April 15, 2016:

Another Leyline disturbance and a necromancer … ectoplasm's everyone

New York


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Fade In…

About a week ago, maybe a little longer, all Primal Force members got a message from Zee. The message went something like: Someone is trying to wake the Midgard Serpent and Primal Force has been charged to find out who and stop them.

The Midgard Serpent. The giant Asgardian sea serpent that encircles the world. The giant Asgardian sea serpent that, along with Fenris, is fated to bring about Ragnarok. It's no wonder Primal Force have received this duty.

Other magical aware people, not aware of that bit detail, will have noted the 'surges' in the Leylines, that threaten to break the banks of magic and flood the land - something that isn't desirable any which way you look at it.

If those magic users chose to investigate, they'd find those surges had a distinct 'water magic' flavour to them.

Speaking of surges, there's one now a very strong one, and it seems to be near a busy holiday resort the north of New York.

Rain is getting tired of these mother fucking midgard serpents on her mother fucking plane of existence. Gods.

Actually, Rain rarely deals with serpents personally. She's starting her quest to figure out WHAT THE HELL her dad was (or who. But she's hoping he didn't have tentacles). And while Rain likes water, she's really not down with flooding reality. She will follow the leylines on broomstick, unless she needs to get there SUPERFAST(TM).

Captain is on the back of her broomstick, wearing himself a trenchcoat and goggles with a hat (gotta protect those sensitive feline eyes and ears). "Thankfully, the pigeons seem to be fewer this week." Rain hates pigeons, and the two will land somewhere out of the way to check this resort out. "SO far out of our paygrade…"

Transport By Pendulum.

A new experience for some — less-new to others. In this case, it is not a person who emerges from the aether, but a large dog-like creature (something reminiscent of a jackal or whippit hound) with long, hare-like ears bounds into view, black coat glistening.

It has two silver bands around its forepaws.

Hitting the ground, the strange animal sways one way, then back the other, then turns about in a circle as if chasing its own tail. It finally stops when it sits down on its haunches, shaking its head vigorously.

Witchdoctor was back in action. Between injury and eldritch poisoning, it had felt like a lifetime since she'd been at full strength. Unfortunately the moment her magics had returned to full, so had her senses whispering of something being 'wrong'. Never a dull moment. Unaware of the missions of others or even the nature of what might be stiring up the problems of the Leylines, Alyse appears a ways away herself. Her jackt, vest and skirt street clothes still a less out of place look then her usual attire when she simply 'appears' in a swarm of glowing butterfly-shaped lights on a nearby rooftop.

Melinda May arrives at the same leyline location as the strange jackal-like creature did just a moment before, though clearly, they did not start their journey together if the woman's doubletake and wary sidestep are any indication. With one hand reaching behind her back, she studies the unfamiliar quadruped warily. She seems largely unaffected by the method of travel just used. That, or she's accustomed to it.

For once, Jesana is glad she lives in Gotham. If they fail at stopping this surge, her home will remain intact. Of course she doesn't consider failing an option. There are too many lives at stake and the native american demigod loves New York. A tsunami, magical or otherwise would cause a lot of damage.
She arrives with the dog-creature and a weary, annoyed sigh that quickly turns to a soft chuckle of amusement despite the seriousness of the situation as she watches her friend. She grins and nods. He's pretty much gotten the hang of the teleport aspects of the pendulum down. The native woman crouches at the black animal's side and idly reaches out to scratch behind his ears as she reaches out with her senses to read the area.
When May arrives, Jes throws her arm in front of the jackal and her eyes widen in alarm. "He's one of us! It's okay." Shit, this is not how she'd planned this. At least Crotchet isn't here..

The magic is surging, pulsing, threatening to break the banks. That will be bad.

A raven haired woman appears out of nowhere, dressed all in black, gone is the cutsie white leather corset and fishnet sleeved shrug - replaced by a black leather corset top. Zatanna Zatara, Zee to her friends, is limned with blue energy and immediately starts to siphon the magic, off to anywhere…

Seems she's done this before. "Hello May, Walker and Jes. We've got to lessen the strain on the Leyline…" her eyes glow blue, not as bright as they once had been, as she speaks. A frown mars her brow for a moment "There's someone else here…" she's detected Alyse's power, but can't see her.

