Differences in Dealing

April 15, 2016:

Felicity and Oliver have very different responses to her attempted kidnapping the day before.

Queen Consolidated


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Queen Consolidated has been a bit of a buzz the past day or so. During rush hour while most people were coming into work, a madmen shot at cars and someone might have been the victim of an attempted kidnapping. There's quite a lot of rumors going around. What seems to be consistent in them is that a certain blonde haired, glass wearing hacker is amongst the witnesses - if not the target of the kidnapping herself.

After giving her statements to security guards and police, Felicity is back in her small office, behind her small desk. She texted Oliver with a very simple, "Something happened. Not sure what to do now" without explaining what else that means.

The business of Queen Consolidated has been left by Oliver to those that are more interested in that side of business, he himself has been investing his time into the Mayoral Campaign and the opening of the Red Maple restaurant. So to say that his awareness around QC was less than optimal would be an understatement. So when he arrives, he does so through the basement entryway and takes the back stairs; all the little tricks he employs to avoid people seeing him and asking too many questions.

That's how he is so easily able to enter his own building and step into Felicity's office to slide the door shut behind him quickly.

Felicity looks up at Oliver entering, unsure of who to expect. Once she sees him there, though, her shoulders slump and she looks incredibly relieved. "Oliver." She runs a hand over her head, looking distressed and unsure of how to proceed. "They-they found out my trace." She's not defining anything yet. For some reason, she just expects him to know. "They-they knew me. The knew my name, they scrambled my phone. And they were trying to take me somewhere in an SUV. That stuff only happens in Taken. And Taken 2. And basically every movie with the word Taken in it."

The words just come tumbling out of Felicity. While she knew helping Oliver came with dangers, this is not what she expected. He has managed to keep a secret identity. How did she not? "They didn't mention you. God, should I have stayed to see if they mentioned you?"

The bombardment of Felicity catches Oliver offguard for a minute, his hands lift up in a calming, soothing gesture with a slow down posture. "Felicity, breathe." He offers, his tone is serious however as he listens in to her quick, but scattered, story. "They. By they you mean The Section?" He asks it steadily before moving to get a seat himself. "It's ok, they already are after me for other reasons, political rather than… other. So there's no link between us. If they're going after you its because of the trace like you said."

He takes a moment and reaches up to touch the side of his head. "I can't be in all places at once. What did they say to you, exactly?"

Felicity takes a quick breath in and out. Not exactly the deep breath that Oliver had in mind when he instructed her to take a breath. "I think so. I didn't really stick around long enough to find out." She frowns. "I was coming to work, a bunch of security guard surrounded me and a guy in an SUV said, 'Ms. Smoak, won't you join me for awhile?' It was pretty much, 'come into my web said the spider to the fly.'"

Felicity frowns for a moment. "This isn't about you being everywhere at once. This is about the fact that these people are more technologically advanced than we think. They were able to trace my hack. There are not many people that can do that."

"Ok, so they're technologically advanced. There's also a weakness in there as well. They are brazen enough to make an approach, an attempt like that in broad daylight." Oliver says quietly, half to himself and half to Felicity. "That shows self confidence, perhaps even arrogance." The man studies the wall as he leans back some in the chair, looking ragged and tired in that moment.

"When you did your hack, you did it through Queen Consolidated. So they clearly don't want to make it a legal issue in the sense of espionage charges or anything. That solidifies at least to me something off the books which is what we've suspected for awhile now. They have the capability to track. But here is the big question. If I am the Section, and I'm looking at this. Why is Felicity Smoak at Queen Consolidated tracing me?"

"I'm not sure I see that as a weakness, Oliver," Felicity tells him with a pointed look. "That sort of shows they're pretty brazen and think the can get away with whatever they want. They've got to have enough power to think that's okay. And, yeah, arrogance."

"I did that hack at your mansion," she corrects him. "I was using my own equipment. They were following me. They just happened to catch up with me at Queen Consolidated. The knew my name. They knew where to get me. It was like they were following me." With a snort and a shake of her head, she says sardonically, "I'm not sure if they were trying to get you, Oliver."

Oliver is quiet for a moment then shakes his head, "Remember when I texted you and said I'd ran into a hiccup but was ok? Yeah." He taps his shoulder, "It was the Section I think, taking a shot at me. That makes sense though. This.. is actually good. You work with Oliver Queen. They think Oliver Queen is digging around, not the Green Arrow." How that is good is anyone's guess.

"Ok, so they poked at you, you're scared. Let's keep being scared. Phone calls, texts, anything you can to let it be known you're scared. Fire off something to me that clearly shows you're scared, mad at me for asking you to do that job and that you're not doing anything like it again. That kind of stuff, let's see if we can redirect them off of you back towards me."

