Coded Sanskrit

April 13, 2016:

Kevin goes in search of Astryd and Fenris and ends up meeting some interesting … allies

New York


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Fenris is an odd duck. Well, odd wolf, really. He's fairly subtle in some ways. He doesn't tend to give off huge magical flares and he long ago learned a few tricks to keep him off Asgard's radar. He is content to live as a regular human, among regular humans for decades even centuries at a stretch. He doesn't tend to play the shadow games that many immortals play, amassing power and influence and manipulating societies, governments and economies.

On the other hand in other ways he's fairly obvious, particularly in the places he calls home. Ask the local supernatural scene - certain segments of it - who is in charge and they'll be able to point you to the God-Wolf. He doesn't let big, nasty predators make too much trouble if he can help it and finally there's his aura. He can look human, yes but the illusion is imperfect. There's always that feeling of a predator to give him away if one knows what one is looking for.

At present the God-Wolf is in a little park at on the Western edge of Manhattan, watching the sluggish flow of the Hudson and eating a container of matzo ball soup. Which is, let's be clear, delicious. The Deli's just across the way. He'd been in the area and decided to check up on friends. And buy them lunch, if they so wanted. And anyway it's getting nice out and this is better than an office, even one as exalted as Pepper Potts.

Charlie is nearby on the swingset, kicking her legs as she archs up and then pumping and leaning forward as she swings back down. It is April in the city and fairly warm compared to winter months. She has on a pair of skinny jeans, cute boots, a t-shirt with an anime wolf, and a pretty spiffy leather jacket. There is probably a sandwich waiting for her by Fenris, but right now it is being odd and swinging time. Chaos what can you say. "So who did you ping?"

The odd duck is actually more of a goose… er, gander. But said gander is not here currently, and likely that's for the best. Instead, seated next to the god-wolf is a dressed to the nines businesswoman — the aforementioned Pepper Potts, actually — also partaking in some matzo ball soup. Her own container. Because she doesn't share this soup with ANYONE, it's that good. Oh, and that predatory aura Fenris can't get rid of? She seems pretty well immune to it. It really is a nice day out, and she's glad she accepted the invitation.

Next to Fenris is a tall, lean, strawberry blonde with rather hard planes to her face. There's a aura about her as well. It's strange how most people seem to take a wide berth round the pair.

Wearing faded blue jeans and a long tunic top, the Valkyrie glances at Charlie and then glances at the God-Wolf. "All in good time, child…." One day she'll get out of that habit - maybe.

"It's good to see you again, Lady Pepper." the woman murmurs.

The pressure of preventing of what he's been tasked with has not completely gotten to Kevin. Sure, it's a lot to take in, but Asgardian non-Asgardian(it's complicated)has job…quest? To do. And he'll do what he can. But subtlety has not and never been his strong suit, that's someone one learns by years of experience, something the young Thunderstrike lacks. Chasing after a couple of myths has been hard to do. It's taken a lot of searching and a lot of poking the right questions. Questions that might either eventually get back to Fenris or Astryd, depending on how much they care. At the very least, he's tried to do so without cracking skulls. But looking for a pair that could look like anyone, or anything is not easy, so even as Kevin comes into the area, he is bordering on giving up.

The cane is still carried for a limp he doesn't have. That hasn't changed. Still looks like a college kid, backpack an all. Still, he slows down his walk. He was given an area, but he wasn't given a name or face. Just that this would be the right place to narrow down his search.

"I didn't 'ping' anyone in particular beyond Miss Potts, partly because I wanted to see how she'd been doing." Pepper had the rather dubious honor of hosting the God-Wolf when he'd appeared wounded in her office, locked in wolf form and wedged between her desk and the window. Oh, and bleeding profusely all over her floor. Good times, as they say.

"Though I did have word that someone was seeking me and didn't want it to come back to Miss Potts res- oh hullo…"

Unlike Kevin, Fenris did have a pretty good description of who was looking for him and sights the young college lad as he enters the general area. Well, most people are young by his standards, anyway. Even Pepper. Kevin can immediately feel the aura of danger that surrounds Fenris wherever he goes and it probably won't take him long to realize that someone is looking right at him. Someone who, should he meet his eyes, points to a ruben that's 'extra' and just peeking out of a brown paper bag.

Color the God-Wolf curious. Not many people look for him. The least he can do is offer a meal. Occasionally these do turn out to be last meals but he's hopeful that won't be the case this time. "And here's our company, Astryd. The other reason I asked us all out here is I have no idea what our company wants, but I imagine it'll prove interesting to most of us."

Charlie is still swing setting, she certainly waved hello to Miss Potts when she showed up cause manners right. Charlie has some somewhere in that package of trouble. She even said hello politely right.

Astryd though gets the young woman to stick her tongue out at her. tbtt "I'm older than I look.." she notes to the Valkeryie which is ironic on some level considering, immortals, and all. "Well.. it will either be ass kicking or talkie I imagine.. don't give away my sandwich though or I'll bite someone." she well there is a grin but the eye tooth on the girl is a bit pointier than sometimes. Odd girl.

