Fight at the Museum

April 21, 2016:

An exhibit at the Anthropology Museum is wrecked by a crew of strange superbeings…

Metropolis Museum of Anthropology


NPCs: Prof. Sigmund Charter



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The Metropolis Museum of Anthropology. A tribute to the great works and varied cultures of the world's most interesting and fascinating people. Wings dedicated to great individuals as well as exhibits for entire cultures. The place was truly decked out for tonight, as an grand exhibit featuring Babylonian culture and mythology was on display, featuring the work of a reputable and renowed expert in mythology, Prof. Sigmund Charter. A number of interesting faces have shown up to see the new exhibit on display, drinks being passed around and folks carrying on discussions about the fine artifacts on display. But by far, the most intriguing sight is the glass case at the center of the demonstration featuring a single, pure gold ostrich feather, the crowning jewel of the display. Rumor has it that on Prof. Charter's most recent expedition, he unearthed the artifact and claimed that it lent credence to an ancient myth told in Babylon. With the uncovering of the feather, this tale is said to be at least given some validity.

The other tale flying about is word that the young energy mogul and reputed womanizer, Ford Benett, is to be attending the event. Evidently, the professor and Benett Sr. were room mates in college for a year and the mogul was supposed to be attending the event with Mrs. Benett. Sadly, it seemed that schedules conflicted and Ford was sent to attend the event in his place… and word was, he actually had the closest thing to a stable girlfriend that he'd ever had!

Such rumors are confirmed (at least partially) when Ford walks through the door, black suit and dark red tie on as he holds his arm out for his lady friend to wrap on. Smirking about, he cocked a brow to his date as he spoke. "Well, then… shall we make some ladies insanely jealous of you?" he asked, before leading the way to the display in search of Prof. Charter.

Meanwhile, the professor himself, a studious looking man in his early fifties, horn-rimmed glasses stuck tightly to his nose bridge as he moved about the floor, addressing folks as they mingled about. His slightly raspy voice replies with gratitude and appreciation as folks congratulate him on his findings and putting the display on for the museum, earning the place no small amount of revenue for the effort.

The woman stepping into the room next to Ford might hardly be recognizable compared to her normal self. Gone are the scrubs and crocs. Her messy hair has been tamed into soft, shining waves. She even knows how to put on make up, a deep vermillion on her lips that matches her dress. And *what a dress*. Two halter-like, thick lines of red satin cross from a high waist, hugging her breasts like a second skin but leaving a scandalously low cut between them. The lower half is a volumnious skirt made of sheer red material and matching dark red satin. It's slit up to her high, exposing silk stocking clad leg and modest black high heel as she walks.

She smirks, though, and that is a very Claire Temple smirk as she tosses a sideways look in Ford's direction and slightly shakes her head. "Exactly how much of the WASP social scene HAVE you dated? More so, how many of them are likely to put poison in my drink?" Claire is only half teasing, her husky voice warm as she asks that, stepping further into the room. Dark eyes scan the crowd for her other friend who migh feel out of sorts at a place like this, but she INSISTED Carol needed to get out and pressed her into coming.

Museums are interesting places. Himinglaeva found herself drawn to this one, carrying a skin of her mead over one shoulder because… she doesn't go anywhere without it. It's like her AMEX card. She finds herself approaching the front doors and is being asked by security to go through the metal detector, and to submit her … waterskin… for inspection.
She understands the need for security, but has no idea what mead has to do with such precautions. She wears her white robes with runic symboles on the edges, and sighs with exaggerated patience while trying to explain to the guards that she is merely here to learn of events that have transpired since she visited Midgard last. What she does -not- explain to them is that for one reason or another, she felt -drawn- here… and she can't quite explain why.

Somewhere in the crowd, that sea of faces, a tall blonde head stands out. Some of it might be the fact that she's virtually six feet tall in her stocking feet, let alone the heels she was informed were mandatory for such an outing. It might be the fact that despite being suitably attractive and curvaceous, she's also visibly muscular and fit, or the fact that despite being in high heels she loathes, she moves with a presence and command of her space usually reserved for warriors, some cops, and soldiers. Or, if one has an EM-sense of any kind, it might be the fact that she virtually glowing, brimming over with such energies, which flow within and through her like her very blood.