Felicity blinks at Oliver a few times. "This is" The blonde woman pushes herself up from her chair. "I'm not-I am scared, Oliver. They tried to kidnap me. The only reason I managed to get out of it was because someone I knew randomly happened to be nearby and caused a distraction by shooting at them." She shakes her head, brow furrowing, look incredulous. "You're acting like this doesn't matter. That what I went through is nothing."

Shaking her head, she moves away from her desk, her phones and computer. "If they were after you, Oliver, they would have gone after you again. That's not…I don't think that's what they wanted. They wanted to know why I knew to put a trace on that phone. They wanted to know why I'm interested. That's not going to change by texting you."

"All warfare is based on deception. Hence, when we are able to attack we must seem unable." Oliver says back to Felicity, quietly, calmly. "The Section has remained impenetrable to us because we know nothing about them. They are secure at all points and we have been unprepared for them. Until now." The man leans forward. "Think about it Felicity. They came out of their shell, at you. At a tech who was looking into a telephone number and took a risk doing it. That means something has opened up, a crack in their defenses."

"Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak are simply two people, one an idiot running for Mayor and the other a brilliant tech specialist at a company. That is not anything to be afraid of; unless we came upon something they should be afraid of." He seems to be speaking in a calming fashion for himself, and for Felicity now keeping his green eyes on her. "We must keep up the full appearances of fear, so that the Green Arrow may strike at them. We just need to figure out where to strike."

"This is more than just warfare. They could have killed me, Oliver." Felicity turns back at Oliver, realizing that he's not getting the main gist of her worry. Or that he doesn't seem to be acknowledging it. "They had four or five security guards that were attempting to bring me in. I'm not a high security threat, physically. There's a reason they had that many people on me.

"I don't need to appear afraid. I am. They tried to kidnap me on my way to work. That's—-That's never happened to me. Are they out there now? Are they going to try and grab me on my way home? What do I do? I don't have your training. I can't fight like you. I'm a hacker! I hack things! I can't hack people attempting to kidnap me! Or, well, I could try to hack their computers, but not them physically in the act of kidnapping me!"

"Felicity." Oliver says again, in a level, calm voice to the woman. "Everything you just said is past tense. That is what was. I know you are upset, but me being upset with you will not fix or solve anything. They came after you when you were the most exposed, intending to scare you like this. If they wanted you dead, they'd have just done it. They didn't want you dead, they wanted to either scare you off of them or get you to answer questions." He leaves off the part of they might have killed her after said questions.

"What we need to do, is find a way for you to be safe. The problem is, even with my training I'm not particularly safe against these people of they come after me. However. When I had the Red Maple bulit, it included a basement with… some safeguards and measures there. It's a bunker, a lair." An Arrow Cave. "That might be a safe place for you to stay for a few days, at least until you feel more comfortable about things."

"It's not just the past, Oliver!" Felicity wheels on him, pointing a finger, as if that will help. "It's! It's forever now! They could be anywhere! They could try and grab me at any time! This isn't the past." She's not sure why he can't see this. "You're saying that at any moment now if they think I'm too much trouble or know too much, they'll just shoot me."

Felicity frowns. "This isn't a few days. These guys are out there. I still need to go to work and do my job. I can't do that from a random basement somewhere." She sighs. There's no real way to fix this. "I'm not sure when I'll be comfortable about things."

"So then how will yelling, or being upset about it, resolve the situation?" Oliver asks calmly to Felicity, his eyebrow arching. "I don't want to come across as insensitive Felicity, I'm worried, concerned for you. But really. What situation are we going to resolve by being upset?"

"I'm not talking about yelling," Felicity says, frustrated, throwing up her hands. "But I am upset about it and want to yell." She looks at Oliver. "Maybe this doesn't mean anything to you, but I don't get my life threatened often. It means something to me. And to hear my friend tell me that my fear for my life doesn't really matter? That I should just calm down? Well, it doesn't really help anything." Shaking her head, she looks annoyed. "It's not about resolving a situation!" she finally bursts out. "It's about having emotions, Oliver! I am having emotions! I am a human being that freaks out when her life is threatened!"

Oliver sits there patiently, letting Felicity having a nice solid freak out before he finally lifts an eyebrow, "Well, freak out then. Have at with the emotions. Just let me know when it's all wrapped up so we can talk strategy." The man is, well he's pretty emotionless. One doesn't get to adventure against villains with a stick taht's pointed and carry around emotional baggage. Ok, well the baggage but aside that.

"Because the only way this ends Felicity, is when they end."

Felicity looks at Oliver and then looks at the door and then shakes her head. "Never mind." Her makes for her chair and sits back down. The terror, the fear is still there, but she doesn't show it any more. "Maybe that's how you think these things end, but that's not why I wanted to talk to you." She shrugs her shoulders again and open shed laptop. "I texted you as a friend asking for help. I didn't ask for the Green Arrow. I wanted someone who might understand what I went through. A teammate who actually cares about the other people they work with."

