April 27, 2016:

Arriving at a military outpost, Rowan and Ulani provide their update and receive their next orders. The war with the Lord Of The Deep progresses, slowly

Eidolon - Central Pacific


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Eidolon is a military outpost in the Central Pacific and the present HQ of the Third Fleet. It's also one of the rally points for a growing number of Lemurian and Wild Tribe contingents that have been joining the Blue in the Pacific War for some time but only recently in large numbers. There wasn't really time to look around at what had become of the base when Rowan and Ulani got in last night but after some rest they can see that the outpost has had to expand significantly to accommodate all of the new arrivals which, in total number, are actually starting to outnumber the Blue.

It's kind of chaotic, worrying and hopeful all at the same time.

Rowan and Ulani were called to Admiral Tekseth's temporary office once they'd gotten some rest and food for a debrief and reassignment. The dragon blue, fresh from breakfast, is headed there now.

Ulani's with him, having met up not too long ago. She'd taken a little bit of time for herself before seeking food. "It's good to see the Wildings and Lemurians here …" her hazel eyes are concerned though "We'll need to get them in the field though, they won't like the inactivity too long." Which is a nice way saying they might start causing fights just to relieve the boredom

The Admirals office is just across the way, they can see the door and the guards as they approach. "Ulani and Rowan to see Admiral Tekseth." The Blue female introduces themselves as they draw near.

The two are shown into the office of a Blue in her early 40's. She's only just starting to go grey and is actually relatively young for a military officer ranked this high. She's looking out a window as they come in. "Welcome back, Ulani of the Blue. And you as well, Rowan." The Admiral still hasn't turned around. "I was only appraised of your arrival last night. Your mission was very highly classified. Can you catch me up on it and what we can expect of your contacts? I know only that it was a high level diplomatic task."

Taking a position of 'at ease', hands clasped behind her back, Ulani assesses the Admiral and then looks up at a Rowan. It was highly classified and they should only be talking to those who sent them.

"Admiral. Thank you. It's good to be back." The Blue Female responds as she thinks "Our apologies for not calling our arrival in. We maintained communication silence for the entire trip." Taking a deep breath, a Surfacer affectation, she gives Rowan another glance. "As you say, it was highly classified. However, I believe we can expect more reinforcements from the Wildings. As to the second part, I'm still waiting an answer."

"Forgive me, Admiral. But it is a highly classified mission that we've not fully completed yet." She's looking for some reassurance.

The admiral turns. She's got a rather, er, fetching scar running from her forehead diagonally across the bridge of her nose. Looks like a claw mark. Must have been a hell of a fight for something to get that close to an admiral. She smiles slightly. "Cautious. Good." The woman moves to her desk and slides over a data pad with a letter from Kraye in the diplomatic corps. "You are authorized to report to me in the interests of not having to travel all the way to the Eighth fleet to make your report."

Rowan picks the letter up and looks at it, then taps a few keys to bring up authentication codes. "Looks good."

Ulani's eyes land on the scar for a moment, a grim look washing over her features. One helluva fight, indeed. "As you say, Admiral. We've learned to be cautious these last months." Betrayals within the fleet and having one of her own turning on her, is likely to do that.

It says a lot that Ulani just nods to Rowan and doesn't ask to see the authentication codes herself. "Very well, then." Not having to travel to the Eighth fleet is certainly welcome news. "King Atuma required … persuasion and my personal guarantee regarding the Lemurians. I believe that he will join us on the field with his hordes." But she's not sure how … flexible he'll be.

The Admiral nods slowly. "Yes, we've had… issues with that in the Third Fleet. I'd like to say we got everyone but it's hard to say. That's part of the reason we're alone here."

Her eyes widen at the news though. "Attuma himself will take the field? I do not know if you know, Ulani but his physical prowess is… considerable and his political acumen second to none in his culture. He'll be a great asset, if something of a double edged sword. And your other assignment?"

"I'd like to think we have too, Admiral." The Envoy looks to the Dragon Blue. "Being seperate is good, if also a detriment." This war is taking its toll. "So he says and I have met the man in person. He is most certainly formidable. The number of tribes that have flocked to his banner are numerous. I've not seen anything like it."

She still wonders about the personal guarantee she had to give and how … under the surface … she'll carry that out.

"The second assignment was to seek out the Arctic Blue and recruit them into fight." Rowan gets another look and Ulani shakes her head slowly "The Blue are reclusive and some in our government are … recalcitrant but the Arctics make us look tame."

