The Hand, The Arrow, and The Girl

April 17, 2016:

The Green Arrow and Elektra face off over a target. A shocking offer is made, and one does the unthinkable..

Hell's Kitchen


NPCs: Noor Singh

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It was not very often that the opportunity to go to New York presented itself to Oliver Queen, at least not with the election and the campaigning that goes with it. However, with a branch of the Red Maple opening in the city in the next couple of months his presence there was required for some documents and legal signings. It also provided an opportunity to set up a meeting with Nelson and Murdock to talk about a few other topics.

The door to the overpriced hotel room slid closed behind Oliver as he walked to the closet where his bags had been placed. One of them looking to be non descript was opened and the false bottom of it was opened as well, items beginning to emerge from underneath. Quiver, bow, and the Green Arrow wardrobe. It was going to be one of those nights.

The last time he had been in New York City he had been shot, now it was his turn to take the tables back towards those who had been after him. Felicity had uncovered a bit of information about a connection to this group that had been after Oliver Queen and it may finally pan out, an attempt to go out on the offensive and to take the war to them…

… A couple of hours later

The Green Arrow crouched in the darkness that New York city alone could provide. That moonlit aura from the City that Never Sleeps where even illuminated places were cast into the long shadows for criminals and the less reputable heroes (vigilantes to the common man) could lurk. He was postured across from a rather expensively built building made of tall glass in the depths of Hell's Kitchen, a place that stood out in the mix where he is studying the floors from the bottom to the top through steady eyes.

It has been nearly two weeks since her encounter with Matt. Lost love and being lost itself, wishing for a modicum of peace brought back memories that nearly tormented her at night. One of the Hand's operatives have seen this, and requested a little time with Elektra. A sorcerer to put her back upon the path to greatness, to realign her faith with what the Hand needed. And their target was Hell's Kitchen. She didn't ask. Only accepted and was suppressed. There was still a job to do.

And it was going to get done.

Noor Singh was a proprietor of the building. The woman destined to do great things for Hell's Kitchen, and the city of New York as a whole. She did not know that the Hand had targetted her. What she did know is that she had gained a lot of money from an unknown benefactor and aimed to clean up the parks and revitalize a certain neighborhood to make living in HK much more affordable for it's citizens. Such a big move planned in the wake of all the strife gained their attention. And Elektra was set to move in.

What the Green Arrow would see are shadows. Quick moving shadows on the street below. A flash of red and a flicker of light that fades into the darkness with a snap. Noor was on the floow just above this phenomenon, her office a clear view to the streets below. And yet.. once those lights flicker on with a snap, Elektra could be seen staring out of that window just below Noor, her dark eyes laid right upon the Green Arrow.

She wasn't studying him. It was clear that she was watching him. For her hand slowly lifts, pointer and middle finger pressed together to aim down the Green Arrow from his perch, thumb extended and snapped down as if a shot from her very fingers were to ring out.

But only this time, the entire building goes dark.

The shuffling of the shadows through the streets and towards the building had gathered the Arrow's attention and his back stiffened. Something was wrong here, something that shouldn't be going on was. If the owner of the buliding, the person he was intending to question was in there they were now either the target of some group or in danger. Questions cannot be asked to a dead person.

Options run through the Arrow's mind until it all goes to shit. A figure, looking back at him; he had either been sloppy which he didn't suspect or the figure was that good, had seen him. The lights blink out and immediately the Green Arrow springs up from his perch pulling out an arrow from his quiver and loosing it towards the building. As the string snaps a second arrow is grabbed, a cable arrow that is set loose as well along the same trajectory as the first aiming for the floor above where he had seen the figure that pointed at him.

The first arrow struck, vibrating at a high frequency to match the glass of the window shattering it in a near silent method. The second one pulled behind it the long cable, the arrow sinking into the floor of the building and anchoring. It takes only a moment for the Green Arrow to arch his bow over the arrow and begin the sliding descent towards his destination, landing with a roll to prepare himself.

