Knight Errant and Lady Pepper

April 15, 2016:

Astryd is accosted on the street. A Knight Errant appears

New York


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Astryds fist meets the face of a big, burly man as she spins to sweep the legs from under another.

The tall, lean, strawberry blonde woman is under attack. Which is kind of amazing given the predatory air she gives off. Yet still, she's been jumped by three rather large men - who seem to be getting the raw end of the deal.

Someones' called 911 to report the incident but no one has dared intervened.

Cessily Kincaid is being a tourist! The future Xmen member keeps getting encouraged to go off the school grounds to build confidence and be less, well, sheltered. So here she is, in two layered tank tops (red on white) and a yellow skirt. Fortunately people are at least as liely to assume that it's some weird costume, or maybe are far more likely to assume that, than to jump to the conclusion she's a biomercury mutant. She's still incredibly shy though, and tries not to get attention. But a fight kind of gets right in her way on the sidewalk, and she stops, hands folded in front of herself, to see what's going on.

Then from the alley just yonder, he comes and things take a turn for the surreal. Heavy field plate, you know a knight in armor? Cast in a dark green and decorated with a mixture of ballistic nylon and extensive gold leaf inlay, he only takes a moment before he gets right into it. Reaching back to bring that shield around, dim light glinting off the gold and green visage of a boar thats been painted there. "Why don't you pick on somone your own side you miserable prole?"Sword left sheathed, because well he -probably- doesnt need it. He nudges one poor fellow with his shield, before sending a gauntleted fist foreward with enough juice to likely shatter some poor sod's jaw to smitherines.

What gives? Pepper had offered to meet Astryd for tea (or similar warm beverage), and she's not here. But then the sound of a fistfight catches her ears and she approaches said alleyway cautiously, her phone quite firmly in hand. Oh. That's … not good. She hesitates to stepin in and help, as much as she wants to.

The shield nudge is perfectly timed, adding weight to Astryds sweep at the legs. Turning again, the blonde growls "Take this message to Brenna." as she picks the first man up and tosses him into the side of a building. Masonry cracking and falling in a powdery drift around his shoulders. He's out cold.

Good thing Bogatyr showed up, the last man had just a knife and was lunging at the Valkyrie, the gauntleted fist putting paid to that, not that it stops the thug immediately. He now turns to face the Knight and take a swing at him, once he finishes with that doubletake.

Shaking her hair out, letting it cascade down her back, Astryd smooths out her tunic top, placing herself in front of Cessily and Pepper, ready to put this thug down if required.

"Are you alright, Pepper? Miss?" she asks. She's … not even breathing heavily.

Cessily Kincaid has been training hand to hand combat, but clearly the reflexes to use it aren't there. Especially when she's not in any sort of fighting suit and is just .. here. She walks up to the others though. "Yeah they didn't bother me," she explains, her voice soft. "Thank you." She looks at Astryd a moment, but then looks away since it feels rude and she gets embarrassed.

Pepper Potts is too gobsmacked to do more than stand there and stare as an honest-to-god KNIGHT in full armor like he's straight out of Arthurian myth moves to help Astryd dispatch her attackers. "Oh, um, yes. I'm fine." She's not fine. She's STARING.

"Such soft ilk for how big they are, pity they didn't have more of a jaw."The big knight moves, well with surprising grace considering how much armor and gear there is. Swords, knives, armor, theres a rifle, handguns, jesus who knows what else. He's just a tangle of arms and armor, not that it seems to bother him. Pausing to give a nearby thug a nudge with a boot, before he seems satisfied he isn't just playing opossum. Finally turning to peer after, well it must be ladies night somewhere nearby.
"I trust you ladies have this well in hand, they aren't going to send friends are they?"The knight does lift half of that visor, but lets be frank here it doesn't do much more than illuminate a pair of smoky green points of light within. "I do apologise for interrupting your fight all the same, but I presumed it would be best to fall on the side of reason? Clearly you all had it well in hand."The tone seems more, polite than mocking really. Even as he lets that visor drop, pausing to snag the discarded knife off the ground before offering it towards well..anyone who might fancy their justly deserved spoils of war. "I'm being terribly rude, aren't I? I am known as the Bogatyr, at your service of course."

Cessily gets a grey eyed glance from the tall, stern, woman. "My pleasure." and Pepper gets a slightly feral smile. Astryd might have enjoyed that fight … but it had been cut short by ….

