Training with Caitlin

April 10, 2016:

The Avengers try to bring Caitlin's training up to snuff. Mockingbird wears a bikini.


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It's a spring day on the lovely grounds of Fort Kirby. And by lovely I mean if you like drab bunker style buildings and tarmac, but still the sun is shining and a few puffy white clouds dot the sky. The weather is warm too, and likely to get warmer this week. Out on the grass behind the barracks a mat has been laid out where Captain America is showing Fairchild some techniques based on Aikido.

As he's going through the block to take down move, he goes through each step, doing his best to break it down into little parts.

The first is a low block with the right hand to defend a kick as it comes. Then, with the left hand blocking the right part of the face, he teaches her to move in to ride the forearm across the face and bring an attacker down. With her size it looks a bit awkward, but it's good enough. "Just remember your strength, kid, and don't rip my head off, alright?"

Mockingbird is sunbathing. No, really. Being all super-soldiered means the cold doesn't bother her as much, so even this temperature is comfortable. She's laid out on a lawn chair not far from where the lesson is happening, in a bikini, with sunglasses on.

Cindy Moon was absolutely enjoying herself, the young woman having taken a perch on a half wall off to the right of the demonstration. Silk is in full costume, her scarf pulled down below her chin and a toothy grin on display as she sits cross legged. "You can do it Red!" She cheers, not even trying to conceal her teasing tone before taking a small bite of the sandwich she had taken with her.

She also has an iced coffee sitting next to her as well, because apparently Cindy is a basic white bitch at heart…

"Uh…. okay." Caitlin steps forward, moving with slow, halting steps. She's being very ginger around Steve, for good reason— she's the only one on the team who could possibly win an arm wrestling match with Hulk. Her footwork's actually pretty good, thanks to Diana's influence, and she moves with a careful eye to balance and motion.

The angle she's got on Steve frankly sucks, but she doesn't know it— she just sort of awkwardly pushes on his face until he falls over, forgetting to move her feet for the leverage the throw really needs. It still -works-, but it's ungainly as all get out.

"Like that?"

Outside's a much better place to smoke. Kwabena only smokes inside when shit's real dire, and it's cold outside. Well, shit's dire, but it's not too terribly cold, considering his jacket and hoodie.

The Ghanaian doesn't really observe what's going on until he's finished lighting up, the beat up old zippo pocketed safely away. When he finally notices that it's Steve sparring with Cait, he visibly grimaces. A nice, long drag is consumed before he considers just whether or not he ought to call a nurse to standby.

Apparently, he emerged after Cindy's calling, so he's yet to notice the wall crawler up above. He does, however, notice Bobbi. For a moment or two, he just… stares.

"That wasn't terrible," Steve says as he picks himself up off the mat. "I think the up top was pretty good, but focus this time on your legs. You want to move your front leg in like this." He goes through and focuses on the front foot, sliding it along the mat, and brings them hip to hip. "Right there, then the follow through."

"Don't go easy on her, Cap," Bobbi calls out, though she's not really watching the fight. "The children are our future," she quips with a smirk.

"Watch her face though!" Cindy adds right after Bobbi, leaning back somewhat on the wall. "Lord knows it doesn't need any more bumps." Silk chirps, she's looking awfully smug right now.

"Oh… Okay." Caitlin grabs Steve by the front of his shirt, shifting her feet as instructed. Hip up, braced halfway— Cait's in workout clothing, calf-high yoga pants and a grey sports bra with green piping. She gives Steve a nudge, gripping his shirtfront, looking for that point of weakness in his stance.

Then she lifts him up off the ground. "Wait, this isn't right," she scowls, looking up at him overherad. "Was -this- what I was supposed to do?"

She gives Bobbi a dark look at the 'children' comment. "That's not helpful!" she scowls at the peanut gallery, flushing in embarassment at their color commentary.

Cindy Moon mission accomplished.

Cindy's voice draws a pair of silver eyes to look upward. Kwabena takes another drag from his cigarette, before arching an eyebrow. He withholds comment, only to look back at the sparring pair and snort. "It's like de goddamn WWE," he remarks.

Steve is lifted straight off his feet and into the air and can't help but chuckle. He's holding her wrist as he's up there, "Well, it's not perfect. Don't get frustrated. If I told you about my training you would take a lot of solace, trust me."

Cindy Moon should remind Shift of that one horrible, terrible night at that one club. Small world huh? But none the less, she's grinning like an idiot at this point as she rocks somewhat, brushing stray crumbs off of her chest. "Come on Red! He's a twig! You can take him! You've got him right where you want him!"

Mockingbird rolls over onto her stomach and rests her head on her folded arms. She is gonna have a tan, by God!

"Oh." Caitlin sets Steve down carefully, supporting him with her free hand. "I'm… it's okay. I just don't wanna screw this up," he apologizes to him. "I usually work out with Kara and Carol Danvers. I'm… well, you're just so fragile," she frets, brushing Steve's shoulder off and tugging the wrinkles out of his shirt where she'd gripped it. "I'm really worried I'm gonna sneeze and break you in half or something. Bobbi would probably be really upset with me."

She pinks brightly at Cindy's praises, glancing at the girl, but trying to keep her focus on Steve.

Thing is, Cindy wasn't in costume that one horrible night at that one club, so she's got a leg up on him there.

It takes great effort to not just stare at pasty Mockingbird buns, but Kwabena manages.

