Dinner for Two

April 17, 2016:

Jean and Scott finally have a moment to themselves.


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It's been close to a week or so since the incident in Genosha and their arrival back home. Everything was somewhat back to normal, Professor Xavier was well enough to continue his duties (whatever it is the man did) and.. well, it was the weekend. The children were asleep this late night, the college students doing whatever they chose to do. The teachers and faculty have all retired to their chambers or joined the night life once the sun truly broke and the temperatures were rated as awesome.

But in the quiet of Scott's bedroom, where Jean had moved into a few months ago, a small table and chairs were set up upon either side, as a glass vase with a single rose was dipped in. Jean wore a nice, green gown, one that cuts off above the knees and pale shoes to match. Her hair was in a tight bun which allowed little wisps to hang and dangle from her shoulders which tickle her arms, and a few bangles here and there. Nothing too flashy.

Plates were settled and set down after one of the culinary students knocked and entered with a cart, in which Jean would thank him in proper fashion, not to mention the bottle of wine that was left in it's bucket of ice, chilled to perfection. The clock upon his room wall was glanced at as she slowly takes a seat, slightly worried that.. well..

..he had probably forgotten. Or did she remember to tell him.

He remembered, of course. Schedules were very much something Scott could keep track of, especially as regarded Jean. He just liked to show up on time - not early, not late, just at the right spot.

He's dressed nicely - a simple suit, black, with a white shirt, black tie. Little red X cufflinks. His hair swept back a bit from his brow as he takes a seat across from her.

"I could feel you wondering from outside," he says. "I already caught Blaise on the way back down. They'll leave the food when it's prepared and then we'll be left alone for the rest of the night. I took the liberty of ordering dessert to come with dinner, just to spare the poor kid a trip. And to reduce interruptions," he says.

Good thing the door wasn't closed. Jean wouldn't have been surprised as soon as she heard his voice, but she nearly jumps from her chair with a slight smile and a very, very nervous aptitude. "Is this going to be a thing?" She asks, reaching over to grab the already opened bottle of red wine by the neck as she begins to pour. "You being two.. no, that looks like four steps ahead of me every time." She pours the red liquid into his glass, not really sparing an inch at the top, leaving him to be careful once he begins to pick it up.

"I like that, by the way." She confesses, pouring her own, but not too much, and not too little. "But, I think we needed this. A night to ourselves, to not really think about anything else but." She smiles a little. "We both deserve it."

Scott Summers smiles and takes a seat, grasping his own glass carefully. "I think it just means that our bond is growing stronger. That, to me, is a very good thing. That or I'm just learning how to navigate it better," he says. "And I agree. We've been working hard lately. A night of just us is…exactly what the doctor ordered. I know that because you're my doctor," he grins.

He has a half-dozen things related to the team that pop up into his mind, to ask about, to discuss. But he very carefully puts them aside - while, for them, they were always on duty, they were also both quite capable and neither needed the other to hold their hand while they made decisions. "We may have to make a habit of it."

Once her glass was poured, Jean carefully takes a seat within her chair, sliding it forward with a few bumps as she gives a slight little nod. "Possibly. I've never really considered that possibility." Her hand lifts to take her own glass, sipping briefly. "There are so many connections that are there. Some sectioned off and others fractured, some that happen on accident and like ours.. naturally on purpose." She grins just a touch, lifting the glass, yet stopping as those thoughts come forward.

The smile itself falls, her head tilting a little to the side, her eyes closing as she lets out a sigh. "A habit, yes. If only you could get those thoughts out of your head." The glass was placed down, and pushed forward just a touch. "So, lets discuss this now and get it out of our system. At least before we retire."

Scott Summers shakes his head, "I'm putting them aside. I may not be able to keep them from popping up, because that's our nature. We work. This place has been our life, 24/7, since we were kids. It's hard to…unplug from that. But I think it's important that we do. As individuals and as a couple. I may have met you here and gotten to know you ehre and fallen in love with you here. But…" he says.

"What you and I have is more than just the X-men or the Institute," he says. "If you wanted to quit tomorrow and go off to Maine or Hawai'i or Kenya or Dubai and start our lives over again. Then I would. I might ask a lot of questions and I might make sure you knew what you were doing. But…I would go with you. I used to think the X-men were my home, but it's you. You're my home." he says.

Jean reaches across the table to grasp his hand, holding onto it tightly as he speaks. "You're my home too." It was all so sweet, so much that she blushes and has to look away from him for a long moment before she speaks again. "I don't know if we could ever leave this place. You and me. It's like we're permanent fixtures. In a sense.. we were born here. I think this is where we'll take our final breath."

She grins, however, finally letting go of his hand. "Though that doesn't mean excursions are not in our future. I could see maybe a month long vacation, hell. Probably two. I wouldn't mind two."

