A Divine Lunch

April 18, 2016:

Fenris, Astryd and Koben meet up for lunch.

New York


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"So that was the last time I saw him then. Surrounded by French musketeers and fighting like a man possessed. Can't say he's changed a whole lot… well, except for the wanting to kill me part." It sounds so casual. Fenris is relating a recent run in with a fellow immortal to Astryd as they sit in the outdoors portion of a little Italian place he likes not too far from his house. The cioppino here is to die for and with the weather the way it has been, the outdoors air is nice too.

"So that was the last time I saw him then. Surrounded by French musketeers and fighting like a man possessed. Can't say he's changed a whole lot… well, except for the wanting to kill me part." It sounds so casual. Most people don't talk about angry encounters when murder is on the table quite so casually but the Old Wolf has lived a long time and… no one he cared about died. So all's well.

Fenris is relating a recent run in with a fellow immortal to Astryd as they sit in the outdoors portion of a little Italian place he likes not too far from his house. The cioppino here is to die for and with the weather the way it has been, the outdoors air is nice too.

"Lots of things seem to try and kill you, Fenris." Astryd leans back in her chair, the one next to Fenris, having opted to share his side of the table so they could people watch.

"And you think this might be the man I met recently? Bogatyr?" She'd related how a Knight Errant had intervened in a botched Brenna hit.

Theres a dark green Chevy Tahoe in with some sort of official seal on the door parked just down the street, but this is new york. Code enforcement has their own fucking swat team, so it's easy to miss such things really. Casually he steps outside a little ethnic grocery down the street, dressed in dark green and red. It's easy to mistake him for just another cop, until he lifts an arm to slip that smokey bear down over his high and tight. Tucking a ticket book under one arm as he lifts his mic to his lips to send the call in.
Theres a pause, arm raised to his lapel for a moment to cradle that mic. Then he slips that ticket book into a back pocket, and starts down the sidewalk at a casual stroll. Pausing just outside the little gate that seperates the cafe from the street, directing his attention towards the pair for a moment before clearing his throat. "It wasn't the Musketeers that got me, it was the cannon."A pause as he offers a little smile. "It was the grape shot. Fancy seeing you two here, mind a third?"

"It'd almost have to be. There aren't that many- ah speak of the devil. Hello Ser Bogatyr." Fenris mimes touching the brim of an imaginary hat. "No, don't mind at all. Please make yourself comfortable."

The Old Wolf peers past the man to his truck. "Mmmmmm…. That seal… Game Wardens?" Fenris might not actually know that symbol but for the fact that he's a Park Ranger himself. Astryd may know that. It may provide her no small amount of amusement.

Astryds grey eyes light on the man as he exits the grocery and tracks his movement up the street. "Same one then…" she murmurs, inclining her head as Fenris gives a casual salute. "Well met, Sir Bogatyr. Join us, please. As you see, no damsel needs rescuing today." Not that Astryd had the other day, but the help had certainly been appreciated.

There's a very soft snort from the Goddess when Fenris mentions Game Wardens. Amused Goddess is amused … for sure.

"What brings you this way on such a lovely day?"

"The technical title, would be 'Conservation agent' Thankyou. Game Warden is too regressive for the great state of New York, unfortunately I was not consulted in that particular decision."Bog slips over the fence, lifting his smokey back off before he takes a chair and settles in. "Please, I'm just Koban when I'm in this armor."See, he even has a gold shield on his chest and is dressed in green. Really, it's kind of on the nose isn't it? "Several thousand invading Frenchmen I would add to the earlier statement, and I believe a four pound cannon or so full of grape shot. I don't actually remember much of it I'm afraid, I was somewhat angry. I was supposed to have been a delaying force for Cossack, who of course never showed. Proving once more that they are eternally all hat, and no cowboy."
Koban then, sets his hat aside and settles in good and proper. "Oh Writing tickets, defending the realm one slip of paper at a time. It's not a bad gig really,no partner to get dragged into general high strangeness. A considerable amount of autonomy, it's sort've like being a baker really. No qoutas, and as long as I'm baking bread they leave well enough alone. The uniform doesn't hurt either, it's a fine shade of green."

