The Powersuit and The Pendant

April 26, 2016:

An empty warehouse has Clint and Mari concerned as they discuss it with May. That is until henchmen 'ask' Mari for her pendant (Henchmen emitted by Hax)

New York Harbour - New York


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"Nothing…" Mari looks grim as she speaks with her two companions. "They knew something…" The three are standing outside a warehouse on the New York Docks, near the side door. The warehouse is empty, like totally empty. Which, is a little unusual given the warehouse is leased to a business.

Empty warehouses, are generally not good for business.

It's evening, the area is lit by street lamps and Mari is dressed in her brown jumpsuit, the Tantu Totem pendant occassionally catching the light.

Melinda May looks slowly across the concrete leading to the entryway of the warehouse. "It was emptied fairly recently, if I'm seeing this right." She knows that Barton will likely see more, though he probably will have to cross the street and climb up a three story building to do so. "Who's on the lease for this building?"

Clint frowns. There are a lot of things he's not good at. Chess, for example. Intelligence, though, he's very good at and he was positive there would be something here. Maybe, as May notes, they're was something here until recently which would put them on the 'just too late' end of the spectrum. Which is annoying to be sure, especially since he called May for backup.

"Gaidan Limited. They're a partner of the distribution firm that Vixen and I recently raided. Looks like word got out."

The repeating sounds of *Clop* (pause) *Clank* resound through the empty warehouse. Behind Mari a group of men round the corner of one of the aisles. They are standing in a V formation with a relatively well dress-suit and all-at the lead as he is flanked by four men dressed less fashionably and all noticeably armed with guns.

The head man comes to a stop and slowly straightens his silk tie, "Miss McCabe I presume. Thank you for dropping by our facility on such short notice" he gives a crooked smile "You are a difficult woman to get a hold of as of late."

The smile fades and the gentlemanly façade is replaced by a hardened, cold killer. Drawing his weapon, "Now, I'm going to have to ask you to please hand over the totem" he holds up his hand as if to address an issue he already knows will arise "I can assure you that the totem will be returned to your place of residence within the week. But for now we need to borrow it temporarily."

The man's eyes shift to his thugs who all ready their weapons but are not threatening to use them. "Do you comply with our request?"

"Not unexpected" Mari frowns at the warehouse "I just didn't expect them to move so … quickly. Emptying a warehouse takes a bi—-" Turning to face the repeating sound, she peers into the gloom, eyes finally focussing as the five array in front of them.

"Your facility?" She glances to Clint and then to May as the rest of his request is delivered. "My … totem?" At least this group hasn't just jumped her.

"Who are you? and uh, no, I don't."

Melinda May freezes and listens to the sound for a moment, turning to locate the source in time to see the phalanx of men approaching. Her hands remain at her sides, only a very slight shift of her stance revealing to those who know her combat style that she's ready for a fight.

One twitch from either side, and she's going to start taking names and kicking ass. She also mentally 'checks' with her Leyline Pendulum hidden under the neckline of her shirt to see if it's willing to help her avoid getting shot by one of those four neaderthals.

Clint half turns and lets out a sigh. "And you say that I have the nicest friends." He wouldn't be recognizeable by sight except as the vigilante 'Ronin', the takedown bow in his hand is a dead giveaway and you know, the quiver over his back undoubtedly full of nasty surprises. "Who the hell are these?"

The man's mouth lets out a *tsk* sound. The head man replies to the inquiries "We are nobody of consequence. We merely serve a greater man than you or I". Focusing back at Mari, "we were hoping we wouldn't have to do this, but you leave us no choice." All of the men begin to fan out seeking to surround Mari, Clint, and May. "Gives us the totem and you won't be hurt and our offer to return it still stands. Refuse? We will take it from you" and the head man snidely adds with a sneer "and we'll THINK about returning it."

The head man snaps his fingers and two men begin to approach Mari while the other two keep their weapons trained on her and her friends. One of the thugs commands "No sudden moves. I haven't killed anything all day and I'm itchy."

"No, I say you take me to the nicest places." Mari corrects the archer by her side. "And I've no idea. But it's not the first time I've been targetted for my pendant." He might remember how they met.

"Sorry about this." The apology is delivered to May as the two begin to move into them. With a moment's concentration, the dark skinned woman is surrounded by a blue glow in the shape of a Gorilla and she grabs the arm of the first thug, trying to spin him into the second.

Maybe that will give May and Clint time to do something. "You'll have to try harder than that."

