A Dragon Cornered: I Am Revenge

August 20, 2014:

A split continuation off of A Dragon Cornered: A Taste of Blood. Catwoman struggles in a battle against Feng Mo with unlikely allies. Batman is also a factor.


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Stooped over Sammy One Shot's now toothless mug Batman stares helplessly as he watches the eastern side of the Gansu Projects catch fire, the old building is nothing but dried woodwork, paper, refuse and cheap manufactured quantity ready 'goods' quality was never a factor with this particular building.

"Dragon, I can't reach you. You're on your own."

Castille's netted self is struggling where he is wrapped against a post, "You can't leave me here! I'll burn to death. That fire will get me!"
Batman pauses and looks the man over, the distance from him and the building. He'll be fine. "Good." He says before firing a grapnel launcher up around towards the northern side of the complex. He has to find another way in and the real source of the fire. This doesn't seem natural and he heard no explosives.

Leonne inside the master chambers of Feng Mo can see the man's back, watch the initial engage between the martial artists and Batgirl. It's quick, almost too hard for the eyes to follow and then Feng Mo is back flipping quickly as a sudden gout of flame envelopes him (almost as if he knew it was incoming), not just him but the entire hallway.

Richard Dragon, Batgirl, Feng Mo, the Walrus and everyone in it is swallowed by a large gust of flame and black smoke. It roars down the large hallway and the cracking, snapping sounds of a falling floorboard can be heard; the building itself quivers and shudders as fire and heat spreads.
From that blackened plume coming out of the hallway a form staggers and falls, tripping over one of the fallen guards, "Fist, you fucking moron. You almost burned me alive. I sense you out there… this is mine. You have no reason to be here!" The Chinese is fast. Enraged and Feng Mo's soot covered body is reeling, slapping flames off of his pants and legs.

Beyond him it sounds like a great oak tree is toppling or a giant just fell over, Gansu Projects is crumbling in upon itself, swallowed up by flame and its own decrepit state.

Dragon and Batgirl have been separated from Leonne (and Batman).

The portion of the master chambers Leonne is in is actually shifting as though the ground beneath her had become a sinkhole, the wall splinters and cracks coiling up towards the ceiling and a T beam becomes exposed, this beam swinging inwards, down at her opening up a portion of the outside guts of the building; standing there peering in to the body littered room of Feng Mo is Nardi the Lesser; crouched like some feral animal, it's not Chinese being spit out now but Italian as he points at Feng Mo's flame wrapped form. Shambling up behind him is the larger bulk of his brother. They seem rather uncaring that the project complex is caving in on itself and becoming a burning inferno. Their focus is Feng Mo.

Leonne is there, leant against the wall on all fours with her head hanging down, those tousled locks of dreads, pleats and twists concealing the fact that her lips are parted, eyes are clenched tight in the pain and when her teeth clench they are stained a reddened pink. %R%RIt hurt. God it hurt, and every time she closed her eyes she saw Sarah's face, a twisted mess perched atop a bent neck and broken body.

Fuck him. Those words thought just as the building began to rumble and she looked up in time to see the flames belch through. One hand rises and presses against the wall, curling and drawing those nails across it, tearing furrows in its surface as it aids in her rise. Started slow then comes fast, the whip cracking upward to wrap around a hanging light fixture, swinging her body upward much like a yo-yo.

From there she looks down, surveys, and stays off the floor that can succumb to collapse at any moment, swinging back and forth like a clocks pendulum…

Tick… Right over the new arrivals…

Tock… Feng Mo… He'll pay!

The other two are ignored; dropping down 'Leonne' is aiming a kick from the metal heel of her boot for Feng Mo's face.

The Nardi brothers beat Catwoman to the 'punch' literally as they descend on Feng Mo. Large Nardi grips him around the shoulders and shorter Nardi is side kicking Feng Mo in the gut.

Being that the man is actually engulfed in flames and more concerned at that right now all /three/ of his attackers land their blows, a grab around the shoulders, a gut kick and a heel to the face.

"What!? Cowards!?" His head snaps back a trail of blood slinging through air in a spray. Veins throughout Feng Mo's neck bulge out, looking like corded snakes as he strains against the larger hit man’s grip only to burst free snapping the man's arms out wide. Feng Mo then sweeps his left heel out in a wide arcing kick that whistles with amazing speed at both the small Italian and Catwoman.

Lesser Nardi skips back on all fours his duck low enough he manages to just barely miss the attack. "Who you?" He snaps at Catwoman. "We got this. You run now or burn with whore house." They apparently don't understand who Catwoman.

The building rumbled, the foundation beneath those heeled feet can be felt vibrating, shaking, and coming undone. It sang to her core, every bit of that erosion that is leading to the split.

