A Dragon Cornered: Crossed Lines

August 21, 2014:

The end result of Catwoman's involvement in the events of A Dragon Cornered.


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The Auxiliary Batcave a home away from home for Batman. Selena Kyle will awaken upon a gurney in the infirmary chamber, the ceiling above her mesh covered with bats and construction lights opposite side of the webbing. Several of them stare down at her right now as she comes to. She has been bandaged, wounds dressed and an IV is attached to her left arm. One of her eyes is also covered with gauze. Someone took their time to make sure she doesn't die. There is also a tray beside the bed with a glass of orange juice, bread, yogurt and an apple slice.

Beyond the room she can hear noises, someone talking, a voice she knows to one or two others she doesn't; Batman of course. Lighting is dim in here, this cave is also on the side of dank and watery, where is it? Catwoman would have no clue. Bruce doesn't give away all of his secrets. This is one of them. Also she has a new fashion accessory; handcuffs on her wrist. Black ones stylized after the Dark Knight's totemic animal. They're cuffing her to the gurney. It would seem she isn't as welcome a guest as one might first think.

Hazy, vision blinks away the fuzziness, though some of it lingers - it's in her bloodstream, likely fed through the IV… The realization is slowly dawning, but not fast enough as the last thing she recalls is fighting, fire, and the inability to breathe….

The bed is jostled violently, a yell omitting, one of pain and panic as she realizes she is cuffed to the gurney, the clatter is overruling in sound as she begins to wrench and writhe upon the bed, jostling it in a moment of violence that comes to an abrupt halt at the dawning of pain.

A low groan comes then as she pitches her head to the side, her hand knotting in the cushioning beneath her as if to anchor the cave from spinning… She wanted to be sick and it showed in the way she clenched her eyes and took slow, measured, and deep breathes…

Just before she screams.

"You're awake. Good." Bruce's voice, the Batman's voice is hoarse and he looks beaten up as she probably feels. Walking over he picks up a bucket and sets it on the side she can actually roll over on.
"You have a broken clavicle, three fractured ribs, a concussion; first and second degree burns also some measure of smoke inhalation. That’s just the top health concerns." Bruce stalks around to the other side of Selena and sits in the stool that is available in this tiny room. It's very much like a horrible clinical visit: even the man's demeanor fits the bill.
"Those aside you should live. As a side note I'll just point out with each successive rib fracture or thoracic injury a person suffers there is a significant increase in mortality chances. I've done what I can, Blackgate will have to do something more internal."

Selena's hand extends, fingers stretching out to clench as she wrenches against the cuff, one slam against it… Two… She is coming to realization and more is dawning with his words. Her eyes remain closed, clenched as nostrils flare and she inhales….

Exhale…"Are you fucking SERIOUS?"

Another wrench on those cuffs and her wrist is showing premature damage, damage that with each slam of resistance she is making worse, but cannot feel, even if it was not for the drugs her own phobia is numbing quite a bit, slowly rising the more she is realizing she is trapped…

"You're welcome then." Oh there is more she has to say to him, but right now she is.


About to…


Flip shit.


And the un-cuffed arm shoots up, despite the broken clavicle; the IV struggled with and ripped out of her skin while she simultaneously tries to throw it at him.

"Fuck you, Bruce."
Batman's forearm rises up and swats the sailing IV with it's attached rack aside. "You need to calm down you'll only increase the severity of your injuries. You're already going to require several months of physical therapy for your back and shoulder." Professional estimation.
"I warned you, Selena. I warned you not to kill." He leans down and begins picking up the mess she is creating.
"You crossed the line."

"I'd rather, /die/." The final word Selena hisses out between clenched teeth as that cuff is wrenched against her wrist again, though as he is picking up the IV she has rolled herself off the gurney and is on her feet. Hunched over, but on her feet.

"Who did I kill Bruce? The man who killed someone else? One of my people? Sarah did nothing to him…" Pausing those cold blue eyes waver, she is staring a him through narrowed gaze as she fights to right hr posture, shrug off the wounded hunkering and remain proud despite her current situation. "You left him there to burn, or did you recue him too? Where you even capable of getting us -both- out?"

Selena took a final deep breath and then smirked, again with that slam of metal on metal that bites into her wrist and makes that gurney groan. "I walk the line. You know this."
A deadpan stare and Bruce watches her flip off the gurney. Methodically he begins to set things back in order. "Don't be dramatic. You did this to yourself." The tray and IV pushed aside he begins to toy with his gauntlets, adjusting a compartment on the left one.
"No, I failed in saving that monsters life, I saved yours instead."
Batman's jaw tightens and he glares at her. "It's more than just this instance, Diamond District, 28th Avenue, three weeks ago two men almost died of lethal poison levels. Tell me, Selena, when did poison become one of your gimmicks? You're no longer just walking the line. You've lost your footing and now being held accountable for your actions."

"Dragon…" Selena hisses on exhale as each well trained breath aids in her standing stock upright and rigid, the pain not showing, or perhaps mixed with what her mind is putting together right now. All of it at once.

"Well then you made the choice I did. My people over monsters. They come to East End, you don't bother to see the damage they do, what they do to who. You put me away you are permitting it again." *SLAM*

She is not quitting, the metal is biting into her wrist to the point of abrating now. "So all for a piece of ass, you and Dragon go against the grain…" Another jerk upon those cuffs and she is stepping towards Batman, that gurney /screeching/ across the caves floor.

"Calm down, Selena." Batman says in that same irritating flat manner. "It comes down to you're a killer. We had an agreement and you broke it. Everything else I could overlook, I could justify. Not this. I don't want to force you, please, lie back down and don't make this harder than it needs to be."

"Calm down?… Calm down?!? You self righteous…"




"You think you're a hero when you even need saved yourself. Outside of that suit you are just a man, another target, another heart they would stop from beating. You fight every current."

Screech *SLAM*

"You fool."

She is almost nose to nose with him now unless he is backing off and away. "Force me; you're going to have to. You shouldn't have saved me, I shouldn't have saved you." SLAM!

Her body pivots and she is seeking to bring that gurney around in a screeching arch towards Bruce.

"I'm a fool."

A sigh escapes Batman as he watches the woman struggle, to yell at him, to further wound her in an attempt to lash out at him, "We're both fools." He states to her before his arm lifts up and a small black dart launches out of the gauntlet he'd been playing with. "I remember your fears about confinement; I'll try and make sure they don't put you in the box. I promise you I'll make this as comfortable as I can." The only words he can give her right now as that gurney slaps in to his hip, grating screeching annoying noises escaping it as she struggles against him. It's futile. She is far too injured and he was prepared for this.
"Just try to relax, Selena." It should be relatively fast acting. That shadow cloud that will engulf her and carry her in to slumber. The man will even catch her and gently place her in the bed once she goes down.

The dart hits her, and she is already sedated, already tired, and adrenaline pushes things so much harder, so much faster..

"I need to learn to be cold…" Pausing she pulls the dart from her thigh and throws it at his feet.

"Just like you."

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