In Need of Improvement

April 13, 2016:

Aboard the HMSS Starfire, Nathaniel, Kori and K'tten discuss improvements and the state of the ship.

HMSS Starfire


NPCs: k'tten

Mentions: Roy Harper, Lian Harper, Vorpal, Gar


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Fade In…

Ever since they got back to the right timeline, Nathaniel has been a constant visitor to the Starfire. Not as much in the living areas as the bowels of the ship, where he has been working in the long damaged engines and cybernetic systems. Repairing and improving, he said. Sometimes he vanishes with K'tten for whole days, and maybe they are not just working. But usually some of the red and amber lights on the computer displays and diagnostic screens turn back into green.

Another one just did about ten minutes ago, announcing the inertia compensators are finally working 100% in the starboard bay. That was something that greatly limited the spaceship acceleration capabilities. Not a problem in atmospheric flight, but it made interplanetary travel a slow affair. "Now we can travel to Mars in fifteen minutes," he notes, stepping into the ship's lounge. "The stardrive is next, but I am told it was almost completely thrashed, it might take a while."

As much as Kori wanted to partake in the repairs, upon return she had business to attend to. A wedding between Vorpal and Gar, a meeting with her agent and now with multiple magazine companies.

The teleporter chimes along with that of the changing of lights and Kori's form appears on the holo-pad, the evidence of business coming with the clack of high heels, strapped black and purple in a gladiator lacing and laying of straps all the way to knees. Tawny skin exposed until the stretch of white dress wraps around upper thighs, clinging to hips and leaving back exposed in the lose drop of fabric until the small of her back. One arm is left completely bare of sleeve, a circlet of black and purple binding the dress around her throat and forming the hold of gathered fabrics to allow one sleeve to maintain a hold over arm with the criss crossing of laces down single arm. That arm is what clutches the briefcase.

Sunglasses are peeled from her face, clipped and tossed aside on a table as soon as she enters the lounge with the heralding whisper of door sliding open. Speaking into her comm now Kori relays feed to K'tten and Nathaniel. "If you two keep disappearing and only coming back after alarms sound Tigorr is going to tear all the hard work apart." Smirking, she loved to jab at her kindred, but Tamaraneans are who they are and unbound until truly bound.

"He knows better." K'tten responds, but the growl at the back of her words to Kori states enough, don't you dare start!.

On the other hand Nathaniel seems immune to that kind of jab. He doesn't seem to be bothered about what others suspect or assume. Oh, sure, he flirts occasionally with K'tten, but also with Kori and Luna. The"What alarms? That was only once… ok, maybe twice" but well, he can be teased about his work. He takes too much pride in his engineering abilities, even if the considers the Starfire somewhat 'classic ancient' technology.

He studies Kori for a moment, somewhat curious about the dress. "Besides, doesn't the Omega Men have their own ship?"

Kori tosses the briefcase down and opens it, drawing out a tablet and paper as well as a pen, contracts, images from recent photoshoots and other contracts with names not placed and open signature lines. Articles yet to be written and published, but along the top in a blazen gold and black lettering it states 'Our Rights for Equal Rights.'

An example has Kori in a bikini, but it is her armor reformed, her hair melding with the sun off the beach in the backdrop, a sniped image by a kid that went viral but they used it to their advantage and the article that has print off to the side reads 'Just Like You'.

"They have their own ship, but it bridges to ours while they remain in Earth's atmosphere. A mutual respect. Ryand'r may be my brother but I took responsibility for their presence and they have been seen in my company, I have to keep watch." A sly sidelong look to K'tten. "That and to make sure I do not lose any of my crewmates to the wiles of other space faring men."
Snickering Kori looks back at Nathaniel and turns to face them both, leaning back on the table to perch derriere upon the edge and grip the eave with fingers. "So how close to fully operational?"

"I will know in a couple days, after studying the hyperdrive and related systems," Nathaniel glances to K'tten inquiringly, but the Tamaranean woman has nothing to add, despite knowing better than anyone but perhaps Depalo the current state of the engines.

"Three months if I have to rebuild them from scratch, creating every component from local materials. So hopefully less than half that," he ventures. Of course, he can't account for interruptions like alien invasions or supervillain attacks.

"Well, then that is good news." Kori states with a smile, moving towards the small bar in the lounge with a push from the table. Though steps now have her kicking up one leg, unzipping the back of those high gladiator heels and shedding them wherever they fall from feet, ending at the bar bare foot and six inches shorter for it. Still left her over six feet tall, easily reaching over the bar to drag the coffee maker closer and start it up.

