Good Morning, Good Night

April 30, 2016:

Melody finally wakes up and Oliver decides to give her a name..

Underground Bunker


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The underground cave/lair location in New York was one of the many bases that Ollie had established throughout the tri-city area. Having carried, or drug in some cases, Melody back to it he had set to work on treating his own injuries and hers. This was several hours ago, nearly half a day.

Now he has gotten up and was moving around. The treatments of modern medicine and the herbal supplements he uses in such occasions to help expedite the natural healing process has him at least able to function.

The sound is sharp, the wheel spinning quickly as small sparks fly off of it. In Oliver's hands he is holding an arrow tip which is being sharpened down, another batch nearby awaiting the same treatment as the man works.

Melody heard him, though would she even say if she's even heard him was something to be seen. It was almost as if he were telling his life story, something that she'd ask about at a later date, but they weren't too close for her to pry. It was only surface questions. Just to break that little friendship barrier so she could call him in the middle of the night to bawl on the phone about something horrible and totally normal. Just because she was being a girl at that moment.

Yes, she had plans for Oliver. He was going to be her ear holes that she screamed into.

Her healing processes were something that was near alien and technical. Throughout the hours, he could possibly hear the soft pings that fall and drop to the floor. The many slugs that she's been outfitted with from being shot ejecting themselves, the herbs that he's possibly used devoured and put to good use, the bandages that she was possibly wrapped in and soaked through now dry, covering fresh new skin. But.. that hair. Ugh, she was sure it was a mess. But it didn't bother her, it was the sound of the grinding wheel that has her wincing and jumping up with a quick start and startle and a sharp inhale of her breath, ready to fight.

The arrow is set aside, Oliver looking up across to where he had left Melody lying after she started awake. There's a rather flat expression on his face, except his eyes. Those look to have a strong sign of relief in them. The next arrow is lifted up and he begins to sharpen it.

The area Melody is in is a rather simple looking room, equipment for training and monitoring is set about and of course the Green Arrow outfit in a glass presentation cage against the side of the room.

With the work being done on the arrow, Queen speaks after giving Melody a few moments to look around and gain her bearings. "There is a bottle of water to your left. It'll help if you drink something."

Her hand lifts to smack against her face as she rubs, drawing in a heavy sniff along with a shake of her head to try to gain her bearings. She was ready to fight, but she didn't hear that all too familiar rushing of the feet and a click click of a gun aimed at her way so.. she was officially good. Though, the look he gives her startles her, and it has her frowning with her lips turned up slightly. "What?" She raspily says.. then finally takes a look around.

So, she didn't notice what he was doing at first, but everything within the room pretty much confirms.. 'how'. How Oliver was able to fend off three military trained guys with just a sore ankle and maybe a busted lip. His quick instincts at the sign of trouble and.. well. Getting them here. And.. the costume. Great.

Quietly, she reaches for the bottle, slowly uncapping and taking a quick sip along with her tiny 'come to Jesus' moment. "So.." She murmurs quietly. "..didja get all those scars cause you didn't duck?" Mild humor, though.. she doesn't smile. There were parts of her that were mad as hell, other parts afraid. Maybe it was the look. Or the fact that now she knows.

"Torture actually." Oliver responds as he keeps working on the arrowhead before setting it down and moving to the next. "Well, a decent portion. Some from not ducking." He takes the joke, he runs with it; what else can he do?

"I brought us to the only safe place I could think of. We're in Hell's Kitchen. New York, obviously. We weren't followed, so at least it is safe for the time being." He doesn't add that situation could change at any time. "I am sorry I got you drug into this Melody. It was not my intent in the least." The arrow is sat down and he looks up at the woman. "Obviously, there are some things you don't know…"

Melody smiles a little, then slowly draws her feet from the bed, or whatever she was on, and jumps right down. There was a little hitch in her stomach, the pain still in her muscles, no matter how well she heals it was still going to hurt. "So.." She says again, not walking towards him but away, but towards the suit that hangs within the glass enclosure. The water was sipped once again, until she begins to drink it all down, her eyes canting sideways towards Oliver as he begins to speak, one hand lifting to stop him from saying whatever it was until she was done. And once she was, she just shakes her head.

