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April 22, 2016:

Rachel heeds Laura's delivery of Emma's summons, and comes to see the bossy telepath about The Facility

Emma's Office -- Xavier Institute

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Given all that has been arranged, Emma is not one to bring anyone 'dangerous' to the Institute. Yet she apparently gave explicit orders to Laura Kinney to find Rachel Grey and bring Rachel to her office at the Institute. The orders weren't discretionary, and there was no wiggle room on timing. ASAFP was strongly implied, though Emma would never use those sorts of words, and young Laura is far too much of a literalist to have used anything but Emma's exact words, and likely her tone of voice, when delivering the message.

The office is on one of the upper floors of the Institute. It is not Spartan, and hasn't an ounce of darkness in it. Yet its colors are entirely bold white, crystal, gleaming chrome and the palest of blues, making it rather harsh and unremitting. The furnishings are sumptuous and starkly styled; if one knew such things well, it wouldn't be hard to guess Emma must have had this place redecorated at her own expense, as things in here are completely out of even the price range of Xavier.

Emma is seated behind the desk of chrome and glass, waiting for the arrival of those she has summoned. Having learned from Laura that the reason for her missing classes relates directly to ongoing threats from The Facility and those associated with it, Emma has taken a direct hand in matters. She has given rather direct and stern orders to the young assassin in training to become a human being that all the intel she has - and that gleaned by Rachel - will be given to her without delay. And that as soon as that is done, steps will be taken. Laura's safety and that of the Institute will be assured. Apparently, Emma is taking this personally. Or as personally as this ice cold woman takes anything.

Rachel likely didn't take very long to find, since she's still spending a lot of her time lurking in the X-Men's underground base. Laura, as can well be imagined, accomplished her mission in the most efficient manner possible and delivered Emma's instructions to Rachel both directly and succinctly. Irritatingly enough for Rachel, she wasn't able to pry much more out of the taciturn assassin, and the redhead thinks enough of Laura not to just skim her mind for the details. The only excuse Rachel found to delay was when Laura announced that she would join them later. After recent events, Rachel wasn't entirely comfortable with letting Laura sneak off.

But Emma was waiting.

In deference to the sanctity of the Institute, Rachel used a light telepathic field to keep any of the students she encountered from paying any attention to her as she moved through the corridors towards Emma's office. Although it's most likely redundant, Rachel raps firmly on Emma's door to announce her presence before she steps inside. She doesn't exactly match the aesthetic of the office, being dressed in jeans, boots, and a red tee shirt, all of which have seen better days, but she's yet to make time for shopping. Closing the door behind her, Rachel says simply, "Laura said you wanted to see me?"

Emma raises her gaze from the computer she's been working on to meet the young redhead's emerald gaze, and she nods slightly. "Yes, Ms. Grey. I did. Please, come in and have a seat, if you would." As Emma watches the other woman, she finishes up whatever she was doing on the computer and closes out, then stands up and comes around the desk. She gestures towards one of the chairs arrayed in front of her desk, and once Rachel has seated herself she moves to take the other seat, angled towards each other in a comfortable conversational nook.

"I am sure Laura was less than detailed in her explanations." Emma comments with a wry twist to her words. "Please, allow me to explain. Laura has missed quite a few classes, here at the Institute, and without excuse or prior explanation. I accepted the task of disciplinarian, to bring her in, find out what is going on, and then take corrective measures." And Emma, being the ice hard bitch she is, can apply quite the corrective measures to be sure.

"Laura explained the situation with The Facility, and that her absences and tardiness were the result of incidents with Facility personnel." Emma's voice, cold and dispassionate, gains a razor-sharp icy edge. "We were unaware that problems with The Facility had continued. That will not be tolerated." Emma says it as if she intends to blot the place and everyone associated with it right off the damned planet, and not bat an eyelash.

Truth is, that is probably exactly what sh has in mind.

"I have explained to Laura that we are stepping in. That she will not be handling this alone. To that end, we need all of the intelligence she has regarding the Facility, its operators and operations, and the incidents thus far." Emma explains. "She mentioned that you had managed to gather a good deal of information from the minds of one or more of their personnel. So I told her that we would need to speak with you as well, and add your intel to hers to properly plan our response to this threat."

The slightly wary expression clears from Rachel's face with Emma's greeting, and she walks over to the offered chair and sits down. She doesn't perch on the edge, but she doesn't exactly lean back and get comfortable quite yet. The curiosity in her eyes is obvious as she watches Emma come acround the desk to join her.

Emma's understatement gets a quiet snort of amusement from the redhead. "My presence was required. Questions weren't." Rachel confirms, but shuts up when Emma begins the explanations. Unlike Laura, Rachel doesn't wear a poker face at all times, so the news that the young assassin is skipping classes gets a small wince, while the revelation that Emma's taken the job of bringing Laura to heel causes Rachel's eyebrows to rise. She doesn't say anything, but her expression pretty clearly conveys 'good luck'.

When the Facility is mentioned, that's when Rachel schools her expression into something a bit more neutral, and a lot more controlled. Emma's verdict on the situation, however, brings a faint, but rather nasty smile to Rachel's lips. "Good." The word is spoken simply, but Rachel's already leaning forward a bit in her chair, and when Emma explains what's required of her she nods immediately. "Not a problem, but I didn't get as much as I'd have liked to." Rachel shakes her head, still annoyed with herself about that one. "Too much opposition, too many innocents, not enough TIME." She sounds particularly disgusted by that, before shaking her head a second time, as if to throw off the feeling.

"I'll give you everything I found." Rachel confirms, then hesitates. "Before we start, did Laura tell you why we ran into the Facility?"