The Hand had their orders. Apprehend the woman. If they could not convert her they would kill her. Which is fine by Elektra. She was there to see that the job was done, and to finally strike a killing blow to the Daredevil and his cohorts there after. Little did she know, that there was another unnamed vigilante that stalked the rooftops of Hell's Kitchen. The more the merrier.

She remained in the darkness as the windows quietly shattered, the light from the hallway illuminating her form as she stands akimbo in the light. There was the sound of music playing, the janitor down the hall was fast catching up on their position. Even as he belt out tunes by Alabama Shakes, Elektra remains unmoved.

One gloved hand lifts, pointing up towards the ceiling, alerting this newest vigilante of his problem. He could either take care of her, or get to Noor Singh first and rescue her from her plight. Cue the sounds of stamping feet that only comes from a solitary person, the sounds of protests and screams.

A choice given. Meant to test the weight and resolve of this vigilante. Rescue the girl, take her down.. and an added insult? Save the janitor. Choices, choices.

Beneath the hood pulled over the features and under the mask of his eyes, the man actually smiles. He pulls out quickly in succession three arrows, firing them up into the ceiling quickly. Along their shafts they bulge slightly and a green mist seems to be within the container. The arrows penetrate deeply into the ceiling to the floor above and a few moments pass before the mist starts to dissipate with a hiss into the room above the two facing each other..

The Green Arrow cannot just let someone get taken, even if it is alternative to his mission. But getting to the room above would be difficult. Whoever they are, he is not planning on them being prepared for the sleeping gas arrows that he shot upwards into the room above.

Now it is his turn, standing silhouetted against the open window and the darkness outside, the Green Arrow finally speaks, his voice modulated by the device he wears to do so. "Your move."

The many thumps of the bodies upstairs prove that the Arrow was successful. A grin crosses upon her ruby red lips as her eyes close, her head slowly shaking as her fingers dip down towards the sash that wraps around her neck to tug upright to cover her nose and mouth. It was her move, her turn. The music was increasing along with the belt of the man, Elektra's glance over her shoulder and a hand dropping down to her waist sash to withdraw two stars.

And only two.

The Green Arrow wouldn't let anyone be taken, but could he live with someone being killed on his watch? She'll just have to see.. so with a swift step backwards and a flick of the wrist, those stars thwip down the hallway and all sound from the man himself ceases.

Ceases until his heavy body crashes against his cart, knocking all of the contents to the floor. The smell of Pinesol and bleach filling the air as both hands raise with a girlish shrug that has her long, black hair nearly dancing at her waist.

It's all fun and games until a nameless Janitor gets a pair of stars to the chest. The woman across from him gets a cold glare from The Arrow and quickly the bow is lifted up, arrow pulled back and aimed right at the woman. "Poison." He questions towards her in reference to the stars. The smell of pinesol easily could be mistaken for one of many eastern types of poisons.

Even as he has the arrow drawn, he begins to carefully circle in an attempt to get a position towards the door to check on the Janitor, the posture is quite ready and alert as he studies the adversary.

His slow circling and arrow pointed in her direction has both of her gloved hands lifting. It was slow, the way they stalk each other, but her eyes never leave his, or better yet, they never leave his entire person, checking his intentions at the proverbial door.

"No. Not poison." Elektra finally speaks, her British accent prevalent. "I believe it's Pine Sol and death." Where one would giggle, Elektra was entirely serious, but now her back was towards the windows, positions changed.

"Killing a bystander. How sloppy." The Arrow comments, taking a swipe at the woman verbally. The group clearly had an air of professionalism to them so perhaps he could poke and prod for more information by snaking at that angle. With circling complete, his first slide step backwards towards the hallway door starts, the arrow still presently aimed.

"You could just give yourself up now. Save us both some trouble." The modulated voice offers the choice, it would be rude not to after all.

"Not sloppy. Fun." Whelp, there goes that one. After all, each life had potential. Years down the line, the janitor could have been the man who would have effectively put the Hand down and out of misery. One could never know. Kill all to be sure. Which puts the Green Arrow in a slight pickle, that was to be sure.

