Oh Look, Terminator

April 17, 2016:

Another temporal event, this time at Stark Tower …

Stark Tower - New York


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Stark Industries during the day has a lot of traffic. A lot of traffic. People come and go all the time. Employees, vendors, business partners, hopefuls, tours of small children. The reception desk is pretty busy. Never a dull moment. Of course it all works marvellously efficiently thanks to JARVIS and a set of dedicated receptionists, schedulers and security guards who make sure people come and go on time and make sure no one who isn't supposed to be there stays for long. The bottom floor is clean, sleek, lots of glass and high polish walls and surroundings. The sort of place one associates with being a bastion of science and a stronghold of wealth. It's also remarkably inviting.

Doctor Hideko Kawamura has been waiting for his partner, who is running late, and opted to do so in the reception area rather than upstairs. The bespectacled asian man just watches quietly, seeming endlessly fascinating with the hustle and bustle and comings and goings of the place.

JARVIS is actually why Jes is there. She's decided its finally time to learn more about the voice in her phone and stop avoiding her questions. Of course, she also wants to see Lady Pepper, whom she adores and maybe ask her a few questions too. Jesana enters the lobby, dressed a bit different than all the visitors and workers and passersby.
The fringed leather wrap around skirt she's taken to wearing of late is a soft tan suede and much shorter where it ties on her left hip. Short boots of the same make and color, daggers sheathed on the outsides and sunset orange top, tied at her midriff and baring bronzed shoulders and the intricately detailed feather tattoo along the native american's right collarbone. Jes eyes the bustle for a moment as well before heading further inside.

Jemma still lives in Stark Tower. She's got enough money, thanks to Deathstroke - well, not thanks to him really -, to buy an apartment but she hasn't found the right place.

She's just coming out of the elevator, intent on heading /back/ The Triskelian, she's been chatting to JARVIS on her way down. It's something they do. They bounce ideas off each other.

One person who is not in the lobby currently is Pepper. She's in her office, finishing up a conference call. And, as it usually happens, the moment she hangs up her phone JARVIS speaks up. "Miss Potts, Ms. Revae is in the lobby. I anticipate that she is going to request a meeting with you."

Down in the lobby sits a man on a chair — rather, lounging on a chair, with one leg stretched out in front of him, and the ankle of the other hooked over it. He is garbed somewhat like 'Crocodile Dundee' (croc-skin vest over a black shirt, sleeves rolled up, with a wide-brimmed stockhat on his head), and appears to be have a quiet argument with…

A pair of vaguely lupine tattoos on his arm.

"…I don' care about that," he tells the golden-eyed tattoo on his left arm. "It wos a job, fair 'n square. Nooo…" and he turns to the red-eyed tattoo on his right arm. "A vamp's a vamp. I don't give a shit wot May says — crickey. Don't tell 'er I said that, ya hear? Jiminy Cricket an' 'is li'l sheila… that woman's… just blimey…"

A Stark Industries employee - an accountant actually - by the name of Myron Taft is running a tad late. He comes hustling out of one of the many hallways that lead accross the lobby with an armful of paperwork both loose and in folders. As he does Doctor Kawamura gets up from his bench and starts to pace a bit. The moment Taft comes near him he suddenly turns and lashes out with a forceful shove to the poor accountant's chest which throws him clean back into a wall twenty feet away and breaks his right arm. That's… not ordinary.

Nor is the ripple that goes out from it. It's like the air had turned to water and someone dropped a stone in it. As the waves wash out things change. The color of the receptionists' shirt. The name tag on one of the security guards. People vanish. New people appear. A couple switch genders. Worse no one seems to notice anything happening. Clancy, living at an odd intersection of, er, odd, might just, but so far as everyone else is concerned, poor Taft just fell down.

The front doors open to admit a man in a US Marshal's shirt who looks rather upset. Doctor Kawamura also suddenly looks rather agitated. Someone close to him might hear him mutter 'not right, inconsistencies. Unknown variable present.'

