Daughter of Dragons

April 24, 2016:

News of a fresh arcane disaster finds two members of Primal Force. And why do people keep calling May the 'Daughter of Dragons'?

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Melinda May has… some rather unusual past times. It's sort of amazing given what she does the amount of weird that hasn't found her but today that sort of changes. It starts with a thrumming along a ley line. Not hostile, more curious. There she is. Daughter of Dragons. Quick quick! Let us go see! It's an almost childlike voice echoing into the pendulums. Others who are not May, might notice.

Yes, weird ass nasty has kind of become the name of her game. But even May finds seemingly random voices worth extra caution. She stops where she is, trying to 'feel' for the source of the thrumming along the ley line while one hand reaches for something under the back of her jacket.

The disturbance in the Leyline and the voices certainly gets the Mistress of Magics attention … the name has her a little concerned. Scrying Mays location, Zee teleports in … well near enough to Mays location without being right near her.

And if May's in The Triskelion, Zee'll arrive outside.

There's a glow near May and two things appear with a pop. Both are about three feet long from tip to tail and perhaps six to eight inches wide. One is green, the other red, and both appear to be the spitting image of a serpentine Chinese dragon. "There she is!" Zee can hear that clearly. It's pitched kind of… squeaky.

…. "Wuh duh ma huh tah duh fong kwong duh wai shung." Yes, May is cursing in Mandarin. She was expecting Fae, but miniature Chinese dragons (they're reminding her of that little thing voiced by Eddie Murphy in that Disney movie) are, well, a whole different level of weird. At least they shouldn't be nasty if they're left unprovoked. She hopes.

"Hello May" Zee looks at the little dragons in amusement. Well, careful amusement. Things that appear like this are often dangerous, no matter how cute they look. She's sure Fenris has heard the disturbance and the fact he's not appeared to evict them either means he wants Primal Force to deal with them, or they're here for a reason.

"Hello there, little … dragons."

"Ni men haaaaaaaaao." The green dragon says as it flits on over to May and circles her, looking her over. The red one does the same to Zee. Both seem curious. "Hello, hello. We came to see the Daughter of Dragons. The King of Hell told the Mother of Men about her. Nuwa told us to find her."

"Yes, yes!" The other chrips, peering at Zee's outfit, reaching out to tug at it. "We came to tell her! Tell her about the pillar of heaven that's cracked."

As much as she wanted to just dismiss the flighty little things, the mention of 'pillar of heaven' has her almost immediately going more stone-faced than normal. "Tell me everything."

Zee turns in a circle, following the red dragon as she does. As it tugs on her outfit and they both begin to explain, she's forced to search her memory. Eastern and Asian mythology and folklore isn't her strong point.

Still, she knows enough about Nuwa and the 'Pillar of The Heaven' that she stops to listen to them "What of it?"

Both dragons now flit back to a place both in front of Zee and May and roughly between them, twirling up in a bit of helix before settling down to hover again. Bit hyper, these two. "Now let me see…" The green one starts.

"Tell them, tell them." The red one urges.

"Nuwa said that the pillar of heaven had cracked, and that the cold lady was responsible. She said that the Daughter of Dragons could fix it! Oh you will won't you? It's very important. The big snake rolled over in his sleep and damaged it."

Melinda May looks over at Zee at the mention of 'the big snake'. "Where is this pillar located? Quickly, little ones."

Zee really doesn't know a lot about the troubles with the Asgardians, but she does know about the Serpent. "Col—-" she goes to question them and decides against it, they're hyper enough and she won't distract them.

"Of course we will, or the Daughter of Dragons will. You will take us now?" She's fully expecting the Pillar will be in another dimension and they'll need some form of permission to travel there.

"Can't!" One chirps.

"We don't have long here. Nuwa wouldn't be happy if we were seen." The other says.

"The pillar is at the Center of the World, near the ocean." Center of the world, May or Zee might know from history is what the Chinese used to call China. The 'Middle Kingdom'. So, they're looking for somewhere magically active along the chinese coast.

That narrows it down plenty…

That narrows it down all right. But she's not about to hare off and try to deal with some thing of that scope by herself. "Thank you both. We'll take care of it from here." She needs to talk to with Fenris about this at the very least.

If Fenris can be spared. He's made it plenty clear to Zee and Reese that they're to handle some of these issues. Is this one of those cases? Zee really isn't sure.

"Thank you, my friends. Tell Nuwa your message was delivered and received. The Daughter of Dragons and Mistress of Magic have accepted the quest." Turning to May, Zee gives a slight shrug "We'll need to do some research and I'll need to scry. There's many legends about the Pillar and I can't help but think the big snake is Jorgamundr… We'll also need more of Primal Force to attend this."

"We'll tell her. She said she'll be watching. And that she's very impressed so far! Bye now!"

The dragons vanish and it may or may not comfort May to know that a goddess of the 'Old Country' has taken an interest in her. Could mean so many things. Many of them are… complicated.

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