Bear Stare And The Daemonite

April 16, 2016:

An investigation into another SHIELD facility … associated with Project Longbow

//Indian Head //


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Project Longbow had a facility in the Appalachians. A facility that Clint and Jemma had … shutdown some weeks ago. In that time, Jemma has been sifting through data and identified at least two more facilities involved in the research. There's still a lot of data to go through go.

One of the facilities is located near Indian Head, north west of New York and it's time to take a visit. "Yes, Agent May." Jemma answers her Senior Agent. "We disabled the Particle Accelerator at the Academy. It wasn't destroyed but it will take them time and money to fix, so we've delayed them, at least for the moment."

They're in transit to the facility due to arrive anytime soon.

"For this facility, I've highlighted all the entrances I could and where I think they're conducting the main research." she sounds a little worried "I've also arranged for Rain and I to be given a tour." There was some 'creative accounting' involved in getting that to happen. (ahem, Jemma might have had a system hacked.)

Which leaves May and whoever else they've bought along with them, to provide backup.

Rain is back up. Captain is nestled on her shoulders, his eyes alert and pupils narrowed to slits. The two are curious, concerned. She nods. Shame about the particle accelerator. At least it wasn't the hadron collider. Higgs bosons, indeed. "Thank you. And I can leave Captain with you guys while we tour," She offers the cat over. And yes, Rain has her nerdy physics pun shirt on.

May has no problems with keeping Captain with her while Rain and Simmons go 'tour' that facility, and he can even relay back status updates for the two young women without the need for communication tech that might get noticed. "Barton, pick our point of entry." She knows he's better at that sort of thing than she is, even with his so-called retirement.

"I suggest a door, or possibly a thin wall where you can knock using C4. Did you bring an excavator?" Even while snarking Clint points an Infrared flashlight at one of the entrances. Off to the side, away from the main surveillance. There'll be some challenges to deal with but the approach should be easier than simply trying to sneak in through the front gate. Security is good here, but then it's a SHIELD facility. Clint knows how they think. He hopes there haven't been any modifications.

Strangely, there are no modifications to the facilities entrances and it's a standard layout. There's a door to the east side of the facility which will let the pair in, Jemma's arranged some tools to bypass security, they just have to deploy them at the right time.

Guiding Rain to the front door, the two women are soon passed through security, badged up, and directed to the research labs located to the center of the building.

Rain might recognise some of the work being done here. High energy physics, lots of power needed (not as much as a HADRON collider but a lot). She might also recognise the forms of what look to be the 084's they've been collecting. The colour though is different - they're not made from the same material.

Rain is totally going to let herself be a normal, regular nerd. She is curious, and will quietly relay sights, images to Captain who can describe key points thanks to his brain link with Rain.

Rain is duly badged up. She ahs. And she'll explain to Captain some of what's going on. Including the 084s. Captain will share. Some of it is of interest, other bits are just physics and Rain nerding out a bit. The material change is not unnoticed, and Rain gives Jemma a curious look. Then back to the collider.

"And for the humans and not-color blind amongst us…" He mentions the color change. "Yeah. Totally irrelevant to me." Cats really don't have much need of color with their place on the food chain, but he's polite enough to acknowledge and share. Even if Rain shared it, it would be utterly meaningless to him.

Melinda May turns a flat look at Clint. Ha fucking ha. She doesn't call him on his smartassery right now, though, they've got enough to deal with. "If we can pull one of those 084s to bring back, we will. But that's not top priority. Flag any places of interst, Rain. Computer servers, stored data, the like. Captain, you might be our ace in the hole. If you see any unsecured USB memory sticks and can get them without being noticed, grab them and get out. Understood?"

"Right. Better get moving then Agent." Clint grins at May. One of them still works for SHIELD after all. Okay all of them still work for SHIELD. "I'll provide overwatch from here, call out any movement I see and so on. If it gets too hot or if you think you'll need the help I'll move in with you."

One way or the other someone's going to that door. If May indicates a preference for it it'll be the two of them. It'll have to be quick though. Clint's timed the sentries here and May's as familair with protocol as he, but this is a 'compromised' blacksite they're dealing with and there may be extra security measures. Or just extra alert guards. "Simmons, you been eaten yet? Please say no."

Both Jemma and Rain have dataspikes. They're standard issue these days. Go figure. Captain will find a couple of USB sticks on desktops. He'll have to be careful, there are people at the desks, but if he times it right … he might snag them when they look away.

"Doctor Simmons, Ms … Moontree. I'm Doctor Reiger. Welcome." the two young women are met by a 30 something blonde gentleman "Ms Moontree, I'm glad you're here actually, we've been having some trouble with our power requirements, we understand you've an engineering degree. Would you mind taking a look?"

She's guided to a station with a readout on it, lots and lots of numbers scrolling … "We can't keep the core stable to power the devices."

It's not a particle acclerator, not at all, but it does draw an awful lot of power.

Clint's timed his and Mays' entry right and the sentries have their backs turned … backs turned, but they shouldn't be there. Maybe it's a second group or maybe they're just quicker. Either way, somethings going to have to be done.