Carol Susan Jane Danvers hates this place. Hoity toity people. Over-fancy outfits. Boring cultural mumbo-jumbo. Ancient freaking history. And all this goddamned alcohol flowing around, and she has to stay clear of all of it. "Listen. I want. Apple. Juice. Not cider. Not champagne. Not whiskey. OK, truth, I want all of those things. But I can't have them. So would you please, please bring me some straight apple juice, before I introduce your pretty display case to my sparkling fist? Thanks."

Amidst the high society gathered here, there's a member of particularly low society scum that have managed to slip in. Miss Moreau managed to get a ticket through a bit of bribery, and so, here she is in a modest, formal black dress of silk. She might be a criminal, but she wears it well for someone so athletic. Her cane today is of the non-stabbing variety. There's also a dog with her helping her around as she puts on a winning smile and mingles with society's finest.

It's a husky, by the by. Bigger than normal. Fluffier. Oh, and it has eight eyes. Well behaved though, and the dog is getting quite a bit of attention.

"Champagne please~!" Sing-songs the villain to a nearby attendant. Then she's over to admire one of the museum pieces with the help of a passer by.

The woman trying to give Ms. Danvers a drink bristles a bit at her choice of attitude, but ultimately acquiesces to her request, moving through the crowd to try and find her something non-alcoholic.

Although security are a bit cautious of the sea goddess, eventually, once she checks out, Himinlaeva is permitted inside. Indeed, something does call to her in this display. In fact, it seems to be emanating from none other than the crowning jewel of the exhibit itself! The golden feather! The energy she feels is no doubt similar to something one would find in Asgard… but it's subtly different. Judging from the withdrawn nature of the power it reeks of, it seems like it would be used as… some sort of key… but as she detects this power, something else will attract her noise for might. Two figures, one a tall brute of a man and another a petite female with jet black hair, tipped in neon blue fringes, stand to the side, staring intently at the artifact in the case. The power they radiate is… much darker. The sort of might one would feel from the like of Loki… it's malevolent.

As Ford leads Claire through the crowd, his ears catch wind of a familiar voice. He recognized that voice from Gotham a few nights ago! His eyes snap to the sight of Hannah Moreau, and another one of her freaky summoned monsters! Okay… stay relaxed. Provided she didn't summon that giant skull lizard again, it'd be fine… thank heavens he hide his balaclava in his back pants pocket. But his attention quickly changes as he hears another voice, this time from Ms. Danvers, as she is demanding something from the wait staff. He leaned over, smirking as he spoke quietly to Claire. "I take it that's the Carol you begged me to get an extra ticket for? She seems a tad… uncomfortable." He said, leading the way towards her. "…admit it, you just wanted to make her jealous of you, didn't you?"

"I did *not* want to make my friend jealous. I just wanted to get her out to something nice. Though… maybe I should have gone with movies instead." Claire admits with a slight frown fluttering across her artfully done up lips, especially as she catches the tail end of Carol's commentary. Claire never imagined they would have issues serving something NA here. She gives Ford's arm a gentle squeeze, not *quite* catching sight of Hannah and the creature yet. "…Hey, you. Breathe. You are going to be fine and this will be great." She reassures him gently, like his nerves might be stage fright or something. She turns, kissing the corner of his mouth. "You look great. It'll go great." SHe reassures him again, before pulling away.
When she is free, she turns towards Carol fully, "Carol! You came. I'm…I'm so glad. Sorry about the… shit. I didn't even think about service here. Shit. Am I allowed to swear at one of these things?" She gives a half laugh, genuinely a bit nervous herself even if she's doing pretty good at hiding it.

Golden Feather? Maybe it's related to the golden apples of Idunn? She nods her thanks to the guard, "Blessings of Freyja be upon you." she says absently as she moves forward, towards the exhibit. "Evil Golden Feather?" she asks aloud as she flows across the room.
She herself stands out as well, yet another tall statuesque woman.. this one with white-blonde hair with a mild blue-green tint everywhere except at the ends where it's more like seafoam colored.

Too bad Miss Moreau's powerset is a bit…focused. Thus, the energy radiating off of the two individuals at the case is completely lost to her. Maybe with some training she could tap into more, but that time is not now.

