Rescue One: Angel One

February 28, 2015:

Rescue One to the rescue… with help from an intrepid band of heroes… before the SRD Sonic bomb the area!

New York


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"Air Traffic Control this is Rescue One. Inbound to 10th and 52nd bearing Zero-Niner-Zero, descending to Angels One. Request the littoral airspace be cleared. Over.

The sleek helicopter in white and orange with the words 'Rescue One' on it streaks toward the hot zone. Not fifteen minutes ago a team of hitherto unknown individuals had ended an hour long police chase with a standoff that has just started to turn hot. The SRD response has been stymied and there are a lot of hurt cops and trapped civilians in an area rife with flying debris and energy weapons fire. NYFD can't risk a response, which is why the City has activated it's newly signed contract with Rescue Inc.

Rescue itself is still using conventional helicopters. While they have a joint venture with Stark Industries, such things take time and they're still in the 'legal sorting things out for a lincened release of technology' phase. It takes a lot of paperwork and formalities. It's not like just anyone can be allowed to have this stuff.

None of this is on Nicholas Gleason's mind as he suits up his harness. "Pickup zone will be on the other side of the police cordon unless there's help. I'll be going in near that overturned police cruiser and start the sweep there." He takes a deep breath as the aircraft lowers. Fastroping. Yay. Then he's pushing off, sliding down the rope in a second of sheer adrenaline fueled terror as energy rifle fire arcs up toward the chopper, which veers off the moment he's boots-on-ground.

"This is Wolf Cub." He says into his police band radio. "I'm in."


Simon Williams has been at loose ends for a few days — he's waiting for the other flipper to drop, and until it does, he is in Limbo, figuratively, not literally. He gave what report he was able to give to Fury and Hill in writing - neither had time to see him in person, which totally makes sense, so he's now at loose ends. Someone suggested he make himself useful and meet up with the civilian rescue agencies. Well, the one that came up first when he searched was the brand-new Rescue Inc. — so he dropped in and they told him where to go.

In a good way, that is. Here. Now. Handling this kind of crisis.

He's spent a few months under the ocean. This is all very chaotic and noisy and violent. Kind of like the incursion zone on the east side of Thyresca where the things that man was not meant to know liked to come for picnics. But this isn't aliens from other horrible, unspeakably vile neighborhoods in bad dimensions, this is people doing this to people. So he's already in kind of a bad mood. He makes his way to a vantage point, reasonably unseen by use of speed and flight, and speaks into a transciever.

"Wonder Man in place." He has an angle view and he can start looking for trapped people. Like the one under that car… or is that one just hiding?


Kitty Pryde isn't a member of Rescue Inc. Nor is she an employee of Stark Industries. Sometimes a little bird just tells her that there may be people who need help. And sometimes that little bird looks like a little purple dragon. If she's going to keep doing things like this, maybe she should talk to someone about getting her official X-card. If they have X-cards.

"Y'know, Lockheed, if you're going to lead me to trouble I'm going to nickname you Lassie. It even begins with an L." The curly-haired brunette keeps herself phased as she moves quickly through the police cordon. Though she doesn't have her black and yellow suit on her, it's not like that is what will keep her from getting shot. She's done enough Danger Room missions in civilian clothes that it's practically second nature to her. The only thing she's missing right now is her katana. But, as far as she's concerned she's just here to pull people out of harms way.

Ignoring the helicopter other than the quick glance upward, her own target is the same as the others: the flipped over police car. Getting people out of there will be a lot easier if she can phase them through the wreckage.


Zee gets around the Tri Cities. Today she's in New York, enjoying the sights and doing a touch of shopping, she really can't help it (the shopping that is). Exiting one of the shops on her journey, her attention is drawn to the commotion and she sees the figure repelling from the helicopter. "Interesting…" The young magician murmurs to herself… Looks like something she may be able to help with… or not.

~~ tropeleT eM oT ehT rellepeR ~~

With a soft 'pop' sound, Zee appears beside Wolf Cub, canting her head in recognition "Hello there…" and then surveys the scene, shopping bags hanging from her hands.