Jemma coughs as Clint speaks to her and keys her communicator "Of course, Doctor Reiger, I'm sure Rain will take a look." Nope, not eaten - not yet, anyway.

Captain will yoink the USB sticks. Cats are adept at figuring out when you are and aren't paying attention, after all. That's how they try to kill you circling your feet like those fighters downing the AT-AT on Hoth.

He does look a bit funny but he will make his way back to May with his precious cargo, looking like the world's most carnivorous squirrel.

Rain smiles politely at the gentleman. "I would be glad to help take a look. I cannot promise, but-" She'd be glad to look. Then a blink, looking at the readout. Rain does her best, and - yeah. "… huh. It's drawing an awful lot of power, but…" Once she gets an idea of normal usage. And not a particle accelerator? At least no one's colliding hadrons, she supposes. For her part, Rain is going to mull over the station a moment and figure out diagnostics.

Clint had damned well better come along. His B&E skills, not to mention his get out of shitstorm situations skills are invaluable at this point. Once they're past that patrol — and yes, she KNOWS that that's not standard protocol, she's let Captain go on a USB hunt. She accept any and every USB he brings back, pocketing them all for review later. Then she gestures for Clint to find a lookout point, or, you know, go take over security while she goes to try and abscond with one of those oddly colored 084s.

It's an electronic code lock with a biometric access system. That'll be tough to crack. Fortunately Clint knows that this Facility isn't 'new'. It's been around for a bit and because of that, the archer is also fairly sure they've followed the fire safety protocols which means if the door loses power, as it will if he uses one of his EMP arrowheads…

Fzzzzt. That's the sound of a very localized EMP. Contrary to what a lot of people think they're not hard to make. That should do the door. The archer gives May an 'after you' sign.

As May enters, Clint following, they've confronted a patrol of six, still with their backs to the pair. But not for long, the sound of the door opening has them turning and raising weapons about to open fire.

As Rain reviews the console, she can be sure of one thing. She can make the system inoperational with a few commands. It will take weeks, if not a month or more to bring back on line.

Even as she looks at the console though, she feels a pressure on her mind urging her to just give in, as Doctor Reiger rests a hand on her neck. Jemma feels a hand on her neck too, with a similar pressure and she gasps, keying her communicator with a predetermined signal to Clint.

Rain's magic is based on willpower. Her brain is kind of used to getting its way. The idea of - giving in - giving - giving what? Rain shakes loose a moment. "Ack, sorry. I have a small sunburn," She admits. "P-please don't poke my shoulder." And it won't be hard to disable the system, being subtle about it. Rain has no desire to start an open conflict. "Let me take a look. Oh, I think I see-" Liiiiiies. And she winces. "Sorry, I think the pressure changes lately are giving me a headache. Stupid weather."

And Captain is going to do his best to fetch. When he's exhausted his range, IF he exhausts his USB stock, he'll return to May and Clint.

Melinda May has learned a few tricks working in WAND. One, is to utilize unusual weapons and tactics. In this case, she throws what looks like a handful of sand in the faces of the men who turn at the sound of the door. It's not just any sand, though, it's something one of the mages she works with regularly concocted. It's supposed to knock a Muggle out cold on contact. Let's see if it works. If not, she's already pulling her ICER with her other hand.

Clint's commlink buzzes in a short pattern. "Rain and Simmons are blown." He snaps as he pulls something much larger than an ICER. As 'Ronin' he's been using a pair of oversized pistols to shoot shells for a bit. Shells can be filled with all sorts of fun things. Today they're just bullets. He aims for the guns, trickshooting is kind of his thing, but if these turn out to be not ordinary people it's going to be other things he's aiming for in a minute.

Mays sand takes out three of the men, sending them to sleep in a crumpling heap. Clints trickshooting takes out three more. Huh, just human …

In the control room, Doctor Reiger smiles benevolantly at Rain and the psychic pressure increases, just as the man disappears to be replace by a Lizard. Hope Rain got that change in place, this is likely to be messy.

In the meantime, the labtech who's trying to grab Simmons morphs as well. When May and Clint get there, the biochem is going to be skirting tables, shooting at the thing with uncaccuracy - it's just not having an effect.

Rain typed, typed that code like the WIND. Hopefully her sabatoge worked. Because she winces, smiling weakly back. "Holy shit, you have a dry skin problem. I suggest Eucerin or Amlactin." She's being wry. "Stop. Stop." Rain growls low. She's going to try turning the good doctor into a newt. If that fails… well, it might be time to go FULL BEAR. But the name of the game is crowd control and await the others.

May mentally uses all kinds of foul language. Clint does not get the dubious pleasure of hearing any of it, though. All she snaps out is, "Extract. Captain, go." She doesn't want the cat anywhere that he can possibly get squished. She then turns and races toward Rain and Jemma's location, and she won't hesitate to use the ICER on anyone in her path.