Having caught the tattooed man's voice, and his mention of "May" Jesana is both amused and curious and already turning back and rounding the corner to look when she hears the snap of bone. Before she can dart towards the stranger, really wierd shit happens. Weirder, no one seems to notice. Jes hurriedly glances down at her chest and does a little flexing. Ok good. Her ownself seems alright. But what the fuck?! How did that lady not notice she just became a guy?? That green shirt was white, Jes is certain. ..Pretty certain. She didn't grab the wrong tea mix did she? No no, she would've noticed the taste.
Torn by indecision and confusion over what is happening, Jes stands at the entrance to the hall and just stares. Her eyes are drawn to the man muttering. Yes, she can hear him and that sounds suspicious. She follows the direction of his gaze to the Marshal and groans softly. Grrrreat. Last time that dude showed up someone tried to kill Pepper and Jes got shot in the chest. Reflexively her hand reaches for the gun, you know, the one she isn't carrying because she's visiting Stark Tower. "One of these days I'll learn to stop leaving it at home!" Jes hisses softly.

"Miss Potts, an unfamiliar energy surge has been detected in the lobby." Is it possible for an AI to sound … concerned? Well, JARVIS sure does a believable imitation of it at least. "Security are already at full alert. Shall I lock down the lobby?"

Pepper is caught wide-eyed for about a second, then she shakes her head. "Yes. Give Security and only Security access to get people out of harm's way." By this point she's standing, kicking off her Jimmy Choos and replacing them with a pair of ballet flats, and opening the bottom drawer of her desk. She pulls out one of those pistol-style taser things as well as something that goes from sitting in her palm to spreading up her left forearm like a gossamer-fine eletronic framework. Remaining in the palm of her left hand is a coin-sized disc supported by the framework and glowing the same shade of pale blue as Tony's arc reactor. "Get everyone else to designated safe zones, JARVIS. No one else enters the lobby." And then she's running for the elevators as fast as she can in a pencil skirt and business suit jacket.

Jemma's caught in the edge of that ripple and her clothes change. Gone are the pair of jeans and button up shirt to be swapped out for mini-dress and a pair of ankle boots. Certainly not the sort of thing the biochem would usually wear - not that she notices, not at all.

Kawamura is right next to her though and she turns to look, trying to work out what he's talking about. Of course she didn't see him shove Taft - no one did - but she does see the fallen man. "Can we call medical down please? That man seems to need assistance." she calls to the receptionist as she turns to move to help him. Totally missing Thomas' entrances.

Clancy notices.

What's more, so do the sentient tattoos on his arms. Surging to his feet, eyes staring agape at Taft and his broken arm, Cross glances from him to some of the other 'affected' people in the lobby. He blinks, lifts both hands to rub at his eyes, and then swears.

In his native dialect.

"Blimey, that bloke's a sheila! He's a bloody sheila! What the — awroight, awroight!" And in agitation, he extends both his arms so that the tattoos can dissolve into swirling clouds of red and gold… and coalesce into a pair of thylacines.

Both Tasmanian wolves growl in the direction of the 'ripple' while Cross turns his attention toward Jesana, and then to Simmons and Kawamura — largely because the golden-furred Grasper is growling at Kawamura. Keeper's ruby eyes glare at Taft.

People start getting cleared away. Security kneels down near the injured Taft who protests. "I'm fine I'm fine… twisted my ankle." And broke his arm. Sure. He looks a bit fuzzy headed though.

Doctor Kawamura doesn't seem to notice the change in clothes on Jemma, or really anyone really. His head swings up and he locks eyes momentarily with the Marshal. "Variance in the temporal stream detected." His voice is suddenly very clear and he turns to grab Jemma and shove her right at the Marshal who is just now drawing a weapon. Then he bolts in a path that's going to take him away from Jesana and right toward Clancy… and actually not real far from where Pepper is about to emerge. Man he moves fast for a septegenerian Japanese engineer. Actually he moves fast for someone a third of his age in another profession entirely.

Jes seems relieved that Clancy at least notices somethings wrong. She has no idea what actually happened, she'd just turned the corner but she's also eyeing Kawamura because of his muttering. Shit, Jemma is near that guy. What if he is the threat? Jes blinks and looks back at Jemma again. Whoa. What is she wearing?? The native american grins appreciatively. Verrrry nice.
Her nostrils flare as she tries to read scents and determine if magic did this. It has to be right? What else could do.. what the hell did it actually do? It's like her Father got drunk and just, waved his hands about indiscriminately or something. The demigod frowns at that thought and looks around with a fierce scowl. She doesn't see him but that doesn't mean he isn't there somewh-holyshitdogsjustcameoutofthatguysarms?! "….I don't have enough alcohol for this day." Jes mutters. Were this not Stark Tower and Dr. Jemma wasn't over there, she'd probably just leave. Instead, Jes heads to place herself between the SHIELD Doctor and the strangely behaving guy only she's too slow to stop him from shoving her. Jes isn't to slow to leap right after the bastard when he bolts. What the hell? "Fast little fucker!" Jes growls as the older man darts ahead. She's fast too but, he's still ahead of her. Damn, what is going on here today??

