You Want Me To Unite The Tribes?

April 14, 2016:

Finally getting an audience with Attuma, Rowan and Ulani are pushed to make some assurances



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The hall turned out to be the inside of that ancient cruiser. It certainly looks Atlantean to Ulani, but nothing she's seen in her time. It is old although hints of current Atlantean technology and aesthetics can be seen in the layout.

As the two Blue are escorted through the hall, the murmur of voices swells and dips. Most falling silent as the pair pass, with stares and glares replacing the noise. "So it's true. The Blue have arrived." a tall, older warrior, in one of the groups murmurs, his voice carrying just enough to Ulani's ears.

The Blue Envoy casts a glance to Rowan as they stride their way forward. "This should be interesting, then." she murmurs.

No, she's not going to ask he curb his natural tendencies, here. The Wildings clearly appreciate and respect a show of strength.

Most things of any manner of advancement underwater are Atlantean though surfacers could probably be forgiven for thinking they were alien if ever they stumbled upon them. This one is ancient indeed. It hasn't moved in well over 1500 years, and possibly longer than that. The hulk of a cruiser was the first structure, first bit of shelter that Haverleigh was built around and indeed that word is written in proto-Atlantean runes on the outside of the hull and the corridors.

Not that they look much like a ship now. There's a wear to the edges, the inside has been redecorated a number of times. Some of the walls are gone. The area that Ulani and Rowan are in is a wide open space with several hallways running off it. One of them, larger than the others, is hung with banners from a lot of clans.

The Captain of the Guard leads the two blue down to a room whose function is no longer remembered but that may have had a table in it at one point. It no longer does. There's a seat at the far end though that looks like it's not a regular part of the decor. A rather throne like seat. "Wait here. Attuma will see you in a moment." Then he's gone.

Rowan looks around the rather spartan receiving room. "How do you want to approach this?"

Ulani would be amused, she truly would, if the situation was different and her shoulder didn't ache from the force of the Captains blow. She might not show it, but the Captain managed to land a good hit before she flowed into water ? and she's tired. Like all the Blue Elites and likely Rowan too. This war is slowly taking its toll.

"With words first. Try and gauge his position. We aren't even sure ?" she glances to Rowan not finishing that statement. They aren't even sure which side of the fight he supports. "Once we work that out, we persuade him to fight with us." Looking up at the tall Dragon Warrior, her hazel eyes concerned "I rather suspect we're going to need your brand of diplomacy, straight talking and a show of strength." Which she can do, but having the Warrior beside her will make things ? easier. At least she hopes.

Looking at the banners hung around the room, the Blue Female shakes her head. "I don't know if I want the audience with all them present ? or not. What I do know, is that having them rally to our side is necessary."

"Room's too small." Rowan says quietly. "I don't think it'll be all of them."

A door in the back opens. In the Atlantean Monarchy there'd be a certain amount of pomp associated with this. With the Blue there'd be some small amount of formaility even. While Attuma and the Wildlings in general are closer to the former than the latter, multiplied generations of rough living and constant fighting has stripped a lot of the ceremony out of their customs.

Attuma enters with a pair of retainers, but otherwise alone. He's a tall man, blue-grey of skin with golden fish scale armor and an absolutely massive sword on his back. His retainers are likewise clearly impressive physical specimens. Warriors both. The Wild King looks the two Blue over and then sits down on the throne.

"The Captain of my Keishik tells me that you wanted to see me… and that you beat a squad of my best to do it. He's impressed." There's a pause. "I'm less easily impressed. You've pulled me away from a Moot. Tell me what you want and why I should listen to you."

"I know, Rowan." Ulani speaks equally as quietly "But doing this all in one shot seems … beneficial." She falls silent at Attuma and his retainers approach, looking them over, noting just about everything. They are fine specimans, no two ways about it, and whilst she takes a moment to appreciate that, the Blue Envoy has other things on her mind.

"Well met, King Attuma. I am Ulani and this is Rowan, of The Blue." Rowan's technically not of the Blue of this dimension but that's a distinction she's not going to bring to light. "We are here about The Lord of The Deep. To find out your position and enlist your assistance, if possible." Time for direct talking, or so she thinks. Please … let Attuma be against the monster they've been fighting all this time. "As to why you should listen to us, we bested you best and we've been fighting this thing for months and succeeding. It is now time to put the issue to the rest."

"Ah… the war." Attuma leans back on his chair almost lazily. In one hand he rubs some kind of coin or disk between his fingers. "The war… I've heard of nothing but the war. The people here talk about it constantly. I hear you've even got Wildlings fighting on your side now. Quite a trick that. So, what, you come to me because you need more cannon fodder? The Blue Navy and the Atlantean Army are superpowers. Everyone knows that, you tell it to us all the time. Why should we go fight your war?"

"It doesn't surprise me that you've heard nothing but the war." The Blue Female stands straight as Attuma lounges. "It has ravaged our seas and now the Surface." The hazel eyes light on the disc for a moment before searching his face again.

"It is not just our war. How many Wildings have been taken in the course of The Lords machinations?"

Ulani shakes her head vehemently "Not cannon fodder, but allies. Allies who are fearsome and reknown for their fighting skills." As to the Wildings they've gathered , she shrugs "We aided them in their battles, in return, they've aided us. We are allies and we respect their abilities. I can only hope, they respect ours."

