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April 24, 2016:

X-Force/Cyberforce get together. Ba Da Dump!


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It is a nice, sunny morning in New York and there is a small part not far from the Grain Terminal where Cyberforce, now X-Force used to hide Nate kinda likes. It is not abandoned, and the place is kept by the city hall, but it is close enough to urban wasteland behind this early very few people come here. A little telepathic nudge makes 'few people' into no people at all. And a good place for mutant freedom fighters to meet, right?

Well, Nate is not sure what Nadia and Andy really are, besides somewhat disturbed folks that Ripclaw thinks will be useful. But if they are to be useful, they should meet some other members of the gang, right? Besides, he wants a second opinion on Andy's crazy mind from a more expert telepath.

Nadia hates that. The nudge. She's only experienced it once before and it put her out like a light. The second time? It was like a compulsion to follow. She didn't like that either. Cats go where they want. They answer to no one. They feel what they feel in that moment and if you mess up their vibe there would be hell to pay. Just put out food and water and leave her be. She'll come when she was ready.

Thankfully she didn't have anything to do.

Suited up in her regular gear (read: Katana on the waist), she approached the meeting place with a certain wariness. She hasn't been outside since she was made not-deaf, so the sounds surrounding her was a little.. too much to handle. So the ears were turned off with a simple press behind her ear, the little flickering lights powering down as she stands somberly, eyes never leaving Nate. Just in case he speaks.

Andy Hart sits next to Nadia, a set of earbuds in his ears, scratching the back of her knee. He's sitting on the ground in all defiance of casual behavior, not minding that he's down on the sidewalk with the ants and the cracks and the cigarette butts. He glances up as he sees the approach of others, pushing his sunglasses up on his head. He wears khaki shorts, flip-flops and an orange and pink Hawaiian shirt. "No reason to worry, pup, I'm here. If glowy eye needs his eyes carved out, I'm happy to do it before he can blink that highbeam."

Given a location and a time-frame, as one might expect Emma Frost shows up early, if only by a few minutes. She arrives in a brown sedan that pulls up and stops nearby. The driver does not get out. Instead, a darkly clothed woman steps out of the back, hoodie already up, and makes her way out. The car pulls away and disappears; either it will be summoned again when she leaves, or some other arrangement has been made. Emma is definitely not dressed like herself; as when she usually has to do a meeting outside the safe confines of her world, she is purposefully being someone else other than herself, and in the extreme. No white to be seen, and nothing of her usual prim and proper behavior or style. The small backpack over her shoulder hangs low and heavy, weapons as well as computer bits inside, as she makes her way towards the meeting location, platinum blonde hair tucked up underneath a short brunette wig. Her telepathic senses sweep the area repeatedly, cautiously, as she makes her approach, narrowing down immediately on Nathaniel. When she appears, coming around the corner, she merely inclines her head slightly and keeps coming, though one can be pretty sure she is very intently studying the appearance - and surface mindset - of everyone present.


Rachel needs to talk to Nate. She needs to tell him that the people who think they own Laura - and incidentally put a bullet in him not too long ago - are back, as dangerous as ever, and the best plan their mutual friend has yet come up with is to GIVE herself to the bad guys. Rachel thought Nate was crazy when he told her to keep an eye on Laura, since she can barely look after /herself/ in this time period yet, but it seems he was right. And now Emma's chosen to involve herself. The whole situation feels like it's spinning out of control, and Rachel never had a very good grip on it to start with.

Rachel's talents being what they are, locating Nate telepathically wasn't difficult for her, although perhaps she should have asked him why he'd chosen this particular venue - because she wasn't aware there'd be others present. Telepathically disguised, she feels herself enter the area of Nate's telepathic manipulation, and her steps slow. « What are you getting me into this time, Nate? » She asks him, amusement in her psionic voice, as a light scan reveals very few others in evidence. With a mental shrug, she drops the telepathic disguise, black hair becoming red, and buries her hands in her jacket pockets as she walks the rest of the way to join Nate and the others. Two she doesn't know, but Emma gets a quick nod. "Hey Nate." She greets him, casually.

Nate glances at Nadia, offering her a wry smirk. "Seriously, why did you remove the hearing aids? Doesn't makes that far harder to understand people?" He is cheating, though, using telepathy to ensure Nadia 'hears' him.