Landing after that metallic heel slices through Feng Mo she does not wait, landing and pressing her hands down onto the cracking flooring, kicking one leg up and back in an arch aimed to drive that heel right back into Feng Mo's thigh. Feng Mo’s own kick denies this action, snapping her leg aside and sending her rolling, an acrobatic roll she regains from on all fours. Poised with legs splayed, toes burrowed in and one arm held like in a push up, the other extended forward with the whip in its grip.

"I am revenge." It is all she says as she glances to where 'Topaz's' body was, slipped into oblivion and flames with the buildings upheaval, that metal hooked effigy of claws gleaning duvets into the floor as she pushes forward once more on the heraldry of a whip crack, aiming to coil braided leather around Feng Mo's throat. "Stay out of my way."

It's hard to see when everything's in *red*.

"Crazy bitch get lost." Lesser Nardi snaps out in broken English. A knife presenting itself and thrown at Feng Mo's rapidly moving form.

Nardi the Large is hurling a flaming beam at the Triad's metahuman a beam that upon dodging is going to go sailing straight for Catwoman/Leonne where it will clash with the ground in an explosion of wood shrapnel and embers.

"All of you are fools, I am but the tongue that tastes before the mouth closes. My master is arriving… " Feng Mo's English is much better than the Nardi brothers. He does indeed dodge that support beam as well the whip around his throat tightening as he strains against it. The man’s eyes bulging out. One hand snaps upwards to grip said whip and snare inwards, trying to drag Leonne towards him, which, his strength says it is not a hard feat.

"I will tear you in to pieces little girl and watch your spine pop out of your neck."

The beam explodes in fire, embers, and splinters; a mortar that explodes outward and has her leaping upward again, shards of that wood propelling out slicing over the shining synthetic fabric of her body suit, cutting it like butter to leave it agape in slices, contrasting pale skin against that black vinyl.

Those kind of cuts take a while to bleed, and her cross-hairs are not quite easy to make falter. Leonne has her hook latched, the fish being Feng Mo, and to finish that dodge she is using that tension of her whip in coils around his neck to launch herself skyward, gripping a beam just before its collapse, the added weight making it crumble and snap. She uses this like her own springboard, all the while curling the whip in her fist and around her forearm, forcing herself closer, forcing that choking hold tighter, and ensuring their proximity and further promises…

"With what eyes? You will never see your pleasures again!" And in that closing gap she is hoping to /yank/ herself forward, impact him and twine her legs around his waist, both hands going for his face to rake thumbs into sockets.

An aerial dance at the end of a whip and Leonne is ascending, scaling leaping and hangman leashing that whip further around Feng Mo's throat then sailing at him with talons out. Exposed.

Feng Mo's neck strains further against the coiling whip vessels in his eyes beginning to redden, tears streaking down his cheeks but he is grinning, large, wide white teeth displayed. He is enjoying this despite the pain and panic clawing at the back of his mind. "Come to me… "

A knife hits him in the eye and he releases a loud guttural scream that is near blood curdling. The butt of it jutting out of the socket, a thin well balanced weapon. Lesser Nardi chooses his blades well. "Not move then we help. This man bad killer."

The Greater Nardi nods and lunges grabbing on to the whip above Catwoman and coils his fingers around it only to turn around and heave his shoulder in to it, wrenching the suspended Feng Mo higher.


Escapes Feng Mo and his toes lift off the floor, kicking around now but he's managed to reach out and grip Leonne's face fingers biting in to it as he rips at her wig and face. His other hand lashing at the air, trying to get a hold of the whip as well. The knife forgotten. It's pain but it's not killing him.

"Yes yes! Kill the mongrel! Kill him!" Lesser Nardi cheers as the wall behind them crashes down, flames spiral upwards to reveal a dark shadow. A shadow that descends on the smaller Italian warrior before he can continue his chant. Muffled noises and pounding ensues. Batman has arrived.

Leonne was not about to pause in her sights to acknowledge the Nardi's. If they were not going to help then her sights would set on them next… If there was a next. She was on autopilot now, a brick laid on the accelerator and she was driving for a large rocky cliff, taking everyone with her as she goes. The one being the one she has practically bound herself to, the knife meeting his eye before a claw can, the help making her one hand free enough to try and grip his head to jerk it back and make him see it all. The burning, collapsing, all the while she is using her other hand to try and blind him utterly, the thumb seeking to pin his lid open in revelation seeking to sink home.

