Burgers at 20,000 feet

April 19, 2016:

Steve visits Sharon aboard the Helicarrier


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There's the soft echo of his boots on the metal grate flooring of the hallway. As he approaches, two younger SHIELD agents come from the other direction. Once they notice it's him, they stop and salute.

But unlike the young Virginia farmboys, Steve Rogers isn't wearing a standard issue SHIELD uniform. Instead, he's just wearing blue jeans and a t-shirt. And in his hands is a bag with four greasy cheeseburgers.

"Can you gentlemen tell me the way to EK1226?" he asks them with a smile. The burgers came from down below in Manhattan, and he's hoping they don't go cold.

"Yes, sir, it's at the end of the hallway. You're looking for Agent 13?"

Steve gives a nod. "Thanks." Within 20 paces he's reached her door and wraps on it.

Well, Sharon left shift several hours ago, but there was no where to be in the city, no one to hang out with, she didn't participate in the weekly happy hours some of the younger agents did. So, she scooped up her SHIELD issue tablet and took some analysis work back to her quarters. As a senior agent and field commander, she was actually afforded a small room on the Helicarrier. It's just enough for a bunk, a little couch and coffee table, then a desk area, but it was enough to be almost home.

She settled in with a cup of tea ages ago, having just intended on working another hour or two on the files, but the anaylsis chatter had actually been more intense than expected. So, dinner was bypassed and she kept going. Eventually, though, even Sharon's mind gives up. So, she's slumped into sleep, still in her gray suit from shift, her heels kicked off in front of the couch. The tablet is resting on the floor next to her hand. She's deep enough asleep, for once, that she doesn't actually hear the initial knock. Though, she wasn't in the cafeteria, or the bridge, and she said she was staying in tonight…

Steve waits there for a few minutes with no answer. He reaches for his phone, dials her number, and can hear the phone go off behind the door. Odd. There's another knock but, again, no answer. Finally, he opens the door slightly. Not enough to even look in, but enough where his voice can be heard. "Sharon? You here? It's Steve."

There is just a slight sound from the couch, a moan of protest, enough to say that she's not actually hurt, but also doesn't want to wake up. How many double shifts *had* she been working? She shifts over onto her side, so she's half curled up on that too small couch. The tablet falls from her chest onto the floor with that, making a thump on the floor below. Only on the Helicarrier could she trust her surroundings to be this safe that she wasn't up and reaching for a gun at someone peeking in her room.

The muffled response is enough for Steve to step all the way in. "Sorry, I didn't realize you were sleeping. I brought you something to eat, but I can put it in the fr…Do you have a fridge in here?" He's been on these types of carriers before, but has not spent much time in the personal quarters.

Once he's all the way inside and talking, well, Sharon does actually push herself to wake up. Her eyes flicker open, that the moment she realizes exactly what happened. Awfully embarrassed, she suddenly sits up a bit straighter, eyes widening a heartbeat or two and a sudden heat coming across her features. "Shit. Sorry. No. Just… resting my eyes. I wasn't sleeping. Sorry." It's a lie. Her blonde hair is a completely mussed mess, sticking up on one side and her eyes are stil half drowsy.

Steve moves to sit beside her and hands over a bag. "I brought gifts. A couple of burgers from Greasy Gail's on 42nd. Bacon and cheese." He pauses a bit and then says, "I hope you don't mind. I realized you'd be aboard and I have a quick meeting with the XO about Zemo in a couple hours."

A drowsy smile is given in his direction, embarrassed, but fond. Relieved. How the hell did he know she wouldn't make it to the cafeteria? Of course, it was just a happy concidence, but it still made her smile. She sinks down onto the couch again, pushing one hand back through her hair as her stomach grumbles happily at the scent alone. "No… that… you're a life saver. I'd have just crawled into bed and been miserable tomorrow." She admits quietly.

Steve sits back on the sofa, not having planned anything to say or anything to talk about after giving over the food. He's an excellent planner, but apparently not tonight. As far as how he knew she wouldn't make it to the cafeteria, it was just a lucky guess. In reality he just was hoping he could get there before she got something to eat.

The lack of things to say is okay with her, for now, it seems. There's still a touch of comfort between them, even if he's looking lost tonight. Sharon is still waking up and attacking the burger like it's the best food she's seen all week (it probably is.) "..Zemo? How is it going with that?" She asks, around a few bites. She does shift her bare feet, though, getting a bit more comfortable, curled in the corner of her little couch. That motion makes her feet tuck beneath the side of his thigh.

Steve gradually becomes more comfortable and even goes so far as to throw and arm around Sharon's shoulders. "I wish I could tell you that it was going better. There were rumors that some of his men were spotted in South America, but it wasn't clear if that was just rumor, or if someone just benefited from the idea that Zemo might have been there. My meeting tonight is to talk about air support capabilities, but that's only if we find him."

