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June 15, 2014:

Nightwing tracks down Bruce for some face time.


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The Gotham Cemetery a forest of headstones, grave posts and trees that look like they should have died long ago. With the sun falling the location itself looks to be cast in an eerie orange-to-red haze of fog that only adds to the areas mystique. Batman is here somewhere, paying his respects to the departed even if it's only in the form of a silent respectful presence. It's eleven days from this very day his parents were both murdered in Crime Alley.

Dark times for the Dark Knight, June is usually the worst of all months for the Batman and those closest to him know this. He sleeps less, pushes himself harder and is proven to pulling less hits.

The Wayne's being wealthy as they are have their own plot of land in the historic cemetery, an area away from the rest of the grounds dotted with mausoleums and monolithic headstones dedicated to Wayne's their relatives and those close to them. It's a brief visitation but one that has communications for the Caped Crusader dark. No contact possible which, currently has been routine.
It is after all that time of the year.

Nightwing has his own time of year when he gets melancholy, but his own brooding doesn't really hold a candle to Batman's. The man has it down to a fine art. Over the years, however, he's learned to give the man space during this time, but that doesn't stop him from keeping an eye out. It was easier to do when he was 'Robin' but now that he's moved past that and has become 'Nightwing', he hasn't forgotten what this time means. He gives Batman his space, but Nightwing is also in the cemetery, keeping an eye out and making sure that none of their enemies has figured this ritual out. It would be, after all, a prime time to attack.

Batman moves like a wraith from the grave of Thomas Wayne to where Nightwing stands in silent vigil out of sight no doubt to casual observer and trained eye a like. Being the young warriors teacher finding him isn't exactly a stretch, much like Kirigi himself could easily find the Bat if he so pleased. It's just the way that Apprentice to Sensei relationship seems to function. Dick isn't exactly hiding from Bruce either though.

"Watching my back isn't necessary." The Caped Crusader's voice carries in statement. The sentence sounds more informative over defensive, Batman probably has safeguards to make sure his ritualistic visitations here go un-noticed.
A pause, "Thank you, though." Being human still registers sometimes.

Nightwing rarely ever hides from Batman. In fact, he usually -wants- to be found, or at least acknowledged. As the latter happens, he merely nods. "I know it's not necessary." It's never necessary and yet he still does it when he can. "You're welcome." There's even a slight smile as the humanity is shown so rarely.

Silence passes before he offers a simple, "It's been a while." Of the two, he's always been the chattier, but he knows better than to try and talk Batman's ear off.

"It has. What brings you?" Batman's posture shows he is tired, overworking himself as usual but he's also in excellent shape. At his physical peak right now and the added muscle from their last encounters is obvious even underneath the lightweight armor pieces the man has covering his form. The five-o-clock shadow is visible now that Bruce is closer, the lenses up under his cowl also shows the weariness in his eyes.


They go through this every year, there is no telling the Bat to slow down or take it easy.

"Alfred told me if I ran in to you he had a dinner waiting for us. Seems he anticipated you would show up tonight." Or the man was just being hopeful. He's a good 'manny' like that, one who very much cares for his extremely dysfunctional family.

"It's June." As if there needs to be any other reason. Nightwing knows Bruce's habits quite well…perhaps nearly as well as Alfred, at this point. "I figured you'd be out here and I had a little free time." There's a brief hint of a grin at that even as he notes the others weariness. Dick isn't fully rested either, with his vigilante work at night and attending the Police Academy during the day. If he's lucky, he gets about four hours of sleep a night.

"Dinner? Well…I'm game if you are." If Batman is willing to take some time to eat, the least he can do is join him. The probably have some catching up to do and it might be slightly easier to do while Bruce is more…pensive.

"Free time? Surprising." Batman says quietly though not inquiring or pushing further. He isn't entirely keen on the police academy being a part of Dick Grayson's life nor the PD itself. Too conflicting and places them far too close to the element in which they need to work with yet around. A hard balance. He knows, he was almost an FBI Agent once upon a time. Conduct, regulations, time demands… justice. These things don't give room for a man of controlled action like the Batman freedom or options he requires to operate. Dick is not Bruce, however, Dick has a remarkable amount of charm and versatility that the unbending Knight always found enlightening.

"Things are well?" A question after several feet of silence and walking, one of the gloves on Batman's arm lifts up to nudge back a piece of armor plating to depress a button.

Somewhere not far away the Batmobile snarls to life. A mechanical beast in the darkness awaiting it's master.