"Emma," he tilts his head in greeting to the not-blonde-today telepath. "These are Zakura and Breakneck, both are, hmm, Ripclaw's friends, they are joining the team too." He doesn't sound very sure himself. And then telepathically projects to Emma alone. « Both have been rescued recently and still recovering. Nadia is deaf, but seems okay. Andy was really messed up and I'd like to know your opinion on his mind now the brainbox control device has been removed »

Then he notices Rachel approaching and his eyes move between Emma and the redhead a few times, his expressing showing some confusion. "Hey, Ray. I didn't expect you today. Next time call before, okay?" He glances at Nadia and Andy. "Guys, this is my sister Rachel. She is… well, I thought she would join us in time, but not so soon."

Wonder if a psychic shield deals with instincts or smells? It was something that need be pondered another day but to say that Nadia was not alert was a test to her true character. The scratching behind her knee causes it to bend, her foot striking out to lightly kick Andy as she regards Nate in kind. "Too loud." Plain and simple, but she turns it on once again, for she didn't like him in her head. Cyberdata issues. They were always there for a better part of her life.

Though once the others joined, suspicion immediately clouded her judgement. They were a little too close to home and her hackles were raised. One was properly introduced and the other was not. Though, her introductions usually start with a 'hello' and end in someones arm being ripped off. But that's another thing for another day too!

But she was wary. Strangers were present. One foot slides across the ground in a slight defensive stand as her hand immediately clasps upon the handle of her katana. She doesn't bring it out, however. Tempting as it was.

Andy Hart pops up to his feet, just because people seem to like that sort of thing and perhaps a little bit due to playful kicking, his bangs bouncing, "Zak…Oh, yeah, I forgot you had a codename. I forgot I had a codename! Just call me Andy, everyone does. Some of them may scream it in terror or weep it bitterly into a cup of their own bloody tears, but, well, modern dating is very complicated, what can I say?"

Even from a distance, with the three telepaths close at hand, they probably can't help but notice Andy's mind. It's a tangle of barbed wire and static and screaming and laughing. But his face is smiling and jovial, his cheeks rosy, even if the shoulder holsters under his Hawaiian shirt are more than obvious. "Is this some sort of weird double date? Cause I only brought one girl and, I gotta be honest, I think bringing your sister might put a LITTLE damper on the proceedings. Not that I'm judgy!"

The non-blonde Emma eyes the others curiously, her telepathic scans growing a tad more intrusive as se picks up Nathaniel's request for a better read on the one he calls 'Breakneck', and which his mind then names Andy; good thing she's intrusive enough with Nate to tie those two names together. « Hello, Zakura. Breakneck. » Emma offers, aloud and telepathically, making sure she will be 'heard' without difficulty. She does not bother to turn her head to look at Rachel, but telepathically acknowledges the other woman's presence when she picks up her movements towards them. « Rachel. Welcome. Involving yourself in as many dangerous operations as possible, yes? How like … you. »

Emma keeps her hands down at her sides, plainly visible and empty, as she regards Zakura and Breakneck, so as to prove she's not intending any harm. "For what it is worth," she offers, "I am called White Queen." But she'll accept Emma if that's what comes. Hopefully these aren't the sorts to realize just which Emma she is. It would be better if that waited for another time.

Emma wasn't really expecting others, but she's adapting as best she can; she did know Nate was associated with Ripclaw and his people, and her research had to do with their war, so she can't quite object to their presence. "I … am not here for a date, Breakneck. With anyone." Emma isn't trying to project soothing emotions; that's not really her thing. She's just trying to be as reasonably cool and non-threatening as she can manage. For being a cold-hearted, nigh-emotionless bitch.

Rachel takes one look at Nate - both with her eyes and with her telepathy - and realises just how atrocious her timing is. This looks like something more than a friendly chat. Rachel quickly shelves any thought of discussing Laura's situation with Nate right now. He's clearly got plenty on his plate as it is, and considering that a disguised Emma is in the mix, he may already know. But again, now isn't the time. Rachel moves up alongside Nate, but keeps enough distance that they won't be falling over one another if things turn nasty.

At Emma's telepathic contact, Rachel's head starts to turn, then stills. Emma will feel the mental equivalent of a wince from the redhead. « They find me anyway. So much for not repeating 'my' mistakes. »

"Yeah. I think I will." Rachel replies to Nate, somehow managing not to sound distracted. She glances his way as she says it, but her eyes are quickly back on the unfamiliar pair. "Hi." She says, taking one hand out of her jacket to offer a bit of a wave. She hasn't missed the hand on the katana, but it's the other one she's more concerned about. With what's going on inside his head, she has no idea what he might do. As a result, happy and friendly leaves her a bit taken aback, but after a moment the edge of her lips turns upward in a smirk. "Crashing Nate's dates isn't my idea of fun. So…" She glances at Nate and cocks her head to one side, questioningly. "Want me to leave you to it? I need to talk to you, but it'll keep." The words she says out loud are spoken lightly, but she adds, « But not for long. » In a more sober tone, for his mind only.

