The Hand, The Arrow and the Trap

April 17, 2016:

The Green Arrow interrogates Noor Singh; Elektra invites him to join the Hand but his counter-offer may just get her killed


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There was a spot somewhere within Hell's Kitchen where the Hand operates. It was known only to the few who actually venture out with will enough to return, their allies and others who were vetted heavily allowed freedom to go and leave as they please while others remain permanent captors of the Hand. And the only way they leave is by death. But even death wasn't the end to their existence, Elektra was walking proof to that, though that leaves much to be said about the personality and how things inherently change.

The building was at least ten stories high, condemned and marked off of the map of Hell's Kitchen, shell corporation owns this building and keeps it abandoned and condemned for very good reason. Upon many floors, there were holes, broken down concrete and old chairs that seemingly become ruined and gnarled due to time and exposure to the winters months. The elevator was old and rickety, the way down was a loud buzzer that hangs from the ceiling which opens up into a space that was below the ground and heavily fortified.

Fortified as well as sewers and carnivorous tunnels could get.

The path remained wet; the smell unholy but it clears nearer to the main cavern of where the Hand operates, the many tunnels built underneath New York City as a whole where food was once stored and paths marked by Free Masons to allow their easy travel from city to city unchecked. Many of the ninjas move around, a small buzz of activity which seemingly stop as Elektra arrives with due haste with the Green Arrow.

They all seemingly draw down upon the duo; katana's immediately drawn from their sheaths and arrows pointed in their direction. Even a few of the Hand hang from ceilings with arrows notched into their bow. Escaping here now is futile. You leave only when they decide.

"STOP!" Elektra voice suddenly rings out, the echo of her timbre reverberating through the cavern, her hand held upright as a show of peace, one that they only know of. "He is with me." A stern look draws them into reaction, standing down with a slow pace as Elektra continues to move. A gate closes off the hallway of where they tread, opening with a wave of her own hand through an operator who remains unseen.

They were heading towards where Noor Singh was kept. They wanted to see The Girl.

The Green Arrow had followed and managed to keep pace with the movements of Elektra the entire way despite his arm being in rough-shod shape. When they had gone to ground level and beneath the bow had been returned to his back and his steps had been the focus along with marking the passing of structures and locations; marking escapes and the like. Not a single word was spoken from the man as he had followed along.

The arrival, and subsequent display of weaponry that is brought out has him taking a slower step but when Elektra calls them off he nods ever so slightly towards her and then proceeds towards the hallway where she had opened the gate at. Once within the gated hallway, essentially the first time he was not concerned about an overarching Hand presence beyond just her, the man speaks. "I need you to set my shoulder." It was a tone of half request but technically it was her fault.

The hallway was narrow enough for only two people to pass through it. Two people such as them, who's every move was being watched. Why Elektra decided to trust the man was suspect, even boldly showing where the Hand lay their head, was something else all entirely. But he seemed the sort to actually go toe to toe with her. Nearly evenly matched if she didn't have what she had on her side. The rage of the Beast. The need to watch closely as another dies to regain a piece of normalcy within her life..

She stops cold as she turns to look towards him, her brows furrowing as a little grunt draws from her lips. A slight lean was taken as she grasps his wrist with her slightly broken hand, lifting it briefly.

"Do not hold your breath. Breath normally."

Her fingers immediately fly, curled into a slight pinch as she immediately jabs in three parts and lifts just underneath the armpit to set. The pain would be sharp, but with her quick-three strikes the nerves itself would deaden to the pain. If she were successful. But that would only last for so long.

"She's up ahead."

Letting go of him now, she turns and continues to walk until a door upon the left was reached, opened, and entered.

Expecting the sharp pain of the shoulder being put back into place, the Green Arrow is able to be prepared for it and does not grunt nor change his disposition as she does her work. A tip perhaps for the woman, that this green clad archer is no stranger to pain, or pressure points, for that matter. With the work done, he nods his thanks before following behind Elektra.

