His Name Is William

April 23, 2016:

Jericho calls in May and some others to investigate a 'clinic'.

New York


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It has probably been a little while since May got a call like this. A simple text from a certain hacker with a location and little else. From the looks of it May isn't the only one who got it, but then Jericho has a fair set of friends and a lot of them aren't on SHIELD's radar. The other recipient has been from time to time which is why the hacker is okay with bringing her around at the same time. This concerns her too.

The location seems ordinary. Apartment building, beat up and mostly abandoned. There's no lights on the exterior but if anyone looks there is most certainly someone moving about with a flashlight. The interior is dank, dark. The drywall has holes in it. Toward the back though it abruptly gets nicer and there's the sound of a gas generator thrumming away.

There's also evidence of a firefight and by evidence we mean May and whomever else arrives can see who lost.

Lunair cares about internet wolf. She does. She will turn up. She is dressed in a dark hoodie with cat ears, black camo pants and sturdy boots. She's also wise enough to carry supplies that aren't dependent on her creating them. Nevertheless, she is curious to see it.

Melinda May arrived as promptly as possible, and has been scoping out the building while waiting for others to arrive. When Lunair shows up, she nods to the young woman. She studies everything warily, currently keeping her ICER in her hand. She hopes that she won't need more than the non-lethal pistol.

Jemma got the text as well. She's no idea why, but if Jericho's asking for her to show up, she will. Arriving with her standard field kit, the british born biochem, nods to May and takes a flashlight from her bag. It's dark in there and she doesn't want to turn an ankle.

It might be noticed that, again, she's sans security detail. The disaster magnet scientist hasn't had any incidents recently.

"Over here!" It's not too far a stretch to think that Jericho would have been watching the outside probably for a couple block radius to alert him of potential trouble. How ever he did it, he does seem to be aware of their presence as they enter. His voice guides them to the apartment all the way in the back right corner of the building, the furthest away from any of the streets. Just before they turn the corner into the suite of rooms proper there's a metalling bang of something heavy being moved. It turns out to be a rather heavy looking security door that the ex-soldier has literally torn out of the door frame. "Hey you three. Just in time. Don't mind the former residents." There's three of them. Apparently he hasn't had time to clean up.

Beyond the door he just moved there's a small room lit by a single very bright hanging bulb. Cameras cover every angle though they're not functional since the hacker took out the computer running them. In the center of the room is what looks like a dentist's chair, if dentist chairs were meant to restrain people who really didn't want to go. And on that is a young man, unconscious. A young man who looks, perhaps, like he might be about Lunair's age…

Lunair doesn't seem fazed. Internet tracking is a thing. Jericho isn't a slouch. She does look around. There's a polite smile for May and Jemma, at least. Even if Lunair still has the eerie problem of not really showing emotion when not engaged or working at it. She did tense at the sound of the door going bang. But that's reflexive. "I feel bad. I should've brought you guys stuff," Lunair furrows her brow.

And then there's a blink. "Waitaminute. I think I know that guy?" Lunair tilts her head. "Somewhere forever ago…" It's vague, coming back. She looks worried a moment.

Melinda May leads the two younger women to where Jericho is already, checking to make sure no one else is following them and staying by the now doorless entryway in a form of sentry duty. "What're we looking at, Trent?"

Jemma jumps as the metallic bang, nearly dropping her flashlight as she does. Peering a Jericho as he lifts the door and into the room beyond. Moving carefully across the room, looking at the /former residents/ she stops at the entry for a moment, eyes widening at the young man.

"Is it safe to examine him?" She asks the hacker, not checking the rest of the room.

Jericho glances over at Lunair in particular for a long moment, watching the wheels in her head turn before he turns back to Jemma and May. "I've been tracking several things related to a group called 'The Section'. They're, without going into too much detail at the moment, a government conspiracy focused on US prosperity and supremacy abroad and absolute order at home. Or what they view as order. Think of people like Steve Rodgers if they had absolutely no scruples. One of the projects I've been looking into is just named 'Advent'. I'm not quite sure what they're trying to accomplish but I got word that they had a 'stash house' here. I thought it might be supplies or something more exotic. When I started taking their network apart I discovered they weren't stashing things here, they were stashing people."

He guestures over to the young man, restrained and sedated. "William Kriss, mid twenties, works for an armored car company. Reported missing from work a week ago in Buffalo, his case was closed rather mysteriously. I have no idea what's been done to him, Jemma so I don't know if it's safe but he probably needs medical attention." Now his eyes cut back to Lunair. "His files are incomplete prior to about age 12-13. Junior high age. He appeared rather abruptly in the system, placed by someone in the government into a foster home after some kind of undisclosed 'incident'."