Jemma's distracted by Thylacines. She hadn't seen Clancy over there plus she hasn't seen the animals manifest, so distracted … but only for a moment until she hears the word Temporal and then she's staring at Kawamura "What? Temp——

The biochem is flung into the marshall, tripping over those boots that she's wearing, hitting hard on his chest, trying to keep herself upright. "Uh…. hi Thomas… sorry…" she mutters as she tries to straighten.

In the midst of all of the chaos, there's a gentle *DING* and one of the elevators opens. Pepper steps out and turns just in time to see an older Japanese man barrelling towards her at an unnatural pace. Thankfully, she had the taser thing already in her hands. She snaps it up into a passably competent pistol grip and fires it at Kawamura. Let's just hope her aim is better than her timing.

The Aussie bounty-hunter glances between the two 'objects of interest' (as far as his spirit-animals are concerned), but side-steps quickly upon hearing the elevator opening.

"Keeper - Guard!" he commands, with a gesture at Taft. "Grasper - Hobble!" And the red-furred Grasper makes a very fast flying tackle at the fleeing Japanese man, while Keeper bounds towards Taft, spins around and growls at everybody else.

The Australian has little time to do anything else, so he skids to a knee near a table, and reaches for his arcane stockwhip. "Wot the bloody hell is — Stark Tower's stark-ravin' BONKERS! …an' I swear that sheila was a bloke not two seconds ago."

Thomas gets bowled over by Jemma, landing on his back with a whuff that takes all the air out of his lungs. "Uh, hi Jemma." He murmurs as he starts to squirm to get her off of him. "Sorry, one sec. Got a situation here." There's a blue-green blur and Thomas suddenly isn't under Jemma anymore. He's ten feet away and on the run, after the guy just behind Jesana.

Pepper will find herself the recipient of a spirit animal guard as she fires. The needles embed into Kawamura's arm and go off as Grasper grabs at the elderly man's leg. The results…

Kawamura doesn't slow. Grasper comes away with a chunk of something that turns out to be synthetic flesh. Underneath there's metallic bone and piston. Pepper's taser shot makes him smoke and causes his eyes to go terminator red as he grabs a decorative stoneware planter that must be a hundred pounds and chucks it at her.

Fortunately the act of doing so slows him, which means everyone reacting to him may have a chance to catch up. Whether or not they want to now is another question.

Brown eyes snap up past Kawamura as the elevator dings because with the way this little trip is going, that has to be.. a whining growl of worry comes from Jes's throat as Lady Pepper appears. Jes can't see that Pepper is armed and has just shot the guy and the rush of panic that hits her sends her surging forward even faster.
She could stop, grab a dagger and fling it into the bastards back but, if he somehow inexpliciably moves then she could hit Pepper. So it's too risky. Her eyes narrow. If she jumps on him from behind, she might kill the guy. Jes is.. quite a bit heavier than she looks. Also clearly not opposed to the risk of killing the man cause that is what she does, leaps straight for his back.
For the moment Jes ignores the wolves and everyone else. They aren't after her, and she's intent on saving Lady Pepper! Still, a tiny part of her mind is wondering what they are, where they came from and who that guy is. Her feather tattoo is magic too but… not like that. Are those real wolves? Too much going. She can't spare the time to look, or try to better catch their scent but later, after this is dealt with… sonofabitch its machine! Snarling now, Jes doesn't hold back any of her strength as she bounds through the air, intending on landing right on the thing and knocking it to the floor. Hopefully in pieces. At the very least, Pepper should have time to get to safety, she hopes.

Jemma colours as she lands on top of Thomas and colours more as he squirms trying to get her off of him. Of course his squirming with her efforts just makes it all worse, until he blurs leaving her there.