Holding her arm out for a warriors clasp, the blonde considers the Knight. "They'll send others, but not now. That one…" she raises a chin at the man against the wall "… has a message to deliver first. My thanks for your assistance." Turning, so she can look at all three "I am Astryd and this is my friend, Lady Pepper."

Pepper might kill her later for that.

Cessily Kincaid smiles weakly to Astryd, and to Pepper. "Hi, I'm Cessily," she nods. She starts to continue talking but the knight in armor finally gets her attention. She stops, mouth open partway like she was going to keep talking, just staring. Bogatyr gets a swallow and a nod.

AGAIN with the Lady Pepper thing? For Pete's sake! Pepper blinks a few times and mentally shakes herself out of her surprise, then offers Cessily a smile and a handshake. "Hello, Cessily." Bogatyr gets a polite nod, almost a bow. "And sir. Should we all perhaps move elsewhere?" Maybe somewhere that all of that weaponry won't attract more attention?

Astryd gets a glance, before the knight steps in to return the clasp with a firm squeeze and a little nod. At the introduction, Bog half turns and drops to a knee. One gauntlet lifted towards Pepper as he settles down. "An honor indeed fair Lady Pepper, I am happy I could make myself of some small use to you."Yaknow usually a lady would drop a glove and the Knight would have to pick it up, but well ladies don't usually run around dropping gloves these days unfortunately. Granted, there would usually be single combat with another knight involved but nevermind that. The gesture is offered never the less, before he slowly rises. "And Miss Cessily, a fine thing these two brigands met their end as swiftly as they did. What terrible peril they would surely face at the hands of the three of you."
Letting those heavy Gauntlets settle back down against sheathed sword and pistol in a decidedly casual sort've slump, yaknow for an armored knight. "Well it'd be terribly rude of me to refuse the invitation from a lady, so of course Lady Pepper. I am however not a sir, I'm afraid as this is something of a representative democratic republic and not a monarchy? Well there are no titles to bestow, and besides I never could swear on a bible or any such nonsense back when such things where the vogue. As if that has ever halted a liar's tongue."

Cessily Kincaid takes a moment to gather herself, and looks at her feet, not wanting to stare at ANYONE now. "I'm just sightseeing so I can go anywhere, it's oaky," she murmurs. "I can't imagine what it's like just to rush at people and fight them like that. So confident."

Warriors handclasp complete, the Valkyrie nods to the redhead "That sounds like a fine idea, Pepper." Astryd drops the Lady, hiding a slight smirk as Bogatyr drops to his knee. Yep, the blonde Warrioress knew exactly what she was saying when she did that introduction.

"Well met Cessily, come and join us, please." leading the group back to the coffee shop she was supposed to have met Pepper at. "First rule of fighting, child" there's that stern look again "Never just rush at people. Get their measure, identify weaknesses and exploit them." She can't speak to confidence, she was born to the sword.

"What brings you to these shores, Bogatyr?" the question is asked as she waits for Pepper to find them a table.

Pepper Potts would facepalm if it was a habit she'd ever picked up. She does offer Bogatyr a polite smile. Sorry, no gloves to drop, though she might have a silk scarf to offer as a favor. "You carry yourself better than most people given knighthood in this day and age, so I figured you deserved the title more than they do, Sir Bogatyr." If they're gonna insist on calling her Lady, she's gonna retaliate however she can.

Astryd gets a brief glare promising retribution, and then she's moving to produre a table for their odd little group. Outside on the patio, please, as she's pretty sure that the knight's … attire will be less than welcome indoors.

"Bravery is not born, it is nurtured. Confidence in battle takes time, and it is not to be rushed. You will find your way in time young Miss, though I suspect myself and Astryd here could tell you many tales of valor we've likely both witnessed? It comes to each of us in our own way."The knight does not, interestingly enough advance with the rest of them. No he unzips a pouch, withdraws a length of chalk and begins his work. Drawing out with care an array, a complex pattern of lines and dots and everything else. This is the old way, the ancient way to attend to spellcraft. It's both slow and yaknow, obvious. "If I might suggest, an alternative venue ladies? I know a great diner, granted it's a bit of a trip there and back but I can make it quite swift."A portal then?
"Then Sir Bogatyr I shall be called, thankyou for the distinction fair Lady."Bog continues his work for a moment, before he continues. "Oh the move, well. I was dead at the time, between reincarnations. The Christians were not terribly, well you know how they used to be I'm sure. Anyway not what I would have done, but it was made with care and good intentions. I was hardly there to grant council for them, so I have no blame for them."And with an audible -crack- the array resolves and then it just looks like a hole in the wall. One leading to, what is that the parkinglot of a diner?

