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April 16, 2016:

Ford Benett drops into X-Red looking for Berto. Finds Brin instead

X-Red Manhattan Hub - New York


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Ford whistled a bit as he walked through the lobby for X-Red, briefcase in hand as he flipped through his phone, updating himself on new information as he walked. Ford hoped to have a chat with Roberto today, mostly to go over some potential business deals, but also to ask him a question or two. Nothing critical, but he liked to deliver messages in person, and since he was already here… Ford headed up to the empty front desk, looking for the absent secretary for a moment before setting his briefcase down. "…welp, guess we wait." Ford mused, before looking out the window. He had to admit, X-Red had good taste in views… his current apartment had a great view, partly why he chose it. Something relaxing about looking out at an open horizon.

Ah well, back to business! Ford looked around a bit more, before looking at the little bell on the counter and tapping it a couple times. That should get someone coming.

Brins at the Manhattan hub today. It might be a Saturday, but that doesn't mean there isn't work to be done and todays work is best achieved from the city. As the bell sounds, multiple times, the small brunette looks up from her tablet with a sigh. Someone is keen to see to someone, at least.

Wearing jeans and a T-Shirt with a cute wolf type image, the quiet woman makes her way to the reception desk. "Ah, Mister Benett. A pleasure to see you again. Were you here to see to 'Berto?" she asks in that normally quiet way of hers.

Ford arched a brow before smiling to see Brinley being the one to address him. "Ms. Myers! Had I known ringing this bell would made an angel appear, I would've moved a bit quicker and rung a bit sooner~ Ah, wait you prefer 'Brin', didn't you? A pleasure to meet you again, Brin." Ford extended a hand to shake hers, nodding. "Indeed. I had a few deals that I'd like to go over with 'Berto'." He grew an amused smirk at that nickname as he said it. "I also had a couple questions I wanted to ask him personally. Makes it a bit more impactful when you show up face to face to ask something, you know? Is he here today?"

Brin colours as Ford calls her an angel. Only Nick really does that and that's when she turns up with takeaway - that doesn't include Tofu. Well Nick and some addled crooks who were confused by her wings.

Shaking Fords hand firmly, canting her head at the smirk, the small woman shakes her head slowly "Unfortunately, no. He's not here today, but I can let him know you dropped by and were looking for him?"

Ford gave a silent chuckle at her turning red. Adorable! But at her reply, he grimaced lightly, before shaking his head as well. "That's a shame. I was told he'd be here, but no worries. If you'd let know, I'd appreciate it. Perhaps we can chat over a video call. Thanks for letting me know."

Reaching down for his briefcase, Ford paused, smirking a bit before coming back up and leaning one elbow on the front desk. "Brin, what's your schedule look like for this week? I mean, in terms of having some time off. Any nights you'd be free for a few hours?"

"I can let him know. Is there anything I could assist with? Or is it specific to D.C.I?" There's a distinct separation between X-Red and 'Berto's company. Brin has the dubious distinction of being client liaison, generally looking after the contracts as well as contracting out herself.

"Would you like something to dri—-" her next words cut off at his question. "My schedule? Time off?" It sounds as if that's something unusual. "It's rare that my time is ever truly my own. What were you thinking?"

Ford smirked as he straightened up a little. "No thanks. I'm pretty good with keeping hydrated." A fact that was assisted by his ostrich powers, but not something he thought he should bring up. Though it amused him a bit. "I would like to treat you to dinner. More specifcally, dinner at my place. Nothing drastic, just a nice steak, perhaps a salad, some potato salad. I don't mean to brag-" Ford paused, before smirking a bit. "-actually, that's a lie. I do. I make a damn good steak. And I thought you'd be interested. I know you must be quite busy, but I find it's always important to take a little time for yourself."

That has Brins eyebrows rising and a look of bemusement crossing her face. Of course, Fords reputation precedes him and Brin keeps on the news, particularly those who might want dealings with the team.

"You did, did you?" the look of bemusement is paired with a tone of light amusement. She also remembers the 'offer' he'd made at the office opening. "Seems a big step for people who've just met. Normally it would be coffee and getting to know you. Unless of course, you think you know me from my web profile?"

"Cooking is something I do very well. I'd like to share it with someone that I'm sure can appreciate it." Ford replied, a confident, winning smile on his face. One had to admit, he looked like very little deterred him. "I'll take the lack of a definitive 'no' as an acceptance?" He smirked, arching his brow back at Brin as he straghtened up off the desk and stepped forward.

"I'm not dense, Brin - I know exactly what you're thinking. 'The reputed womanizer of the Benett family asking me to dinner? I'm sure he has an ulterior motive.'" Ford chuckled, holding his hands out as if to say 'Am I right?' before continuing. "How do I know? Because that is a smart line of thinking… and you're a smart woman. I can appreciate wits far more than looks. Not that you haven't got both. Roberto is a good guy, but even I know of his love of sports. Be honest with me, he's got something of a… shall we say, 'jock mentality', am I right? I bet he hasn't even the foggiest idea of how much time you pour into your work."