"Well that's just lovely." the biochem huffs as she rolls to feet. "Oh … right." now she recognises the Thylacines and she certainly can't mistake Clancy. Finally though, she gets a handle on the situation and see's the smoking Kawamura "JARVIS, Miss Potts. If JARVIS were to unleash an electrical impulse at the gentleman it may well disable him and let the others catch him."

Why … is she not flustered?

With a gasp of surprise, Pepper drops the taser pistol and throws herself to one side in hopes of avoiding the planter that was just hurled at her. And she KNOWS those things weigh several hundred pounds each — she's the one that selected them. With all of the chaos going on, she misses Jemma's words, though she does raise her left hand and aim the glowing coin-sized disc at Kawamura. Jesana leaping on the… OH, a Terminator… ohmygod a TERMINATOR. Pepper doesn't take a shot at the automaton for fear of hitting Jesana.

"That would be unwise," JARVIS answers Jemma from the nearest speakers. "Based on the unit's reaction to a direct hit with a taser, the intensity of eletromagnetic interference required would damage most if not all of my sensors in the lobby and adjacent floors."

Clancy has to blink at the fact that his thylacine's powerful bite isn't enough to hobble the fleeing… droid? nor even to slow it down. His hand twitches toward one of his pistols, but upon seeing Jesana take a flying leap at the 'terminator', he goes with his original plan and cracks the whip at the droid's leg.

"Grasper - to me, mate!" the bounty hunter calls out, and the thylacine takes a leap at its owner. It dissolves into a cloud of sand-paint as it merges again with Cross, only to manifest its jaws around the human's arm.

Here's hoping it's enough.

The chunk of synthetic flesh that the spirit-animal had had in its jaws falls to the ground — oozing 'stuff'. Fluid of some kind, maybe synthetic blood.

The whip arrests the 'terminator's' flight and Clancy has a moment of a tug of war against a terrible strength before Jesana tackles him and knocks him down. The planter shatters on the wall behind Pepper beyond them and rains pieces of stoneware everywhere.

Jeansa's frenzied attack shreds it's disguise for the most part and no longer tries to hide what it is. "Activating defense protocols. Engaging meta-class threat." the arm comes up with unyielding strength and tries to punch her in the temple right off him.

Another jump-blurr brings Thomas into the fight and he drops into a baseball slide, sidearm coming up oddly futuristic before it discharges a stream of energy bolts at the thing's head. This thing needs to go down and fast, though it just… doesn't… seem to be…

Meta-Class?? "I'm a godling you sonofabitch!" Jes snarls and dodges the punch…barely She is a bit cut by the shards but ignores it, it's a little harder to ignore the super stregnth of it trying to soss her off and she's pretty sure she's gonna be a giant walking bruise later. "Ooooph!" It mages to knock the air of out her lungs, maybe crack a rib or two. Again. THis day is just turning out awesome. When Thomas shoots it right in the head and it's still moving, Jes decides she's had enough of this. It's a machine, not magic. So probably, it can't stop magic, right? She guesses she's about to find out cause she's going to attempt to drag it down to the ocean and drop it over a freakin trench somewhere along a leyline if she can. If it doesn't short him out, sinking down miles into the ocean ought to stop him. Or at least make him the fishes problem for awhile. Hey, maybe something down there will eat the damned thing? If it works…

The planter shatters and Pepper covers her head with her arms, though she still gets a few minor cuts from flying shards. Okay, next time she's listening to Tony and getting the all metal ones, even if they WERE eyesores. Then, taking a chance as that Terminator thing looks like it could actually injure Jesana, she trusts in the JARVIS-controlled aiming protocols in the tiny device on her hand. With that ever so identifiable whine, a small repulsor blast shoots out toward the thing that had been disguised as Kawamura. Please don't hit anyone else. Please don't hit anyone else.

The added strength of his thylacine guardian is not enough — not even close — to make Cross a match for the terminator. Even as Jesana knocks the thing down (and pays for it, too), the stockwhip is pulled from Cross's hands and flies over the room.

"Keeper! To — oh."

The other Tasmanian wolf is already moving, and merges with his master in a similar cloud (only gold this time). A moment later, a red-gold translucent image of some kind of were-thing appears around Cross's body and he leaps (much like Jesana had) at the terminator — a five-ton forced punch aimed at the thing's head.

For good or ill.

