nice guy. He isn't out to hurt people and doesn't often kill, there are however exceptions to those things. He has a long standing no tolerance policy for what he considers assholes. They get no mercy, and people preying on mutants, Ryden has seen more than enough of that since his return. He's a little pissed off and doesn't have to worry about innocent bystanders. This is gonna get interesting.
"Hogwarts huh. Sure." Ryden pulls a copy of one those books from his pack. The fourth one. Cause dragons. The pages fly open of their own will to the one the lorekeeper wants and he holds a hand over the page, turning to face a large enough, empty area and summoning his power. Sky blue eyes flash with power and a very large, very very pissed off looking hungarian horntail appears in the empty space. The only tricky part here is going to be make sure it doesn't eat any of his companions, but it's Ryden's summon. He'll control it until his power drains to much and it fades or he dismisses the creature and since he's summoned this one several times by now, it's a lot easier than it might otherwise be. He'll be able to hold the spell for longer than normal. The dragon flies up and towards the mercenaries, roaring and breathing flames.
It's only then Ryden's eyes flick towards his companions. Whoa! That guy shoulda took the meds. The lorekeeper snickers. He has no pity for that guard, not at all. "Holy shit! that woman just turned into a fucking panther! Did you see-" Belatedly he notices Damnyou isn't at his side. Oh crap. He lost his goose. Again. Man.. oh wait. May's got him. Still not flying. Ryden winces. Well at least he should be safe enough with May.

Clint fires another arrow at a man running out onto the deck of the ship. He jerks and falls back and out of sight. Another one replaces him, trying to get to a rail mounted machinegun that was concealed on the deck. He meets the same fate as the last one.

The rest of the crew of the ship are running down the ramp to help their comrades. The cargo yard is chaos now, May having ICERed several guards, Mari and Clancy having dealt with others. Extinct spirit animals are running riot and dragons…

Well, Ronin just has to stop and stare.

Oh. This is why May has those people.

Bullets spray everywhere, forcing the archer to duck to cover. Wave two, though smaller, the crew of the criminal ship joins the fight, shooting at anyone in sight as they try to close and take out the intruders.

It takes Clancy a moment to get himself under control, but a few licks from Grasper — the red thylacine — seem to work on nausea as well as injuries. The guard he punched won't be getting up anytime soon either.

"Keeper," he tells the golden Tasmanian wolf. "Shadow the — panther-chick. Go, guard." Reaching for his silver boomerang and stockwhip, the man clambers to his feet and gives a quick scout of the area.

As Keeper leaps upon a guard chasing after Vixen, Clancy aims his boomerang at a couple of others shooting in Ronin's direction — and throws. "Grasper!" he barks at the red spirit-animal. Then he spots a guard with a sniper rifle and grins.



The rust-red beast gives a happy bark and and makes a bee-line for his intended target, while Clancy ducks behind cover to avoid getting shot.

Melinda May ducks behind a convenient storage container as answering gunsfire starts up. Which, of course, is hell on her growing migraine. She sets Damnyou down, waits for a lull (when the gunmen are reloading, and quickly fires off a few more ICER rounds before having to duck back behind the cover. Maybe she should stay here for a bit. Sounds like the others are doing quite well, including Ryden's conjured dragon.

From where he's crouched behind a pile of crates for cover, Ryden peeks out and watches the dragon swoop down and set some mercenaries on fire, then their ship, in several places. It grabs a fellow with a gun, flies straight up, drops the man and then swoops down and bites him in half. The legs fall down atop his remaining companions. It's gotta be scary enough seeing a real live fire breathing dragon, when said dragon starts eating your friends and dropping their left overs on your head.. Ryden grins darkly. These guys are so not a problem now. That ship isn't going to be going far either.
The lorekeeper is sweating and despite the grin there's a look of intense concentration on his face and perhaps a little pain. Using his power comes with a pretty heavy price and he'll paying it very soon but at the moment, he's having fun. It's been a year or so but the memory of carrying the bodies of those mutant children out of that burned building is still fresh in Ryden's mind. He knows what Sentinel's are. Even if these thugs are just hired transport or guards, well, they should have been more careful what job they took. He's certainly not going to lose any sleep over the bastards.

Mari hears the sound of the man dropping behind her but doesn't slow. With the speed and grace of a panther, she runs up the side of the shipping container and drops on the next guard, fingers shaped as claws, raking deeply again.

That leaves her open for the next guard to take aim and fire … and she ducks as Keeper sails over her, biting down on the mans throat.

There's not much that regular mercenaries no matter how well armed can do against this kind of ambush. Behold the power of WAND. The guards are down in fairly short order and Clint helps to move them out of the way. The ones that are still alive will be held. The ones that aren't… well…

Ryden's dragons might get hungry right?

"Okay, good job. We can't rest just yet. The convoy is going to be here expecting to unload and get this ship underway in about, uh… eighteen hours. I want this place to be the world's most horrifying ambush. Now… some of you may have to leave, which is fine and I appreciate the help. Anyone who can stay though…"

Ronin grins. It can't be seen underneath his mask but Mari at least can hear it. "Let's make some surprises for some bad people…"

Ryden dismisses the dragon, sighing in relief and disappointment as it fades away. The lorekeeper makes his to where May and Damnyou are resting, smiling at the ringraised protective stance the goose has taken in front of the Agent. He's got something more to help her headache and is already thinking off all the traps and surprises he can summon to have ready when the next group arrives. This.. is going to be fun.

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