Chocolate And Vishanti

April 17, 2016:

Wanda gets a visit from the Vishanti …. Zee's there visiting Bobby (emits by Fenris)

X-Red HQ - New York


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Fade In…

How long has it been that Wanda's been home. To a certain extent it's been a long time, and to a certain extent no time at all. Sort of depends on your point of view and the 'person' if that's even a good word for what's come to find her. In the middle of the X-Red HQ though there's a sudden collumn of light accompanied by the apparition of a being that looks for all the world like a pre Raphaelite angel. "Wanda Maximoff, by the powers that bind this world I bid thee harken to me."

Wanda was roaming the kitchen, as is her wont, when the visitation arrived. She had just managed to secure some chocolate that didn't have any name on it…honest…where there is an angel looking down at her. "Hello?" she replies before quickly hiding the chocolate behind her back. Why do they have to speak in old English? She has a hard enough time with the new English. "You don't look like the Vishanti" she notes softly, "But they finished with me a long time ago."

Zee had been lounging on a couch in the common room. Having met Bobby for a late dinner, she'd come back with him to watch a movie. Her eyes half closed, she'd nearly been dozing when that light and voice got her attention.

Sitting up and stretching, the raven haired mage makes her way forward and touches Wanda gently on the shoulder. "They are a messenger of the Vishanti. Our trials aren't finished yet." No matter how much Wanda might wish it to be.

Should Wanda 'look', Zee has changed. There's a slight darkness about her and there's something missing. And yet still, there's even more of a quiet confidence about the woman, than there had been before.

"Thy trials are not yet done, Wanda Maximoff." The angel says whether or not it heard Zee. Perhaps it doesn't count if she says it? "Thou hast been tested for wit and for strength. Now shalt thine soul and resolve be tested. Ever the mettle of a sorcerer is proven not in victory but in defeat. The eternal truth that what falls may rise again must be etched into the very essence of a sorcerer supreme. Thus shalt thout be tested. Gird thyself, for this, the last of the trials, shall be the sorest of tests."

Wanda is just as surprised by the appearance of Zatanna as the angel. "Oh…hello…how are you?" she smiles before remembering the Vishanti are here. "You wish to test how I respond to defeat?" There's a little amused snort. "I think you will find that I know defeat very well and have fallen often" she replies softly before nodding to the angel. "I shall be ready." Wanda looks over at Zatanna and whispers. "Why do they warn us? Would it not be more instructional to not warn us?"

The Vishanti probably doesn't even realise Zee is there. That's how these things seem to go. Nodding the angelic being, Zee smiles gently. She'll talk when the message is finished.

"We shall be watching, Wanda Maximoff." With nothing more than that the Angel turns and rockets through the roof, phasing through and vanishing somehow. It leaves no sign in its wake of any presence in particular. Was it ever really there in a physical sense?

Regardless it seems Wanda has one more trial to whether.

Wanda stares up at where the angel passed and slowly brings her 'found' chocolates back in front of her. "I suppose you got the same message?" she asks Zatanna before turning to look at her. There is a worried look on her face as she studies what her fellow mage has become. "They gave you back your powers…but you got something else too, da?" She reaches up to gently touch the teen on the cheek. "Darkness is never the way to find anything." Then a sudden smile. "Want to share some chocolates?"

Zee waits till the angel departs before turning her blue eyes to Wanda. Blue eyes that are slightly darker then before with the occasional black flecks that float through.

Wanda might notice too, the fox shaped mark on Zee's right hip has disappeared.

"They didn't /give/ me my powers back, I had to take them." She snorts a little and shakes her head at the chocolates. Not commenting on what else might have happened. What's not clear is whether it was the corruption from Cats blade, the ritual Zee undertook or a combination of both.

"Yes, I got the same message. Fenris thinks they're going to give us an unwinnable situation and see what we do." Speaking of Fenris … Fenris. Wanda's had a visit as well. The God-Wolf may be busy, but at least he'll know.

"And who did you 'take' them from?" Wanda asks Zatanna lightly. "No one can take power. You did a ritual?" A shake of her head. "That is not taking, Zee, that is being given powers by those you honor through the ritual. And I think it was something darker than what you had before. I am worried about you…" She looks at the chocolates in her hand and puts them back where she found them without touching them.

"So why were you here? Did you come to see me?" Wanda asks brightly, "Or did you know the Vishanti were coming? You know…I have seen your eyes before, Zee. In the mirror once. The person in the mirror was not nice." A pause. "Would Fenris like chocolates?"

"Myself, Wanda." Zee's not so light about what's happened. "The cruelest thing the Vishanti could do. Lock my power away through my own limitations." Shrugging slightly at Wanda's concern, Zee watches as she puts the chocolates away. "Many are concerned, Wanda. All we can do is wait and see."

Wanda's question about why she was there gets a laugh. "I was watching a movie with Bobby and dozed off." No telling where the Ice Nerd is at the moment and no comment about the face in the mirror. Time will tell. "Uh, I'm sure you can send chocolates to Fenris."

Looking around, Zee stretches "It's late, I guess I should be going. If you see Bobby, tell him I'm sorry I had to leave?"

Zatanna is also another of Bobby's girlfriends? How is he not exhausted. "I will tell him" she nods, slightly sad as yet another of her friends dashes off. "Take care of yourself, Zatanna. It is always nice to see you." A faint smile before she heads back to her own room for the night.

Wanda might remember that she first met Bobby with Zatanna. If Zee is one of Bobby's girlfriends, she's one of his first and that's if. "Drop by tomorrow, Wanda. I've news of a new threat." Zee calls after the woman "But I must be away now."

Zee lets herself out before she teleports. After all, Magik is part of X-Red and Magiks wards are excellent.

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