Then the memories come flooding back. One spends a lot of time supressing something, it doesn't always come back when you want it to. She furrows her eyebrows. "I guess as far as I know, either wanting to give people powers or create super people." She shrugs. "… William? I don't - that name…" Headshake. "That name isn't familiar. But the incident is. He was a little older than me. I think I remember," She considers. "I think his name-" She digs around her brain. "Chris? Maybe. I was like, 8 then. It's kinda fuzzy," She confesses. She moves over. "Poor guy… He was nice if he is who I think he is. Just - um, what did he do-" She considers it. "Well, I remember he pulled my hair and I couldn't move fast enough to hit him." Pout. "But he survived and had something like the rest of us. Let me think while - I mean, I can do first aid but…" Well, Jemma's probably got her beat there.

Melinda May stays by the door. "Simmons. Do what you can for him and prep him to move. Lunair, help Simmons." May doesn't like this building at all, so both of them doing whatever first aid they can on the restrained young man can only help. The sooner they're out of here the better. "Trent, is there anything else you need from here?"

Jemma is well acquainted with The Section. She's been investigating them as well - in fact they're one reason the young biochem had a security detail assigned to her. "Advent." more trying to secure the name in her mind than anything, she walks over to the William, intent on examining him.

With Agent May and Jericho there, she's fairly confident that if things go pearshape they'll be able to help. Besides the young man is restrained and for the more moment, as much as it pains her, she'll leave him that way. Sam Wilson shouldn't feel too alone after this.

There's needle tracks on 'William/Chris's' arm. His wrists are raw, it looks like he struggled quite a bit. Bruises consistent with being beaten though whether while in captivity or before is unclear. His pulse is slow and a bit shallow, consistent with certain kinds of sedatives. It's unlikely he'll wake up without chemical help.

Jericho shakes his head, watching Lunair's reaction as May talks to him. "No, I've got what I came for. I'm not in a good place to help refugees though. I can offer space if you don't want to use SHIELD safehouses but we probably shouldn't stick around here too long. I'm going to torch the place before I go… figuratively."

Lunair listens. She doesn't look happy at all of this. "… we could use narcan if anyone knows a doctor," Lunair offers. "But he wasn't a bad person." She shakes her head. "Even if he pulled my hair," She frowns. "I guess I could take him as a new roomie," She muses. "I don't know if he's okay with that. Whatever we do -" And she's restraining a good deal of dislike and hatred for Advent. Oh, how she'd like to stab at least one of them in the throat. "Anyway, whatever we do - we shouldn't stick around here. Can we move a sedated person safely?" She looks to the others. Even if she barely remembers the guy, letting him croak is just a victory for Advent and she's spiteful enough to try to avoid that.

Melinda May looks over at the sedated man as if evaluating something. "Lunair, do you still have the ability to create things? I'm going to need two quarterstaves, preferrably metal. And two garrottes, 30-inch cords on each. Jemma, look for blankets, sheets, curtains, any decent-sized pieces of fabric." They're going to get this young man out of here if it kills her.

"I really wouldn't recommend a SHIELD resource at this time, Agent May." Jemma murmurs as she examines the unfortunate youth. "Unrestrain him, please Lunair. William doesn't seem to be a risk at the moment and it looks like he's suffered enough."

Glancing to Lunair, Jemma considers carefully "I would rather have him under observation for a while, who knows what's been done to been done to him…" Glancing between May and Jericho "I could wak—-"

Already searching the 'lab', that's how she see's it, she pulls the fire blankets from the storage area. "Here, Agent May." She'll work with Lunair to create a make shift gurney.

"What do you know of Advent, so far, Jericho?"

"Very, very little. I know that they were formed recently and that they're hunting down people from Lunair's past… and possibly Lunair herself. But that's about it." He knows they have a scientific bent and the hacker is fairly sure that they're also cleaning up embarassments, but to exactly whom hasn't become clear.

For now Jericho heads out of the room to strip the (slightly bloody) coats off a couple of the former occupants. You can use them to make makeshift stretchers along with whatever else May might find. The disposition of the man he'll leave to Lunair and May but he kind of agrees with Simmons there.

Lunair will undo the restraints as asked. "I do. And sure," Lunair can create just what May asks. "I had to make a table once. It made my head hurt," She admits. And yet iron man-esque suits are just fine. Weird, that. "Hey, hang in there, Chris, okay?" She nudges her old friend.