"Well, I kind of thought I dragged you into this, since I really can't go a day without getting shot.. stabbed…" Among other things. "But .. what I do know is that.. you're -THE- Green Arrow." She pauses then smiles towards him. "Unless.. you're just keeping his stuff squared away. Which means you're like.. one of his armory dudes. Which is cool too, I guess."

Oliver doesn't comment for a few moments before he nods his head. "Yes. I am the Green Arrow. Obviously, keeping that information quiet has been important, is important. It makes any of the Arrow's enemies, Oliver Queen's enemies; and vice versa. Unfortunately, right now both Oliver Queen and The Arrow have the same enemies, although they don't know that they are going after the same person."

The last arrow is pulled out and he begins to work on it. "Which is why, if they think Oliver Queen is dead, they won't be worried about him and that opens a window for the Arrow to make an attack. Which is what I'm intending to do. Why I came to New York in fact, besides to help you move, was to reach out to some people to see if they'd be able to provide assistance in taking a chance at one of the elements of this group that I am dealing with." His green eyes look up at Melody then. "It is probably… please understand I don't like to mislead people."

She knocks on the glass just once, then moves away. Each area was quietly inspected, at least until she reaches the garbage can in which the empty bottle of water was soon tossed in. "I get it. I have friends who are like that, though one of them can't really avoid it. Bruce Banner, I know you've heard of him. Hell, everyones heard of the guy. But, I understand the need for secrecy so you have my word that I won't say anything."

Now she finally makes her way close, standing quietly as she listens to his plan, her head nodding slowly as she offers a shrug of her shoulders. "It's fine. You're really nice. I'll give you that. I can't really be mad and say I hate you because I didn't know. It really isn't my right. We barely know each other and.. I just got caught up in your crossfire. Victim of circumstance and all of that. Good thing I can take a couple of bullets and keep kicking, else you'd have an angry ghost on your hands."

"I already have a rather large collection of angry ghosts." Oliver comments quietly, although he smiles there is a sad tone on his face. The last arrow is placed into the quiver and he moves to set it next to where the bow is. "I didn't want to ask, about the getting shot and… everything else. Like you said, not really my place. But I can tell it isn't your first rodeo; that's for certain."

He moves then over to the table he'd been working at and hops up on it to sit down. "They think we're dead, both of us. It's an opportunity. I guess I'm curious, what it is you might want to do with that opportunity."

"I.." Melody frowns. "..bad choice of words." She laughs a little awkwardly, then rubs at the back of her neck as she follows him towards the quiver. Her lips purse slightly as she gives a slight nod of her head, reaching out to draw an arrow from the quiver to study the tip for a quiet moment. "Yeah.." It was a sad smile of her own, "..a few choices that I've made recently helped with that. Can't really tell if it's good or bad but.." She draws her hand out, dragging the sharp end over her palm, tracing a line of cuts from finger to finger that connect to the middle like an odd star. She shows him this there after, the way her skin begins to knit together, then closes it in a fist. "See? Useful."

The arrow was quickly cleaned upon her shirt, then replaced into the quiver as she crosses the room to settle down upon her chosen resting spot. She was thinking. The words coming to her like a slight memory. She's being watched. Any training is good training. Damn. "Considering that my parents are going to give me hell when they find out that I'm not dead, I think I'd like to kill them. All of them. And I want to do it when they're scared. Systematically rip them apart with my bare hands. And I can. And I will."

"And when they're dead. What information will they provide you then?" Oliver asks quietly from where he's sitting, legs actually swinging a bit beneath him from the work table. "You can't question a dead body. You can't follow a dead body back to their employer. And you certainly can't undo killing them." His shoulders lift up in a small shrug.

"Don't get me wrong, I've killed before. But I've regretted it each time, even if they probably deserved it. Because it's the one choice that once you make, you can't unmake. No do-overs for that."

"I.. I don't know Oliver.. why should it even matter? They hit us. We need to hit them back and let the chips fall. We shouldn't even give a damn. Just.." She knew he was right, but she was starting to get mad, but that anger wasn't really directed at him. Her legs curl underneath her indian style, both elbows planted upon her thighs as she buries her face within her hands, taking in a few deep breaths. She really wasn't giving herself a chance to feel anything but.

"So you want to capture them. Find out who and why. What if you don't like the answer then, Green Arrow? What are -we- going to do?"