Plus, she's a bit distracted. Ford isn't quite noticed just yet, and she likely wouldn't recognize him. She hardly heard his voice after all in the chaos of the park!

One of the other party-goers are in a discussion about animals near Sumeria's location. It's /always/ animals with Moreau inevitably.

Carol gives Claire a brief hug, her own midnight blue dress and nordic looks an interesting contrast with Claire and her scarlet red. "Hi. Don't worry about it. They're not used to someone coming to something like this and not wanting the alcohol, but still insisting on something to drink. It isn't the first time, won't be the last. Though if Tony was hosting this, they'd have been prepared." Since Tony is on the wagon too. And yes, Carol casually namedrops people like Tony Stark. It's part of her charm.

Not having met the sea goddess before, Carol's eyes pick her out in that robe before she notices anyone else. The pooch is an odd choice, and will gain some attention, but not enough to redirect her. But when Carol's eyes drift over the two in the corner, those blue orbs narrow; she couldn't necessarily testify as to why they make her hackles raise, but they do. And she has far too much experience to discount instincts like those. Still, she stays social. "Hi there. You must be … Ford, right?" Carol offers, extending a hand towards the guy who had Claire on his arm." "Nice to meet you." She doesn't bother with 'if you mistreat her, you're roadkill'. That's so testosterone. Carol doesn't give fair warnings like that. Instead, though she is being polite, much of her attention is on that pair, wondering. "Claire … you might want to be ready to drop those heels and scamper. I could be wrong. But I think something bad is coming." Carol murmurs, far more quietly.

Ford seems to start looking a bit more… anxious at he nears the glass case and the feather inside. He started to fidget a bit, one of his feet tapping the ground a bit as he stood, shaking Carol's hand. "A pleasure to meet you, Ms. Danvers. Claire, you should've told me your friend needed some social activity. I could've invited the both of you for dinner some time. I'm quite proud of my-" Ford paused, glancing at Claire before grimacing a bit as he finished. "…steak. Steak and potatoes. Actually… if you two will excuse me one moment."

Ford made his way towards Hannah and her dog, nodding to the person she was conversing with before asking to speak with Hannah privately for a moment. "Look… I don't have time to discuss this with you, but I want to give you fair warning: you cause any trouble like you did in the Gotham Park, and I will personally have you ejected from this exhibit. Are we clear?" His hand pulled a card from his pocket, before slipping it to Hannah. "We'll talk later, alright? I'd like to discuss a few opportunities to get you off the street." Bidding her farewell, he departed as Hannah melded into the crowd. As he walked back, he bumped into Himinglaeva, blinking before smiling and bowing his head. "I am so sorry, miss. I didn't mean to run into you like that. I hope you're having a good— Professor!" Ford waved as Prof. Charter approached, smiling as he shook the younger man's hand. "Well, well, never thought I'd see you at one of these things, Ford. Is this your guest for the evening? She's quite the lady. A pleasure to meet you miss…?" As the professor offered his hand to the sea goddess, Ford smiled back, before nodding in Claire's direction. "Actually, believe it or not, that lady over there? The supermodel of a woman in red? She's my guest for the evening." The professor spared Claire and Carol a look, before turning back to Ford and smirking. "Just her? From what your father has told me, I wouldn't be surprised if both those ladies were your guests." Ford arched a brow back. "…who says they aren't~? I did get them both their tickets, after all…"

As the event continues, the two characters from before, Dimmu and Kululu, close in on the glass case, both taking a side at staring at the feather inside. "…what do you think, Dimmu? Is it the real thing?" The brutish man growled back his response. "No doubt, Kululu… that's the real feather."

It was an odd relieve that Ford wouldn't need her to tail him the entire night, like she was a pretty piece of arm decoration. However, there is something in his demeanor that makes Claire frown a bit deeper. Was this more than stage fright? "…Yes, his steak is amazing… alright, Ford, just… Take a breath. I'll be here." Claire lets him go, but from the flickering worry in her dark eyes, she might actually care for the guy.