"No, don't leave, this concerns you too," states Nate, inciting Rachel to sit down on a bench. He just leans against it, as sitting down involves staying still for too long. "I asked Em… the White Queen, to investigate Cyberdata business. And she was bringing the info. In fact I wanted to take her down to the base, but we need Ripclaw for that, so maybe next time."

Andy comments get mostly ignored, although Rachel's response makes him smirk. "Rose is not around either," he notes.

The look that Andy gets is cross. A playful cross. Though her playful looks as if she were going to bundle him into a box and bat him around. "Perhaps." Nadia starts, still used to the sound of her voice and.. well, not being really phonetic. Just dry. Dead inside. "You need a friendly reminder." Her free hand lifts and curls, nails immediately snapping from the nailbeds of her fingers, those claws thickening and curling as she takes just -one- step towards Andy. There wasn't even a smile. Her brand of humor came a little too late in her years. (Last month.)

Though, as the introductions go around, that hand remains lifting and lazily swiped towards Andy, her gaze soon falling upon the White Queen, her mouth hung slack and immediately snapped shut as her mind begins to race. Questions. Questions that would have usually been filtered back to cyberdata as that psyche begins to pound and beat against the disabled brainbox to get it to work. It was a hard programming that made her nearly revert. Perhaps it was the name that made her want to reach out and ask.

A glance is soon spared towards Rachel as she begins to move, the soft grinding of her blades metal nicking against it's sheath. It extends even more so as her hand snatches up into a wave. "Hi." Bland. And her words soon go towards Nate. "I do not smell the stink of Cyberdata on her. Or her." Her eyes to Emma now, then back to Nate. Pointedly. "The Red-One leaves. Effectively useless."

Andy Hart reaches into his pocket and gets out a pack of Dentyne, popping one into his mouth and then taking one of the other little foil wrapped squishies and throwing it so it gets impaled on one of Nadia's claws, "Oh yeah? What's Cyberdata to them? If they didn't get the full install, what, did they jack up your wifi fees? Were you drowned in roaming charges?" he says, chewing.

"I mean, not that we need a reason to go blow up some Cyberdata. I have no purpose anymore. All my meaning and fulfillment has been stripped away, leaving me a broken shell, ready to shoot anything for any reason at all! Excuses are for suckers! But Ripclaw seems to want to have us attack Cyberdata and I kind of like the irony of the whole thing, so I'm down with the biting the hand that fed thing. It might have Biblical implications, but I can't tell because I never read the Bible. I did use it as a silencer once - those are handy when doing an execution in any hotel or motel. Pro tip."

Emma lets it all play out in front of her, all of the interactions of these various individuals and attitudes. She waits for an opening, before she finally speaks. "The world of businesses and financial transactions is something I am very, very good at deciphering. Nathaniel felt I could be useful in finding out more about the elements of Cyberdata that they don't want you - or anyone - to know." Then Emma lifts her head, those pale, pale blue eyes peering out with suffused fury. "And given they have chosen to hunt mutants and enslave them as battle cyborgs … I choose to hunt them. To extinction." Then Emma glances towards Rachel. "'Red' stays. She is very, very good at what she does. And I trust her." Which, frankly, she doesn't trust anyone else here right now. Nathaniel comes closest.

"In a good or a bad way?" Rachel asks Nate, resignation in her voice. She'd have been more than happy to leave Nate and Emma to whatever dangerous operation they have planned, and she's about to tell Nate as much. But then Zakura gives her verdict on 'the Red-One', and well. Now Rachel wants to stay. She sits down on the bench indicated by Nate, crossing one leg over the other and leaning back comfortably - except for the lines of tension across her shoulders, and down her back. "I have my uses." She says, her tone even and almost mild. There's a little flicker of fire in the green of her eyes now, just barely there. She's about to offer to demonstrate, but - Andy is distracting. Very distracting. Rachel's eyes slide across to him as he carries on. "I hope I'm not the only one who has no idea what you're talking about." She tells him, honestly, with a bit of a smile.

