Why Should We?

April 22, 2016:

The Blue are called to address the Verarchs


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The call to come to the Arctic Capital hadn't been long in coming. It seems that the Nerarchs had taken Ulani's message very seriously. How they were prepared to act on it is quite another. Certainly rumor suggests that there's a lot of debate around the matter but thus far it's all been behind closed doors.

At least the city layout is familiar. Being Blue, the Arctic Blue like their cities 'in the air' rather than full of water which means they can take in the capital's in with all of its busy, colonnaded glory. The architecture is different for sure, evoking the hard planes and jagged edges of ice - something that the Blue don't often do.

There's also a significant military presence and as Ulani and Rowan approach the government chambers - an impressive edifice to say the least - with their guide and escort there's a distinct tension in the air.

"They're worried. On alert." Rowan murmurs as they pass a set of guards and are led to a waiting room not far from the main debate chamber. "You can see it in the soldiers' eyes."

"I can tell." Ulani speaks softly as she paces alongside the Blue Warrior. Her bearing a mix of the soldier she … well she would have said once was but really she is and the diplomat. It's a delicate line to walk some days. "I can't say I blame them, Rowan. We come bearing ill tidings and ask them to throw their lot in with us. I believe I know what our people would do if the situations were reversed." and it has her worried.

It's a shame really that she can't pause to admire the architecture, but she is taking it all in. As they enter the waiting room, she doesn't sit, remaining standing, folding her hands behind her back. "What do you think?"

Rowan shrugs. "I think I hate politics. I'm a soldier. I suspect there will be some with an axe to grind though, some who might see this as an opportunity to embarrass the Blue or political rivals, so I wouldn't expect their line of questioning to be very friendly… at least some of them." He's dressed in, for once, more or less regular ceremonial Blue garb which is to say not a whole hell of a lot. Good thing he doesn't get cold.

The door opens. "The Nerarchs are almost ready for you. Anything you need before you are called?" The aides here are at least professional. This one is a rather young looking woman who seems curious about their guests.

Ulani had noted what Rowan was wearing. She'd actually taken time to look. It's not often the Blue Warrior is dressed as a Blue and … well, she thinks it a refreshing change.

"So do I and I know you don't like politics, but I value your insight." The Blue Envoy looks to Rowan, a slight smile touching her lips "It's unique, from a position very few of us could even imagine." she nods slowly "Oh, I don't expect this to be comfortable. It might even be worse than Attuma."

Her words fade as the young woman enters, giving her a slight nod in return for the words. "Perhaps you could tell me which Nerarchs are present?" Ulani keeps her attention on the aide. "Rowan, do you need anything?"

Rowan shakes his head. "No, I probably won't say much either." He murmurs. His use in these matters is somewhat limited and he knows it. The aide simply looks quizzically at Ulani. "All of them, I think. Doesn't happen often." Someone speaks out in the hallway and she turns briefly and nods. "They're ready now."

The debate chamber is a wide, circular area with rising rows of seating on either side. There's over a hundred people in the government section of the seating and many more than that in the galleries. A man in fairly ornate clothing - albiet just as revealing as Ulani's - is standing at the far end at a simple little podium made of the same dense corral material as Rowans' spear and decorated with ice motifs. "Presenting Envoy Ulani of the Blue. Envoy please come stand to the center of the hall. Have you any words to begin your address?"

"Thank you." Ulani speaks quietly to the aide before raising an eyebrow at Rowan. It's extremely rare for this to happen even with her own people.

Gesturing to Rowan, she leads the pair of them in, taking a deep breath just before stepping through the door. It isn't enough though, and she's announced, Ulani falters. Not enough that anyone but Rowan, and herself, will notice before pacing the length of the chamber to the alloted spot.

Making sure that Rowan knows to stand near her, the Blue Female stands tall. Well, as tall as she can. "Nerarchs, I am Ulani. Envoy to the Blue. I have come with the tidings of the ongoing war with The Lord of The Deep and to request your aid in the matter."

There's a murmuring around the chambers at those words. A distinguished looking woman stands and looks to the man at the head of the room.

"Nerarch Kukiri." The Moderati recognizes the woman.