Looking at the door as it is resting, only now does the breathing change, a quick hiccup of air before the man follows Elektra into the confines of the chamber and the prisoner. Deeper into the den of the Hand, the plan on getting out becoming further muddled each step as it becomes less likely to leave under his own terms.

The room itself was dark save for a few placed lanterns which kept the light eerie. It resembled almost a dungeon, the quiet drip-drops of water close behind into a pail already filled and full. Noor Singh remains in the middle of this room, a lone light hung down from it's ceiling, shiniing down onto her position as she remains tied within a chair. Her feet were bound, chest, thigh and wrists, keeping her in an upright position even though her head hangs low.

The dark curtain of her hair hides her strained features, her breath heavy as she looks up towards the two that enter. Her bottom lip begins to tremble as her eyes swell with tears, red already from crying at being left alone. She hated being alone.

"Wh.. where am I?" She stammers out, eyes looking along the room. "Who are you?!"

The Green Arrow takes in the sight of the woman, imprisoned as she is and in this condition. There is a few moments of consideration before he looks towards Elektra and inclines his head towards her from beneath the hood. "She is your prisoner."

The act is meant to give him room to study how the Assassin works, how she operates with the prisoner that is tied up. Everything to this point is explainable in his mind but this, the treatment of an unarmed captured person tells much about an adversary.

A glance was spared towards Green Arrow as she gives a slight roll of her eyes. "My prisoner, but you wanted answers to your questions." But never the less, Elektra will bite, stalking forward towards the young woman to draw behind her, her fingers careful as she pulls the thick hair from the womans shoulder to lay against the back of the chair. "Torture.." She starts as she speaks to the woman. " not something I enjoy. However, I excell at it so much that my keepers call it a thing of beauty when I work." Her voice was even, lacking any emotion as she speaks. It all was taken as something as a matter of fact, and not fable.

"Your body, as most would say, is a machine. And if the right buttons are pressed, the pain could be the most pain you've felt in your entire life. And, if the right buttons are pressed again, you will feel nothing. Bliss, as it were. I only say this because this man.." She looks towards Oliver.. "Has questions. And the Hand does not want you broken. They see your usefulness. Your potential. You could and will do great things for us." Her hands rest upon the womans head, the woman who closes her eyes even as she begins to shake and rattle within the chair.

"But you are a dime a dozen, and your life hinges on whether you answer to his liking." It was then that she withdraws, taking a step back into the darkness.

As Elektra slides into the darkness behind the woman, The Arrow stalks around now stepping forward, slowly walking around the chair to pass behind the tied up woman.

As he does so, a glance is given towards Elektra and… he grins. It is a sly little smile and he even mouths the words 'well done' to her before stepping back into view of Singh. The modified voice speaking and sounding harsh as it is delivered, the grin gone from his lips replaced with an intensity in his eyes. "I have been following a group known as the Section, and was lead to your doorstep. Shortly after a trace to your office occurred the Section attempted to kidnap the person responsible for the trace. This, irritates me."

He stops, turns slowly and squats down to eye level with Singh. "I will give you one chance to tell me just what you know about the Section."

The smile, sly as it was, was returned with a grin. Elektra just stands and watches, listening.. taking in the information and filing it away for later.

"Wh.. what?" Noor stammers out, her eyes lifting and looking all around her. Her head rolls and rocks as she tries to keep herself steady, focused. If she was here, there was no way for her to get out alive. If there even was an option.

"The.. the Section.." She swallows hard, her teeth grinding together as she takes in a hesitant breath.

"I.. I don't know about much the Section on.. only that.. that I know they're dangerous.." She didn't want to talk about them, but she was dead anyways. The woman behind her was frightening but the gravel of his voice made ner nearly want to pee.

"I.. My dad.. was.. was part of the section.. he.. he.. ran.. with a crew. I don't.. I can't remember names cause they never gave the same one twice but.. he was one of them.. its a fa-family thing!" She looks towards him, eyes pleading. "Please.. water.."

The Arrow stops, his eyes sliding shut for a moment.