Rachel falls silent when Emma speaks, as it's obvious that she really is the only one who doesn't know what this is all about. It's time to shut up and learn something. Hunting and using mutants. That gets a quiet, in-drawn breath from the redhead. That's a little too close. Rachel glances Emma's way with more than a flicker of surprise when the other woman speaks up for her. And more, when she says she trusts her. "I wouldn't leave anyway. Not after hearing that." Looks like you're all stuck with her.

"You are going to have to learn work with others, Nadia," states Nate without looking at the dark haired woman. "Lots of people have a problem with what Cyberdata does, and we want them dead and gone. It is self-defense too. Kill them before they kill us. The brainwashing they do is worse than murder."

Andy ranting makes him roll his eyes. "Dude, you are talking like a fucking lunatic. Get a grip of yourself and start behaving like a normal person or we are going to have to put you back in the cage." This is pretty much the first time they let him out, at least in Nate's knowledge. Nate was really trying to be nice to him. Show him right.

"What do you got, Emma? A folder or a flash drive? Sorry Rip is not around, he should be hear, but the damn guy is stealthy and comes and goes without telling anyone."

A little smile goes towards Andy as he conveys what she means, though Emma seemingly had understood her already. As the woman speaks, the hilt of her katana was relaxed upon, the blade clinking down into it's place but not for a second does she let go. And she approaches. Right at the height of the ending where she mentioned ending them all, nary a smile or a wry grin upon Nadia's face. Perhaps it was a true test from the cat and the predatory air that carries around her. She leans in, not enough to breach her personal space, then back again, shoulders razor sharp and stiff.

For whomever survives the judgement of the cat truly deserves the title of 'minion'. Tee'hee.

"Your words are a kindness." Flat toned. Much like Emma's gaze. But words were meant. Just take a peek. Though a turn and an uprisen brow towards Nate is given, Nadia swallows hard as a breath was taken in, her stalk carrying her towards his direction and stopping within clear blade distance.

"I only work with people when I am paid to do so." Her words were slow, clipped. "But I fight alongside family and those who show kindness to me and my minions." Read Ripclaw, Rose, and even Crazy Andy. "Your hubris." She states, wriggling her katana. "Will allow you the finest moments of seeing my blade. Your hubris. Will allow you to retain the shape of a human when I am finished." She pauses, tilting her head with a smile.

"Never threaten those you claim to help. Trust and title family are earned. In all our faults." She turns then, returning to her former spot. If Emma was going to share, she was going to remain silent and listen.

Andy Hart cocks his head at Nate, "Wow, bosssssssssy. I guess I hit a nerve with the sister thing. Well, I got news for you, pantywaist. You ain't the boss of me. This isn't the Chuck E. Cheese where the nineteen year old assistant manager gets his kicks from yelling at the staff. Especially when the staff is, well, a heavily armed psychotic who doesn't care if he lives or dies. BUT…"

And he moves, faster than a blink, faster than any normal human could, until he stops dead just an inch from Nate's face, just short of any TK shielding. "Ripclaw will get alllllllllllll kinds whiny if I gut you. And we're supposed to be pals. So, whenever you remember how to be a team player, drop me a text or a tweet, yo. In the meantime - eat shit and die," he says, throwing in a wink. "Toodles!"

And then he moves again, a lightning dash down the street and he's gone, leaving behind only the faint swat he smacks onto Nadia's buns as he departs.

"I intend to fight this fight. I would prefer to do so with as many to help, as many talents and strengths as possible." Emma offers, honestly. "I know hubris all too well." she admits to Nadia. "But I also encourage it in my enemies, and use it against them."

That said, Emma regards the others. She doesn't seem nearly as moved by Andy's outburst as one would expect. Why that is would be a very good question, but it is not one she is answering right now.

Instead, Emma looks to Nate, and then Rachel, and back to Nadia. "The forensic accountants are not done. But what they have turned up thus far has included several shell corporations connected to some of their more public holdings, which also have holdings that are not outwardly connected to Cyberdata. Tracking the finances related to those other holdings has enabled them to identify two that seem to be spending a great deal more money on biological and technological materiel than their legally declared prospectus would explain. Tracking the transfer of data and communications - without penetrating them - has confirmed active connections with Cyberdata figures on their Board and upper management. And one of them includes a small private airfield, which would make it ideal for staging these cyborg meta-human private soldiers." Which would make that site one of value for them to hit, if they can obtain more information from inside it than they can from more sleuthing from the outside.

