Incident Report B-01

August 08, 2014:

Batman sends a message to the Bat-family. (CUTSCENE)


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Fade In…

—Encrypted Message Send Initiated


Incident Reports:
07-08:Explosives reported in West Village, source unknown. Reported fighting in streets. Suspect: Catwoman and unknown assailants. No follow up required.
07-18:Firefight and massive property damage China Basin, Masu Square. Identified Deathstroke, the Joker, Black Cell Mercenaries. AVOID Deathstroke. Apprehend Joker. Apprehend Black Cell Mercenaries.
07-18:Reckless driving and endangerment. Two counts hit and run. Vehicle: Black 2012 Jetta. Unknown Suspects.
07-24:Violence and criminal activity Gotham Zoo. Suspects: Joker, Domino (see attached file), Harley Quinn. Apprehend all suspects.
07-24:Arson Hollow Bar burnt down. No Suspects. Possible Old Gotham Arsonist see Case-File A06 listing.
08-01:Homicide. Robinson Park. Victim known conman and small time crook named Lenny Scwhitz. Suspect: None.
08-01:Shoot out in Burnley. Documented civilian and criminal casualties. Suspects: The Joker, Harley Quinn, Unknown Assailant all at large. The Javelin: Transferred to Blackgate.
08-06: East End reported poison victims. Two in critical condition. Suspects: None at this time. Action: Investigate.


Joker and Harley Quinn still at large. Threat to others and themselves. Suspected Hugo Strange has put a hit out on them. Mercenary and criminal activity has picked up in Gotham, be careful. Deathstroke, Domino, Taskmaster, the Javelin (apprehended), KGBeast identified within city limits. Suggested avoidance of hitmen if solo. Call for back up if any above listed sighted.

Alleged "neck-twister" targeting Odessa and Galante mobsters. Rumors of a Black Dragon amongst Chinatown informants. Ironically assignment taken by our own Dragon. He is also patched in to this datafeed and a probationary member of the 'family'.

Arsonist targeting city facilities still active. Continue to track activities of any and all fire reports, Batcomputer monitoring to save on man power. Toluene chemical primary use. Acetone, ether. Used a base for many polyurethane resins. Added hint of benzene smelling odor. Specific to arsonist. Not found in Hollows' Bar burning.

Drug traffic undergoing shift in patterns. Required someone look in to this and make sure there is not a power play going on. Strongest points are around Robinson Park, specifically Collgate Heights.

Rumor of chemical weapons transported through city, stored in undisclosed locations around Red Hook warehouse district and the Cauldron. Possible Irish Mob connections with organization HYDRA. Investigation required. Limited information may be tied in to SHIELD as HYDRA typically is. Tread lightly on this one. We don't need the extra attention from outside agencies.

SRD heavy at current. Stay low currently they are using non-lethal and gas; if attacked or pressed they switch to lethal. Spotted three drones and disabled two. Be on alert for observation.


—Encrypted Message Send Complete

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