HMS Yakko

May 02, 2016:

X-Force (Ripclaw, Breakneck aka "Katniss" and Zakura) raid a Cyberdata cargo ship.


NPCs: Psychotron



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A muffled explosion followed in rapid succession of two more is indication enough of the battle that is taking place on Cyberdata cargo ship designation MT-33 CD "the Tisiphone".
Just minutes ago the vessel came under attack less than 5 miles offshore of Delaware (obviously inside of US waters).
The security detail on board reported seeing a small unidentified civilian ship closing in from Tisiphone's port side… then all hell broke loose.
A charged blast of plasma rips from the cargo hull tearing a sizable chunk of metal off the Tisiphone, the source a mutant codenamed Psychotron; one of Cyberdata's very own 'security' specialists and a decorated veteran of their private military force.
"Hold still Ripclaw. We have a score to settle."
The air crackles with more energy discharges.

Andy Hart has been having fun playing on the other side this time. Having Cyberdata troops at your back was useful, but it always felt like the odds were ever in his favor and, at heart, he's more of a Katniss than a President Snow. Okay, so he's been doing a little reading since he got free, okay, don't judge him.

He flips over the head of a SHOC, the woman's head gripped on either side and savagely twisted as he drags her up and over, the swift snap of her vertebra adding punctuation to the impact as he flings her now lifeless carcass onto another pack of flunkies. "Now, now, play catch. Oh, hey, Trevor, I didn't know you'd been re-assigned here. That's gotta be tough. Hope your wife's doing okay. Oh, also, sorry about murdering you," he says, lashing out and starting to slit the throats of the four men beneath the SHOC's body, his body a flickering, rapid-fire hummingbird leaving behind crimson flowers that blossomed blood around the heads of the fallen.

There were easy fights, and there were hard fights. No one said anything about wiping out the entire deck-hands of people who knew what they were getting into and were down for the cause, who were just worker bees and those who ran and pissed themselves when they saw the emergence of Zakura. Though saw.

It was all glimpse and gasps of breaths as bodies fell until she reached the port bow of the ship without a stain of blood on her custom made blades. Her arms remain outstretched and flexed as gloved hands grip the handle of her katanas, twirling them and slamming them home into their sheaths until she was surrounded by three SHOC troopers who.. well, she had probably worked for once upon a time.

Three on one. This.. was not going to be good. Oh well!

Her hand draws up to press at the little button behind her ear, effectively turning off the sound of the world to let the silence in. But this is how she fights. Hands join together as knuckles crack loudly, head tilted left and right to ease the muscles within her neck.

"Let's go."

Against Cyberdata Ripclaw isn't about to pause and preach about killing. Effective life ending skills is one of the reasons these people were all chosen or came together as X-Force and before that Cyberforce at least on one end of the spectrum.
As Breakneck lives up to his moniker Ripclaw does the same, large swordlength fingerblades rip through several security specialists who had come between himself and Psychotron.

"Moonsaber, I think her name was Moonsaber." A grunt about the woman that Breakneck killed. He has yet to see or realize Zakura is outnumbered. Three to One? That is death in this scenario. One lone SHOC is more than a match for just about any mutant, cyborg or meta, three? Best say your last rites. Not that Ripclaw recognizes these newer recruits beyond Chip's collected files. Which are a disorganized mess.
"Who fucking cares, my name is Psychotron and yours is dickless." The SHOC yells at Ripclaw as he blasts the spot the metamorph was just in. He is smart enough to keep the former SHOC at a distance though there is only so much room to move on a ship at sea.

Andy Hart sees that Zakura has her hands full and, although he's quite a distance away from her, that's not really much of an impediment in his case. He darts towards them from the other side, charging at full tilt boogie until he drops and slides between the legs of one of the troopers, letting him pop back up to his feet on the other side, shoulder to shoulder with the werebabe.

"I know you guys! Killmuffin! Steelknees! Razorcootch! Surrender now or feel the wrath of….wait, what are we calling ourselves now? I know there's a force involved, but I've heard things about letters of the alphabet or robo or cyber or…look, it's just gonna be…a lot of forceful wrath, right up your snoot!" he says, drawing his pistols and beginning to open fire.
Here's to hoping everyone can swim. While Nadia had a fear of water, that fear was effectively turned off just for this mission. But they were going to hear it. Hear it tons by the time they get back to shore and on dry land. That's right. The minions will rue this day!