"Just as well." Fenris chuckles about Bogatyr not remembering much. "You were rather angry yet. I never did figure out what about." He'd been rather torn up after that fight but at least he hadn't caused a small apocalypse in so doing. Came close though. He hadn't been expecting an immortal on that scale.

"Koban then. I go by Jeremiah among the mortals. Of course among the present company…" He guestures to indcate the three of them. "Fenris is fine. And I've found rather the same. I work as Park Ranger, largely autonomous. Part time even. Gives me a reason to be out in the sitcks occasionally. And Astryd…" He glances over at her. What is she doing these days when not investigating Asgardian conspiracies?

Astryd smirks a little as Koban shares his insights. "Just a little angry, mmmm?" She's amused. "It's hard to get good help these days. I'm surprised we haven't crossed paths before." Although, there is that small issue with her memories being tampered with.

Fenris' look gets another smirk from the Goddess "I temp. Mainly admin work, but I go where the work is." It's a good enough cover and keeps her busy. "You'd be surprised what you learn when people think you're just /admin/."

"We were in danger of coming into conflict with the Tsar, and well we ended up making a deal. The Church had been conspiring to label us as some sort of devil worship nonsense for about a hundred years by that point, and it was starting to look like that stick. Especially with the invasion, they were concerned we were going to side with Napoleon against them. So we took up arms, because in those days you could still expect a ruling monarch to keep their word."Koban offers a shrug. "We were to be a delaying action, cause the advance to halt long enough for cossacks to attack the flanks. Once we had the convoy bottled up, the rest of the assaulting force was to close the gap and there you go. Only after we moved into position, they ditched us. By the time I realized that they had left, and hadn't just taken their sweet time?"Lifting his hands and offering a little shrug.
He's a big guy honestly, even without the suit of armor. Forearms decorated with a mess of ink, grenade pins, M-27 links, expended casings and of course a nice big Eagle Globe and Anchor on his left forearm. "Five hundred very good people, who believed in me. I decided that they might be able to disenguage and run for it, if the French were suitably distracted. So I took on a French division."Theres a little shrug, like that's no big deal. "I die sometimes, when the cult was big? Well I would be reincarnated in hours, nowadays? Well last time I died was 1812, at the end of a Wolf's sword. Not sure I'll get another reincarnation with the cult the way it is these days, not enough people keeping the faith."

Fenris shakes his head a little sadly. "That's a problem across the board these days. I take it your cult has shrunk since?" He's fortunate that his source of power is the life of the earth itself and not mortal belief or he'd have been crippled long ago. The Gods of Midgard are in many ways more tied to the land than foreigners like the Aesir. "Eighteen Twelve. Astryd you were on the planet back then as I recall. Were there, at Bordino?" Though trapped on earth the Valkyrie has continued to faithfully execute her duties and he doesn't actually know when she left the old world for the New. He'd been long gone himself for the most part but had returned to observe the great European wars partly out of curiosity and partly to hunt darker things moving in the shadows that such wars always cast.

"A common problem, to be sure." Astryd cants her head, grey eyes thoughtful. "Cults rise and fall, unfortunately and in my experience, Midgardians can be a little fickle."

"1812…" she muses for a moment, she had certainly been on Midgard then. Had been for a while "… of course I was in France and Europe. There were many battles. So many fallen. I'm not sure I recall all the places. It's possible though."

"At it's zenith, we were many thousands. Twenty or thirty, now though? I'll be lucky if we ever break two hundred before my next death, and I worry they will be unable to keep the faith long enough to see me return. It's unfortunate, but I expect I will eventually just dissapate and be lost to the ether. As far as I know, I'm the last of my sort left running about. There used to be many more of us, plenty in South America and Africa especially. Communists, Capitalists, Christians and Muslims have seen the end to many. Novel religions of all stripes are not doing well these days, and if we're frank the word "cult" is a dirty word to begin with."Koban offers a little sigh to that one. "I worry over such things, which is silly really. The death of far away religions is none of my affair, and there is nothing I can truly do about it. It's difficult enough to hold together what little there is left, times have been all to hard on my people."