In his mind he could picture her. The blond hair, the rimmed glasses and the sweet innocent smile that has been turned to terror, abject horror really. How she had told him how she felt, that they had gone after Felicity. One of his only deep friends and these people. A family thing.

He wants to howl, scream out, but he doesn't. Instead in a flash of movement an arrow is pulled out of the quiver and turned in his hand before he drives it downwards into Singh's foot to embed it into the floor with as much force as he can muster. Elektra knows her pressure points, and would be able to see that The Arrow just took the object right through one of the imprisoned woman's most sensitive ones in the feet.

"You can use your damned tears for water. GIVE ME A NAME."

If Elektra's amber eyes could glow within the darkness that she remained.. he would be able to see her..

But for now, the show was on. She knows that look, the inner resolve. The call and the answer. The Beast, that monster that speaks to all of the Hand is laughing and clawing against her psyche at this very moment. Her lower lip was soon captured by her teeth as she remained still as one could in such an exiting moment..

"AAAAAAAUUUUUUGH!" Noor screams out, bucking back against the chair, her head tossed back to the ceiling as she recites a Hindi prayer as loud as she was able. Her foot, the searing hot pain shoots through her leg as she tries to fight back the tears, her breath soon ragged as she tries to compose herself.

"FUCK YOU!" She snaps out! Anger, confusion licking her senses. "Fuck.. fuck!" She shrieks again, a slow rock against the chair and a slight slump as she begins to sob. "Fuck you I didn't do anything to you! Fuck you!"

"You did not." The Green Arrow affirms, "But your family did, you s aid so yourself." He reaches out to his back and pulls out another arrow. This one doesn't get driven home yet however instead he lowers himself again, tapping it against the floor slowly. "I do not wish to hurt you. I do not wish to hurt anyone. But you have answers that could save hundreds, thousands… even millions of lives."

His tone remains steady, calm even if his eyes still show an intensity. "The Section is ripping this world apart. You did nothing. I want nothing more than to walk through that door. But to do that I need a name. You have already given me your father, is that the name I need to talk to?" The word talk is emphasized in such a way that conversation may not be the idea associated with it.

Her head snaps down again as she struggles against her binds. Her fingers white knuckling against the arm-rest with the threat to break it asunder. "You.. you don't understand.." She stammers out, huffing loudly. She finally looks up to meet Oliver's eyes, and there was fear there. True fear. For the arrow was within his hand and her other foot was already clenching within her shoe in anticipation of being struck. She did not need to feel more pain.

"I.. I'm just his daughter.. I.." She shakes her head mournfully, "..NO! No no no no! LEAVE him and I'll tell you everything.. I promise.."

"The Section.. I only know what my father tells me. He tells me of a group. They're just a small group within the Section that's actually touched down in New York.. I think recently. Some parts even in Gotham. But it's like an arms race. They just want one thing. Power. I don't know why they wanted your.. friend or whoever she is. I -don't- know.. but I do know that if you send this little crew.. and they are small. Then that means you're dead. That's it. You're fucking…" She pants a little, trying to speak through the pain. "..done!"

"I.. I mean it, when I said that I don't know names. There's even a chance their faces change. I haven't seen them since I was fifteen and I was in a bind with.. some people. They showed up and got me out of there. Kill everyone without even touching them. You're fucked! Do you know that? You're fucked!"

The Arrow watches the woman in silence long after she finishes speaking, weighing her words and processing through them. Finally the arrow is put back into the quiver and he reaches out to pull the one in her foot out, releasing the pressure on the nerve cluster found there and allowing it to just simply hurt from a arrow through the foot without the constant firing of the nerve endings.

Rising up, he looks towards Elektra in the back and inclines his head towards the door. No words are spoken further to Singh, at least until he has had a chance to speak to his wonderful hostess.

"You're fucked… you're fucked.." Noor pants repeatedly, her head rolling back and forth until a final scream was heard from her lips that leaves her sobbing. She so much wanted to kick, scream out, flail and cry, but she was tired. Broken and thirsty.