The dark haired woman takes a deeper breath herself and looks back to her friend, only double taking as seeing that beast of a creature now as the beast's keeper disappears into the crowd. "…What the hell…is that…" SHe breathes out, a shiver going through her. Then she forces on the blonde long enough to register the warning. That completely makes her smile fall away. "SOmething is… coming? What do you mean? It's a gala, Carol, for a *feather*. This isn't even worth an Ocean's 11 heist. You're just nervous to be out. Come on. We could dance and make everyone jealous?" She states with a grin.

And… the goddess is bumped. She doesn't so much as budge a bit. She's dense and sturdy. What? She's still statuesque. But she's kind of.. focused. Tunnel vision.. on the Feather for the moment.
"By Odin's beard…" she murmurs softly to herself. But.. someone is being sociable and so.. she shakes her head and comes out of her reverie.. before looking to the professor. She looks down at the hand and then nods and reaches an arm out to clasp wrists with the man. "Well met mortal." she states simply.

Probably a good thing super hearing is not one of Carol's powers. She gets to ignore Ford's comment rather than feel a need to respond to it, as it passed her unnoticed. She's holding onto Claire for conversation, but she's staring right past her friend at Dimmu and Kululu. "Claire, you know me. I don't do nervous. Not even in this place." Carol is supremely confident as a matter of her own nature. Still, unless someone does something, she's going to stay calm and remain with Claire. But her instincts are screaming trouble is just around the turn of the second hand on the clock. "I do love a good steak, though. We could do that." But Carol is caught off-guard by Claire's final turn. "We. Dance … what?" Yeah. She's not used to that at all. Carol's female friends don't usually go for trying to dance with Carol at an event. And she never goes clubbing. "I can … try not to put a spile heel through your toes, if you want?"
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Truth be told, Ford did feel a bit nervous… but not quite for any observable reason. Not even by himself. But for some odd reason, every time he got a look at that feather, he had this… sudden surge of energy in him. As if he suddenly had an urge to run around and let it all out! It had to be nerves… but he didn't get nervous. Not at events like these, anyways.

The professor tilted his head a bit at Himinglaeva's remark of calling him a mortal, before smiling and nodding back. "It is a pleasure to meet you, my de—" The professor's comment is immediately broken by the sudden sound of glass shattering and people gasping, before all heads turned to the duo standing by the glass case. The seal was broken and the big man, Dimmu, stood holding the feather in his massive hand proudly, as his female companion smirked. "It starts with this… Gallu will be pleased to-" Her commentary is cut off as several security guards draw their weapons and approach the pair. "Hands in the air, now! You are under arrest!"

Dimmu looked back at the guards, gritting his teeth visibly before bellowing back in a mighty lion's roar! The force was enough to knock the guards off balance, before Kululu swatted a hand at them and slung streams of water out, striking at them and knocking them to the ground. "Stupid mortals… come on, Dimmu. We'd better get this back to Gallu before he gets mad."

Of course, the woman's dialogue is cut out as the crowd starts screaming and running for safety. Ford grabbed hold of Professor Charter's shoulder, before nodding towards Claire. "Come on, sir. We'd better get you out of here." The professor was clearly visibly upset at having to leave his prized artifact behind, but at Ford's urging, he let it go and followed the young man out with the crowd of fleeing civilians.

The moment the glass shattered, Himinglaeva became 100% fluid. She didn't look any different, but she was now a walking body of water. "That does not belong to you. I suggest that you give it back." she states… a hazy field of water molecules hanging in the air about her.. almost as if a fog was spreading. Wait, that's exactly what is happening.
About an inch from the floor… fog creeps outwards from her. It doesn't harm anything and it doesn't reach the exhibits. "The sea is not amused." she adds.

"A dance would be great. Just one. It'll help us both relax-" So much for relaxing. As Claire is just about to reassure Carol that she won't crush her toes, the entire room breaks out into chaos. Her eyes shoot wide in worry, "…Well, shit. Why the hell is a feather that damn important?" She really didn't get it. But things were devolving quickly. She gives Carol's arm a brief squeeze and, though she's not sure of the full extent of the woman's nature, she knows her friend is different. That's all she's ever asked. "Go. Do your thing." She reassures Carol.