As the Magic swells once more, buildings shake and people start panicing, running into the street. They might be mundanes but this is a lot of magic and it's unsettling. Crowd control might seem like a thing.

Rain's power nearby must be more subtle in the face of it all, as the witch and cat come running up. "Hi! Sorry!" Um. "Time to get a metaphorical bucket?" She asks. She looks uncertain. "Um." Crowd control, huh? Captain is fluffed up. Do. Not. Want. She looks to the others, and takes a deep breath. "Let me know if there's - a specific thing I can do before I funnel some of this off to - my - gardening shed." Yes.

The Sha-creature (hare-eared jackal) rises onto its back legs, then morphs into a man who appears to have stepped out of 19th century novel or film: coat, shirt, gloves, hat — the usual.

And the silver bands around his wrists.

He gives a nod of gratitude to Jesana Ravae, and just a 'look' at May — before grimacing at the build-up of magic in the area. He almost lifts his hands to put over his ears, but hesitates half way. "There are Unquiet in this area," he comments in a refined, British accent. "Screaming. Good. Very good. They'll be willing to serve — that's handy." The man's voice trails off as he arches an eyebrow at Rain and Captain — especially Captain.

"A very good thing I left that damnable rat at home…" he muses aloud, turning his gaze toward Witchdoctor, May, Jesana and finally Zee.

Melinda May steps back and relaxes when Jesana speaks up to defend the … oh. Another animal shifter. That makes sense. She nods to the refined-sounding man, then looks over toward Zee as she explains. And then, seemingly without bothering to look up, she calls out loud enough for the broom-riding Rain and attendant feline to hear. "Rain. Captain. You're with me." Yes, she's going to try to do crowd control. It's not like she's got any magical ability of her own, after all. She heads toward the nearest group of panicking cilivians, planning to direct them toward a hopefully safer area. Maybe even higher ground. Maybe Rain can illuminate a path for the civilians to follow?

"She's a friend. I think she'll help." Jes answers. Even without seeing her, Jes knows Alyse's presence. The demigod smiles at Rain and then grins up at Walker as she reaches out with her own power to help start funneling the incoming magic elsewhere. She sends it out in two strong running streams, one back through herself to a part of her Den and one back down along the leyline she and Walker arrived on.
"Want me to send some of this back to your place?" Jes lowers her voice to ask the question, then louder. "I don't think Captain would try to eat him once he started talking. He's Rain's familiar and alright." Also the reason Jes no longer eats cats. She decided Captain is a person and the demigod doesn't eat people. …On purpose anyway. Jes nods at May and returns her focus to her task. She's very glad it isn't just her and Zee this time.

"Friend?" Alyse says as she steps out of her hiding spot, joining the group with a shrug of her shoulders. "But at the very least, this mess here is not mine to claim." Funneling the magics? Seems this is a duty that requires many hands to make light work of, but the shaking buildings and panicing civillians has her frowning as she traces a circle in the air with her fingertips, a glyph of golden light left in her wake before she too begins to join in on the draining of the layline. Through her the excess magics are channeled, sent on further to pour into a realm far from this one. What's a little more magic in the world of the Fae?

"Hello Rain." Zee greets the witch as she arrives. "Gardening shed, sounds good." beat "Or crowd control." She's thankful May is there to organise that.

For a moment, the surge abates "Quickly, move quickly." Zee exhorts Jes, Alyse and Walker. And not a moment too soon … the magic floods again, this time more strongly than the last. The magic users are going to have their hands controlling this.

A hydrant burst in the street, sending water gushing everywhere. Good thing it was just a water main, though. Imagine what it would be like if it was … gas pipes?

Of course, there are those who seek to take advantage of situations like this and looting has begun. May and Rain are going to have their work cut out.

Oh boy. Rain sighs and nods. There's chaos at hand.

Captain grunts, "Okay. I won't eat anyone…" He talks. The cat has a rich, baritone voice tinged with a Gotham accent. "We'll get these guys out and I'll help siphon some off to the gardening shed." Rain holds up Captain. Operation GLO-CAT is go. He's hovering and glowing. "FOLLOW THE CAT. I HAVE CHEESEBURGERS. Wait, no, I want one. WHatever. You try using the internet with paws."