She wasn't sure how long the sleeping gas would work, but she was on guard. All of the Hand's operatives that she brought were only five strong and they all were in the room with the sleeping woman. The target was still in play. "No. Besides, you look like you'd enjoy the trouble." And that would possibly be the only words she's spoken as she turns and begins to run those few and final paces towards the window. She leaps up and out, her hand extended to catch upon the line which draws her into the middle of the street with a slide that nearly tears her gloves from the burn. With a kick up, the momentum sends her into a swinging-flip mid-air that has her landing upon the cord, her arms struck out to find her balance as she begins to strafe across the cord itself in a crouch like run with both hands lowering to the swell of her hips to retrieve her sai.

Alright, The Arrow will admit it, he's impressed. He watches in a small state of shock as the woman is rope walking back across his zipline and does so until he sees the movement of hands to hips. Quickly the arrow is slid back into the quiver and he turns, starting to run into the hallway to track down a stairwell to take him up to the floor above. Gut instinct is telling him that this is far from over; so he must beat… well whoever that is… to the target upstairs. Maybe he can get some answers there.

Nope, no answers. Just a smash of the window with a pitched sai that was soon followed after by a body of black in red. Though she didn't enter into the room where the hand and the woman were sleeping, the office next door seemed relatively safe enough for her to enter unharmed. The thick of her hair was tossed along her shoulder as she retrieves her weapon from the ground, stabbing not one, but two holes through the plaster to air out the room before entry, yanking them out of the wall to head the Green Arrow off into the hallway which was cleared of.. nothing.

Whomever else was up there, they were already taken care of.

The Green Arrow arrives into the hallway from around a corner, striding down it and spotting the woman that had somehow gotten to the floor as well. The narrow confines of the corridor make it difficult for him, but he turns sideways and draws an arrow to the bow before releasing it.

Apparently he has reached the point of wasting time as the arrow flies outwards with the velocity associated with such a weapon, a few feet after being let loose unravelling into a series of cables; one of those infamous cable tie up arrows having been sent towards Elektra. "Enough of you, time for answer." He says it even while the arrow is in the air, the overconfidence of its success most likely being a downfall of the action.

The thwip of the arrow has her already moving, strafing back a few paces with a leap and one foot pressed to the wall, the other boosting itself out of the way of the arrow that flies and onto the ground yet again. The sai were soon clanked together as she advances forth, the quick way at which she stalks towards the Arrow and past the room was halted to kick it open to see all of the bodies within the room upon the floor, not stirring. That sleeping gas was potent.

But she was already mildly irritated, and if she ever gotten close enough towards his position the fight would be on. "I am going to enjoy killing you." Okay, so she talked, filler for the fight that is!

The woman had her sais, and the Green Arrow had little doubt she knew how to use them. But he had his bow and it certainly did more than just fire arrows. As the clad woman advances on him, the Arrow moves towards her as well using his size to his advantage to gain a bit of momentum in the approach before flashing out with the end of the bow like one would a staff.

A quick darting swing of the tip before it comes across again in a sweeping like strike. The sound of boots hitting the ground with the Arrow's footfalls reverberates in his ears. How did it come to this so quickly? He had been here for much the same reason but it was almost like a game. A deadly game, but one regardless and he found himself playing it with an unknown woman.

Close quarters combat, the Assassin can deal with that. The first swing of his bow allows her the moment to jump and attempt to land with one foot upon the ground and the other attempting to strike downward, trapping the bow with her foot. All the while, her body was in constant fluid motion, the sais twirled so that the handle of the sais would become her blunt edge, attempting to strike at his ribs in the most critical points. Those who know of her, know that she was practically an expert in chi-flows and pressure points. Certain hits do certain things, which is to say that if she does actually hit the man, he'd feel it.

But he was skilled, different. A variable that she didn't see coming. Was he a friend of the Daredevil? Or another obstacle that needed to be put down.. possibly both.

The quick movement of the blunt sai towards his side has the Arrow bringing his elbow down to divert the strike more towards his hip, a movement that still hits and draws a dull throb of pain out of the bone there. A soft grunt from that initial contact is felt, the bow being left under the foot as he switches to his hands.