Cessily Kincaid follows with the group quietly, hands folded in front of herself. She listens attentively to the others, wincing when there's a sudden crack of a portal. "What is that?" she asks, the shock of curiosity overcoming shyness.

Astryd listens attentively to Bogatyr, nodding at his observation. "I've seen many great deeds of valor, indeed. And I've seen where many of those warriors started." As Bogatyr stops and starts drawing, the Valkyrie turns to look at it, resting a hand on Peppers arm to draw her attention.

The look of promised retribution from the redhead, simply draws an amused smirk.

"It has been many years, since I have seen that type of craft." she murmurs, looking at Cessily with a smile as the youngster asks her question "I believe, that is a portal. It seems we'll be having tea elsewhere." Clearly trusting the Knight, the Valkyrie steps forward to enter the portal.

This is a land beyond all others, a place no man lives (apparently). A land of great endless plains, long lonely highways and positively adorable roadside diners seemingly lifted straight from the thirties. If you wanted to be boring about it, you could just call it Wyoming. There are no cars in the parkinglot here, but there are a few mud covered trucks. The few folks milling about just smile and offer mute little bows as the Bogatyr steps through and on towards the diner. "Well I'm older than most, and I'm truly a simple being at heart. I've never really cared for the modern stuff, magic wise. It always felt somehow vulgar, to take something so elemental and beautiful and to make short cuts. It pains me that so few remember it, back when mortals called upon my favor and my people were many? This was the only way of such things."
That Diner is, well it's a lovely mixture of chrome and checkerboard. It's staffed by, exactly the people you'd expect really. The only thing out of the norm, beyond the little hand painted boar sign behind the counter? Well when the knight steps up to the door to hold it open, they bow. "I know everyone just raves about the food in New York, but like I said I'm a creature of simple pleasures. Beyond that, who in their right mind would pay fourteen twenty five for a grey lump of cowflesh pretending to be a burger. Well and I can remove my armor without ending up in the news, my cult owns this establishment."So probably a little biased. "Please, do make yourselves comfortable. You are in my lands, consider yourselves most honored guests."There are cute little booths with cute little kitchy photo frames filled with, well local kids on horse back. What else? This is Wyoming.

Cessily Kincaid goes wide-eyed as she steps through the portal, moving slowly and carefully. She gnaws on her lip, worried about the whole 'crack'ing thing, since electricity isn't good for her. But she's through, and she sighs audibly at that, her nerves fading now that she's not worried about getting shocked. Following with the others. "Things are expensive in New York, very much. I was born in Oregon."

Astryd follows, walking with Pepper, exchanging glances with her friend. "And who are your people, Bogatyr? The symbol is not one I recognise immediately, and I'm … a little older than I appear as well." Problem with being immortal.

"Not everyone raves about New Yorks food." clearly she doesn't. Sliding into a seat when requested to, the Goddess props her arms on the table. "And you're just visiting, New York, Cessily?"

"I'm not big on names, but they call themselves the cult of the Green Boar God."Which, may or may not be familar. Deep into the wilds of Siberia back in the day there were a lot of them, good folk considering the times. Honorable in their own way,but big on living off on their own. Kind of makes sense then, that'd make him the Green Boar. Anywho Bog spends a minute with that same stick of chalk, scribbling over his chest plate with well practiced swiftness. The Armor dissolves in an audible pop, and a rush of chill air leaving the man inside standing there. "There we are, a little easier to fit into a booth." he does at least, take a moment to pull off his ballcap and shrug out of his coat before he sinks down into the booth.
"Oh Orgeon, now that is certainly beautiful country out there. I almost went to work out there, but well New York is where I was needed."He takes a moment, casually rolling up those sleeves to expose. Well ok yeah he's pretty burly even without the armor, but theres a generious amount of black ink there. Mostly sort've abstract imagery of grenades, belted ammo and then theres that eagle globe and anchor across the inside of his right forearm. A marine, a knight, and a god. It's complicated yo. "Now, Miss Cessily if you're truly that trifled over combat I'm certain we could figure something out. I've been at this since before man invented the written word, but don't forget even I was new to all this once too. Everyone has a start point."

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