With a flourish, the bags disappear and the raven haired woman speaks again

~~ gnikroW sehtolC ~~

The cute little outfit she's worn to go shopping changes to her stage costume: Unitard, Swallow Coat, Fishnet Stockings, Thigh High Boots and the diamond encrusted collar at her throat. "Let's get to work… "


Pepper Potts isn't in any place where she can complain or even help. The car she's in is just one of a VERY expansive traffic jam caused by the chaos up ahead. "Any ideas, Dmitri?" So much for the possibility of getting out of work on time.


Nicholas, Aka Wolf Cub is… well he's a werewolf. Kind of. He can't turn it off so he goes through life as a tall, brown fured, dog snouted man-beast. With claws. It makes him real 'popular' at the supermarket. The superior strength, speed and endurance are perks but often it's kind of a hassle. Today though? It's the reason he's here. Nicholas blinks as he slides to cover near the downed police cruiser and rips the door off partly to get inside and partly because he's going to use it in a moment. No one inside, which is good, but blood trail which is not.

Then Zee appears. "ACK! Er… hey there. Look if you're here to help either cover me or help get these people out." He looks up at the energy fire still arcing across the field as he hefts the car door as a shield. It'll do for now but he ought to look into something a bit more purpose built. "Wonder Man, we've got shooters in the building on my left, SRD on the rooftops to my right and civilians and downed cops inbetween. I'm going for two cops across the street. We've got some help here so keep an eye out." And with that he's up and running. Nick's fast when he wants to be. Energy blasts ping off his 'shield' before he makes it to cover again near the downed officers. "Hi." There werewolf says as he breaks out his medical bag.


And just when Kitty thought she was only helping out the NYPD, Wolf Cub rips off a door of the police cruiser she was approaching. Someone she recognizes. She gives the police car a once over herself before following behind Nicholas much in the same way Lockheed is following her at a low clip, close to the ground. She pays little mind to the energy blasts, though she does a cursory weave to ensure that she isn't hit by them. "Oh! Hey there NWyou!" Names can be a strange thing when running into someone you sort of know in a middle of something like this.

Kitty reaches the other officers a little slower than Nicholas, but she crouches down nearby. "You might not remember me, but I, uh," she glances over at the officers, not wanting to say too much in front of them. She's not sure the etiquette here. Realizing there may not be much else she can say, she just glances at the bag and the others. "Anyway. If you set up a perimeter here, I can start ferrying people to you here." With a curious look at Zatanna and her change in clothes - that would be a handy trick - she grins. Just another day in New York.


Shooters in the buildings. Right. That's the current unacceptable situation?

"S-SWAT needed?" Simon begins looking into the buildings, shifting his vision around until he finds a frequency set that lets the energy weapons stand out like bright glowing things, and the walls become like glass… it's not easy to hold this view though. He fires off three eye-blasts, BAM, WHAM, WHAP! at the most frequent-firers, moving towards a place where there weren't as many civilians in line. If he can distract their attention, then maybe they'll not see the others helping to get people out of the way. Another dirty look, WHAP! at a fourth shooter. No, they're not Scott Summers style eyeblasts. Simon's dirty looks will fry electronics if they hit, and have been known to heat up metal.


Rachel hadn't intended to be out helping anyone tonight, she had in fact just come from having dinner with her brother Nate not too far away from the area. Her clothing quickly turns into a dark colored X-Men Uniform thanks to her talent for altering matter.

A distinctive phoenix shaped mark appears over her eye as she begins clearing away rubble with her telekinesis; making the job of the rescue workers that much easier.

«Hey Kitty. Long time no see.»

Rachel opts to reach out to her old friend telepathically rather than draw attention to herself letting her know she was there to help to.


Pepper Potts is leaning forward in the car to out the front windshield, speculating wtih Dmitri about what's caused the traffic jam when a stray energy blast zings by overhead. "Oh… that's not good." She rummages for her phone and … is nto at all sure who she can contact about this. Oh, wait, new app. 'Find my Friends'. And with a bit of friendly tweaking from Cricket, it'll even locate people who dont' want to be located. Like Tony. Or Jim. Or… "Ohmygod. Please pick up. Please be okay." Pepper dials Zee's number and waits and worries.


Zee follows behind Nick and his improvised shield and crouches down beside him "I'll provide cover…" As Kitty arrives, the young magician grins back before gesturing with her hands and speaking:

~~ etaerC A dleihS morF riA ~~


As her phone rings, Zee checks the caller id and uses her headset to answer "Hi There, Miss Potts. A bit busy right now…" Maintainig a spell take some effort "What's up?"