Rain and Captain will help May. "I can let you ride on the bear or my broomstick." Whichever May chooses, is going. Captain eyes the Sha-creature warily before it's gone anyway.

"I could get into a spot of trouble for this," Walker murmurs to no one in particular, but pulls off his gloves — revealing a pair of withered, ancient hands with curved, cracked fingernails that more resemble talons. Tucking his gloves away, he starts walking forward, his arms outstretched to either side.

"So much power…" he whispers as he rises up into the air amid swirling mists of green and gold that wrap around his arms and legs like tendrils of fog.

Around the resort, the odd wail can be heard. A scream. A moan. A chorus of voices growing steadily louder as ghosts emerge from the walls of buildings, the ground, the resort's swimming pool, the sheds out back.

"Rise…" the necromancer commands — and as each ghost comes into view, he channels the chaotic surge of magic in the area into them. One ghost after another. One soul after another — fed to bursting with power.

Anything else he channels toward himself.

"The bear would be a bad idea right now, Rain, but be ready just in case." May tries to get people's attention to get them moving in the correct direction, and the broken water main is NOT helping. "Can you go close off that water main?" At least she managed to avoid rhyming.

"You protected my children and my friend's child. That makes you a friend in my book." Jes smiles at Alyse. Her gaze is turned outwards to the sea as she works, though she isn't really seeing with her physical eyes at the moment. The native american winces. Yes, she's very very glad there are more of them to handle it this time.
Pushing faster, as fast as she can manages Jes funnels the power away and keeps it going. So focused she doesn't even spare any thoughts toward what she'd like to do to whoever is behind this when they finally catch up to them. It's also fortunate for the looters that the demigod is busy, because she'd be putting the fear of a God into them otherwise.
"Don't worry." Jes murmurs to Walker in a reassuring voice and then nods in agreement. She'd had a similar reaction the first time this happened but she suspects it's a bit different for him. She doesn't display any reaction at all to the spirits because she'd already known they were there. She sees them, she always has. It just isn't something she shares with many people.

Alyse's eyes however drift closed even as a shudder drifts down her spine. So many different sorts of magic swirl around her and it's sending her senses crazy. Necromancy, the Coyote's magic, Fae…all of it and more is practically making her head spin as she channels the power away while gritting her teeth. "What is causing this?" she manages to gasp amoungst all the other magic users working for the single goal. "Can we cut it off at the source?"

Channeling this much magic hurts and previously, Zee had Fenris to stem some of it. For the young homo-magi, powerful as she is, the channeled power burns her from the inside out. Mages of all walks of life have been consumed by taking too much.

Walkers dark magic though, calls to something within her and Zee's power lashes out, using it to send even more power that way. The ghosts swell, fed by the power - they're specteral screams echoing down the streets.

Of course, the appearance of the necromancer and ghosts cause an almost riot in the few who have decided to stay, with three trying to rush Walker.

Alyse's question has Zee's eyes turning to her, dark flecks pooling in the iris's, "It is Jorgamundr, stirring in his sleep. The results of his restless dreaming. No, we can't. He will settle. Soon. I hope."

Indeed the magic surges strongly once more and then the magic users can feel it slowly starting to ebb… the Leyline is still full though… just a little more.

Rain and her glowcat are helping herd people off. But happily, Rain can also stem the water flow with magic and pull a few tools into existence to mend the broken water main. Magic+Tools=Winning. Kinda. Nevertheless, she fixes what she can see, and calls magic for a good deal of the rest of it. "You got it!" Rain calls to May. It'll take the two a few moments, and Rain reflexively sprinkles a circle of salt around herself. "Wait. This is in water. Gods and goddesses." Sigh. Back to the water.

Melinda May is flatly ignoring what the mages are doing to siphon off the overloaded ley line — she's busy enough throwing every bit of strength she has into helping Rain get that busted water line capped off. And they finally manage it just in time for her to turn and see a few of the remaining civilians trying to attack the man helping Zee and the others with the ley line. "Crowd control, Rain. Now." And she's racing back over to try and keep those panicked civilians from attacking Walker.