The slap of rigid hand is directed at the Assassin's blunt sai holding wrist as the Arrow turned to deliver a quick elbow towards her chest.

She was intense, and knew where to strike. The quickness of the strikes left him on edge and retreating to a defensive movement after the flurry to feel her out. Dangerous would be an understatement.

It didn't feel right. She smacked bone. Either way it would still hurt, she didn't pull punches, using the full force of what she was capable to make any landing stick. With the bow trapped between her foot, she quickly kicks it backwards, the scraping sounds ringing within her ear credence to that as well as the slap to her wrist. It numbs her fingers to the point the sai itself drops, the elbow to her chest knocking her up and back in a skittering motion against the wall, but she uses that to boost herself off with another attempted strike to his chest with her remaining weapon.

Oh, this was good. Her free hand was soon shaken out and curled into a fist, middle finger knuckling out as she attempts for another snake like strike towards the middle of his shoulder. That sweet spot where the nerves connect just above the outside of the armpit to dislocate.. partially.

The Arrow is faced with a pair of options, neither of which are good. His shoulder has to roll back from the strike at his chest from the Sai as that is the far more dangerous strike which exposes said shoulder to the pressure point attack. Immediately his arm goes numb and he grunts in pain as it pops in a way it is not meant to.

He continues to turn however with a throw of his hip to give the lunging assassin incentive to fly past him further down the hall, giving him space once again; unfortunately the left arm is now hanging at his side without much use. Reaching up to his quiver, he pulls from underneath it, a short sword emerging into his grasp and turning in the wane light of emergency lights in the hallway.

With the strike to his shoulder, her knuckle extends to a point where her finger nearly digs into the sweet spot to confirm the partial dislocation of his shoulder, though her sai slides away from his chest at the correct point in time. She was attempting to stop his heart, but his quick thinking halted that almost immediately. She tries to drag her sai back, attempting to hook one of the prongs onto his leathers to expose skin and blood, which was soon twirled within her fingers right side up.

The turn has her flipping forward, tucking into a roll upon her feet which places her back towards him, a pivot-turn which causes her hair to dance as the sai is brought up towards her eyes to look once, then towards him. "Versatile." She comments, one could immediately hear the appreciation in her words, her finger soon hooking the mask away and tugging it down to reveal her full features. "How's the arm."

"Numb. Two more centimeters and it'd be completely out of place." The digitized voice of the man responds, sword held behind him in a defensive posture clearly ready. "How is the wrist?"

The moment to catch breath is needed, he knows that for himself but also knows there is a ticking clock based on the associates in the room. He knows how long the sleeping gas should last for, but based on the skill of this woman it is clear that her compatriots are probably of similar stature meaning the effects will be less than nominal.

"I'm not going to let you take her. She has information I need." Perhaps some kind of accord could be reached before he falls completely out of odds in numbers.

"You're fast." She comments, nodding her head. A glance down towards her wrist, which was already starting to show brusing has her lifting her arm up, her fingers seemingly crooked and yet, they straighten out immediately. If Ollie were skilled enough he could probably see it. The brief flash of pain within her features, as her fingers slowly begin to curl into a fist, working itself back and forth. While the show was brief and her features fall flat? It was still there. She was able to hide it better than most.

"Hairline fracture."

"I don't like to make threats." She says evenly, her left hand clutching the sai as she takes those few steps forward, using her toe to pinch the grip of her fallen weapon, which was kicked up into the air and forcibly caught with her right. Instead of using it, she shoves it right in its sash, "But you are in no position to continue to fight."

"Your arm will not gain mobility and you suffer the risk of nerve damage the longer it stays in that position. My men will assuredly wake up in moments time and they will not show mercy when they do. They will be angry. And they will look for you."

She takes another step. "The woman, now belongs to The Hand. And unless you seek a similar fate of the man downstairs, turn away and leave this place. Stay to fight, not even the stars in the sky will hide you from my wrath."