Elektra watches this all, only moving once he tilts his head in the direction of the door, her arms uncurling from her chest to draw around the woman without a touch of comfort or a word to the wise. Once the door was open and Elektra was out, she turns to watch the woman, her voice lowered so quietly that it was hard for their captive to hear over the sound of her own sobs.


The Green Arrow puts his eyes firmly on Elektra then, a hardness there that wasn't even present when they were fighting in the hallway. "I do what I must to save lives. The needs of the many." Whatever he needs to do to justify it. His own tone is quiet, the voice modulator picking up the change in volume to match it.

"I need her alive. For bait. She said that this group has before gotten her out of a situation when she was a kid, I have no doubt her father would send this team in to do it again."

"I understand that sentiment. But that is all there is. Sentiment." She draws her gaze to lock with his own, that one step taken to close the gap as she actively ducks her head to search his expression. "I've seen that look before. I carry the same. Right.. before.." Her hands raise up to snap fingers into the air, and soon a step back is taken as she rests her shoulders against the chill of the wall.

She looks into the room, watching the woman squirm and bleed, there was no sympathy for either of them in that moment. "No." She purses her lips slightly. "The Hand wants her. And yet you want me to go against my better judgement for someone who's name I do not know, and to hand her off to you to do as you please, which would, ultimately put a kink in our own plans?" She shakes her head. "We're murderers. Assassin. Ninja of the most high. The way we are now is of this, Section you speak. Your needs do not align with the devil. You need justice. We need more."

"I think you misunderstand me." The Arrow replies, looking back at the woman in the chair. The moment when Elektra was close to him, measuring him, his eyes had peered back into hers and what he saw…

"That woman is dead either way. She was dead the moment you stepped into her building. I could have done what I needed to without putting her at risk, but that is what was. I deal with what is."

He leans back as well on the opposite side of the hallway, folding his arms. "Your little band of .. ninjas .. can be involved, keep an eye on her. I simply want to use her as bait to draw out my targets. Even if she were to survive, the second this group found out she had given them up to me, they'd execute her. So she is pretty well done for. I'm only trying to squeeze some good out of what I can."

"And you misunderstand me, Green Arrow." Her voice was a little harsh, but that tone itself eases off.

"We. Need. More." It was clear as day. "If I allow our plans to delay even further for your retribution, you have to give us something in return." She purses her lips, her eyes square upon him. "Join us."

She boosts off the wall then, a small pace in tight quarters. "Why else would I have shown you this place if I had not intended to make you this offer after we've traded blows? You know where we are. You've seen only the smallest of what we can do and we can do so more. Join us. Or not. Walk away empty handed. Or not at all."

"I am not a murderer, nor am I an assassin." The Arrow responds towards Elektra steadily, a resolve in his tone. He motions with his head around. "I dwell in the shadows to protect others, you dwell in them to take from them. You must have misunderstood who I am."

His head inclines towards the woman on the chair. "Delay your plans, three days. Probably even less. Do something good for this world." He pauses then, straightens as he looks at Elektra, into her eyes. "Try things the way I do them, just once. See how it goes. You may end up liking it."

Elektra stood in silence, it was not often that she was rendered such, and when she was it was by her own choice. But there was clear thought there, a few days would be all it took? And then Noor Singh would be in their hands again to do what they will. Her lips purse for a moment, considering, then her gaze levels upon him, the weight of the decision now weighing her shoulders down as a breath was taken in.

"Three days." She states quietly. "And you only get three days."

She pushes herself away from the wall to stand in front of the door. Gesturing with her hand towards the exit. She would have to pull stealing away Noor out of her ass and this is not something the Hand would be appreciative of. And even she doesn't know why she's doing it. Maybe it was an ode to a previous life, one supressed and forgotten. But even still..

"Leave. And I'll deliver her to you in two hours."

The Arrow nods his head ever so slightly to Elektra, appreciation and acknowledgement both of which show in his eyes. The barest hint of a grin at the corner of his lips. There is no thanks, that will come later he is certain. Instead he turns and begins the process of leaving as she instructed; formulating the plan in his mind.

He has the bait.

Now to set the trap.

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