The extra 'lashing' of power sent his way causes the necromancer to flinch, and for a moment the swirling cloud of sickly green-gold around him appears to completely cover him.

That is when some of those ghosts hovering in the air above the resort convulse in pain — and explode in bursts of clear, gooey ectoplasm.

This would prove somewhat unfortunate for anyone found near (or underneath) said ghosts as they are destroyed by the torrent of magic. "N-no!" Walker gasps, trying to steer more of the energy away. To see souls destroyed, eternal rest eternally denied… The man's right hand floats away from his wrist and moves toward his jacket. It withdraws what looks like the head of a cane — without the cane. It is a likeness of the same jackal-like Sha that the man himself had been earlier, but just the creature's head, made from pure obsidian.

The floating hand holds the object aloft while the necromancer channels energy into it. Meanwhile, more spirits explode — dousing spectators and participants alike in slime…

"Uh!" Wtf.. Jes's eyes flick from the sea to Zee. That's… new? She can feel the change the mages power and what she's doing and is slightly alarmed but this isn't a good time to.. actually, do what? Jes doesn't know. She does trust that Zee knows what she is doing. Hopefully.
The rush of movement draws Jes's gaze and she glowers at the idiots rushing towards Walker. Always some dumbass that's gotta run towards the perceived threat. Well then, she'll just have to give them a real one. Jesana draws her gun but mindful of May's presence, doesn't actually shoot any of the three. Yet. She fires into the air in warning. "Stop distracting us, morons, and run!" She snarls.
This takes a lot of attention dammit and, yes, it fucking hurts. It's just, she's used to pain. She can ignore it, what's harder to ignore is the sheer rush of handling so much power. It's new and very intoxicating kind of high. Jes can see, easily how someone can lose control doing this and fry themselves. Her eyes flick back towards Zee. "Ohhh.." Jes grimaces as she's covered in… no she's not gonna think about whatever the hell this stuff is now.. ghost shit? nope, not thinking it!! "Shit, careful Walker!" She's getting worried about her friends and pissed that she can't protect them and if those three jackasses aren't gone she's gonna shoot them for real.. just to be rid of some frustration!

Zee watches as Alyse leaves. Whatever she picked up from Zee's words did something …

The three idiots skid to a halt as Jes fires her weapon, leaving them standing there for May to do May things, maybe crack some heads, and get drenched in gooey ectoplasm. Maybe they'll think twice next time.

With energy drunk spectres now exploding around them, the four magic users can feel the attack subside and the Leyline return to normal.

Rains effort with the water soon has it cleaned up. Leaving the street pretty much as it was.

"Ugh…." Zee looks down at her clothing, as a glob of ectoplasm drips from her hair, landing on her shoulder. "that's …. different." beat "Sorry, Walker." she murmurs, knowing exactly what she'd done. But they were alive and this area safe. The black flecks still dance in her eyes, slowly disappearing as the magic fades.

"Is everyone alright?"

Okay, she was drenched in water while helping Rain with that broken water pipe, and now a huge glob of something with a decidedly unpleasant viscosity just landed on her head. She can HEAR Coulson's voice in her head now. "You got slimed." And it's annoying. She reaches the three now-halted attackers and puts herself in their path, giving them her most displeased stare. It's easy to do right now considering the water and the slime in her hair. "Leave. Now." And Zee? You have some 'splaining to do.

Rain looks to May. She pauses. She conjures a bucket of water and helpfully offers it over. There's a blink, as there's three idiots. "… you want I should newt one?" She asks quietly. Captain hovers and is glowing. "Yeah, man. Do what the lady says." Rain looks to Jes and Zee. And Walker. "You guys okay?"

Jes quickly tucks her gun away, suddenly glad she didn't lose her temper enough to shoot any of them. She isn't usually the type to care but May.. May is perhaps the only human on the planet that Jes has no desire to piss off. Ever. She also really likes and respects the SHIELD agent. Still, by the time anyone is looking her way Jes is radiating a completely innocent expression. It wasn't her! Nope. Musta been the looters firing guns.
Jes eyes Rain thoughtfully. IF one of the men is turned into a newt, does that mean he isn't a person? Newts kinda taste like ass anyway. She doesn't really want to eat that. Moving over to reach out and grasps Walker's shoulder, Jes glances towards Zee. "I'm alright. You guys?"