"I'm sure you do cook very well, Mister Bennett" Brin speaks quietly, her dark eyes resting on his face. "However, it's not an invitation I'm likely to accept. I prefer to take things slowly and dinner at a reputed womanisers home is not going slowly." There's a quiet confidence about her.

As to his assessment of 'Berto, Brin frowns just a little. "You'd be surprised about 'Berto, but I'm interested as to why you think 'Berto knowing how much time I pour into my work is relevant?" Pausing a moment, she shakes her head "The team knows how much I time I spend, we all give more than we should." Of course, they're often at the small brunette to take more time for herself, she just chooses not to.

Ford quirked a brow back at her, before smirking wider. "Is it because you think I might be making moves on you…" Ford leaned a little closer and got a little quieter. "…or that you think they might work~?" Ford was persistent in spite of Brin's resistance. "Rest assured, Brin, I will behave myself. I know my reputation preceeds me by a mile, but I'm more interested in becoming more acquainted with you than your body. But if you'd feel more comfortable, perhaps dinner at a place of your choosing would feel easier?"

"Has Roberto ever offered to take you out for anything, or treat you to dinner?" Ford retorted, tilting his head a bit with a questioning expression. "I should think he would. That'd be my gentleman's perogative, anyways."

"Neither of those, Mister Bennett." Brin folds her arms over her chest. "If you wish to get to know better, we start with coffee." Funny how the man hasn't asked if there's anyone else in her life. Too confident by a country mile.

"And why on earth would Berto take me out or treat me to dinner? That's like saying any of the others should, as well." Brins eyes narrow slightly, taking Ford in "Do you think there's more between 'Berto and I than just team mates?"

"I don't know any of the others. But I know Roberto, and I see a lot of myself in him. I hold him to a high standard, like I do myself, and I would treat my friends if I had the kind of resources he did. Which I do. On both accounts. Especially if they work hard to keep the group together." Ford frowned a little as Brin seemed to get a little agitated. "I don't believe you and Mr. Da Costa are some sort of item, if that's your implication. I'd be a tad more conscious about asking you to dinner if I did."

"But, seeing as you refuse to budge on it, coffee works for me. What time would be best for you?"

Brin relaxes a little. "Forgive me, Mister Bennett. I prefer plain speaking in cases like this" the words murmured "and it wouldn't be the first time I've been mistaken for one of Berto's … flings."

She still hasn't forgotten the first time she met Jericho.

"We are a team of equals. Berto is most generous and he works just as hard as the rest of us. He need not do anymore than he does." She shakes her head "The reward for me, is in the success of the team and helping others. I simply do my part." Yes Brin works hard and doesn't have much of a personal life, but there's a long story behind that. It should be clear too, that wealth and trappings have little appeal for her - she looks deeper to the character of the person.

"As to plain speaking, understand too, that I'm not unattached, though it's not obvious to the public. If you wish to foster a relationship based on friendship and business, then Tuesday for coffee, would work." The small brunette lifts a shoulder.

"Then I'll strive to be a bit more clear in the future for your benefit, Ms. Brin." Ford nodded in return, listening intently to her assessment of Roberto. He didn't quite see things the way she did, it seemed. Ford believed that being the best carried certain responsibilities with it in addition to the perks. But that was him holding his rival to too high a standard… a fact that secretly put Ford a bit higher than Roberto on the "better man" scale, in his mind, much to his pleasure.

"Tuesday would be fantastic. I'll be looking forward to talking with you a bit more, Brin. And, just Ford, if you don't mind. Since we're going to be knowing each other a bit better, I figure a good way is to go by a first name basis, don't you think?" Ford extended a hand to Brin, smirking that confident smirk, making no comment about her attachment. Perhaps it deterred further advances… or perhaps he simply believed he could do well enough to win her over. Who knows with the guy.

Picking up on some of Fords emotions aroud his assessment, Brin nods slowly. Poor Berto, Brin just doesn't see it that way. Of course the business arrangement between D.C.I and X-Red on the rental of the Manhattan hub, was private. But the man had totally stiffed himself on the rent he could for it … all for the good of the team.

Better man? Who's to say? Depends on the scale you're using.

"And I'll try not to be as prickly about things…." The small brunette accepts the handshake "Ford. Tuesday then." Her phone beeps at her and she sighs "If there's nothing else, I've a conference call to get to. No rest for the wicked … or angelic as the case may be."

"I'll let you get to your work. See you then." Ford replied, before picking up his briefcase and striding for the door… and emitting an extreme sense of pride in himself. Clearly, he counted today as a victory.

At least he let nothing slow him down.

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