Sorry? Why is Mari sorry? May hasn't had a good knock down drag out for a while. She's going to enjoy this. Dropping into her hands from her sleeves, the taser batons she carries are snapped to full length the same moment that the younger woman is surrounded by a blue gorilla-glow and she aims for one of the two remaining thugs. And she's not pulling her punches. This is why she's dressed in simple, dark civilian clothing. This kind of thing does not need to be traced back to SHIELD.

Clint nocks an arrow with fluid, practiced precision and lets a broadhead fly at someone's knee. This is partly because he hopes to have someone alive to ask pointed questions of later and partly because he can. Yes, the bow and arrow is technology only slightly older than fire but like fine wines some things get better over time.

Okay sure the last time he saw an industrial application for the bow and arrow was on that one episode of Get Smart, but it doesn't need to be big and flashy to take down people like this. "So, I have some advice for you. Maybe threaten after you have the upper hand."

The man Mari grabs is indeed flung into the second one as intended and both are knocked to the floor. But like the thug promised the other two begin to squeeze their triggers. The head man is not fazed by the sudden yet predictable resistance. "We always have the upper hand" and the head man snaps his fingers again. *CLOP* *CLANK* *CLOP* *CLANK*

The sounds proceed the appearance of what looks like to be a version of Tony Stark's mark I Iron Man suit. The man appears to be no taller than six feet and is covered head to toes in armor. While Tony's version used home-made weapons and explosives, this version appears to be using a more professionally made arsenal. Something that looks like a giant shotgun replaces the suits entire left hand while a fisted right hand holds what looks like a heavy duty riot shield.

The power system for that suit is unknown but it certainly doesn't look or sound like the suit is nearly as fast or powerful as the Iron Man suit.

Letting her momentum carry her, Mari spins with the first thug, neatly side stepping as the two go in a heap. Crouching, she grabs their heads and knocks them together - making sure they're out … just for good measure.

She did tell Clint she liked punching things.

Rolling to take cover from the bullets straifing the ground, she comes up in a crouch beside a shipping container. "Not yet you don't." she taunts the business-suit, and her body is limned by a rhinoceros…. With a glance to May and Clint to see how they're doing, she starts at a run toward the powersuit…

Melinda May is probably one of a very few individuals who has ever even seen the plans for the original Iron Man Mark I suit. She made a point of studying its weaknesses. But with that thing in play she can't waste time toying with these neanderthals. So her 'dance' partner's pistol is very decisively swatted out of his hand with one baton while she rapier-stabs him with the zappy end of the other. And she doesn't even wait to see if he falls down before racing toward the ClopClank. Or maybe she's aiming to run past it. Or something. Hopefully it'll be aiming for Mari instead of her.

Powered armor. You know there are days that Ronin almost regrets his dedication to repurposed ancient weaponry. Sure he can hit a bullseye the size of a quarter at nearly any range you care to mention with most hand weapons you care to name but as people get better and better toys it becomes harder and harder to compensate.

He still hasn't run out of tricks though. Machines relay on a number of parts working in harmony, take out just one and the stop working. The shield for example. It's made to resist any attempt to break through it which is why what Ronin shoots at the shield is a HEAT arrow.

He's just going to melt a hole in the damn thing.

Miniaturization is fun.

The head man doesn't move from his position. In fact he calmly pulls out a cigarette, lights it, and takes a couple of puffs. The power suit, however, wastes no time angling his shield to meet Mari head on? just as the heat arrow hits the surface of the shield. There is no immediate reaction from either the shield or the wearer but a small amount of metal is beginning to slag off the shield.

As soon as the power suit is set a thunderous whirring noise begins to emanate from the barrel of the gun. Also it's beginning to glow inside the barrel.

The head man lets out one more puff of smoke "Shoot them" and the power suit nods.

Angling herself as the shield comes up, Vixen, turns to run past him. With Clint trying to burn holes in the shield, she's not going to go anywhere near that. Rounding him, the dusky skinned woman turns on the ball of her foot, drops a shoulder and tries to ram him from the back.

This is likely going to hurt.

May sees where Vixen is doing, so instead of continuing her run at the armor she abruptly stops and flings one of her taser batons at the cigarette smoking man. Because he is smug. And that is pissing her off.

Clint decides that now is the time to be moving. Another HEAT arrow follows the first but that's more or less just a distraction because Ronin isn't limited to just bows.

No no. Ronin, the new and improved, has guns.

They're big guns. Mari has fortunately not accused him of compensating for anything, possibly because it's the low hanging fruit or possibly because he has a habit of loading their oversized shells (too big to be called bullets, really) with things of a pyrotechnic nature. Like in this case, Thermite.

Pak-Pak. Two rounds fly, not targetted at the man himself. Oh no, this is aimed at the floor he's standing on.