Walker doesn't answer right away.

The energy around him slowly converges on the sha-head in his hand (which is still floating apart from his body), until there is nothing left but the odd wisp of smoke escaping the figurine's eyes. While the necromancer floats back down to the ground, voices can be heard — some of them coming from the remaining ghosts in the area, while others come from people reacting to the ghosts.

"Grandma? Grandma?! Granny, come back! Come back!"

"Is that the ghost o' yer husband?"

"Harold! You cheatin' varmint! I'll kill ya again!"

And so on.

Walker gives the people that had rushed toward him a baleful glance. He is not required to respond — his comrades have taken care of that. Still… He finally looks toward Zatanna and lets out a breath. "I will be fine, thank you. I imagine we can expect more stirrings such as this? What of the next one?" His floating hand puts the sha-head away in his coat then reattaches itself to his wrist. He looks toward Rain, May and the others and nods his head.

"My apologies for the ectoplasmic discharges. I should have warned you. I recommend a good, strong detergent — preferably something with a hint of hemlock and magewart, just to be sure."5r

Those three don't need to be told twice and scuttle away as quickly as they can. Rains question about newting eliciting a yelp from one of them.

"I can fix that…" Zee answers absently and murmurs the words to a spell. The ectoplasm disappears. "You'll still need to wash. If Rain doesn't have hemlock and magewart, I do. You'll be welcome to some."

Her eyes are fixed out towards the sea and she nods at Walkers question "Yes, more of these until we stop who's causing it." turning back to the group, meeting Mays eyes, the young mage gives a small shrug "We don't know when he'll twitch, but that's the result. Some are worse than others. We have to move quickly on this … "

"A serpent that encircles the world…" Beck muses aloud, tapping his chin with a long, bony, desiccated finger. "I don't suppose one could obtain an address a trifle more specific, hmm? If we are to pay the creature a visit, I should like to be sure of arriving at its head — rather than its tail."

The necromancer closes his eyes for a moment and concentrates. "At least the Unquiet have gone silent. Ugh, such a headache. There isn't enough brandy in the world — of course, it occurs to me we don't really need to find the serpent, just the person (or persons) of dubious intention and morality poking a stick at it…"

"I have some hemlock and magewart, yeah. We had a bad perverted ghost problem once," Rain admits. "He was in cahoots with that damned mirror." SIGH. "But we may have to tap into your stash," She adds. Captain is being menacing, floating and wiggling his paws. BEHOLD. GLOWING HOVERING TOEBEANS. DEM BEANS.

Yes, he has cute toebeans. Which might not really be menacing to anyone. Except small rodents. "If you need drinks, there's those, too. But we're here if you need aid." And really, if May wants, there's a bucket of water. And a potential newting.

Jes nods. "Yeah. That's what we are trying to do. Find the person, or people. I should have something that will help your headache back at the Den." And they can also wash off in the hotsprings. She still feels gross. Ectoplasm. Yuck. Jes blinks at Rain. A… no, maybe she doesn't wanna know. Her lips quirk as she watches Captain. Okay, that is kinda cute.
"We're getting closer, we'll find them soon I hope. Before that damned thing wakes up or we fail to stop one of these fits." The alternatives aren't something Jes wants to think about much. "Do I need to get rid of these clothes or can I just wash them?" She really likes this jacket but this kinda thing is why she rarely buys new clothing and shops at thrift stores.

"I would recommend against trying to end the Serpent." Zee murmurs, quirking a small smile at Captains antics. "I believe it is so entwined in the fate of the world, that trying to kill it may just bring about Ragnarok. As you say, lets find those who are stupid enough to try."

Rains commentary about the ghost and mirror has an ebony eyebrow rising. "Let me know if you do, Rain. I can get more from the Nowhere Markets. And yes Jes, you can wash them - in hemlock and magewort."

"If there's nothing else?" Zee's keen to be gone. She's been working on that structure she and Jes found … and she thinks she's found something. Something that has her very worried.

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