Then Claire is going to do HER thing. Instead of running towards the exit with the rest of the civilians, like a fleeing Cinderella in red, she runs TOWARDS the security guards who were all violently knocked back. She kneels beside the only one that isn't moving, having hit a pole rather violently, immediately beginning to check his neck to be certain it's not broken. There she is, doing triage in the middle of the chaos infested gala, not even thinking of the violence going on just over her shoulder. "Hey, sir? Can you hear me? Wake up, sir…" She mutters, reaching for his lids so she can do a quick check of his pupils.
There's a part of Carol that wants to look after and defend her friend. But she's used to that instinct; she's lived with it for a long, long time. And learned to live with the fact that some of her friends - many of them, at this point in her life - are the sorts that need to be free to do what they need to do, without her getting in the way. So she doesn't try to chase after Claire or protect her. She does her thing. Her way.

Carol Susan Jane Danvers does not duck, panic, or look for cover. She steps out into the stream of those fleeing, and stands unmoving as her body is surrounded in a shimmering golden glow that starts at her feet and crawls up her body to the crown of her head, and then disappears. As it passes. her midnight blue dress is replaced with the blue, red and gold of her Captain Marvel costume. And her sparklefists are definitely in evidence. "Alright, morons. That will be enough. Put the damned feather down, and put your hands up in surrender. Or so help me, I'm going to vent my frustrations on you until you can't see straight." That, by the way, is the only warning she's giving out today.
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Dimmu and Kululu stop, looking up at the duo that opposed their leaving. Dimmu snarled at Captain Marvel, while Kululu eyed Himinglaeva. "Hey, Dimmu… is that who I think it is?" Dimmu growled angrily at the water woman. "Yeah! An Asgardian. What are those rune worshipping snots doing here?" Kululu raised her hand, as water climbed up her arm, which formed a glaive in her hand, hardening into an icy weapon. "No worries. We were made to kill gods, after all~" she sang, before rushing forward to slice into the sea goddess. Which may or may not actually hurt, considering there is a considerable amount of magic flowing through the weapon.

"Grrr… out of our way, she-warrior. No matter how strong you are, you cannot beat the Ferocious Lion!" Dimmu let out another bellowing animal roar, hoping to catch Miss Marvel off guard before dashing in at impressive speeds and bringing an open palm out to smash her right in her head.

As Claire attends to the fallen guards, the one she sees to gets up and shakes his head. "Good lord… we were not trained to handle these things. Uh… don't worry about me. It just caught me off is all… but you'd better clear out, lady! Those things are monsters!" The others seem to be rousing at well, before an oily voice responds to his comment. "You have no idea how right you are, mortal…" Standing a few feet away from behind Claire, another figure, black hair well-coifed and olive skin contrasting with the red robe-like garments he wore, smirked down at Claire, a malicious grin on his thin, pale face. "We are the original monsters. Those terrible legends and myths you humans have told for thousands of years? …where do you think they came from?"

It's weird, a pair of sea deities fighting. As the glaive forms and freezes, a spear of solid magical water shoots out of Himinglaeva's hand and is used to block the incoming attack. "I am no Vanir, nor even Aesir. I am Jotunn, I am the sea…" she announces as she intercepts the weapon with her own.
Seeing the glow of energy from her unnamed comrade in arms, she asks. "Can your power boil water perchance warrioress?!" back towards Captain Marvel as she lifts her arms, trying to pull the Glaive out of position and shooting her hand out towards the other warrior charging the Captain… trying to catch him in a sudden flood of thousands of gallons that shoot out of her hand like a wave… but a tightly controlled one. Why does she do this? Because she's trying to force a change of combatants. A fight between her and the other sea deity could be long, boring, and likely end with no clear winner. She prefers -decisive- victories.

As the guard sits up, Claire releases a breath of relief, "Go! Get out of here yourself! There's others here to help." She insists, more worried about other civilians getting out than herself. She motions to the other guards, giving them permission to flee and hoping they will take it. She's about to move for a fire exit and pull the alarm when she hears the voice tossed in her direction. She turns around with a flare of her own red skirts, anger crossing her features, not fear. Not exactly. "You came from nightmares. Just… keep innocents out of it. These people aren't a part of your battle!" She shakes her head and backs more to the wall, but she's not running. Her eyes scan the crowd for injured. That's Claire's only priority.