"I know…and I spend it in a graveyard watching you. Kind of sad, isn't it?" Now there is -definitely- some wry humor in that statement even as Nightwing moves to walk along with his former mentor. "Things are going well enough. They're busy…they're frustrating at times, but I kind of like having a regimented day." For now. "I mean, I know most of the stuff they're teaching us and these guys can't fight their way out of a paper bag, but it's an acting challenge. Have to keep those chops up, you know." Although his alter ego is less of a drastic change than a certain other's. "You?"
"Busy. New activity from Tobias Whale in East End, I imagine it will be conflicting with Catwoman before long - that is going to be a mess of it's own. The Lucky Hand Triad is trying to wedge in to Chinatown again, they've already assassinated several Golden Dragon officers. Someone, I'm unsure who yet is kidnapping public works technicians, an arsonist, a skilled one, I've already disarmed several explosives around Old Gotham and finally Talia al Ghul is back in town. I am sure you have heard of Trutina Enterprises." Twin dimly lit glowing eyes of a tumbler frame Batmobile become visible, the vehicle parked underneath a claw branched overhanging tree, hidden between crumbled ruins of old architectural shrines. The decrepit part of the cemetery.

"Bruce Wayne has his own problems, Stagg Enterprises is trying to buy out several subsidiaries." A sidelong glance of that cowled face and it almost appears as if a smile /might/ appear but it doesn't. "I suppose you could say everything is expected. Typical, almost." A catch-hiss-sound is audible as the cockpit of the tumbler opens up revealing the lit up guts of the warmachine. Batman helps himself in to the driver's seat.

Nightwing listens, following along, and even nodding as he's heard a couple of those events going on. As the Batmobile shows up and Batman climbs in, he slides into the passenger seat. Again, it's been a while, but…"You've made some modifications," is noted before he clips in the seatbelt. "I'm down in Chinatown a bit. I can keep an eye on things there for you…" and probably the East End as well. Not that he has much more spare time to be taking care of Batman's fights, but they're still something of a team and there's something to be said about helping one another out.

"Sounds like you're having a grand old time. Can't you just…buy up Stagg stock and become a majority shareholder or something?" Says the kid who is rather uninterested in business. "I think I saw that in a movie. With Michael J. Fox."

"Simon Stagg is very intelligent and shrewd man - a genius when it comes to business. A lot of his company’s stock is privately held. Wrestling anything free of him is a battle I'd rather not waste my time on. I am not overly concerned with Stagg Enterprises just but it could unbalance my books and I have just recently allocated a large sum to assist the Justice League in bolstering their presence and ranks. Should the company inquire…" No small expenditure there the dome encloses over them encasing them in momentary darkness before screens and displays illuminate their surroundings.

Now Batman grins.

"I have. It was overdue."

A small screen flickers to life in the console between them, Alfred's familiar face appears, "Sir, the mesh webbing above Sub-Level one has fallen once again, I'm afraid there is Bat excrement covering the guest chambers hallway… oh Master Dick, I see you found him, splendid. Am I still asleep and having a farfetched dream the two of you will be home for a warm supper? Deary me, I hope my alarm doesn't wake me before it goes cold. They say a hot meal once a year makes life more bearable."

"I see. Well…don't you have people you can assign to waste their time on him?" Dick grins back and settles in for the ride. "Just do something to throw him off the scent, of course. But you're the businessman…not me." It's just not his favorite thing to do. "I ran into Arsenal and Flash recently…" he begins, but then Alfred appears on the screen.

"I never really lost him, Alfred. I knew exactly where he was." A glance is given to Batman as he drives, "Unless something happens, it looks like we just might be back for that hot meal. I'll look forward to it as I'm kind of tired of sandwiches on the go and breakfast burritos." He's managed to stay away from most of the doughnuts.

"No, I suppose not, Master Dick. Definitely not that swill you're used to ingesting. I have an elegant apple-glazed roast pork awaiting the two of you."
Alfred says.

"Extra on the carrots?"

"Yes, Master Bruce."

The screen darkens out as the Butler releases the call.

"Arsenal, he still working with the Government? And Flash… " Batman trails off as they swerve between two trucks on the freeway the car despite it's bulk surprisingly fluid and smooth moving. Top of the line, It is supposed to be - the other Gotham drivers around them hardly have time to register the Batmobile is tearing past them until it's already gone.

"He is, as far as I know. I guess if I had a kid, I'd want something a little more reliable and less dangerous too. And Flash is…Flash. Who knows what he's doing, but he's not hiding who he is anymore, which makes it challenging…" especially since Dick Grayson has a reputation of his own. Being seen with a known superhero could be detrimental to that identity.

Nightwing glances over as Batman drives but then looks back out the front window. "You do realize that just because I'm joining the Gotham PD…it doesn't mean I'm going to stop doing this. I'll make it work, somehow, but…I think I could help even more by being on the inside there. It's also good to show that I'm more than some orphan who got lucky by being brought into the Wayne family. Good for the people of Gotham. I hope." He'll just sort of leave it at that. No doubt they'll continue the conversation over the pork roast. Either that or they'll just eat the meal in silence. It wouldn't be the first time.

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