Help Required

April 13, 2016:

After the events of Club Gone Wrong, Laura reaches out to Doug for help in figuring out just how Kimura is tracking her.


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It has been a very long night and now day. It's only in the last few hours that X-23 has been able to find some time to herself. Time to think. Process the fact that Kimura was here in the city and she was unaware of it. It's both a positive and negative. Positive in that she feels comfortable enough that she's not constantly on alert, but negative, that she allowed that woman to get far closer to her than she would have liked.

This last thought is what has her seeking one Douglas Ramsey out. A message will have easily been received in Doug's inbox, with the body of the e-mail holding a simple, albeit curt sentence.

'I require aid. I will be at X-Red shortly'.

Shortly is right now, as X-23 steps into the X-Red HQ. Immediately she'll scent the air about, looking for a whiff of Doug's scent, to tell her where the young man is located at.

A simple message, but loaded with possibilities. For one, given this was X-23, 'aid' could mean anything from 'cannot reset microwave clock' to 'how do I feed this fish without impaling it on a claw?' Anything dangerous that required stabbing, he figured, would have already been taken care of, but she -might- be looking for diplomacy.

One of these days, convincing X-23 that brevity was not -necessarily- the soul of wit was going to be on his list.

Seated at a desk, poking at a tablet, Doug Ramsey looks up as X-23 finds her way to his office. "Hey, Laura! Come in and shut the door, if you don't want anyone to listen in. What can I do for you?"

There. The first hint of Doug's scent is found and as X-23 makes her way through the HQ with those little snippets, the trail becomes quite easy to follow. Eventually she arrives at his office and when he spots her, the slim assassin will step inside. She considers the door for a moment, before she reaches out with a booted foot to nudge said door close.

Once the door thumps softly closed, X-23 turns back to the blond young man. It's his last question that has her features lining with a look of consideration again. Finally, she'll echo what was stated in her e-mail. "I require aid." And while it doesn't seem like she might say much beyond that, the dark-haired woman will take a seat near his desk, as she continues with. "I am being tracked. I must know how they are tracking me."

The look of consideration was met with a small encouraging smile, as Doug waits. It wasn't -patience- for Doug as much as just simply reading what X-23 was saying without speaking; a difficult topic this time. Encouraging words that might be taken -far- too literally were offered, then: "That's all right. You can ask me anything."

A lift of his chin, then. Bare the throat a bit. Make it easier for her to feel at ease knowing she held a superior position. Sub-level body communication at least.

Question answered, Doug hesitates. "You already checked for subdermal trackers, did you?" he asks.

His sub-level mode of communication is clearly seen, or at least, picked up by X-23 as there's the slightest lessening of tension from her shoulders. HIs question earns a sharp singular nod from X-23 as she says, "Yes. There was nothing beneath my skin. We are assuming it is some other form of technology that they are using."

So states the ex-assassin, as she keeps her gaze focused intently upon Doug. She has yet to say specifically who they are, but clearly, she would like help figuring out how they are tracking her. From Doug.

"Will you help?" She finally asks in that toneless voice of hers.

"Yes," Doug responds, motioning towards the door. "Might need to use the computer lab for this one. Don't suppose you have any information on who're tracking you? Reverse-tracking -them- might be a good place to start. Where they showed up, where they came from, who they are…"

Doug's movement shifts to something that doesn't -quite- match X-23's stealth movements. Where hers were cautious and wary, Doug's movements are purposefully clear of trickery, conveying only one sense of mood about it: 'travel'. Arriving from point a to point b, and then letting her inspect where they'd arrived -first- before going in himself. Considering how on-edge she must be to have to even ask for aid, why push her nerves any further?

Building trust was difficult, and easy to lose, but danged if Doug wouldn't at least try.

And then -maybe- he might actually get to hear some semblance of emotion in her voice other than wariness and caution.

His questions about just /who/ are tracking her earns another one of those sharp nods. "I do." She answers, even as she rises to her feet when he indicates that they'll need to move to the computer lab to help with this. While she could easily walk and talk, like a normal person would, X-23 doesn't. She states quite silent as she steps out of Doug's office and into the hallway.

When he offers her first perusal of the computer labs, the dark-haired young woman will do just that. She'll easily step inside and scan the room in a quick sweeping glance. She let her guard down recently and she'll be damned if she does it again. Everything is looked at, even the most innocent seeming item in the room.