Clint adds a much bigger bullet to the mix when they arrive. These ones are designed to pierce armor, hopefully they'll do something to the thing chasing Simmons. The one on Rain, if he's still at it, he'll leave to May. Right now the archer-turned-marksman is raining down high velocity hell on something that really shouldn't be here if only to get it to stop chasing Jemma and look at him for once. "Okay, who invited these idtiots?" As if he didn't know.

Rains newting attempt fails. Which she might want to note. It had worked last time, hadn't it? The Bear though receives a backhand hit trying to knock her across the room. Mays going to have to bring some assistance here.

Clints bullet pierces the skin of the Daemonite and it turns it attention the elder archer. As it does, Jemma pulls some of those little shocker discs from her bag and tosses them the creature … it will slow it down at least.

Okay, then. Captain is sensible enough to stay back (and has plot protection because killing animals is upsetting). Rain's bear form is sturdy enough to take the backhand. Though, she rumbles in pain. There'll be bruises. The bear is going to take a bite out of alien crime. Literally. She's countering with a chomp-grab. Smash 'n grub, if you will.

Try to hold the thing still, Rain. May doesn't actually say that aloud, because that would be announcing her arrival. Instead, dropping the ICER and pulling her Mithril blades as she runs, she aims to do something Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon-worthy. Namely, run up the Daemonite's back far enough to try and decapitate it. This … will either be frigging brilliant, or laughably pathetic.

"Hi." Clint's insouciant grin and tone have pissed off many a man. Let's see if it works on aliens now. He shoots it again, this time aiming for the face. Because no one likes being shot in the face. Also it may help that Jemma is shocking it. He's just trying to distract them now though. If they can bring them down so much the better but really it's time to leave, since the Daemonites have apparently decided that Jemma and Rain are on the meatsuit list.

As the shocker discs go off, Jemma jams her dataspike into the nearest computer. She's not likely to leave without this information. She also manages to grab one of those 084's … shoving it into her bag while acts as distraction.

Between May and Rain-Bear, the Daemonite is slowed, Mays blades biting into its neck. Now … if Rain can hold it still enough to let May finish it off.

Clints aim is true and with the added disruption of electricity, his bullet certainly penetrates its face. It doesn't go down, but it slows … buying Clint time to either shoot again or start sabatoging.

Grrr. Rain isn't talking. She's a terrible conversationalist in this form, really. But she's going to keep clamped down on it as best as she can, claws digging into the floor. Her legs might tremble a little at having to hold onto this thing.

Melinda May tries again to decaptate the Daemonite, but her swings aren't at full force because she's trying to not hit Rain-bear at the same time. It's more Machete-chopping than actual sword-swinging at this point. It's GOT to be annoying.

Clint has a trick for this. He really does. As he reloads he selects a couple of particular shells and opens up once with each gun. A blinding light fills the room as a couple of rescue grade flares - star shells actually - slam into the Daemonite and burn merilly. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it! "May! Jemma! R- holy shit she's a bear again! Uh, we should go! Before everyone else gets here!"

Mays chops and Rains bear-glare have an effect. Their Daemonite drops to the ground. Of course, as everyone in the room knows by now … it's only a little bit dead and will rise again, as its injuries repair themselves. But they've got a window to get out.

Clints star shells do indeed burn merrily, causing the lizard to look a bit like a party favour. Jemma grabs the dataspike - it looks like it finished. "Clint, shoot out the computer systems. I'm good to go. Rain, Agent May?" She's headed to the doors anyway.

Rain is not going to stick around to have to put it down again. She might give it a good stomp on her way out or she might just be running out. "Getting. Out." She shifts down. Rain is bruised, and decidedly icky. Captain is following, jogging just behind May. "We're okay. Let's go." Nodnod.

Melinda May nods to Rain as she shift back, "Ronin, on our six." She leads the way out, expecting the archer to follow behind the women and cat to make sure no one tries to sneak up on them as they flee. She does take a half second to scoop up the ICER she'd dropped. No way in hell is she leaving it behind for bad guys to use.

Clint pulls his bow from it's position slung behind him and turns to that threat on their six, unleashing a pair of taser arrows at it in quick succession. These things don't seem to like electricity. "Okay. Go. I'll cover you on the way out." He'll be right behind them.

No really, he will. Like right behind them.

Rains adjustment to the code works and the computers overload, arcing and sparking as they do. Oh dear. There goes a few years of research. Hopefully they won't have a backup. Sure.

With the fire breaking out in the research facility, the group finds little resistance on the way out and make their way to compound where the car is … they'll be speeding away in no time. Uh … once Rain stops being a bear.

"Next facility?" Jemma puffs "we don't go in through the front door."

Rain shifted down pretty quickly. Most floors aren't made to handle animals large enough to squish an SUV hood with their posterior. And she kinda wants to fit through the door. Rain is huffing and puffing once she catches up, too. "Thanks. And yeah, they might not buy it a second time," Rain admits. Sort of like newting flopped on the second round. Captain is in the car easily, too, but he hops onto a lap easy enough.

Melinda May drives the getaway vehicle, leaving Clint free to discourage anyone that tries to follow them. "Simmons. Rain. Are you both okay?" And a quick glance Captain-ward shows that he's likely at worst panting from all the running about.

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