"Thank you. My fellow Nerarchs here we have a perfect example of just what my esteemed coleague was speaking about moments ago. The Blue are here having - according to our own fleet - arrived by stealth, eschewing the usual channels. They have loosed a nightmare upon the oceans and conspired with the surface to ensure their position regardless of the outcome. Now they seek - mark me - to convince us to shed Arctic blood in this matter. With respect to our longstanding bonds, how long are we to tolerate this affrontery?"

Another woman rises, this one younger and flaxen haired. "Nerarch Vestia." The Modarati intones, recognizing her right to speak.

"Your words have much passion but little substance. Let us hear what the envoy has to say. Envoy, will you please shed light for us on the reason of your visit."

"Little substance?" Ulani shakes her head and looks to Kukiri "Did you review the data we provided?" her voice is firm, resolute "They were live feeds, from our surveillance network." Which implies just how serious this situation is. "We did not wake this thing. It has been laying in wait for aeons. We arrived in stealth because it tracks us, attacking us as it can and we did not wish to bring it to your doorstep."

As Vestia speaks, Ulani takes a deep, calming, breath "You all feel you are safe. That you need do nothing and The Blue will triumph or not without you. I'm here to request your aid. To band with us to push this threat back." Her eyes settle on the spokesperson as she finishes "For if we do not. When The Blue are vanquished, the Arctic Blue will be next."

That last sentence gets a buzz going through the champer. "Is that a threat?" Comes from somewhere in the back.

"Order!" The Moderati snaps.

"We've seen your offerings of proof." Kukiri says scornfully. "Self interested fabrications designed to-"

"Our intelligence has verified those images as authentic." Vestia breaks in.

"And you're willing to believe them because like the rest of the younger generation you want war because you think there's glory and advantage to be won. But there is only one war worth having and we all know what it is."

"Kukiri you're mindless crusade against the surfacers continues to blind you to the realities of-"

"You DARE insult me you Atlantean puppet?!"

"ORDER!" Frost forms along the edges of the floor. Apparently this is why the Moderati has his job because the chamber instantly quiets. "The Nerarchs will refrain from hurling accusations at one another. Let us return to the matter at hand, now."

Vestia takes a deep breath. "Ulani of the Blue what gaurentee do you have that your people can bring about a military situation that will prove decisive? We do not wish to commit arctic blood to an interminable meatgrinder."

Ulani stands there, tall and straight as the debate wages around her. Later, when they're alone, she'll admit to Rowan that she'd prefer the chaos of the battlefield to the bickering of politicians.

Finally it wanes. Even with the frost, Ulani doesn't shiver. Settling her hazel gaze on Vestia, the Blue Envoy nods slowly and speaks clearly "We are gathering the Wildings to stand beside us. Indeed, we have already fought battles with them. Atlantis stands ready to answer our call." Mentioning Atlantis is gamble, Ulani realises this "… and, Attuma is rallying his horde." She … hasn't mentioned the Surfacers as yet.

"Yes your list of dupes is impressive." Kukiri speaks up again. "But what is your plan?"

Vestia makes a motion seconding the question. It's good to know that the Arctic Blue are committing to a coalition cause but she still wants to know that the Blue have a plan to end this, otherwise… why are they bothering?

Ulani resists the urge to roll her eyes at Kukiri, it's strong that's for sure. "We seek an offensive to push The Lord back to the trench." It really is that simple, really. "We have allies on the Surface ready to work with us, to weaken its psychic grasp, but their physical troops are … vast. It will require nearly everything any of us can offer." What she leaves unspoken is … it might be a gamble.

"You have allies on the surface?" Clearly Kukiri isn't happy about that. "And what help could they possibly?"

"Kukiri you cannot possibly expect them to reveal the details of their plans in open forum here." Vestia counters again and looks to Ulani and then about the room. "I think the good envoy has given us much to discuss and I move that we take this to closed chambers." There's shouts for and against but the vote goes very quickly in Vestia's favor.

"Envoy Ulani, you may return to your people. We shall be in contact soon with our decision."

"Very well." Ulani turns on heel and gestures to Rowan to follow. They'll achieve no more here today.

She fully expects to hear how this is all taking too long and that the Lord simply won't wait. It might be right, but that's the way of politics.

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