"You want me there? Food, and I'll be up and ready to go." Except that she'd been on deck since 0600 hours. It doesn't really seem to bother her, even if she ISN'T serum enhanced, and does actually need to sleep like a regular person. But, the wrap of his arm makes her smile a bit more. Something in her shoulders eases, and her breath. "…I can get you more support. Recommend all the back up you need."

"I'm not going to tell you not to. But, at the same time it seems to me that you look like you could use some rest." Steve nods, though they are facing the same direction. "I think that'd help. So far SHIELD has been apprehensive to chase a ghost. They're not even sure he truly exists."

After another bite of her burger, she finally puts it down and shifts her body enough she can look up to him. She captures one of his longer, stronger hands in one of her own, giving it a soft squeeze. "Steve. Look at me. If you look me in the eye and you tell me he exists, I'm going to believe you. And I'm going to get you every back up weapon you need because that's why SHIELD is here. We're not here to spy on… every US citizen and shadow abroad. We're here… here to catch the bad guys that other people can't."

Steve sighs, "I wish I could tell you that I knew it was him. I have no proof and I don't even have a real gut instinct on the matter." He returns the squeeze and holds it for a long second. "I wish I did, that'd make things a lot easier."

"…Talk to me. Tell me why you think it's him, then. I… I know you, Steve. I know you're not a man who chases shadows. You're not paranoid. You're solid. You're one of the most solid agents I've ever worked with and you're not even a damn agent." Sharon mutters with a little laugh which is equal parts relaxed and warm. "So… there is something in you that knows. Talk me through it." Her faith in him is unwavering, but not in the blind, fan girl type. This is in the solid rock, an agent who knows strength and talent when she sees it. It's respect. And trust, something rarely given from her.

"I have nothing," Steve says. "Aside from one of his agents said that it's Zemo. Was it a lie? Is it just a madman pretending to be a Zemo of old? I wish I could tell you, but I really don't know," Steve says in response. "We need to come up with something soon before they hit. Zemo or not, it's almost immaterial. Whoever he is he's dangerous and deadly."

Those words get a slow nod from her, "Well, then… That's the angle we follow. We're here to protect people. Doesn't matter who the threat comes from. We go in ready and we handle it. Maybe saying it might be Zemo at all is hurting your case. Just talk about 'The Threat'. SHIELD will listen to that." Sharon did know how to speak SHIELD, it seems. SHe takes another bite of her burger as she settles back to facing forward, her toes curling into the side of his leg again.

Steve nods. There's not much he can say to that—it's pretty darn good advice. "Hard to argue," he replies after a moment and then reaches down to take one of the four burgers. "Maybe you should sit in on this meeting with me," he reasons. Maybe she can help with the blindspots.

"Of course. Nothing like a burger to get a second wind." Sharon states with a smile that is wearing juuuuust a touch of ketchup at the corner of her lower lip. Because dang, this burger was good and she didn't exactly eat like a delicate bird. Another small think she and her Aunt have in common.

Steve smiles at her and gives an upwards nod while looking at her lip, "I think there's a napkin in here somewhere." He motions, "You've got something there on your lip."

"Oh god." And then Sharon is blushing, hard. Something her aunt didn't do quite so much. She reaches for the napkin and quickly mops up her mouth. At least she was appreciating his offer. Another few bites, and she's finished her burger. That's more than enough, sinking into the couch, now saited and drowsy for it. "…I'll just have to stay *awake* until the meeting..

"Either that, or take a nap before hand," Steve says as he smiles at her as she leans back into the couch. Steve leans in to give her a quick kiss before nestling in against her side. To him, sitting in quiet won't be the worst thing in the world. Especially with all of the terrible things going on in it.

"…Don't suppose I know a handsome alarm clock who might want to nap with me?" Sharon asks, a wry smile crossing her lips, absolutely flirtatious, but also not hiding from it. She won't let them just 'accidentally' fall asleep on the couch and pretend it never happened. SHe's enjoying this too much to hide it. Either way, she does stand and removes her suit jacket, tossing it across the back of her desk chair. Her blouse comes next, which might be a bit alarming to Steve until he realizes she's got a silk camisole on beneath it. Still perfectly conservative. It just bares her toned arms, marked with at least two bullet scars, and her soft collarbones.

"I'm not sure what SHIELD regulations are regarding that sort of thing," Steve says as he slides down onto the couch. "I'm sure Bobbi has done worse." He reaches up to take her hand and uses his other to turn out the light. "I'm a light sleeper."

"I normally am too." She accepts his hand, letting him tug her back down to the couch. Sharon takes just a moment to lean over and set the alarm on her phone, though, for two hours. It'd be a nice nap for both of them. Sharon then sinks to the side, into his arms as much as he'd allow. It wasn't exactly a comfortable napping couch, but it was worth the try.

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