The whirring from the power suit reaches its peak and the gun blazes with arcing electricity in all direction in front of the suit just as Mari runs past the suit. Not being able to react fast enough the suit turns face the attacking Mari only to realize that the shield is dripping with molten metal. Clint might notice that his heat round has also placed a small puncture in the power suit. Frustrated the power suit drops the shield and instead activates a hidden sword from his upper arm. All this occurs just as Ronin's rounds hit the floor and the power suit's legs catch some of the sparks.

The live taser racing towards the head man's face only causes it to smirk. A swift high kick from the man's leg deflects the taser. Cracking his neck the head man holsters his weapon and puts his hands in his pockets. He calmly walks a few paces back and gives a taunting cigarette smile to his opponent. "Shall we dance mon Cherie?"

Double teamed. And no Mari hasn't accused Clint of overcompensating … definitely low hanging fruit. She might though, one day.

The dark skinned woman keeps moving towards the power suit, shoulder down, she runs right into him … with the power and speed of a rampaging Rhinoceros … for a small woman, she sure packs a whallop.

May knows better than to fall for that lure, though she WILL face off against the man. Her remaining taser baton disappears back into her sleeve and she sidesteps to place the man between her and the power armor before settling into a seemingly over-basic Tai Chi ready stance. Let's see if Mr. Smug is also going to underestimate her.

Clint has to trust that May will be able to handle Smuggy McSmugface. He's got his own problems right now. That taser is forcing him to disengage and seek actual cover. He may be a lot of things but nonconductive is not one of them. The problem is there isn't much cover in the place. He winds up diving behind a structural support pilar as he reloads and glances back. Shield's gone. Okay…

Bow time.

Concussion arrows are basically just small flashbangs with no flash and a lot of bang. Bangs, of course, come from explosions. Explosions knock things down. Let's see how steady he is on his feet. Thwip-BOOM!

The power suit is first knocked forward by Clint's arrow, but is immediately hit with the full force of Mari's unstoppable charge. Poor bastard didn't stand a chance. As the suit is sent flying the power source begins to die. Whatever powered the suit is no longer operational which means the only person to beat is the head man.

Dropping the cigarette and mashing it into the ground, the head man leaps at May with a series of what look like taekwondo kicks. While he certainly is moving with great agility and speed, the head man doesn't seem to be exhausting his strength.

As the powersuit goes down, Mari tumbles, hitting the ground with bone aching crunch. She really had been moving that fast and well, physics … and energy and stuff.

Pulling herself to her feet, slowly, she peers at the powersuit. It will take a moment and maybe Clint can ensure the man is secured while she recovers.

Melinda May lets the man press the attack, fending off the kicks and biding her time for just the right opening to strike back. And when she does strike back…

Another arrow into the bow. He's going to run out at this rate. Miniature arrows…. meh. Someone will figure something out. He's not an egghead. The man takes careful aim. There's a lot of action going on and he can't quite get a clear shot. Patience is one of his virtues… kind of only in this area. Wait for the shot. Wait for the shot. Wait for the…

There it is. Shoulder. It'll have to do.

"May! Down!"

The head man notices the archer's bow and quickly leaps backward from his fight with May. "Another time mon cherie" and without another word the man leaves in a cloud of smoke. However, the power suit begins to emit a strange and rather ominous beeping sound which is followed an explosion with the suit. Oddly enough the blast was not meant for causing other people harm. Destroying evidence maybe? Upon further inspection all of the downed thugs now have bullets in their heads. Possibly the head man's doing as he left.

Mari was just about to check that suit, when her attention was captured by May, Clint and the empty business-suit.

The beeping and explosion has her turning … and she sighs. There goes some evidence.

"Is everyone ok?" she's listening, intently, for the sounds of sirens … they probably shouldn't be here when New Yorks finest arrive.

"Fine." May's physically okay, but she's pissed off. Mr. Smug is now on her official shit list. She WILL track him down. But until then, she turns to find her thrown baton because they need to leave no trace.

Clint watches him go without shooting. Shot never really materialized.

"Great. Well someone knew we were here. Mari they were after your totem. Isn't that thing magic?" He glances between May and Mari now. This is a job for WAND perhaps? If anything falls under their jurisdiction, someone wanting to take an established hero's magical artifact defintiely qualifies.

Mari's hand rises to her pendant and she nods slowly at Ronin. "It is, Clint but it's not the first time someone has come after it. There's a … mob… in Africa who've been after it for years." Her dark eyes drop to the powersuit and she grimaces "But they don't use these types of techniques."

There are the sirens she's been waiting to hear. "Time to go. We can regroup and discuss this … elsewhere."

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