The door knocks and was soon unlocked and opened with but a thought, Blaise returning with their elaborate dishes as well as desert. A triple chocolate tuxedo cake, with the usual steak, potatoes, and asparagus with jam. This was all laid out before them as Jean retains the silence, lifting her eyes to the young student and offering a kind and warm thank you.

Scott Summers smiles and waits until she returns to comment, "I could probably take a year off," he admits. "Well, i would want to - I just don't know if the world would allow it. Something would happen, somewhere, and I'd feel compelled to intervene," he sighs. "Damned conscience."

He takes a look at the food, "Man, it's nice to have this right at our fingertips," he chuckles. "I might put a note in their records in regard to good behavior," he says, digging in carefully.

"Mm. A year off in Cancun."

Jean picks up her fork and knife, immediately cutting into the steak as she begins to eat, nodding slightly. "Of course not. A woman has her purse snatched. A man can't find his dog. There's a cat in the tree and some kid is crying." Jean rolls her eyes goodnaturedly, laughing. But there was a joy in it, she loved taking care of people, even if it meant saving the world.

"Oh! Blaise.." She finishes chewing, then gestures towards the food. "..She's working at incorporating science into her cooking. Something like we'd see on television. Dry freezing food or something or other or making some weird.. tasty, edible and decorative foam." She pops a bit of asparagus into her mouth, then chews. "Mmh. So Harry is going to gather the students that are interested and submit to the local contest in Salem Center."

Scott Summers smiles, "Hey, if one of our students ends up on Top Chef, that's some good publicity," he says with a smile. "Good. The more we give the kids a chance to get involved, the better," he says, then realizes he's about to start talking work again and cuts it off.

"I'd be okay with Cancun, although you know I like my cold weather. Although do look damn good in a bikini."

Alright, Jean was the one who brought it up. But she was actually proud of Blaise and what Harry was doing for her and the rest of those interested was a good thing. "What they're going to do is test it on the students who just love to eat. Annie is on standby though. Just in case." She grins a little, then follows his line of thinking. No more talking about work.

"Augh, cold weather." Jean comments out in disdain, her eyes closing tight as she gives a shake of her head. "I could eventually deal with the cold in random spurts. But this year was just.. unthinkable." She cuts more into her steak, eating a few bites here and there. "There's.. also Prague. In the summer. Not winter."

Scott Summers shakes his head, 'You just haven't gotten a good time in the winter yet. I'm going to get you out skiing yet. Maybe some ice fishing," he grins. "And yeah, Prague would be good. Or just a European tour in general," he sighs. They always talk about these things, but they've rarely ever indulged. Always too much on their plates.

Maybe it was time to change that.

He finishes his steak, pouring another glass of wine and topping off Jean's.

"Nnn.. yeah, snowball fights. Cold fingers. Kids crying because of cold fingers. Snotty noses.." Jean wasn't for it. She wasn't for it at all. "Ice fishing is a no. Skiing, maybe. Maybe!" She pinches at the air just a little. "As long as we get to have some.. super romantic dinner by the fire afterwards."

She finishes off her own food as he tops off her wine, reaching for it to take a little sip as she lifts a hand to float away the messy plates to replace them with the tuxedo cake. "Shall.. we.. just skip this prim and proper nonsense and eat this cake in bed?"

Scott Summers smiles, "Skiing is, like, ten percent time on the slopes, ninety percent time in the lodge drinking hard cider and cocoa and curling up in front of the fire," he says. He raises an eyebrow and laughs, "If you think I'm going to object to that, you're certainly mistaken," he grins, "You go ahead, I'll put the plates on the cart and set it outside…"

"You had me sold at hard cider." Then.. it was a plan! Maybe! Depending on if nothing blows up at the school or in the city and they could actually get away without.. well.. being called back! His laughter already had her chair scooting back, her shoes soon kicked off beneath the table as she draws herself to a stand with a lift of her arms and an untuck of her hair so that it could fall. It was definitely longer than normal, she was due for a trim, but even as she unzipped her dress from the back she grabbed her plate and headed towards the bed, flopping upon it with such skill that nothing even spills.

The remote was grabbed and flicked on, some weird show soon put on as she begins to eat. "Get the lights." She calls out, half distracted.

Scott Summers laughs and gets the cart outside and the door locked, flicking off the lights as he starts to undo his tie, going to join her, "Y'know, this would be much more efficient if they just put a zipper in suits like they do dresses. Maybe I should get some of those tearaway pants." he grins.

Her zipper was just so she could eat the cake without feeling stuffed. She did -not- know what he wanted a zippered suit for. She does roll over a bit to make room, sliding her cake over as her face scrunches up. "You have your uniform. That has a zipper." She comments idly, practically ignoring him. "Just what in the hell am I watching.."

Probably Stargate, but it was something. And it honestly was the best date that they've ever, really had. "This is starting to look good.."

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