Rachel shifts a bit on her bench as Nadia approaches, but she trusts that Emma can handle her. Even if the mention of 'minions' causes the redhead to shoot a look toward Emma, her eyebrows raised, as if she's silently questioning what category they all fall into. Frankly Zakura seems so far past normal, even by Rachel's standards, that she's going to have to have a long talk with Nate later about exactly who these people he's thrown in with are… which is promptly forgotten when Andy moves, inhumanly fast. Faster than Rachel can move, faster than she can even /think/, and then the man with barbed wire and broken glass in his head is in Nate's face, threatening him.

Nate and Emma will certainly feel the psychic 'air' get suddenly heavy as Rachel draws on her powers, her eyes turning to blank, white hot orbs - and then Andy is gone, running. Rachel's eyes shift to Nate, studying him, but for once it seems he's unhurt. She keeps her burning gaze on him for a moment longer, then squeezes her eyes closed. When she opens them, they're green once again. Rachel takes a careful breath, and the power ebbs from her. "You know some great people." She tells Nate, sarcasm covering - mostly - the concern in her voice, before she slumps back on her bench.

She meets Emma's gaze when it finds her, and the other woman will see some honest envy for her poise there. But otherwise, Rachel keeps silent and lets Emma speak. She's still running to catch up, when it comes to Cyberdata.

Nate tilts his head at Andy's outburst, than snorts, looking vaguely bored. Truth is Andy's constant death threats and gruesome comments became tiresome to him in about ten minutes. He would still have preferred Emma and Rachel to be spared from them. And in Nate's never humble opinion he seriously needs to bring back his mouth under control before they go into anywhere public. "Yeah, screw you too," he replies as the speedster vanishes.

He shrugs at Rachel, and gets back to business. Emma's work gives them targets, and that is great, because he is getting tired of being a target himself. "Those sound promising. We ask Chip to do some hacking for more info, I guess. And some astral spying might be useful too."

"Mm." She wasn't dismissing Emma. She was quietly agreeing with her. Waiting for her to speak as if Nadia herself held the aire of authority about her, even if all she really wanted to do was wander off. Her attention span has been reduced to shit since the brainbox was shut off. With removal, she'd probably be left even more unchecked than necessary. So it's a true blessing that she's stayed that long. Even left her ears on that long. It was a miracle.

The words and ass slapping from Andy gets a.. well, a roll of her eyes. She was surely going to bruise but her gaze settles upon Rachel with a wriggle of her katana. Someone was about to really test what she meant. Minions above all else, territorial to boot.

As Emma speaks, the hilt was tilted downward so that Nadia could take on a crouch, clawed fingers soon steeple downward in between her legs, flexing and un-flexing as she takes in that information. She had to focus, not revert back to her normal way of thinking, which is access. Access. Poke the metal in the brain and access.

"Do they know." One eye twitches. "The corporations that have Cyberdata members upon their boards. Do they know of the infiltration."

Emma could probably help teach Nadia's brain to be able to focus without the box. But that would take time and study they don't have right now, so for now she just tries to read the other woman's reactions and know when she needs to slow down, speed up, or squirrel. Thankfully, not yet.

"Most of the corps are shells. They don't have any board members who are real people, who aren't also members of Cyberdata's board. I suspect most of them who aren't do know, even if they don't know everything Cyberdata is up to. But, it will take some telepathic surveillance to confirm that." Emma answers Nadia.

Nate gets a look, in answer to his shrug. She's still not happy he takes his personal safety so lightly. Particularly since he seems to get himself injured on a far too regular basis. The movement of the katana and the implied threat is ignored. Nate and Emma clearly want this meeting to achieve something, Rachel's not going to be the one to spoil it, unless Nadia actually tries to poke her with the blade.

Rachel looks up sharply when telepathic surveillance is mentioned, but then a slow, rueful smile twists her lips. « What did you say about involving myself in dangerous situations? » She asks Emma silently, even as she's outwardly shrugging. "That's something useful I can do."

"Yes, lets put these two places under telepathic surveillance," agrees Nate. "The moment we have confirmation they are used for human or mutant experimentation, we hit them hard and leave a mess for Cyberdata to cover up. I want to see what they do when someone dares to hit back against them. We should watch how the money moves, hmm?" He looks up to Emma. "We should also get Betsy up to date. Can you do that?"

"Point me where to go. I will drive the train where it needs to be." Besides, Nadia hasn't 'eaten' in a while. So yes, her brain is fuddled and her thinking was a mess. She was itching to get the hell out of there.


Yep. That's it. Not even a wave. Just a stand and a walk off. Nothing more. She was done here.

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