The Arrow stands there, sword still held behind him as he measures the woman down the hall. "Your men will be out for another three minutes by my estimation. The question becomes if you can hold me off for those three minutes. My arm is injured, so is your wrist. This puts as at an impasse." As he speaks, he slides back some however to where the bow is on the ground, placing his feet on either side of it protectively.

"I place a counter offer. You state your desire for this target; I state mine. We measure who holds the higher value and decide there what to do. We can simply fight until we both are too tired to battle, or dead. Your men may wake up and confront me; but I am not concerned about numbers in this confined space, hmm?"

Three minutes. Those odds were in neither of their favors. Even though their little dustup seemed a little bit long, it was quick, and no matter how fights were, quick seemed like hours. Did they have the capabilities for that? Possibly. But they both were damaged and only worked with one arm and whatever else the good lord gave them.

The counter offer seemed good, good if Elektra and The Hand weren't going for the end game. Definitely good if the woman, Noor Singh, were to be killed after this excursion. Bad if they wanted to take her, mold her into one of their operatives. Use her. And welcome them into the fold. Whatever information the Green Arrow wanted from this woman must be valuable. Something the Hand could use.

"Trust me. By the time they wake, you would have already fallen."

That was her position, and now it was time for the test. The clock upon the wall was glanced at briefly, and soon she approaches, ruby red lips spread into a sneer as she draws her good hand back to snap a stab forward with a lean-to high kick upon the opposite direction.

The Green Arrow slides back again, kicking his bow behind him as he does so with a quick step of his feet. It is clear the man is not intending to engage the assassin as the kick comes towards him following the stab with her hand. Sword still behind his back he slides and slides falling further and further down the hallway and corridor from the target. It is clear he's giving ground and then abruptly he stops, turns and slams the hilt of the sword in his hand into the wall.

The sound of shattering glass is heard as it does so.

"You should have taken my offer." He says through the voice modulator. "The police and fire department will be here in two minutes, that is their response time." To emphasize his point, he slashes upwards with the sword towards the ceiling to nick the sprinkler buried in the ceiling tile with the sharp edge to set it loose.

Kick, after jab, after kick. The man was dodging her blows well enough to once again, draw a little admiration from the woman. He had clear intent, she could have followed through, but her attacks were meant to only stall him, not kill him. To buy time for the Hand, the few of them, and the woman to wake from the effects of the sleeping gas. Three minutes? Two? That was all she needed until the move the Green Arrow makes sped the time up rather considerably.

She stops her movements then, her body still as the rain from the fire sprinklers begin to shower down around them, her gaze lifted towards the ceiling, a moment of reflection given as she closes her eyes to ease the burning need to kill that was deep within her bones. And then she smiles.

The chill of the water causes the Hand within the room to rouse, and it was like Elektra could feel their movements just by her being still, alone. Her foot paces backwards, a small puddle already forming upon the slip of the floor, her hand remaining upright in a defensive state as she gives a sad shake of her head.

"If we were not who we are, I would say that you are correct." Another step back that has her sliding just a little. "But we are who we are. It is -you- who should have taken my offer."

The bodies in the room begin to scramble, the sound of shattered glass and random -thwips- heard. They were quiet, safe for the scrambling. Groggy still, even a quiet grumbling moan from the woman could be heard over the dripping water drops that rain down upon the two.

She relaxes then, having his number and pegging him off the back, she turns halfway, preparing to head into the room herself.. but she stops.

"Come with me."

It was a calculated risk, arousing the other people with this woman but accelerating the time table. The outcome, well that is to be seen however at her offer the Arrow is initially stunned. Silent for a moment, the sword turns in his hand and shoots up to the scabbard across the quiver on his back. Crouching down, he picks up the quiver with the arm that is still fully mobile and begins to step.

"No tricks." The modulated voice says as he does in fact follow Elektra's steps.

"Only one."

That was her last and only response as she picks up into a jog. This was a true test to the man as she leaps out and onto the wires that the Hand had projected with their escape with Noor as their captive. The Hand were already gone but Elektra knew where they were going. It would be just only a matter if the Green Arrow could keep up. Especially with just one arm in play.

"Don't fall." Was said in a moment of light, and with those last words spoken? She takes off..

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