After her search is complete, she'll simply turn back to the door and wait for Doug to enter the room as well. Then, her knowledge of just who is stalking her will be said. "It is a group by the name of The Facility. They were given the task to create a clone from a specific mutants." She means Wolverine obviously. "I believe they are tracking me throughout the city. It is the only explanation I can think of. This time they found me in Mutant Town. Previously it was Salem Center. Does that suffice for information you require to help?"

At least it was a good thing he could read her tension enough to presume that it would be wiser to let her -lead-. Much easier to read someone like X-23 than, say, someone whose body language was entirely used to lying or to not letting on what they were -thinking-. The difficulty with X-23's body language was that it was out of the norm for a human, but not -terribly- so from animals. And it was not an easy thing to do to communicate with animals since he couldn't do a -damn- thing about communicating through smells, as his options for emitting odors were tremendously limited (and unmentionable in polite company, to boot). At least X-23 had enough understanding to disregard smells other than for tracking purposes.

Taking a step to swing the monitor towards a place where X-23 could view comfortably from where she chose to be, Doug positions himself and starts up a more in-depth search.

"Knowing what we know about Logan, they must have connections with the original Weapon X project, so finding out what -happened- to the people involved after the project is probably where to go." Probably a variation of 'Six Degrees of Logan' combined with 'Facility' might turn up something. It was, at least, a start, even if the group might not be calling themselves the Facility. First, though, he had to filter out the hits for 'facility' as a noun.

"So, um, when they did the project, do you remember anything else they were working on, or anyone who was involved there?" Doug asks, typing things. Might as well add other keywords to the search.

X-23 has stationed herself near Doug, but this time, she hasn't taken a seat. The talk of the Facility is enough to keep her hackles and tension up and that causes her to continue to stand. She is listening, however, and watching, as her bright green-eyes take everything in on the computer screen he's turned her way.

His questions are considered, as she determines what answer might best be said. "Kimura." She says, "She was my handler. She was created to specifically negate my abilities. I do not know if that is her true name, or not. There were scientists, as well, though most are dead."

Thanks to her hand, but that doesn't need to be said, does it?

Adding Kimura to the keywords to search with, Doug looks up at X-23, and then decides to keep the questions purely related to the search. It was in her nature, and while Doug -was- naturally curious about it, she wasn't likely to discuss it. Not now, perhaps not ever.

As the search continues, Doug tilts his head, giving her warning that he was thinking of something, before he slowly pats a pocket. She might have scented it earlier, but Doug withdraws a package of chewing gum, spearmint.

Picking out a stick and chewing it for himself, Doug offers her one as well. "Chewing gum. Want one?" If she reacted with cautious curiousity, he -would- explain what a chewing gum was. Namely, that you chewed it till the flavor was gone, then spit it out, not swallow it.

Silent. Watchful. That's all X-23 currently is, until Doug pats his pockets. Then she automatically switches her attention from the screens full of search data, to what Doug's doing.

Yes, her senses easily told her he had spearmint gum upon himself, so it's not surprising to her when he pulls it free. His offer, however, has her shaking her head.

"No." Is her succinct answer to his offer of chewing gum. Flicking her gaze back to the computer screen, she'll ask, "If you require an image of Kimura you can contact Nate. He has seen her." Which means he can give Doug the telepathic image of Kimura to him, if need be.

The gum is still held up, Doug's not really yielding in this case. "Try one anyway. It'll help." In what way, Doug doesn't specify, perhaps because just telling her would ruin it. It was more of a way to relieve the tension in her jaw by sidetracking it to something else. More relaxing that way.

The search for the facility and Kimura.

The search running, Doug nods, before opening up another window. X-23 can probably see quite clearly a picture of herself in a window as Doug drags it through to a facial analytical program, and then begins the process of hacking through the storage centers for multiple security cameras. Time to crossreference it to see if anyone else had done a similar search, and if so, from where.

"Seeing if they found out from security cameras," Doug adds, as an afterthought, just to prevent her from tensing. Though he had a feeling she might well start slashing every security camera everywhere now that she'd considered that.

A tiny crease can be seen forming between her eyebrows as Doug pushes the chewing gum home. With great reluctance now, Laura will reach out for said stick of game. The foil wrapped food will be pulled from the package and held loosely in her hand, though she does not yet unwrap and chew it.

