Midnight On The Beach

May 01, 2016:

A call is placed to the JL:A requesting a meeting … with The Blue, on the beach, at midnight.

New York


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As one of the few publically recognized and sanctioned hero groups - one with ties to the UN and no few luminaries and highly placed members among them - the JL:A hears things. One of the more interesting things of late has been the rumors of 'Atlantean' diplomats visiting some surfacer governments and feeling them out, including the US government. This is strange for two reasons: First Atlantis - actual Atlantis - is known to be tepid to hostile so far as it's government's relations and popular conception of the surface and it's inhabitants go. Two, no diplomats have approached Themyscria which considering the existing relationship between Themyscria's ambassador to the world and the monarch of Atlantis is damned odd indeed.

Of course it's possible that the people doing the approaching aren't Atlanteans. Atlantis isn't the only underwater state out there. But how would surfacers know the difference?

Whatever the case the people who help man the phones at the Halls of Justice just called in. Someone placed an odd call to them asking to meet members of the JL:A, including Supergirl and Wonder Woman if available. A magic expert wouldn't go amiss either. Strange thing? They want to meet on the beach at the edge of the Upper East Side of Manhattan and they call themselves 'Blue'.

Indeed waiting on that beach is a small group of what look to be very fit men and women wearing not a whole hell of a lot.

Oh, and a dragon. Just… hanging out. On the beach. In the middle of the night.

Rain is one of the quieter, more reticent members of the JLA. Some might not even know she exists and that's just fine. She remembers the blue fellow. Maybe. There's a lot of blurring when it comes to underwater things. After all, Rain meets a LOT of types of beings. It's a hazard of being a magic user. Rain is riding over on a broomstick, with Captain riding on the back. He has his goggles on and a tan trenchcoat. Tallyho!

Ulani had previously met with Wonder Woman - many, many, many months ago. Long before The Lord Of The Deep became a problem.

The Blue Female, with the bearing of a soldier, is standing 'at ease' next to the dragon. She's sporting a few more scars than when Diana had first met her, but her dress is essentially the same - not … a …. lot.

As Rain appears in the distance, she nods "I believe the first of our guests are arriving."

After the encounter with the gigantic flying manta monsters a few days ago, Supergirl was execting an invitation to meet from Ulani or one of the other underwater ambassadors. So, when it arrives, Kara makes sure that she squares some time away from her classes to attend the meeting. Flying through the skies of New York City, she approaches the beach where the meeting is to take place, easily spotting the party.

Diana had been…busy. Between the threat of the Lord of the Deep and the needs of the Amazon island she'd almost seemed missing for about a week. Unfortunately, even if she weren't a known heroine and member of the JLA a diplomat like Diana Prince can't disappear for all that long. She was back and she was here to help. Once more in full-costume, her lasso on her hip but sword and shield lacking this time, the Amazon princess zooms through the air behind Supergirl, coming down to the beach. "The more I hear," she comments to the Kryptonian, "the more I am concerned. Be on your guard."

The great dragon raises its head and lifts itself up. As it does he seems to shrink down, his form warping until he's a man dressed in… well like the others, not a whole hell of a lot. Coral armor. A bracer over his left arm. Some of the others have batons at their, er, belts, and similar decorative pieces of things that may or may not be jewlery.

At the approach of the surfacers the dragon-turned-man looks to Ulani and then gives a silent nod and calls out.

"Greetings, surfacers. We are the Blue. We mean you no harm. Come speak with us if you would. There's a few things we would discuss and not much time."

Didn't he almost shapeshift in her living room once? That could've ended poorly. Nevertheless, Rain feels a bit- well, small. There's Diana and Kara and A FREAKING DRAGON (OOOOH YEAH- thankfully no one has modded him to sound like Macho Man Randy Savage) And Miss Ulani. Nevertheless, she smiles politely, waving. "Hello! I hope I wasn't late," She looks around. "I would be glad to talk to you." Though, she seems quietly attentive and alert. She looks to the two other JLA, hesitating. Rain is desperately introverted, and looks like she might just grab a math book, hiss and skitter under the fridge. Happily, Captain intervenes and batbats his human. "ONWARD, MEAT STEED."

His voice is rich, baritone. "Hey, I'm going, I'm going." Rain will land and join the others.

Kara nods to Diana as they fly together. "I trust the Blue and the Atlanteans. But yeah…all the creatures that the Lord of the Deep is throwing out at us is pretty worying. They're tough enough to give me a challenge, and there seems to be no end of what can attack us." Soon enough, they arrive at the meeting location and Kara lands gracefully. "Greetings Ambassador Ulani. Rowan. I'm glad that you're both looking well after the last fight." Turning to Rain, Kara smies and waves to the mage. "Hi, Rain. Good to see you again. How're you doing?"

Ulani glances to the dragon and takes a deep breath before stepping forward. "Greetings. Thank you for responding, it is good to meet you all again. this" she gestures to the Dragon "is Rowan, my lieutenant and these are Kaipo and Momi, other representatives from our Government."

Looking at Supergirl, Ulani offers a faint smile, softening the stern visage for a moment. "Our thanks for your quick thinking the other day. That would have been disastrous for The Surface and is part of the reason for our request to meet. We wish to work with Surfacers to protect other cities from such attacks."