"Felicity. There is a difference between caring for someone on the team, and giving in to emotion. You're alright to be scared, I can't allow myself to be scared with you because then we're stuck. I'm sorry you can't see that right now. Believe me, I am upset. If I were there, I would have dealt with them. But I wasn't. And I can't." A soft sigh leaves Oliver's lips as his shoulders lift up in a shrug. "I'm sorry Felicity, that I can't be what you are hoping for. That's this line of work."

"This is more than emotion, Oliver." Felicity looks up at him. "You tried to make me feel crappy for being scared. You told me I need to get over it immediately to get to your 'rational solution.'" Her gaze is level. "What I was hoping for was a friend who could actually understand what I was going through. Is that not what you are?"

"If you felt crappy Felicity, I'm sorry. But I don't function there." Oliver pushes back from the chair and stands up. "The best thing I believe for you is to keep distance from me. Let's get you into a safehouse or something. Because I can't protect you. I'm sorry you're in this mess, I'm sorry it's because of me. This is why I knew it is better to work alone. I'm sorry."

Felicity looks up at Oliver and sighs. "It's not because of you, it's because of me." With a shake of her head, she looks at her laptop and frowns. "I'm the one that traced that number. They may not even know you're involved. Don't be so self-centered." Annoyed, she just looks at her screens. "Even if it was because of something that involved you, that's not why I'm angry at you now." Finally, she looks up, right at him. "All I wanted from you, Oliver, was a 'I'm sorry someone tried to kidnap you, Felicity, we'll figure out how to fix it.' I wasn't looking for your protection or an apology. This was about something that happened to me and not you." Finally she looks down at her computer. "You need to let people into your life."

"Because when I do let people in, this is what happens. You're in this position because I put you here Felicity." Oliver snaps back, not harshly towards her, but frustrated in tone. "You think I'm ok with someone tryign to kidnap you? That I'm spread so far thin I can't help you? You want me to be upset, but then you don't want me to be upset."

"I don't want you to be upset, Oliver." Felicity puts a hand to her head and smooths down the nonexistent blonde flyaway there. "I'm here because I wanted to be here. I want to be able to be scared of something that happened to me without you thinking it's your fault. I wanted sympathy, not a call to action. I wanted you to be my friend, not my protector." She sighs. "What I want is for you to realize I don't have the same reactions to things that you do."

"And you understand that /I/ don't have the same reactions to things you do." Oliver responds towards the woman, looking at her. "Don't mistake a lack of demonstration of sympathy for not feeling it. But honestly Felicity, when this happens it hardens my resolve. I do not like feeling trapped, and I am trapped."

"You're not trapped." Felicity tells Oliver, honestly. "Things will happen to people whether you know them or not. It just so happens you know me. Would it be better if I were just a random hacker who stumbled onto this number?" She keeps her eyes trained on him. "And how am I supposed to know you have sympathy for me if you don't, at least, tell me? Or show me. I'm not a mind reader and you can't expect me to be one. You have to tell me when something effects you, even if you're not demonstrative." She didn't get into MIT for her SAT math score alone. Words!

"Felicity. Demonstrating emotions and me get along about as well as… well." Oliver pauses and tilts an eyebrow, "Feel free to insert some sort of relevent analogy that I wouldn't get because I was gone for those years." Ok, at least he's smirking a bit.

Felicity finally smiles at Oliver. "…like Jon Snow is actually dead?" That's a bit more layers upon layers of context. "I told you, you don't have to be demonstrative. You just…you have to talk to me. And not just soldier stuff. I'm not a soldier. I'm a hacker. And you have to acknowledge that when I go through something terrifying like that I'm not going to be logical. And I just need a friend to talk to and help me through it."

"The best medicine for such incidents Felicity, would probably be a very stout drink. Something in the russian vodka variety." Oliver offers as way of peace and suggestion. "If only you knew someone who owned an entire restaurant stocked with such things. Drinks, comfort food, and of course someplace safe to be?"

Felicity grins. "If only. That would be very convenient." At the very least, she seems forgiving. "If you know someone like that, I'd be much obliged. It seems the kind of night for that."

"Stay in the bunker for at least tonight, it's very well furnished since I've been essentially living there of late." Oliver says quietly to Felicity. "You can get some food, be safe. I'll be by to talk to you there soon. But there are … I'm going to go out tonight." And he probably doesn't mean to the club based on his tone of voice.

At that, Felicity frowns. "I'll stay for the night, but I don't think they're going to try something this soon after getting shot at." She studies Oliver. "Not because of this, right?"

There's a hesitation, "Not just because of this." Oliver says after a moment. "I've been focused on so much as Oliver Queen, it might be a good thing to remind others that the Green Arrow is still out there as well."

Felicity knows Oliver and the Green Arrow, she's not about to tell him to not go out and do his patrols. Instead, she just nods. "Okay." There's not much else she can say about it. "I'lll see you when you're back. Though, I do expect you for a drink at your restaurant first before I have to go hunker down in a bunker like a 1950s paranoid."

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