Superheroes, and clashing deities. This party was fun even before chaos erupted. Now? Miss Moreau is grinning like a demon. She'd taken cover to assess the situation, her dog at her side. Reaching down, she pets the thing, telepathic link giving her the sight she's missing as the dog feeds her information.

"My, my, Mister Benett! Culture, free drinks, /and/ violence! You really do throw wonderful parties! As they say at home, it is not a party until someone leaves in a body bag!" She calls out cheerfully.

That's when Moreau takes out the Book. She draws on her magic, flipping to a page and running her hand along it. "Rise, my pets."

Not too far from where Dimmu and Himinglaeva clash, reality shimmers, and creatures appear! What horrors has she unleashed!?


A good two dozen yappy corgi dogs are seemingly watching the fight. Normal at first glance. But then one notices the fur: it almost looks slightly metallic, like a metal scrub brush. That pack of tiny terrors then leap at Kululu with speed enough for them to blur. Tiny jaws clamp down with enough force to chew through a steel beam. And then that bristly fur begins to vibrate.

The water creature Kululu gets to deal with yapping, biting corgis that are now crackling with static-created lightning.

Given Carol has already seen Dimmu do the yell before, she is unimpressed by it a second time, though that doesn't mean her ears don't ring. What was that? What did you say? Unfortunately, she misses the Jutun woman's call, because she's pretty well missing anything audible right now. So she's going to get wet, here, and lose traction. That sucks. Yeah, so when he charges, she advances to meet him, matching his speed, and raising her forearm to deflect the incoming bitchslap he was attempting. Her return? A sparkling fist aimed at his chest coming in from the opposite side, even as her feet skid over the floor a bit with the force of the blow.

The Corgi swarm strikes and shocks at Kululu, causing her to easily lose the grip on her polearm and shouts in pain at the thunderous barrage. That is, before an even louder squeal of delight shouts above the noise. "DOGGIES!!!!!" The glass dome of the ceiling above shatters as a pair of child like figures stream in. One is happily spinning and riding a tornado, squealing with delight at her shenanigans, as the other actually seems to be swinging on a bolt of lightning, diving head long into the corgi swarm. "Puppies! Come here, puppies!" he cheers happily, clearly unaffected by the massive bolts of lightning and drawing it in as if he was some sort of lightning rod. The girl of the duo continues to flop about atop her mobile twister. Kululu, meanwhile, uses the distraction to shake herself loose of the dogs and leap to safety, rubbing her arm. "Darn mutts!"

As Miss Marvel retaliates with her own sparkling fist of justice, Dimmu easily catches it and closes his mighty hand around her considerably smaller one. Not that he doesn't slide back from the impact. He snarled, about to retort, but his eyes catch sight of the water rushing in from the sea goddess. Unable to properly deal with the threat, he is suddenly saved by the arrival of yet another figure, who dashes in at the last second and disperses the wave with a swipe of his arm at that impact. This figure looks very much like the one talking to Claire, but his robes are green instead of red. Dimmu snarled at the newcomer. "I didn't need your help, Bashu!" The new arrival smiled back, before turning to face Himinglaeva. "Never hurts. Besides, best not to underestimate an Asgardian."

As Claire stand firm against the red robed figure, she no longer has to do so alone, as one more new arrival shows up, though it's clear his apparel is last minute… considering he's wearing fine dress pants, but no shirt, a balaclava covering his head and face. But he has powers for certain, judging from the fact that he dashed onto the scene from seemingly nowhere. "Ooooooh… it's… it's you, isn't it?" The red robed figure smiles devilishly as the other aggressors suddenly stop, turning to eye the masked fellow. "Hey, Musshu. Is that who I think it is?" Kululu asked, smirking as she summoned another icy polearm. Dimmu let go of Miss Marvel's hand, tossing it aside as the boy in the corgi pile poked his head out, staring as well. "Hey! It's the bird! That's his power, right? The Ostrich!" The masked man looked about at the growing gallery of rogues, before balling his fists up. "…who are you freaks, anyways?"

The red robed fellow, Musshu, held out his hands, presenting himself in his attire and replied, "We… are the first monsters. The 11 Terrible Beasts. We… are the Children of Tiamat."