"There are sentences worse then death, and place worse then hell for those who need to be sent there." Oliver offers back quietly. "Believe me, I've been to one of them. But remember, the people who came after us? They were probably paid to do a job. If it isn't personal, don't take it personal." There's a pause from the man as he speaks quietly, "When it is personal, that's completely different." It sounds like he's dealing with something along those lines at present.

"And we?"

Melody has probably been to one of those places he's mentioned. This causes her eyes to grow vacant, staring ahead towards the floor, her knee suddenly shaking as her fingers twist and knead against each other, teeth gritting and near grinding all together as she finally looks up towards him sharply. "I can't help it. Everything that happens to me is personal." She felt.. horrible for saying it. Selfishness runs deep within her.

"Yeah. We. You asked me what I'm going to do with this opportunity and I told you my answer. Though I'm figuring I'm not allowed to kill them but.. fine." She drops down, giving a slight stretch that pops her back in all of the odd places. "Besides.." She takes off, right towards the fridge to open and pull out two bottles of water. "..I'm your general manager and since I'm really not so much a trust fund baby and my investments aren't going to give me the easy life I still need a paycheck for now. Plus, I meant what I said. You're my last ditch effort at doing something good with my life and I want to see you elected. So, you need babysat. Or.. arrow sat. Or.. Oliver-sat.. or.. Queen-sitting.." She scrunches her face, opening her mouth, then shuts it promptly.

Whatever she was thinking of saying, it was going to turn out horrible.

"Queen Sitting?" Oliver intones back, shaking his head a bit but managing a small chuckle and smile. "Well. If you're going to go out with me, you can't go out as Melody Kenway. That gets you traced back to the Maple, and to the people we're trying to help. So, we're going to need to get you a new identity."

The man nods towards the Arrow outfit that's framed up in glass, "And something quick. Because we're springing the trap on these people in the next couple of days. I can't be missing that long, otherwise rumors start spreading too fast and people start trying to claim things that aren't true."

"So, any ideas?"

"Yeah, like going to a drag queen club and watching them work the stage with their how-do-ya-do's and sashays." Melody snaps three times in a sassy form, then chucks the bottle of water in his direction. "Well. People call me Rant. I'm not that exceptionally quiet after all. Childhood name. I suppose that needs to change too since too many people would know me by that handle. In a sense, I don't care. I've recently found out that my mother and father are extremely worse versions of myself and anyone who'd choose to bother with them.."

She didn't know it then, but when Lockdown attacked her, her mother, Jemma and Bruce on the streets, her mother went apeshit. Frightening.

"Ideas on a new name or what to do? Because, quite frankly, I have nothing."

"We could go with Sidekick? Shorty?" That one is offered with a smile as Oliver catches the bottle of water from the air. "I honestly have no idea myself. My head hurts bad and I'm pretty damn tired after carrying you here. Shorty isn't half bad honestly but that'll probably get my ass kicked by you."

He looks over at the uniform then adds, "Do you have a favorite color at least? Maybe something off that."

"Too obvious.. and ow.." Melody winces completely, then gives a slight shake of her head. "Well.. if you're head hurts, then you really shouldn't be making decisions that you'll regret later. I mean, if you're an awesome superhero, I gotta have a pretty awesome name too. Suppose Rant has to take the shelf. But.. c'mon."

She gestures towards the bed where she had laid at, then stops to turn to look towards the uniform. "I like blue. Blue is pretty to me for some reason.. but.. Here. Let me take care of you for a night. Don't ask but, you'll feel one hundred percent in the morning. Trust me on this."

Oliver quirks an eyebrow at Melody when she speaks about taking care of him and he'll be feeling better in the morning. "I don't get to heal quickly from injuries. I do it the old fashioned way. Digging bullets out and sewing them up with thread and needle." He nods towards his arm where he had done just that earlier. "You're always in a rush… all speedy and stuff."

Still, despite his words, Oliver does hop off the table with the bottle of water in hand and starts to make his way towards the area of the bunker that serves as a living area. A couch, a cot; it's been set up to serve as a place to lay low should the need arise, such it has now.

"Not tonight, Oliver Queen. You said we have days. Days. If you want to be at your best when we go out and do whatever it is we're going to do, you're going to do it my way. Just this once. Trust me. And you really don't want to be awake when it happens."

She follows behind him, her hand lifting as small tendrils of electricity dance across the tips of her fingers. The lights to the main area flicker off, yet the small living space dims just enough to provide a level of comfort and sight.

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