"If they're not here already." Nicholas affirms as he works. One of the police has some bad burns on one arm. Nothing some gauze won't fix for now until he can get to a burn ward. His partner, however, has a collapsed lung and a tib-fib fracture on his right leg. The wolf-medic starts to relieving the pneumothorax, eying his splint options as he does. "Hello K- er, Shadowcat, yes?" He wasn't familiar with many people outside the now disbanded Paragon squad. But he knows her by sight. She was friends with Illyana. And the other 'New Mutants'. "Fancy seeing you here."

Weapons fire pings off Zee's shield and suddenly the mage is drawing a lot more attention. "Wonder Man, more shooters on my location. Holding presently. Any locations of other victims?" There have to be others, but he trusts Simon to either call them out or take care of them himself.

"Er, miss… is your phone r- woah… who's lifting rubble with her brain?"

Rachel finds, under that rubble, a young couple, both in bad condition from crushing injuries. They'll need help and quick… also, she's starting to take fire herself.


"Oh thank god you're okay. I'm stuck in this traffic jam and I just saw something that looked straight out of Star Wars nearly burn off the roof of my car." Pepper speaks to Zee over the phone hurriedly and with clear concern in her voice. "What's going on up there? Is there anything I can do to help?"


"Copy, Wolfcub. Scanning now," Simon answers. He still has his vision tuned to that strange set of frequencies, and he pulls off his ruby-quartz goggles (they do work!) which were hiding the red glow of his eyes, and dimming his perception a bit. "Two under rubble at your ten. One, no, two in the overturned Gremlin. The one near me is hiding, and he should stay hiding, yeah, wait until I get them shooting at me over in the middle."

(Thanks, Wonder Man!) Where have I heard that before? Darnit…

"OK, and there's the ones that the lady with the space-warp in her top-hat is helping, and … the photo-negative girl with the pocket dragon is RIGHT next to four hiding in an SUV on its side."

He takes an energy beam to the shoulder as he's moving toward the center of fire.

"OW!" and he launches a counter-blast at that window, which gets an "AGH!" followed by a CRZZZWUMP and some interestingly colored smoke… is it daylight? Simon's not sure. It would be fun to see if that stuff is even visible in regular light.


The sudden telepathy startles Kitty. The woman sits straight up, glancing one way and then the other, but no one else heard the woman in her head that sounds very familiar. "R—" She glances about until she finds the woman in question. Luckily, Wolf Cub's own question helps with that. Her eyes flick upward toward the shooters and then back to both the injured people and Rachel.

"Got it in one," she smiles at Wolf Cub, tapping her pointer finger on her nose for a moment. "Oh, you know the reputation, attention and thrill seekers one and all. Plus, it looked like there were a bunch of people who needed help. Excuse me a moment." While Kitty's mutant power doesn't deal with speed, she an athletic woman. With a nod to Zatanna, she weaves around both her shield and the makeshift one of the car door and makes straight for the woman and those she's helping.


With the rubble moved away from the young couple; Rachel focusses a little on providing a protective barrier for herself, "Who the hell are these guys?" She asks outloud to herself.

Extending a protective barrier around the couple she sends them reassuring emotions before lifting them up gently to relocate them from harm's way.


"I'm ok for now, Miss Potts… but there's a crash and people are shooting energy weapons." She looks at Wolfcub, "Some… werewolf looking guy is tending people, he was there when we help Mr Reha…" Pausing, a look of concentration comes over Zees' face and she pushes more magic into her shield to strengthen and enlarge to cover more area…

Still with the call active, Zee looks again to Wolfcub "Miss Potts wants to know if she can do anything to help…"


"Wait, Mr. Gleason is there?" She hastily shoulders her bag and starts to climb out of the car despite Dmitri's protests. Zee can likely hear street noises from Pepper's side of the line now, and a bit of scuffling about as the call is switched over to her Bluetooth. Must be a particularly good one as when she switches over almost ambient noises are gone and Pepper's voice comes through clearly. "I'm… ohcrap." Her reaction is almost perfectly synchronized with Simon's reaction to getting shot at, and might help narrow down her location. One thing's for sure, her boots were not truly designed to deal with wintry conditions.