"Who…who the hell are these people?" Claire breathes out into the room, even though they JUST answered that question. "Tiamat? What the hell?" Claire is a nurse. She's not an ancient history scholar, a super hero, an old god, or anything but a nurse from the latino section of Hell's Kitchen with a temper and a protective streak a mile wide. That streak only increses as she sees the Ostrich man rush onto scent in his sleek black pants and balaclava. All the chaos, the dogs, the heroes keeping the villains busy, those strange children, all of it seems to go away as she focuses on him. "…don't you dare get yourself killed." She mutters beneath her breath. There is no way she's going anywhere now, though she tries to stay to the edges of the room and out of the direct fight.

See, Himinglaeva had a multi-tiered goal in flooding Dimmu over there. There is now a large amount of water on the floor.. at least around the combatants. She looks to the Corgi's and is… momentarily distracted by their appearance. And then.. the newcomers. She shrugs her shoulders and mutters, "I though tell Thor. I would love to see him lashing those to his chariot. I think it would be the cutest chariot ever." she mutters mostly to herself.
Then.. she vanishes. She merges with the water. And for a long moment, it appears that she might have fled. But then she reforms her body out of the water right by Dimmu. "Please." she says to Captain Marvel. "If you would step back a pace…" And she grins as she turns her eyes back to Dimmu… it's a grin.. but not a friendly one. She lifts a hand and shows it to him. Then… she clenches her fist.
As she does so, all of that water she's expelled… along with -more- water she's making even now… will be rising up and trying to close in on and crush Dimmu.

Captain Marvel doesn't seem terribly bothered by the hand trying to crush her fist, but then again he was distracted. As her hearing starts to recover, she glances towards the Jotun woman, and shrugs. Then she just turns and walks away from Dimmu as if he's nothing at all. It could be viewed as profound arrogance. But she's busy. "Wait just a minute. Tiamat? You mean that multi-colored dragon-headed thing?" Because that's what she knows about Tiamat; pop-culture references. Ancient history? Not so damnd much. She waits for the right opening, and then blasts Kululu with a pair of photon bolts. Yes. They can boil water.

Suddenly, a supernatural kid is in her pile of corgis. Even Moreau's heart isn't immune to such. It melts juuuuuust a little bit.

"….Awww." Hopefully no one heard the supervillain d'aww'ing.

Right, head back in the game. Far too many heroes for her liking, but the fight is good, and for once the likelyhood of her being arrested is decently low. She flips a page. Most of the corgipile dissappears. All but two!

"If you both promise to take good care of them, they are yours." Yup. Moreau is bribing the child-beasts with doggies. Smile!

There's one more dog in the room though, the six eyed one she'd brought in as a service animal. It suddenly sheds all of its fur. In its place? The thing grows spines, sharp and barbed and dripping with some sort of black liquid.

"Oh? You mean that thing actually exists? Truly? Planning on bringing it out to play? Or is it caged somewhere?" Miss Moreau asks. Less out of actual concern, and more out of curiousity. Meanwhile, Marvel gets an assist as her newly minted attack dog, rushes for Kululu and tries to cover her in spines.

The two children beasts seem to freak at the prospect of having their own corgis. The one in the literal dog pile is sad at the loss of the others, but hugs the remaining two to himself. Meanwhile, the girl on the tornado hops off and marches over to the boy, folding his arms and stomping her foot. "No fair! I want one too!"

The masked man seems both surprised and worried that this bunch of misfit villains seem to know who he is and he backs up a step, nervous at the eyes on him. "…ma'am, you may want to find a place to hide. This could get bad… very fast." Just as he takes another step, suddenly it seems as if everyone is on him! The two robed figures suddenly blaze in and try to simultaneously swinging fists into him, before Kululu rushes in, deftly moving past Miss Marvel's blasts and bringing her glaive to attack the masked stranger before he manages to dash out of the way. Musshu smirked, before diving into the ground and drilling through as if he was some kind of jackhammer, churning through the earth… before bursting right out of the ground and cornering the fellow from his fleeing. "So, the stupid birds chose a coward to represent their might? Fitting… soon, the entire planet will tremble before us!"