"The Arctic Blue are looking for betrayal and political advantage in the same breath. Their government is divided." Rowan says simply. "I can't even begin to guess if they'll enter the war on our side. They have some who seem interested in doing so but I get the sense that their Senate has a powerful isolationist faction. Their grudge agaisnt the surfacers is also more open. Nothing we can do about it at the moment."

The admiral nods and sighs. "Less good news, but I'll pass it along. Hopefully they'll make a move before it's too late. Rowan is correct though, we can't wait. We've been recovering from our defeat a few weeks ago and are on the verge of launching a round of major new offensives. You've done good work in the Eighth Fleet and I need you to do it for us. Our Wild Tribe and Lemurian allies arriving in greater numbers every day. I want you to break your squad up into teams and attach them to major commands to identify targets and coordinate with the Third Fleet for their elimination. It's going to careful scouting and probably some sabotage. I hear you're good at that."

"There was strong opposition" Ulani agrees "and they weren't interested in speaking with us. In truth, Admiral, I expected to be asked to wait a day or two longer. We were … dismissed summarily." She's used to how politics goes and normally the factions would try to either develop the relationship or find reason to discredit them.

She lets out a long slow sigh. "Still, it allowed us to return as quickly as we can." Listening carefully as Tekseth lays out their next assignment, she tenses slightly, that look of concern flashing across her face again before she nods. "Very well, I'll divide my squad. They're currently on R&R, visiting family and loved ones, they'll return in 48 hours." That's all she could spare them.

As to scouting and sabotage? "Yes, we are good that. We've become" she glances to Rowan "quite good. Are Rowan and I included in that rotation, Admiral?"

"Yes but I want you to have discretion. There aren't many people in our military who are familiar enough with other cultures and their martial forces to lead and coordinate with them and most of them are Elite. It spreads our most effective fighting force thin. So, get them into the fight, make sure they're effective. Right now they just need to be on the line and it'll let us rotate some of our people back for rest and refit. You can start here."

Tekseth tosses a map on the table. It details the Lord of the Deep's most recent troop movements. There's a lot of activity going on near Hawaii again. Surfacers will probably want to know about it… even if they can't do anything."

"Understood." Ulani nods again and turns her attention to the map. "Getting the wildings into the fight is a good thing. They'll create less trouble with something to focus on. I just hope our command structure is truly ready for them."

Looking at the map, she studies it for a long time. "Hawai'i, it is then. I've four Elites that can liaise with four hordes. Rowan and I can float between groups, go where it seems … most problematic." There's a look passed to Rowan at that "If that meets with your approval, Rowan?" he's not part of her squad, after all. "And we'll pass the message to The Surfacers."

That gets a slight wrinkling of her nose "We'll have to deal with their military again and the Secretary of State…" that had gone so well the last time.

Rowan leans over to get a look at it himself. "Yeah, this looks okay. I'll stick with the Wild Tribes. They'll probably take direction from me better." The Dragon-Blue's lack of official standing and his lack of training for anything other than total war is often a hinderance and he is, he's finding, not suited for liason and negotiation duties.

"Surfacers will be problematic…" He looks up and half shrugs. "Not sure there's much we can do about that though other than try to keep them out of the way."

"You're right about the Wildings. I'll need you to support the others in that regards." Ulani offers Rowan a faint smile. The first she's cracked since entering the Admirals presence.

Rowan might be best suited to war, but that's what they need right now. Ulani is too diplomatic, too … pacifist … for the Wildings and war in general.

"I'll focus on liaising with The Surfacers." looking at the maps, she considers for a while "I will need some time to liaise with our Surfacer allies on the big push, Admiral." right now, it seems that they're fighting fires. "Has there been any news from Lio? When I said radio silence, I meant it. We've heard little in our time away."

"That I'm not sure about. I'm not privy to our arrangement with the surfacers. It hasn't been necessary for me to be." The Admiral sits down at her desk and drums her fingers. "I'll see if I can find out for you. If there's nothing more you two should get some rest. In forty eight hours I need your squad back and on duty."

Rowan glances at Ulani. He doesn't have anything else.

"Thank you Admiral." Ulani stands to attention as she's dismissed. "I'd appreciate it." Lio's part of her squad after all. "They'll be back and reporting to duty."

Rowan gets a look from the Blue Envoy as she salutes and turns on her heel, leaving the office and leading the pair back into the settlement. "I'm not ready to sleep, Rowan. Shall we explore?" she murmurs as they head for the exit.

"Sure…" Rowan says as they head back out. "Place seems to have changed quite a bit." They just ate recently so they can certainly have a look around. He's no doubt that she'll want to see the dolphins. In the power armor. Since there seem to be a lot of thos- oh look. There's some now.

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