The punch from Clancy dents the head casing in and shatters the floor beneath it. Thomas is winding up to give it a similar treatment when Jesana just makes it go poof. Whether or not that actually kills the thing is an excellent question, but at the moment it is gone. Gone to some deep, dark part of the ocean.

"Anyone hurt?" Thomas stands, looking around and adjusting his badge in case anyone has questions about why he had a gun. "Jemma? Miss Potts?" These other two aren't hurt, it's clear and he'll ask momentarily… good thing he's seen some weird or 'Anyone hurt' might have been 'who the hell are you people'?

Jes has only done this drop the asshole into the ocean thing twice now and this, like the last time, she misjudges the distance slightly. When she reappears in the same spot, san machine, a few moments later, she's choking and coughing on seawater, naked from the waist up and has some sort of tiny sea creature tangled in her hair. She can't see anything thanks to the water and blood from a cut rinning into her eyes and is thrashing about in a semi panic trying to get the water out of her lungs.
It's definitely not one of her better saves and later she's probably gonna be pretty pissed but right now, all Jes wants is air. And whatever the fuck is crawling on her head to be gone! ohfenrisohfenrisgetitthefuckoff!!!!! She either doesn't care or hasn't realized her shirt is gone through all. Knowing her, probably both.

"I'm fine, thank you, Thomas." Jemma answers from across the lobby, smoothing her dress down as she looks around. Apart from the tangle with Thomas, she'd got out this fairly lightly.

"Did anyone get a good look at that thing?" With Jes spiriting it away, there's a research opportunity lost. Scientist is Scientist.

By the time Jesana returns (sans terminator), Clancy is on his feet and looking slightly more normal. The image of the were-thylacine around him is gone, but the tattoos are… moving. Like animated pictures, circa 1980s.

The Australian turns around to talk to Thomas and Simmons when he sees the state Jesana is in, and (like any typical bloke) stops and stares at her.

"Blimey…" he murmurs, lifting a hand to itch his scalp under his hat.

"I managed to get a few basic scans, Dr. Simmons, but as the unit was moving very quickly and aggressively, I cannot promise more than preliminary data."

Pepper winces when the repulsor blast hits the Terminator THIS close to Jesana, but then gapes in surprise when both the coyote-kin and the Terminator disappear. She looks at everyone else that leaped to defend the lobby (Not her, mind you, the lobby), and then startles when Jesana is suddenly back and choking on something. She then rushes forward, years of competitive swimming lessons and the attendant rescue classes helping her know exactly what to do. "Marshall! Hold her still!" Ever heard of a modified Heimlich maneuver designed to forcefully clear the lungs of water?

"Hold wh- oh! Right!" Thomas leans his weight, including that of his gauntleted left hand, onto Jesana's shoulders as Pepper works to shoot all that sea water out of her lungs. For the record the thing on her head? It's a sea cucumber which rather quickly gets tossed aside into a planter. Sorry Clancy, Jemma. Soon as he's not being yelled at by a CEO he'll talk about WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED HERE.

Well, or evade it. Since he saw those ripples too and knows exactly what they are.

Jes coughs and spluttters and finally goes limp, relaxing as Pepper clears the water from her lungs with Thomas's help. She's also really glad the thing isn't on her head now. Even more glad that this time it wasn't a jellyfish. Cause that had just been nasty. "t..th.."Thanks Lady Pepper. Marshal..guy." She doesn't remember his name if gave it but she'd been a little occupied last time with trying not to die. …Jes frowns at Thomas. Like this time. But she can't really blame it on him. This kinda shit tends to happen wherever she goes. She drawn to trouble even when she's just trying to visit a friend. Crap. Now she owes a Fed for saving her life. That's… nope. She doesn't have enough booze for this day back at home. Not even. Jes sits up to look for Jemma and the tattooed guy. Still unaware or uncaring about her state of seminudeness.

Reaching into the bag on her shoulder, Jemma pulls out a shirt. Not the shirt she'd packed in it when she left her apartment. When Jesana's recovered, she hands it over. Seems Jemma might be used to working in these types of conditions.

Well, she might be used to needing a change of clothes around her. Oh, and Jes appearing naked around her.

Given Thomas and Pepper have the woman in hand, Jemma waits.

"Thank you, JARVIS." she speaks to the AI. "Anything would be helpful."