"I think the fact that vivisecting me is just a thing people want is apparently a fact of the universe." Her syntax is mangled, but there's an amused, weary sentiment to it. "They want their investment back, probably," A soft sigh. "Thank you for helping," She offers. She looks to Jemma, "Just - I hope he's okay. I hope his new place is nice," She offers. "I don't remember a lot. Most of it was when I was little."

Melinda May says, "We are not taking him back to SHIELD." There's not a lot of trust there right now. "Jemma, you have discreet outside contacts likely with access to medical facilities off the books. Use them." She's thinking of a particular AI and the associated humans in that building. Hopefully Jemma will catch her meaning."

"Yes, Agent May." Jemma does understand what Mays asking but she's also got a couple of other options available to her. Casting a look to Jericho, what she needs something like The Nest. Somewhere quiet and discrete, where she can work with a few trusted others … and keep everything out of SHIELD's … view. What has her life come to?

"Vivisecting…" the biochem blanches at those comments as she peers at Lunair. "I'd like to see what you have on them, Jericho and anything you can pull from the systems here…" beat "We won't let that happen, Lunair…" not if she can help it - the disaster magnet scientist that she is.

"Nnnnnnngh…" Maybe Chris can hear them. He stirs a bit but doesn't move or wake. That was a response, though, definitely a response.

"We can call Gabby if you need her." Jericho offers. "And yes, of course I'll share what I can." The hacker says as he helps set up that stretcher. "Ready to move as soon as you guys are."

Jericho looks up to Lunair and shakes his head quietly. "Something like that, I think Lunair. Recoup any losses and make sure that you're not 'in play' to be used against them. You're viewesd as a… what's the term, an unstable element. They can't predict you so they want you gone."

"Thank you," She remarks. Then a frown at Jericho. Lunair looks to Jemma. "Well, experiments. I remember some things - like, could we fight off infections and stuff." A shrug. "I do not want to talk about it," She shuts that chat down. "I can help keep an eye on him and you. It's the least I can do. Maybe buy him stuff and claim him as a cousin or roomie if anyone notices," She muses. Lunair will help as she can, helping May. "But he was my friend."

At Jeri's words, she frowns. "I dunno what sort of stuff besides maybe getting more serum out of me if they juice me they hope to get, honestly. And I am so stable you could make pencils out of me." That, was a joke.

Melinda May nods to Jericho's suggestion that they call his sister. That's actually a good idea. She has moved to help them create the makeshift stretches, and as soon as it's ready she steps over toward the still unconscious young man. She looks to Jericho to help her move him, as he's likely the one here with the most upper body strength. Well, without the use of some kind of powered armor.

"Gabby would be helpful, thank you, Jericho." Jemma puts her hand on the young mans head, trying to calm to him. She's about to help lift when May takes up position. "He can stay at my apartment for now. I'll give you the address." She's managed to keep that off of SHIELD's books since the last time someone gave away her details.

Realising Lunairs wish to not discuss things, Jemma falls silent. There'll be more she can do this about this, later.

"Might be helpful if you were there when he woke up." Jericho says to Lunair and then moves to help May start actually moving the man. They'll have to sort all this out when they actually get settled but for now moving is good enough.

As to the other arrangements, well, apparently he has some phone calls to make.

"Okay," Lunair nods. "I can cook for us or something, or buy take out. I think it's the least I can do." Lunair really does want to help. She looks worried. "Thanks," She is grateful. "Should I bring tea or anything? I don't know." Fretfret. She might start pacing like an overly anxious puppy in a carpet store. She looks to Jemma. "Sorry. I mean. It wasn't a good time for me," She admits. "I am sure they learned a lot."

Once 'Chris' is settled on the stretcher, May pulls her 1911 and hands it to Jemma then moves to lift the 'front' of their makeshift device. "Lunair, get the other end. And tea once we're there won't be refused." The antsy pacing needs an outlet. So here you go.

Taking the 911 from May, Jemma gives directions to her apartment. May knows where that is but best to be sure. "I'll call ahead and have Gabby shown straight up, Jericho."

"Quite alright, Lunair. I don't like talking about some things either." Like when Deathstroke took her.

Lunair will help lift Chris. "Okay, thanks. I have a few kinds," She promises. Lunair would like to help, and she's not sure if Jemma likes cooking or take out. But she nods at Jemma, simply accepting it. She will help lift the poor young fellow.

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