Resisting the urge to glance at Rowan, she won't lessen her position by deferring to him … yet.

"The fighting ability of your armies is not a secret." Attuma concedes. The Blue are one of two Powers - capital P - in the Pacific. The Lemurians are the other. They didn't get to be that way by being weak. Still, the Wild Tribes pride themselves on strength.

"However you're asking for me than for me to take my clan and come down to your war. You've come to me, I imagine, because you know I can do what no one else can do - Unite the Tribes." Attuma's charisma and strength is legendary and he's certainly not shy about knowing and stating it. "You're asking me to stake my reputation and the blood of not just my people but many thousands of our people in a battle which will undoubtly claim the lives of many. So I have to ask: What do we get out of it?" Beat. "What do I get out of it?"

"We're asking for you to do no less than any others have done. But you are correct, you can unite the tribes, like no other and time is of the essence. We have allies on the Surface prepared and ready to assist us. Indeed, they are already are. But … " Ulani takes a deep breath, a surfacer affectation she's adopted "… we have limited time and we must move. So yes, we are asking for you to unite the tribes."

Despite his charisma, he seems to have had very little effect on the Blue Envoy "As to what you any of us get out of this? We all maintain our freedom and potentially, our way of life."

"Unite against the common enemy…" Attuma murmurs, half to himself half to Ulani. Rowan doesn't seem to have entered his calculations, the Dragon Blue being so quiet at the moment. "Of course there are some among my people who say the Blue unleashed this horror upon us to begin with, or that they're using it to reduce the other peoples of the sea to abject subjugation in a world where only the Blue can save us. That we'll eagerly welcome you when your fleet delivers us. There are some who advocate attacking you now before you can carry out your plan… what say you to that? It is… interesting that this thing seems to center on your lands and yet attack distant Atlantis…" Beat. "Not that I shed many tears for dead atlanteans."

Now, Ulani looks to Rowan, his presence at her side most welcome. "The other Wilding tribes laid the same accusation at our doorstep but the truth is, he has risen and is targetting everything." That noone has levied accusations of collusion amongst the Wilding tribes is rather … amazing. The Wildings are unlikely to have avoided that fate but perhaps their dispersed nature has made it less likely. "It was here, aeons ago. Nothing The Blue did bought it forth, it's been laying in wait for the right time to strike."

"Your wildings could strike at us, King Attuma. Distract us from the bigger threat. All that would serve is to lessen the force that is arrayed against it… and what would that do for the Wilding tribes, when one of the Forces in the oceans is laid low?" Plain speaking from the Blue Envoy. Another glance to her companion, does he have anything to add?

"That would also spill much blood and ruin reputations." Rowan says quietly.

"Oh he speaks." Attuma smirks. "I was wondering if he was just for looks."

Rowan affects a diffident shrug. "It's a good fight. It will gain the victors much glory, the Blue and the Lemurians will certainly be forced to take political notice of you as a force to be reckoned with and if some of your rivals happen to die while it's going on I'm sure you won't shed any tears. It's a war, it could go wrong but I don't see many down sides to this."

Attuma looks to Ulani. "He's smarter than he looks." There's a pause. "I'm going to want some things you know."

Ulani's eyes flash as Attuman speaks of Rowan. She knows the Blue Warrior 'speaks' Wilding, something she is learning to do. "Looks or not, he is my Lieutenant in this manner." someone the Blue Female trusts.

"What is it, you want to know?"

"The Lemurians and my people skirmish constantly. At best they're usually a minor annoyance this far out but it's been starting to… get in the way." Attuma looks at the Blue very seriously. "We could sack some of their outer colonies but that would galvanize their confederation. So I want you… to lean on them. I'll get the clans to enter the war on your side… but I want you to make sure the Lemurians are properly… grateful."

Ulani would twitch if she wasn't so well trained. "Lean on them?" There is an eyebrow quirk and she regards the Wilding King "We can be sure they know who assisted us. As to whether they would be grateful… we'll do as we can."

It's not the Blue way. Attuma knows this. "Will that suffice?"

The Wild King considers. "Try… 'mediating' or whatever the Blue word for using a diplomatic cudgel is." He says simply. "Give me your word on this, that you'll negotiate 'recognition' and I will bring the clans to your side."

This is diplomacy in the wild tribes. Exchanging of promises and staking things on personal reputation. After all, she represents the Blue… so she is the Blue at the moment.

"I give you my word that I will mediate." Ulani says. The Blue Female, no one else … but her. "I will do what I can to ensure the Lemurians recognise the Wildings." Which isn't to say she will make it happen, more that she'll try. Whether the distinction will be recognised later, Ulani will wear that. She is the Blue in this instance, but there's to it. She's staking her persona reputation on this.

"Done then." Attuma's wide smile is not entirely pleasant. This man is… powerful and ambitious. But right now they need him. "Now then, I have some skulls to crack. I'm going to get to that. Tell your people to look for me. Soon." The Wild King rises and heads back out to the Moot.

Rowan blows out a breath when they're gone. "Why do I think that'll come back to bite us?"

Waiting to Attuma leaves the hall, his attendants with him, Ulani stands tall. When they finally depart she turns on heel and leads the pair out. "Because it will." she says tightly in response to his question. Any further discussion, held till they're out of there.

She's just staked her own reputation on this.

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