Instead, her eyes will focus on the monitor, as she sees her photo being pulled up by Doug.

His explanation is nodded at, she says, "I understand." Not that it makes her happy, to think of how many security cameras she might need to now potentially avoid in the future.

Adding a stick of gum into his own mouth so he can chew thoughtfully, Doug doesn't speak any further, only moves the mouse pointer around, and then flipping to keyboard shortcuts as he starts typing faster through multiple windows. She -was- showing up on the security cams, so it only remained to be seen to see who had acccessed the same cameras, when, and such. The mansion cams…? If someone had done something to those, well, it was time to upgrade security and drop Kitty a note telling her her security needed work, together with a picture of a raspberry.

Only when Doug grabs the wrapper and spits out the gum does he speak. "So, y'need to just not show up on cameras," Doug notes, as he takes a deep breath, leaning back. "Think maybe you can borrow someone's holographic inducer for a while?"

Her piece of gum is looked at for a second, then the silver foil stick is being slid into her coat pocket. Then it's back to the computer.

The mansion cameras are definitely not being tapped into. It's mainly the security cameras around town, not to mention the little hidden ones that were put in place by super secret alphabetical agencies.

Doug's words bring a slight frown to her lips as she looks from screen to young man, "I do not wish to hide." Is her immediate knee-jerk response, but yes, she does know she needs to do something until they can figure everything out. "But, I will be careful."

Good, Kitty was safe from raspberries for a while. Still, the surrounding neighborhood around the mansion might need to be dealt with somehow. But that was a note for another day.

"Yeah, I wouldn't go into any enclosed areas that you haven't checked out yourself for a while," Doug notes, obviously quite unnecessarily, but still mostly so she can at least hear his thoughts, whether or not they echoed her own. "The search for who's been checking up on you might take a while. Same for the Facility. If they turn out to be one and the same, we'll know, if they're different, well… we'll talk then." He squints at X-23. "… when -was- the last time you've eaten, anyway?"

The timeline of when Doug will potentially find out just who is behind it, or confirm who she knows (thinks) is behind it causes the young woman to deflate ever so slightly. A regular person wouldn't see the slight slouch of her shoulders, but Doug should easily pick up upon it.

His words of advise are given a nod to, as she says, "I understand." And she does. No more back alleys for her, thanks.

As for food … That causes Laura to pause as she considers when she last ate. "Two days ago." She answers honestly, as she looks back to Doug now.

"Well, it'll take a while, so why don't we get something to eat, then?" Doug responds. "We know -someone- used the cameras, at least, so finding out who is a matter of time."

Standing up, stretching languidly, the young mutant flashes a wry grin. "Besides, you're going to need energy so that you can go smack them upside the head when we find them. In the meanwhile, you want to go somewhere, or eat here?"

So they must wait. X-23 can be patient, yes, but when it comes to Kimura and The Facility, it's much harder for her to find that patience.

Still. It is what it is and as such …

"We should eat here." She says simply, what with all the cameras being potentially evil and nefarious.

When Doug stands, Laura will turn towards the door, having stood for this whole time. She'll allow Doug to lead, since she's not quite sure where the kitchen is. She's only been in a few rooms of this particular HQ, after all.

Something about the way X-23 seems to relax has Doug smiling a bit. "I was thinking about ordering a pizza. How do you feel about movies…? I've got The Force Awakens… wait, have you seen -any- Star Wars…? Oh man, if you haven't, you should… I'll answer any questions you have, so just ask…!"

The question about pizza is given a simple acquiescing nod, as Laura follows Douglas out and to wherever the team lounges about. It's only when he brings up movies, specifically Star Wars, that Laura will slightly frown again.

"I have never seen these movies. Do they have zombies in them?" She asks, in that deaden voice of hers

The question about pizza is given a simple acquiescing nod, as Laura follows Douglas out and to wherever the team lounges about. It's only when he brings up movies, specifically Star Wars, that Laura will slightly frown again.

"I have never seen these movies. Do they have zombies in them?" She asks, in that deaden voice of hers, obviously alluding to the fact that /someone/ has introduced her to zombie movies, to say the very least.

And with a likely heart attack from Doug, Laura is dragged away to be introduced to Star Wars and the awesomeness that it is.

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