Her hold is faltering, the grips between them slowly becoming fists of fury, slaps, Leonne hissing as the wig of white and black is ripped from her head to fall into the flames below now, the other Nardi having made their fight aerial with his aid. Shirt black hair messily falls across sharp blue eyes that long glazed over, one swelling immediately from a landed hit. The pain is ignored, even the blood that spills from the corner of her lips in bubbles. If nothing else those claws are permanently out, his scalp, his face… Her target all the while her legs tighten about his waist, /constricting/ more air from him in her cling to keep dangerously close.

"I am eternal through my power. Through the blood I have consumed, the necks… I have snapped the souls I have taken! I am but the to… " Feng Mo's words cut off as Greater Nardi pulls again, wrenching the man even higher off the ground. He now kicks his legs out wildly with Catwoman latched to him like an animal.

The hand upon Leonne's face finds her neck and crushes down, coiling iron-banded fingers about that slender neck. His bulging blood short and vessel popping eyes look crazed and lock on her face. A smile appears across that wide lipped mouth.

Enough!" Batman's voice can be heard. A batarang snaps out and clips the whip in half causing Feng Mo and Leonne to hit the ground (the tension released also has Greater Nardi face planting).

Hasted movements have the Dark Knight descending on the two fallen combatants, his gauntlet covered hand wrapping around Feng Mo's wrist and fingers, binding there to try and stop the man from snapping Selina's neck. "Let go both of you." The masked man snarls.

"You are not strong enough to stop me, Batman. You will watch me break this woman's neck unless you kill me."

"I don't think so." A fist slams in to Feng Mo's armpit and electricity currents through both Feng Mo and Leonne. The first punch is followed by another.

Feng Mo's body curls in on itself and then straightens out. Leonne is released.

"Are you all ri—-"


Lesser Nardi with the chair from behind, Batman goes down.






The chair is broken and Nardi Smalls is using one of the legs of it and his own boots to stomp on the Dark Knight who keeps struggling to get up. "Stay down. Die."



Staggering over the Greater Nardi joins his brother, grabbing Batman's ankle and slapping him off the wall then the floor. They're going to town on the man now.

The only thing that mutes a blinding red is black. You know that black, the one that starts at the edges of your vision and creeps in like ink drops, despite the fight the oxygen is bleeding out ad for one moment there is a bright light of clarity.

Catwoman sees that in the moment Feng Mo's grip crushes down around her throat, just in time to see the fleeting shadow and hear a voice that is a bass in the silence. Hitting the ground her breath is lost, falling isn't even felt, and only that sudden surge that reminds her to do what she was being clenched out of.


Her body jolted, jerked and she gasped, one hand slapping upward, gripping broken floor while it slowly turns to ashes. Blood is now covering pale skin where the vinyl had been sliced apart, her breath shudders out in a blood spraying cough and when she looks up to see the Nardis tossing Batman like a rag doll her gaze falls back on Feng Mo, her whip severed and his freedom to live granted for a single moment of decision.

Back and forth her gaze snaps as the searing heat from the fire makes the air waves at the edges of her swollen vision.

Clenching her teeth she rises, the broken end of her whip held as she vaults forward for Feng Mo, but she does not hesitate, does not stop as she passes his fallen form and gathers up the other end of the whip that still is twined around his throat, using momentum in her run to drag him, though while passing she rips that knife from his eye, taking the end of the whip and pegging it to a burning wall with the bloody blade.

"Burn you fucker." Is all she says before she springs from that burning wall, crumbling it beneath her weight but rebounding in a parallel spin to attempt to grab one of the Nardi's pummeling Batman and take him to the ground with her.

If successful, that fall is one she won't get up from.

The Lesser Nardi is caught by the surprise lunge from Catwoman and ends up slapping across the shaking floor with her. He's weakened and caught unaware but not so much so he doesn't grab her up by the hair and punch her twice before throwing her limply aside. "Dumb whore."
The momentary let up is all Batman needs, his legs twine around Greater Nardi's neck and he flips him over hard with a crash to the ground face first. A quick dashing step and Batman jabs then crosses Nardi the Lesser knocking him back in to a half-spin, his tooth bursting free of his skull. A follow up doesn't proceed instead a cowl covered beaten face thrusts itself up in front of the Nardi's own, "Time is running out. If you don't help your brother you will both die here." Batman's fingertip thrusts out behind him on emphasis to point at the Greater Nardi.

No waiting for a response he's already rushing over to try and assist Feng Mo away from the wall, a wall consumed by a wreath of climbing flames. The man sits there grinning and bound with a whip coiled around a knife blade. His eyes lit up like the inferno around him.
An attempt to reach the man is cut off by toppling of the floor above them, debris, smoke and flame pour down.

Cape covering his face Batman turns around and hikes Catwoman/Leonne up over his shoulder and departs the crumbling structure.

"Dragon, Batgirl, status?"

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