Andy's full tilt slide, quip, and blast gives her enough time to advance towards the two SHOC troopers, Andy could handle his own but she wanted to test herself out with the two. Dangerous, yes. But there was a mode in mind. With a quick shuffle forward she leaps into the air, one foot to the other troopers ribcage, boosting onto the other with a capture of his head between her thighs and a twist to send him spiraling. It'll only just piss them off, for once she plants her boot to the ground, the SHOC trooper unleashes a blast in her own previous position as she takes off running.
"I only like to remember those who die. Later I will see if she was a puppet or deserving of her fate… you, Psychotron, you deserve your fate." Ripclaw challenges the SHOC leader who responds by blowing the cargo container off the ship Ripclaw is standing upon.
"You're a fuckin' idiot if you think you can take down Cyberdata, you and what? These rejects? You were too much of a pussy to remain SHOC and they're just what? Third string wannabes? Ive never even heard of either of them."
More hots fired and now Ripclaw is rushing headfirst towards Psychotron weaving between plasma bursts with claws swiping.
The others should be able to handle themselves, if need be they can attempt to call in more of the team. But this, this here now was on the fly, off the cuff and after spending weeks now attempting to find peace, calm himself and 'get closer to Wakan Tanka' the Ghost Warrior was ready to get back to the bloodshed and their vengeful war against Cyberdata.

Andy Hart puts a couple of bullets in the shoulders of the one he called Razorcootch, sprinting at the bulky, heavily armored woman. She gets pinged, but the metal casing she has protects her from the bullets penetrating her surface dermis. "Of course you haven't heard of me, I'm what they call top secret, Psychotoon, ya big ol' troll!" he says, ducking as Razor starts to swing at him, blades popping from the backs of her hands, but nowhere near fast enough for the speedster weaving around them.

And then he pops the barrel of a pistol into her mouth and blasts her brains out. Well, scrambles them anyway, the bullet bouncing around inside that metal plated skull until grey matter starts to leak out of her nose. "Ew, right in the medulla oblongata!"

It was pure chaos, good thing she couldn't hear it. The blasts at her back drew a little heat that singed the tiny hairs upon her arm. That one was close. And they were shooting so much that she has to tuck and roll just over where the underground engine was housed which was soon shot and damaged with a hiss of steam that the others could probably hear.



One blast catches the back of her shoulder-blade that sends her spiraling into a crate of goods, cracking the wood clean in half as she's upside down, feet in the air, the boots of the SHOC troops closing in fast and a slight roll of her eyes given. Her hand snatches out, breaking pieces of wood from their place and thrown back-handedly towards their knees to hopefully impale and slow their speed.

Ripclaw's snarling face hovers before Psychotron's mask before a squelch and rip sound heralds a scream from the Cyberdata loyal SHOC Rodriguez-esque film blood splashes in geysers out of the man and he topples to the side clutching the open wound. No point in trying to staunch that much.
Spinning about Ripclaw tosses two Cyberdata secforce officers overboard and races for the control room aboard the ship, "Do you two have this handled?" No telepathic communications this time, its all technological and patched through Chip's systems. Which are at this distance patchy and static laden. They need to hurry before the coast guard arrives.

Andy Hart finishes up with Razorcootch (real name - Edith Wartheimer). He shakes out his gun and watches as Nadia disables her opponents with some splinters to the knees and moves to help her finish them off, "Sure thing," he says, preparing to scoop Nadaia up and zip them out of there before any of that fancy intervention shows up.

Juuust in time for Nadia to turn her ears ba.. no. Chip did that. Just in time to hear Ripclaw speak, she growls out and quickly draws herself from the rubble. "On it." It was stupid for her to go after the SHOC alone, -but-, with their shots damaging the engine, the ship itself just may go at any time. NEED MORE DAMAGE.

"This place. Will blow."

But it was clear that none of them really cared, but enough time was needed for Ripclaw to do his thing and well.. the splinters really just only stalled the two so that she could move. The swords were out then, and with the one SHOC trooper leveling a blast, Nadia deflects with a sideways swipe that had both blades shattering and bending completely. "…This is going to get shoved up your ass. SO. HARD!"

The navigation deck of the Tisiphone lacks suitable defenses against someone who can slice through Iron Man's armor. Ripclaw's bladework makes short work of the console and he leaps through the forward windows to land on one of the cargo containers, "They will need to sink this or let it crash. We have accomplished our task."
Quickly the pale Native closes the gap to his fellow X-Force teammates. "In and out just as promised."

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