"We have been here and stationary for a couple years, hidden until we needed to fire things up to move against the other invaders. What is a few more days, weeks, or years at this point." It was a good outlook to have, and Kori really could not see the bad in having everyone she wanted near, near and accessible.

"Let me know what you need and I will do my best to provide." A gesture then to one of the array of seats and couches, though as she passes in front of the lounges the sealed window slides open to reveal the sight of space spanning out into a glittering abyss.

"Though you as well mentioned a ship, Nathaniel. How does it fare?"

Nathaniel follows Kori with his eyes, and settles down on a couch, glancing at the side of his arm. As often happens, light scripture flows quickly over the cloth of the outfit. As usual, when he is in the ship, his armor looks like a crewmember body suit. But it is not, it is the neurokinetic nanite armor. "I can build anything I need, no worries. You said invaders? Do you mean in Earth or in Vega? There are hostile Daemonites in Earth. Old ones.”

"Not those." Pressing forward Kori leans over the 'coffee table' front and center amidst the array of seating. A sweep of hand just above the surface of the white furnishing and it ripples, a zap of glowing blue electricity arcs upward to dance across fingertips that she quickly draws back. A small hiss and draw upward of upper lip and she wiggles her fingers, smoothing them over her legs to get rid of the tingles.

Despite the apparent glitch the tables solid surface ripples and the projection of Metopolis beneath them comes to life. Queensland Park, but when tingling fingers reach back to push the image of a bustling borough to the edge it shows wasteland on the edge of the island, like the uplifted edge of a crater, the center of it, Hell's Gate. But she does not dare to pan over that and set off detection, she is already under the scope of those who took up residency in that wasteland.

"Other aliens. They were pushed back, but I know of these Daemonites as well. I have fought a few with SHIELD members and an old acquaintance. The floodgate opened, and it opened everyone's eyes wider here on Earth." Though the way her tone lightens it is not a good thing, and it causes her to glance back to her 'work' on the table, but she doesn't move back to it. Instead she leans back and drapes arms along the back of the couch.

"Daemonites could have been here for far longer then realized." A roll of shoulder and a sound from K'tten draws Kori's eyes up and to her as the other Tamaranean exits muttering. "…another slave race that does not learn from failure. They should have stayed slaves." Even in space there is a pecking order, and K'tten has her beliefs.

Though apparently ones not easily shared by Kori, as the words make her cringe slightly. "Vega… " Redirect. "Has its problems as well, but where does not? My home is here, now and though I will not turn a blind eye to the systems I swore to keep at least this home safe."

Looking from her slowly rippling fingers to Nathaniel she tilts her head, an almost feline motion that sends the scarlet strands over her shoulder and spilling into her lap with their length. "And what is your story, Nathaniel?"

"I am time-stranded for the now," replies the dark-haired man, assuming she refers to his staying in Metropolis. "But I am going to attempt to prevent some unfortunate events that if happen would lead to three generations of darkness on Earth. It is a worthwhile cause and prolonging this Heroic Age would greatly benefit the development of Earth and the whole Spiral Arm."

"We cannot stop what we do not control, but suggestive nudges," Kori stops then and rises to pluck a mug from a hanging rack, pouring herself a cup of coffee and clutching it close. The aroma that permeates the room has a chocolate edge, smooth. "What is the Spiral Arm?"

Some terminologies Kori has issues differentiating. Either it is a /turn of phrase/, joke, or someone's new lingo. So the clueless blink is sincere as she tries to think if it is anything she had heard before. Though the moment is broken with the lounge door opening and K'tten's reappearance, arms folding over her chest while she leans against the doorway and lets a smirk form over lips, one that tells Kori she is about to be informed of something not so amusing - despite how amused K'tten looks.

"Lian's daycare called. She bit a little boy for saying something bad about aliens and guess what??" The suspenseful pause has Kori leering K'tten's way. "Roy's off on unplugged work, likely for his pals in Hell, so you're up!" The irony in this one is just killing it.

Coffee is set aside and those sandals are gathered back up, put back on with the ease they came off.

"Sometimes…" A pause by K'tten and Kori is about nose to nose with the mohawked Tamaranean who just gives a toothy grin in response. Instead, Kori leans forward and nips the woman's nose and walks off, leaving K'tten staring and feeling slapped.

How the hell??? Fume.

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