"Miss Potts?" Wolf Cub blinks. "Pepper is here?" Well that's not good. Nicholas hefts the two police up in a kind of double firemans carry. "Okay. I'm moving. There's more near where Shadowcat went. Cover them."

He keys the mic. "Simon! I'm moving wounded. Coming out… now!" And then he bolts, off like a shot for a more covered location where Rescue One can extract them. Energy fire pings around his feet but not so much as there might be now that Simon's downed a few and their attention is split. Over Nick's radio comes a an operator's voice.

"All units be advised SRD Vertibird response in three minutes."

"Shadowcat!" Nicholas doesn't know Rachel's name so he can't call it out. "Wonder Man, Zatanna, you've got three minutes to get folks out of the open before the SRD blasts this area with sonic weaponry."


Bloody hell. OK, that means… Simon fires off four more blasts, but only two of them hit targets. He rises into the air, scanning to see if he's missed anyone, and starts taking fire again.

"Ow! Wolfcub, the four in the van are still there. I can move the van. The guy who was hiding got … yeah, he made it to the police line. There's still two under rubble to your ten. I think the … yeah, the others are being helped…"

Simon looses a barrage of eyeblasts at windows, PANG POW BAM POW BANG PTOING POP! CRUZZAT!! PEW (Pew?) TWAP! and there's a moment of free time which lets him reach the van … the tires are blown out but he can still pick it up and does so, moving it semi-slowly out of the range of fire. It's hit by two energy blasts and he takes four more, which leave faint smoking spots on his fancy Atlantean outfit.


Kitty's by Rachel's side in a minute. "I have no idea how to respond to words that appear directly in my brain," she tells Rachel, though she smiles as she says it. "Been awhile, Rachel. I thought you skipped out on weird central station. We'll have to catch up later." An energy blast hits the ground next to her and she quickly moves forward, grabbing the couple and pulling them into the same phased state that she's in.

Lockheed zigs and zags around the energy blasts, flapping up higher to get a better view on the whole area. "Got it!" she calls back to Wolf Cub before focusing on the task at hand. "Come on," she tells Rachel, "Help me move these guys over to the others before something bad happens and we all get blown up. Or liquified. Or whatever a sonic weapon would do to us."


Rachel smirks just a little bit, "That's more than understandable." The smirk turns into a smile before she explains, "I tried to find somewhere weirder than this place and I just couldn't."

The potential for sonic evaporation didn't sound fun, "I'm with you on getting out of here quickly." She does whatever she can to assist, there was no time to waste.


Zee blinks as she hears Peppers reaction "Miss Potts, where are you?" The young magician sounds quite concerned as she maintains the shield over Wolfcub and anyone else she can. Nicks warning has her eyes opening wide "Really Miss Potts, you need to get out of here… SRD are about to hit the area with sonic weaponry…."

Glancing back to Wolfcub and then around "Maybe I can teleport to you and get you out… It looks like the others have the rest of the injured in hand."


"They're WHAT." Pepper's voice goes from worried/scared to oh-hell-no in those two words. "Zatanna, I'll call you back." and the call abruptly ends with a click.

Pepper ducks into the alcove of a building's entryway where she's very unlikely to get a stray energy blast, and dials her phone hurriedly.

"Hello, Clayton? It's Pepper. Yes, hi… I know it's kind of a bad time, but that's what I'm calling about." She glances around the corner of her alcove at the chaos very close by. "…Yes. I'm about a block away, and there are rescue efforts on the ground right… Exactly, yes." Pepper rubs her forehead with one gloved hand. "No, I totally understand. Even that much will help greatly. Thank you, Clayton. I owe you for this."

Ending the call, Pepper starts to dial Zee again.


"SRD Flight Alpha come left to One Eight Zero and circle around. Ground teams need another minute or two." Pepper's efforts have bought the ground time a couple minutes more. Which might make all the difference. Kitty helps Rachel move the injured as Nicholas reappears at a dead sprint, hurdling a wrecked car like he's done it a hundred times and making for the two trapped in the rubble Simon had called out… not the ones Kitty and Ray have. "I've got the two Simon. Get the Van. Zatanna's gone to get Pepper Potts out. We've got to move, we're not going to get much more time."