Cindy Moon ooOoOoOOoOOooohs loudly at Cait's comment in regards to Steve being fragile. "You aren't going to take that lying down are you Steve?!" She jeers from her vantage point, barely able to supress a chortle as she conitnues to be an absolute menace. Really, she's usually not like this at all! But teasing Cait is way too low a fruit to be ignored.

Speaking of lowhanging fruit, Cindy has also avoided glanced at Mockingbird's bum, also known as the pale surface of the moon.

"I've been called many things, Caitlin, but fragile is a new one," Steve says he smooths out his shirt. "Supergirl," Steve says, "Is all power. I can't say much about Captain Marvel, but it's important you work on technique. Someday you'll run up against the wrong person who will match your power. From there, it's your technique that will see you through."

"Well, you're just… just so… real," Caitlin frets, touching Steve's chest still. Realizing she is, she turns bright pink and snatches her hand away. "And you're kind of Original In Box.If I sneeze and break your neck, I'm pretty sure Carol would never forgive me."

"I'm just worried I might hurt you. Maybe I -should- be working out more with Hulk," she offers. "Worst case, he might break one of my arms. But I'm really worried I'm gonna flip you wrong and tear an arm off."

"Throw 'em into the next state Red! Come on!"

Cindy, and her sandwich, are not helping matters at all.

Mockingbird finally gets up and moves to watch the training. "He's not that breakable. Besides, he heals up quicker than normal." She pushes her shades up on top of her head.

Steve chuckles, "Well, I could use a break anyhow. Mock, you're welcome to hop in for me. I should see if Grunt has gone to get lunch yet, too."

"O-oh. Okay. Well, thanks Steve," Caitlin tells Cap, backing away a few paces and smiling. "See you soon I hope." She watches him leave, then turns to face Bobbi and Cindy, and walks towards the tanning super-spy. "I hope I didn't make him mad," she frets, glancing at Steve's departing back. "I didn't mean to sound like I was putting him down. I'd just feel REALLY bad if I hurt him."

"Silkachu! I choose you!" Bobbi shouts, pointing at Cindy. "You two train together. I have some work to get done." WIth a grin, Mockingbird sashays her way inside.

Mockingbird returns to OOC Land.

Cindy Moon blinks, looking absolutely awkward up here on the wall as she's so suddenly called out. The girl tilting this way and that before she lets out a click of her tongue and smiles bashfully at Cait. "Well, I guess mom says so…" She trails off, internally squealing at the pokemon reference.

Cindy really, really likes her pokemon.

None the less, she'll pop down from the wall with grace, pushing her chest out as she reaches skyward with her hands, stretching in cat like fashion as she shoots Cait a grin. "So, terms of the fight. How about… One touch and you win?" She asks, now tilting her upper body to the right.

"Okay," Caitlin says, dubiously. She moves towards Cindy a bit awkwardly, then settles her weight on her heels, feet spreading and hips swivelling to lower her weight.

She spreads her hand apart, wiggling into place, then with an explosion of motion lunges for Cindy, hands grabbing at the tiny webslinger!

Cindy Moon was already moving by the time Caitlin had surged at her, the spider lady dashing to the right, putting a foot between herself and Cait before she kicks off. She'll flash just the cheesiest of grins as she comes to a trotting stop, turning about so she can tap her temple with her index finger. "Ah ah, you're going to need to be a little faster." She wasn't the strongest, nor was she the smartest (she IS the cutest), but Cindy is certainly fast. And smug as hell.

Caitlin drops low and lunges again, hands reaching out. Big, grasping gestures, arms swinging fruitlessly. She's not Cindy-level fast, but she's incredibly strong, and her muscles her her speed. She tries to go high to fake Cindy out, thne drops low again in a good shoulder check at Cindy's belly level, trying to take her to the ground with an explosive surge of motion as she digs her toes into the ground for leverage.

Cindy Moon is quite able to dodge the first lunge, the girl seemingly moving before Cait even starts her action. There's obviously something a little more than a sharpened reaction time going on here as she falls for the move, Cindy ducking down, the trick seemingly working perfectly as she shoots out her hand with a shocked expression.

Cindy is able to extend, her hand catching Cait's shoulder and hardly deflecting the blow as she's sent reeling backwards, it's a marvel that she's able to keep her footing as she digs her heels in- Sadly… She's entirely open for another attack.

Though, with as open as she is, Cait is /very/ likely to see that Cindy is raising her hand! What could that mean?!

Though, with as open as she is, Cait is /very/ likely to see that Cindy is raising her hand! What could that mean?!

This time, Caitlin goes high, leaping into the air and trying to crash down atop Cindy. Her brows go up in confusion at the hand waving in the air, but it's too late— Cait's crashing down atop Cindy's position, arms outspread in an attempt to corral the tiny spider-woman.

Cindy Moon snaps her head up, eyes tracking the other woman as Cindy coils up, seemingly to take the hit- only to spring off quite suddenly, propelling herself back wards as she points both of her outstretched hands upwards towards Cait. The marvelous magnificient madam of mayhem will have hardly a moment to realize what is happening before two lines of silk webbing erupt from Cindy's fingertips. The lines shoot up towards her limbs, even as Cindy oh so unceremoniously hits the ground butt first below her.

Caitlin squaks when webbin hits her, and hits the ground unceremoniously. She rolls back and forth, growling, then sets her arms and grunts. With a tremendous strain of exertion, she forces her arms apart, snapping the webbing that's got her wrists pinned.

"Good… holy crap!" she grunts. "How strong -is- this stuff?!"

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