There really isn't much to be done about it. Fenris has heard tales of beings that have found worshipers on other spheres or become the deities of concepts but it's not easy to change your essential nature, he knows. "Well, you're here now, and you can care for them now. Perhaps there is something you can yet do."

The God Wolf takes a breath and a sip of his drink, glancing to Astryd and then back. "Speaking of, what are you up to these days other than writing tickets and hunting me down?"

"And saving the streets from thugs, don't forget that Fenris." Astryd shifts a little, getting more comfortable. It really is a lovely afternoon and they don't get much time to relax. "Did I mention I introduced Pepper as Lady Pepper." That had been a little bit of a hoot for the Goddess. Pepper will get retribution for it, she's sure.

Pushing a strand of hair behind her ear, the blonde takes a sip of her own drink as she watches Koban closely, listening as he speaks.

"Oh you know, defending the realm. Fairly certain I slayed a Topielec this morning."Theres a Pause before Koban leans in a touch to elaborate. "A drowning victim, lurks around dark waters to pull in the unsuspecting under the belief that they can trade places with the living. They can't of course, but they keep trying. Seen some evidence of foul things lurking in the storm sewers, following up a fairly detailed Big Foot report by a reasonable enough witness. Suspect he saw a Troll, though in my experience Likho tend to look much the same."
"And yes, the "Fair Lady Pepper". I was of course, more than happy to play along. She seemed to be a sweet enough soul, kind of reminded me of my third wife."Koban lets out a little smirk at that. "I do miss the chivalry of it all really, most have these just absolutely bizarre expectations of conduct but the sort've revisionist romance? It's sweet, not terribly accurate but very sweet. I can absolutely see the allure of a pure hearted, incorruptable, valiant knight in shining armor. Makes it -very- easy to tease somone of course, ladies love a man in armor you know."

"Been no shortage of trolls lately." Fenris murmurs. "Troubles from the sea have been disturbing the ley lines and drawing all kinds of things out. Including the knights in shining armor it seems." Fenris glances over to Astryd, smirking now a bit. "Do you have a thing for knights in armor, mmm?" She's a Valkyrie, she might. Who knows?

Astryd snorts. "Pepper is good people, Koban. Seems to handle … our side of the world well." He would do well to keep that connection.

Fenris observation has the Goddess nodding "Trolls, Dwarfs, einherjar" Astryds own type of trouble there. "All designed to bring about one thing, it seems." That the two Asgardians look concerned about this should speak volumes.

"I think you know my preferences, God-Wolf." she smirks back.

"I slayed creatures before man had invented language, I took mastadon with a fire hardened wooden spear to feed my people. Fought tigers with a rock and an arsenal of curse words, killed things so terrible they are incapable of bearing any name a man can speak. Seen the things hiding behind the odd geometry, the things lurking in shadows dark enough to drain the light from your soul."Koban offers a smile and a wink, so no not being too serious here. "The problem is I believe, somone burried somone or something beneath a river out here. Happened too long ago to find out where, or what. At least for my keening, and I'm pretty good. I am a spiritual manifestation of nature's ferocity. I'm usually pretty on point with that kind of thing, so we'll just have to manage it."

Whereas Fenris is more a manifestation of, in the words of Jeff Goldblum, life to find a way. "Mmmm, well if you need help with it do let me know. Otherwise, well you know how to find the two of us. Astryd can get word to me if ever needed and is quite capable in her own right. Now, why don't you let me buy you lunch, mmm?"

"Should you need help." Astryd inclines her head "You but need ask." Spirits, souls, is mostly her thing. The Valkyrie stretches and takes another sip of her drink before smirking at the God-Wolf again "Kind of you to say, Fenris." To be fair, the Destroyer has always treated her as an equal.

"Lunch sounds divine, Fenris."

"It would be rude to refuse, and I besides. Us old folks, we gotta stick together right? All these young kids running around, repeating all the same mistakes. Rather this company right now, than any other to be honest."Koban lifts the mic to mutter, going on lunch or whatnot. "Help is always nice, just do me a favor. You see any of mine needing a hand, I'll pay the favor back myself."

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