Fortunately the two under the rubble aren't dying. Just trapped and immoble. Wolf Cub literally lifts a chunk of masonry the size of half a car off them and picks them both up. "Might be a bit rough but we've gotta go. Sorry folks!" And then he's dashing off again.

"Out of time. They'll be here any minute! Move!"


When Simon glances back and sees that the floating woman has taken her victims out, and the woman with the spacewarp in her hat has gotten to where the… wait, that guy's a werewolf… ok, that explains the codename. Wolfcub clear, van is clear … A quick scan, nobody else left in there? The girl with the dragon has gotten her group to the police. All est klar, herr kommissar. SRD away. Simon covers his ears and hovers above and behind the police lines, eye-zapping at anyone who seems to be looking shooting at him. Focused sonic weapons are always interesting. Will this be a 'knockout' or a 'fear and loathing' or the dreaded 'brown gun'?


Zee doesn't wait, when Pepper hangs up on the call the young woman is already speaking:

~~ tropeleT eM oT reppeP sttoP noitacoL ~~

Appearing with a 'soft' pop sound just beside her, Zee sort of grins as her phone starts ringing again. "Hello Miss Potts, come on, let's get out of here. I'll take you to… Mr Gleason, did you say." Placing a hand on Peppers shoulder, she speaks again, a little more complicated spell this time

~~ tropeleT sU oT rM snonaelG noitacoL dnA riA dleihS sU ~~

The two women disappear and should arrive next to Nick's location, with a shield of air surrounding them.


Pepper Potts startles when she hears the ring on her Bluetooth almost instantly echoed by Zee's phone RIGHT HERE. She doesn't even really have time to do more than gasp in surprise before they're suddenly in a different place. Specifically, right next to the helicopter that says 'Rescue Inc' on it. "Oh. Oh my." And now she can see firsthand and up close why he and Ms. Donovan pitched the proposal for more streamlined vehicular design.


Rescue One is loading patients onto it. And it needs a wider landing space than a flying ambulance. And it can't carry anything to defend itself. Not that Nicholas would want it to carry ordinance but even a repulsor ray at one tenth power would at least be able to knock shooters down or unconscious. Nicholas has thought of asking for a low power, nonlethal handheld repulsor gun but didn't want to push it. He is, though, definitely going to ask for a shield. Well, ask someone. Maybe Stark, maybe not.

There's the sound of Vertibird engines and a flight of SRD assault craft scream into view. Their sonic subduers pulse in a low, basso rhythm that penetrates buildings, concrete, steel and most other kinds of non specialized protection… and promprtly blacks anyone who isn't very, very special out… that or gives them vertigo. The shooting stops abruptly and the cops move in. Nicholas sighs in relief and gives Rescue One the signal to take off.

"Thanks for your help guys." He says to the assembled heroes. "I have some cleanup to do. More injured about I'm sure but the fire department will be on scene soon so that'll take care of that. Miss Potts, are you okay?"


"Awesome. I'll stick around for the cleanup too," Simon answers, and starts scanning the area again for injured who aren't in the direct conflict zone. He spots a few, but then he has to stop because he's having trouble remembering how to see with regular vision.

"How do Kryptonians manage this stuff?" he mutters.


Pepper Potts puts her hands over her ears when the SRD … things show up, but thanks to Nicholas and Zatanna she's well clear of anything that could have caused problems. "I'm fine, Mr. Gleason. Zatanna, thank you." She looks at Rescue One again. "I think I need to put the prototype into top priority build."


"My pleasure, Miss Potts." Zee looks a little tired. She's expended a fair bit of magic again… she seems to be pushing herself, seeing how far she can extend herself. Simons comments, get her attention "Direct me, I'll help too…" She's finished shopping after all.


"Sure, if you insist." She can at least do some things under his direction. That's the nice thing about being a PA and not just a paramedic. He has a licence all his own. "I'd appreciate any help we can get Pepper… and maybe we can talk sometime about something to 'toughen up' regular medics. We're going to need more than just me." Nicholas gives the redhead a slight bow and then moves off with Simon and Zee.


Pepper Potts stays by the helicopter and calls Dmitri to let him know where she is and that she's safe, then settles in to wait for him to arrive. She uses the time to work on her tablet, sussing out some of the things Nicholas suggested.

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