Diana gets a look now "We spoke many months ago and our nation was not keen to become known to the Surface. In recent times, we have changed that position and have revealed ourselves and now seek to represent ourselves." she pauses, glancing back once more to Rowan before continuing "There are obstacles however, in doing so. The least of which is the attack Atlantis launched against the land not so long ago."

Turning to Rain, the Blue Envoy considers "We believe The Lord is employing old magics to mutate his minions and our people are stretched as it is. We would appreciate some … assistance."

Rain smiles. "We are well… enough. Busy, how are you two?" She asks. Captain wiggles a bit in greeting, too. "Heeeeey," He greets. Cats(TM). Rain and Cptain look to Ulani. "Pleased to see you both and meet you," She bows. Just good to be polite in case. Though, she's pretty sure she has met them both. "Old magics," She frowns. "I would be glad to lend a hand, though - I am not the most powerful magic user around," She confesses.

"It is an honor to be met by you," Diana nods, bowing her head to the ambassador before nodding to the dragon. Creatures of mythology standing before her are nothing new to the woman after all, so the dragon barely gets a greeting any different to what a normal human would regardless of what form he takes. Nodding her head she exhales. "There will always be animosity for that first attack. Mankind is scared of what they don't understand and moreso when it has bit them once. But to open arms in friendship is the first step to building peace and trust."

"First step will probably be to prevent the Lord of the Deep from dragging the surface nations into the war. Luminaries such as you two aside…" The now human looking dragon thing indicates Supergirl and Wonder Woman. "… most surfacers won't be able to do much but get in the way. Their insistance on doing so would create bad feelings though and increased friction. I know your 'Justice League' is among the premier champions of the surface. It would ease things considerably to know that you could secure the world's cities against future attack. Ulani and I happened to be near when the first one went off but I am sure there will be more, possibly many more, and they'll be directed I imagine against every major coastal power the Lord of the Deep can reach."

Supergirl gives Ulani a bow in recognition of the compliment. "We all did our part in that fight. Beast Boy and Vorpal are as much to thank for the victory as I was." Kara believes in credit where cretit is due. "I stand ready to help, as always. I have certain obligations in my civilian identity, but I will always make time to aid in protecting the inocents that are threatened by the Lord of the Deep."

"What you say is very true, Princess Diana." Seems Ulani's been doing some research. "We have a number of concerns in being recognised by the Surface, although the Atlatean attack is perhaps the most telling. We've had discussions already with your Secretary of State…." the exhalation she gives is more like a sigh "Not only do they have trouble understanding the difference between The Blue, other underwater nations and Altantis, they are concerned about the disposition of the Seas that we occupy."

That shouldn't be a surprise to any present. The Surface have treated International waters as a 'free for all' for … forever. To have a Nation appear that may claim dominion over them - is very concerning.

"I'm glad to hear that you are Supergirl. Do you think that others will rally if you and others call?"

"'Man's world' had enough trouble adjusting to my home when none of them had ever tried to lay claim to it. The oceans are something they have travelled for most of their history completely unaware. They do not always cope with change well, but that is why were are here to help and to guide them." Wonder Woman looks sidelong at Kara, tilting her head to the side as she awaits the Kryptonian teen's answer.

Rowan nods satisfied at least that the surfacers will try. That's all they can ask of them at this point. Try. Protecting themselves is a good thing at least.

"That'll be the second part of it. We'll be looking for diplomatic recognition but that will have to wait until after the war is over. We would like to establish a formal point of contact both with Themscriya and the Justice Leage."

The dragon-blue glances to Ulani. "Contact with Themyscria would, I think, go through you, yes Wonder Woman? And after all her peaceful contact with our people I can't think of a better liason for our people than Supergirl. We can assign some people so that we can be easily reached."

"I would like to think so," Kara replies to Ulani's question. "But I do not wish to speak for others or commit anyone to this cause. Of course, I will try to get as many heroes to fight this thing that threatens us all. I've been doing that since I first became aware of the threat. But ultimately, all I can do is commit myself to the fight. If others follow me to the fight, that's their choice. I'm sure my cousin could be more encouraging, and more inspirational, but I'll do what I can."

"That is good, Supergirl and I wouldn't ask more than that. But please, spread the word, both of you, through the Champions of the Surface. Denying The Lord even a foothold is a good thing."

"I believe that the Princess is the Themyscrian ambassador, Dragon Blue, and if my research is correct, she holds a seat on the United Nations. Which is something that I would like to understand better in the future, for the benefit of our people."

Momi steps forward at the moment, offering an incline of her head towards to the other three "We have been working on our communication technology and would like to present these…" in her hand are three communicators "… communication devices designed to work through the depths of the seas. You will be able to contact Rowan or Ulani, should you need to."

Rowan glances as the communicators are handed out. It took a lot of convincing to get Blue Command to let them, knowing that someone might possibly try to take them apart and see what made them tick. It's a risk but in this particular case not a huge one.

"We'll be in touch as best we can and it is our hope that the surface won't experience much more… but it's best to prepare for the worst. Thank you for coming to meet us and thank you again for your help the other day Supergirl. I hope to see you again soon under better circumstances."

With that, and a bow, Rowan turns and heads back toward the waves. His part, at least, in this is finished.

"Thank you again, for agreeing to meet with us." Ulani nods to the group gathered. "But we must go. We are needed elsewhere and quickly. Should you need anything …"

Turning on her heel, gathering the others with a look, she heads back to the water herself.

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