Clancy gets a glance from the biochem "You'd better get used to this sort of thing if you're working with WAND." And don't let May catch you staring.

Taking the shirt the Jemma offers for Jesana, she helps the still-soggy woman, even going so far as to pulling off her own jacket to offer as an extra layer. Because modesty has been upheld, but Stark Tower is usually kept at like 68 degrees (that's 20 C for the Aussie) and likely to feel particularly chilly when someone is soaked through. Doing so, however, reveals the spiderweb tracery of electroni framework covering her left hand and forearm from knuckles to just short of her elbow. "JARVIS, release the security lockdown and make sure to coordinate with emergency services if needed."

"Already done, Miss Potts. There is an ambulance en route for Mr Taft, and there do not appear to be any other injuries requiring urgent medical attention." It almost sounds like the owner of that British voice knows better than to mention that Pepper herself has a whole group of tiny cuts on the back of her right hand and both calves.

"WAND," Clancy replies, finally able to take his eyes off Jesana's predicament and give a headshake. "Yeah. Bloody oath." He snorts in derision at himself and the situation.

"C'mon," exclaims he a moment later, and both thylacines manifest at his feet, much as they had the first time. The reddish Grasper remains by his master's side, while the golden Keeper trots over to Simmons to say hello. Meanwhile, Clancy looks from Simmons to Thomas and shrugs his shoulders. "Didn't look much like Schwartzneggar," he comments aloud. "Someone wanna fill a bloke in?"

Thomas glances around. People have mostly been cleared out by security or he wouldn't be comfortable talking about this. He clenches and unclenches that gaunleted hand - a sleek techy looking thing - in concentration and a bit of frustration. "I can't be completely certain." He says quietly as Jemma comes over. He nods in greeting as he gathers his thoughts about what to say next.

"However I think that, er, man was attempting - or well succeeded - in effecting a… um… temporal change chain reaction kind of thing." How and why eludes him but he does know that whatever they're doing, his mere presence seems to disrupt it to some degree. "Unless, that is, Miss Potts recently made an enemy of Michael Bay…"

Jes takes the shirt from Jemma with a puzzled frown that quickly clears to understanding. "Dammit. I just bought that." She knows better than to buy things new, but it had been such a nice color. Thecoyotewoman shrugs her way into the shirt and then frowns, listening to Thomas. Her nostrils flare as her sense of smell is starts returning. Clearly she doesn't share Jemma's avoidance when it comes to Pepper being hurt because the native american procedes to sruge up to her feet and freak the hell out.
"You're hurt!! That asshole thing hurt you! Oh I'm gonna kill it! I hate machines! Stupid godsbedamned bloody f—uhdging machines!"
Jes reaches for Pepper, stops her self, reaches again and then whirls around looking for a first aid kit. She's not helping her disasterous save here at all but Lady Pepper is bleeding!!!! "Hey! One of you useless idiots go get a first aid kit! NOW!" Jes roars at the nearest guards. Why are they just standing there?! She's so upset she's compltetely forgotten Jemma is a Doctor. A really good Doctor standing right there and if she isn't worried, things are probably fine. It's about then that Jes notices her own injuries. "Ow." She mutters and stops flailing about so much and sits rather abruptly at Pepper's feet.

There's a reason Jemma isn't worried about Pepper. She hasn't seen it. She'd been sprawled on the floor when it happened. Letting Jes do her thing, Jemma looks down when Keeper comes over and noses at her thigh and …. licks. "Ewww…." the biochem reacts and then realises, there's a gash that runs from the hem of her dress up. She must have sustained that when she ran into Thomas.

As she watches, the gash starts to heal. "Oh now, that's interesting."

"Pepper, do you need assistance?" JARVIS probably monitors the woman anyway. If he hasn't said anything, there's nothing to worry about. Right?

Finally, Thomas gets her attention "Again?" she sighs "Pepper, would it be possible to get the footage of what happened here?" Whether that would be helpful, time (ahem pardon the pun) would tell.

The tall, olive-skinned Australian takes off his hat, his face screwed up in a confused frown. "Temper control train… wot, mate? Wait, /temporal/?! That's — aw, fer cryin' out /loud!/ — that's weird time-shit isn' it? Too much humbug fer me." He goes to say something else, but finds himself distracted by Grasper who is nosing that piece of synthetic flesh it tore from the terminator's leg earlier.