Emma arches a platinum blonde eyebrow at Rachel's latest. "No. My impression from Ms. Kinney was that Facility operators had tracked her down and taken action against her, or others near her." Hence why Emma is prepared to initiate full eradication protocols. She's literally ready to make Hiroshima look like a flashbang grenade. "I assume when she makes a full reporting, further details will be provided. But that is what I have thus far." Emma sounds rather coldly displeased that this impression might be mistaken, probably on the possibility that she has been somewhat intentionally misled.

Rachel's lips thin a bit when Emma answers, and she nods slowly. "As far as that goes, it's true. Whoever's behind this Facility, they want her back and me dead. I'm not sure which one of us lead them to the other, or if they just got lucky and saw both of us together. They already tried to get a two for one deal." Rachel assumes that Emma knows about the incident with the Trigger Scent, since it happened in the X-Men's underground facility. She falls silent, her eyes narrowing thoughtfully as she regards Emma, but finally she sighs and scrubs a hand through her hair.

"I want you to give Laura a chance to tell you this herself." Rachel asks, grimacing as if the words are leaving a bad taste in her mouth, and then continues, reluctantly. "But if she doesn't… someone has to know. I can't watch her all the time." Rachel draws in a breath, hating herself for doing this. "Laura let them find her, this time. She had this crazy idea that if she gave herself up to them, the rest of us would be safe." Rachel shrugs. "I ruined her plan. It wouldn't work, and even if it would, I still wouldn't let her do it." Rachel meets Emma's gaze. "I'm just not sure she believed me when I told her she was too important to us to let that happen." Rachel glances toward the door. "And she's not here, so I can't keep an eye on her."

Emma closes her eyes briefly, exhaling. It's the closest thing to a flashover of real emotion Rachel has seem from Emma, and still she keeps it under control. Not perfect, but in control. "I have tried to impress this upon her myself. I will continue to do so. She will be watched. This will not be allowed to happen in the future." Hiroshima. But ice cold. Maybe she'll hire some professionals to steal a dimensional implosion device from Richards. That would do it, as soon as she can find the target and get all of the problems inside it. "I will make sure she admits this, during her debriefing. Without making it clear I knew about it in advance. Please include all of the relevant details in your own debriefing, for completeness."

Rachel sags a bit in her chair when she's finished… ratting out Laura. Or at least, that's what it feels like to her. It had to be done, but she still wishes she hadn't had to do it. "Thanks." Rachel says, with a nod, although she's still frowning. Laura will probably guess what she's done, after all. Rachel raises her eyes again, the pensive look clearing from her expression, and she straightens up in her chair again. "Do you want me to tell you what happened?" Rachel asks, before tilting her head to one side. "Or would you like to see for yourself?"

"I won't be the only one reviewing this intelligence. Probably best if we do this the 'old fashioned way'. Or at least, the modern iteration of that." Emma responds. She pulls out the small camera and connects it to her computer, so that she can record Rachel's testimony on everything she knows about The Facility, their personnel, and any interactions with them. "Whenever you're ready, Rachel."

"Works for me." Rachel replies, sitting up straighter in her chair. It's a natural reaction when someone pulls a camera on you, and Rachel eyes it a bit dubiously, before glancing in Emma's direction again. "Most of what I got last time was images, impressions, and some voices. I'll have to do that bit telepathically. But I'll put as much in words as I can."

Rachel gathers her thoughts for a few moments, sits up even straighter in her chair, and begins speaking. "I don't know when the Facility first located either Laura or I, but we were observed eating…" A faint wince mars Rachel's expression, "And drinking with Betsy, Rose, and Nate. They are now also targets due to their association with us."

As Rachel continues, the life and animation steadily ebbs from Rachel's voice. The longer it goes on, the more Rachel is reminded of debriefing sessions in her future. Showing emotion was dangerous, and Rachel falls back on old - and bad - habits without even thinking about it.

"Laura is susceptible to a trigger scent that causes her to react violently. I was marked with this trigger scent while I was in the city. I was… trying to get used to this era." Rachel's eyes flicker to Emma, expecting censure, as she slips further back into her old self. "Despite knowing the actions of my… predecessor… I did not make any attempt at disguise or concealment. This was my fault. On returning to the base, Laura detected the presence of the trigger scent and attacked me. I was injured, but able to keep Laura from completing the job until Psylocke…" And Rachel uses the code name, her tone now entirely flat. "…was able to assist me and we were able to neutralise the trigger scent."

"Following this incident I met with Ravager and Nate, this time employing a telepathic disguise. We were attacked and I was specifically targeted. Telepathic disguise appears to be ineffective. We were able to break contact and withdraw, although Nate was injured." That gets a flicker of emotion in Rachel's eyes, but even her method of speaking has changed now, using military terminology.

"Most recently I became aware that Laura was leaving the mansion in a state of mind that caused me concern. I followed her. We encountered a representative of the Facility. We fought. The enemy was immune to Laura's claws, but not to me. We were targeted by snipers and I was able to conduct a brief telepathic interrogation before we were again forced to withdraw."

Rachel goes quiet, staring dully at the camera, then blinks, coming back to herself. Angrily she dashes a hand across her eyes and takes a breath that seems unsteady. "Damn." She says under her breath, shakily, then sets her jaw and looks up at Emma. "This is the bit I'll have to show you." She says, forcing a resolute tone into her voice.

Rachel reaches out with her mind, showing Emma the faces and the voices that she gleaned from Kimura's mind, leaving nothing out. When she's done, she closes down the contact and leans her head back, her eyes closed. "That's everything." She says, looking back at Emma, her eyes a bit empty now. What comes next is up to the other telepath.

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