As the water crushes in on Dimmu, one can hear his roar from inside the bubble of water. As it clasps tighter and tighter, suddenly, it starts to push back. More. And even more! Suddenly, it smashes apart, as Dimmu flexes his arms upwards from inside, snarling in Himinlaeva's direction… before rushing right past her and barreling straight for the masked man! As the fellow tries to flee, he finds his path blocked by the other 3 assailants, before everything slowed down as Dimmu brought a palm out to strike him as if he were clawing at him… but just before he connects, something happened. To everyone else, it seems like nothing happens… but to Ford, he could see everything slow down to a crawl as his eyes were drawn to the feather in the brute's hand. There was no mistaking… it let off a faint glimmer, resonating in his proximity. He suddenly felt a surge of power course through him, before bringing up a foot up to smash it into Dimmu's jaw, sending him flying back towards the sea goddess and the woman warrior. "…Dimmu, you idiot! Don't let him get close to the feathers!"

Panting, the masked man tried to process what happened… before a piercing roar echoed throughout the museum interior. The other villains looked up, a look of sudden worry on their faces. The two child beasts stopped fighting over their corgis as they frowned at each other, speaking in unison. "Uh oh… fun's over. Gallu's here."

The brunette in the red dress, which is now soaked from the knees down because that much water doesn't get thrown around a place without some of it getting splashed across the floor, takes another step back. She does listen about staying out of the way, but Claire isn't hiding. Defiant, worried for multiple friends, or perhaps just in shock. She remains near a pillar of the museum's lofty ceiling, but she watches everything play out.

Bursting the water. Sure. It was bound to happen. Himinglaeva just didn't have enough yet to present the proper amount of pressure. But.. what she does have is something raw, natural, and agressive.
As Dimmu starts to leave her, she roars herself and a spear of water is in her hands once more. Yes, that's right.. she roard. But there's a difference. She's also now almost ten feet tall. She has stopped pretending she is human sized. The spear is stabbed at Dimmu's back with all of the strength her Jotunn muscles can muster… even as she uses her longer legs to stride his way to ram the strike home. Not to mention.. the magic in the 'weapon' she is using. But.. at the last moment, she hears the words and grins.. she adjusts her aim to try to stab Dimmu in the wrist.. or somehow knock the feather free of his grip.

One last figure crashes into the museum through the broken skylight, leaving a hefty crater where he landed and emerging slowly from the dust. His skin, a deep dark brown, clashes with the yellow eyes glaring out from those nasty eyes. The only thing he wore was a pair of surprisingly tattered pants, the rest of him shirtless and shoeless. He tilted his head, shifting his gaze from Himinglaeva, squinting at Miss Marvel a moment, before locking onto the masked man. "…we're done here." He spoke firmly, clearly a no nonsense attitude. "We do not need to provoke this world's new champions, nor the Asgardians. We are supposed to be avoiding them. Do you have the feather?" Dimmu held up the feather to show it off. "Right here, Gallu. You were r—"Just as he does so, the water spear crashes into his wrist, knocking the feather loose and causing it to flutter to the ground. Ford suddenly gets the bright idea to grab the feather, zipping forward to snatch it… and just as he makes contact with it, a searing light suddenly fills the room, blinding the aggressors… but strangely enough, everyone else notices that many thousands more feathers emanate from the point of contact, seemingly attacking the Children, who slowly start to recover from their recoil.

Holding a hand up, Gallu gave the order to fall back. "We are done here. Move!" The others move to his side, the kids picking up their new corgi pets, despite Gallu's glare at them for doing so, while the others make leaps and bounds to join him.

He pointed to Himinglaeva, scowling. "Tell your Asgardian brethren that they're time here in this world is done."

He directed his finger to Captain Marvel, glaring quietly. "…we had mortals in our time like you… avoid their fate and do not oppose us."

His eyes graze to Hannah, the less said about her and her dogs the better.

Gallu's gaze traced it's way to Claire, who hide behind her pillar. "That is the proper reaction to our might. I advise you all learn from your better."

And finally, he locked eyes on the masked man. "…you will die, bird. I will see to it personally." And with that, a shadow radiates from out of Gallu's back, enveloping the place for a moment before retreating from whence it came… and the Children of Tiamat were gone. Ford looked about the place, before raising the feather up. "Okay, so… does anyone have any idea what just happened?"

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