"Wot? No, ya can't bloody eat the thing! It's… ferget it. Back in th' tat', yew." Reluctantly, Grasper turns away from what he had hoped would make a nice meal, and leaps /at/ Cross… only to dissolve and reappear as a tattoo once more. Cross turns back to the group.

"So… who's this Michael Bay then? Is 'e someone I should be huntin' down 'n feedin' to the wolves fer crimes against humanity or somethin'?"

"Michael Bay is an idiot and he ruined the Transformers franchise." Wow, vehement much there, Pepper? "Also, he refused to let Tony buy that Bumblebee yellow Camaro used in filming the movie, so he's persona non grata around… oh for god's sake, Jesana, calm down." Thankfully, by the time Pepper's scolding Jes, she's back on her butt on the floor. She looks up at Thomas and then at Clancy and finally stands again. "Sorry about the weirdness here, Mr…?" She stands close enough to Jesana to put a reassuring hand on the coyotewoman's still wet hair. Stay there, stay calm. Or Pepper will force feed you a quart of chamomile tea.

The Marshal gestures that gauntleted hand at Pepper. "That." He'll leave whether Michael Bay's misdeed warrant being hunted down by Thycaline Dundee here to the philosophers and godlings. "Is she going to be o-" Yes, she's going to be okay, long as she stops yelling. "And yes it's… time related. Long story. Come look me up at the Federal Building in Metropolis if you want to hear more of it…" If he remembers later. If any of them other than Jemma remembers later. He tends to be forgotten. Part of his condition.

Mean time… "Right well, since there's no perp I suppose I don't need to secure the crime scene…" And nothing to fix. "Don't bother with the footage, Jemma. Any changes that happened were always that way to begin with, if that makes sense. You look like you're, uh, headed out. I was just passing by. Can I walk you to your car?"

Jes does keep quiet partly from Pepper's order and partly because she's just realized that thing hit her in the head in the water and she's got a concussion. Of course she doesn't mention that. Just sits and leans her temple against Pepper's knee, visibly calming when the woman rests a hand on her head.
She has no idea who Michael Bay is, or what a Transformer is. Jes doesn't even own a tv at the moment. Anyone looking at her might notice the demigod's eyes narrow slightly at the mention of Tony's name. That is quickly replaced by a slight flush when Pepper apologizes for the weirdness. It's probably her fault. This stuff happens wherever she goes, or she goes where it happens. Maybe both. Though with the whole time thing, hey, maybe this is actually Thomas's fault! Jes eyes the Marshal. What is up with that gauntlet thing anyway? She doesn't know about his problem with people forgetting him, things like that don't always affect her though so its possible she will remember. Also possible she'll look him up, if only out of curiousity. And…maybe to mess with the feds a bit. Just.. a tiny bit.

Keeper trots back to Clancy, but not before Jemma gives the creature an ear ruffle. "Pepper, if you need anything, call me? I have to get to work, they're waiting for me." Now, even more so.

Clancy's puzzlement has the biochem snorting "Mr Cross, when you're in The Triskelion, drop by my lab. We can talk." With Jes quiet, the biochem blows out a breath and nods to Thomas, flushing slightly "I'd like that, thank you."

Clancy nods.

"C'mon, Keeper," he tells the hound. "I'll get me cheque some other time. 'Sdark now. Feel like a hunt?" He gives the thylacine a smirk and puts his hat back on his head, before turning on the ball of his foot toward the exit.

"Bloody temporal bloody… chain reaction bloody terminators… I need a beer…"

"Dr. Simmons, the data you requested will be waiting on the server space allocated for your personal use." Thoughtful chap, JARVIS.

Pepper looks at Jemma and nods. "I'll likely do that later. Thank you, Jemma." She then looks down at Jesana and reaches to help her stand. "Come on, Jesana. I have dry clothes in my office." And ibuprofen. And tea. And warm blankets and a sofa to curl up on. She offers Thomas a small smile in thanks, then moves Jes toward the elevators so Security can get started cleaning everything up.

On the way out, Clancy can be heard muttering to his wolf: "Hey — didja get the number o' that sheila as lost her top? That'll make a good story fer the boys back home…"

"Who cares if home's half a world away?"

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