Pepper Potts smiles up at Astryd. "I'm glad to see you as well. Have you been doing all right?" She can only look at Charlie in amusement — her sandwich is safe so long as Pepper stays here — and then Fenris is drawing their attention to the young man carrying the cane. Her eyes study him with the attentiveness of a high level executive scouting for possible talent to hire, making particular mental note of that cane. Functional, not purely decorative. Backpack… how new does it look? Does it seem loaded with heavy things, like books?

"So I see, Fenris." Astryd stretches slightly and arches a brow at Kevin as he comes into view. "He's … young." she observes, stealing some of Fenris' soup as they sit there.

Charlies raspberry gets a snort of amusement "Compared to me … you are still but a child." Heck, Charlie could be forty and Astryd would still call her child. Immortals and all, right? "I think your sandwich is safe."

Pepper's question gets a nod. "I am well, thankyou. A slight altercation with some knockoff Amazonians recently. But Fenris healed me quickly enough." Which means it was anything but slight. "I've been meaning to put my name on Starks Temp Register." She might be a Goddess but a girl does have to eat and although she's husbanded her funds well over the centuries, she's careful.

The cane in Kevin's hand jerks a little, causing him to stop, staring at it. That's new. Usually it doesn't do anything at all, it just like to be a cane. It causes him to look around, as if suddenly wary if he's being watched or not. Makes him uneasy. But he's not going to walk into whatever conversation mace in hand. Too much is on the line for that. But the derth of unknowns is making him slightly jumpy.

He slows even more at a familiar pang. A particular sense. He sensed it before the one time he was in Odin's presence. But this is…different. Yup, way out of his league here. But he puts on a brave face, swallowing down whatever nervousness that might be in his head. "Alright." he suddenly says aloud, still looking around. "I figure you know I'm here. I'm…I'm not looking for a fight. Er..I'm…ah…looking for help."

Fenris would not give away Charlie's sandwich. He knows she'd start chewing on his arm. No what he offers quietly to Kevin as he takes one more spoonful of soup is something he got for this exact 'unknown'.

Slurp. "Yes. I do know why you're here at least in the sense that I know you've been asking after me. I am, as I'm sure you've deduced the Fenris Wolf, though you may call me Fenris. This is Astryd…" He gestures to the blonde. "Charlie…" To the younger of the redheads. "And Miss Pepper Potts." Who may not need an introduction if Kevin keeps up with certain sectors of the news.

"Whatever it is you've come to say it's safe to say it with them. Now, am I right in thinking you're Kevin Masterson? And if so… why have you been seeking the Destroyer?" Help is also something people don't often come to him for. Not unless they're desperate, anyway.

Charlie stops swinging leaping out and landing, perfectly, girl probably does parkour or something more… strenous. She waves to Kevin "hi there!" and then heads towards Fenris, Pepper, and Astryd and her steak sanwhich. She fishes it out of the bag and plops down on the ground in front of the trio and takes a ravenous bite of it. I mean she is fiercely eating the sanwich but she doesn't do much to add ot the intimidation factor of the scene.

Pepper Potts primly and tidily caps her soup container and sets it carefully aside before dusting off her hands and standing to offer Kevin a handshake in greeting. "Please, come have a seat and join us." She didn't miss seeing the young man react as if the cane had pulled him toward them, but she has no way to figure out what that means, so simply mentally catalogs the observation. Also, if she'd known there were going to be enough people here, she would have insisted that Fenris choose a spot with a table and chairs, or at least brought a picnic blanket along.

"Well met." Astryd's grey eyes land on the young man, sizing him up and considering. "Glad, I am, that you don't wish to fight. It's too nice day for that. Besides, we're all eating lunch" She smirks just a little as she hands the sandwich to Kevin.

"It's not often people seek us out." Well, strangers anyway. Charlies antics draw an indulgent smile from the blonde. Tiny and fierce, that one.

Kevin spins on his feet, the voice coming in from behind him. He licks his lips suddenly realizing they've gone dry. "They tell stories about you." he says, mingling tone where he can hide a mixture of fear and respect. A glance at Astryd as well. "Both of you." Oh, to be young. "I.." he coughs in his fist. "I was given a task. Because I'm more or less ignored there, being human an all. That I'm pretty sure, at it's worst, may prevent Ragnarok. Or at least, that was the insinuation I was given. I don't know if the names Rindr and Vali mean anything to either of you, but they've left Asgard. To here, Midgard. No one knows why. But Rindr is suggested to have some kind of connection to the Midgard serpent. As in, trying to wake it up. That's the rumor, but no one knows for sure." a hand reaches around pull off his backpack, unzipping it and plucking the book that he was given." During this, he offers a Charlie a very nervous wave.

"This was given to me to translate, it's no Asgardian dialect, but rather human. I've tried translating, but it's beyond me. Some kind of sanskrit." Walking closer, he pauses. "They told me to be wary of who I speak this with, they were not sure who could be trusted. So, I knew taking a risk to approach either of you, but at least I would know whether or not you knew anything about it. And if you did, and were in on it, I doubt I'd still be standing." Then he's being offered a sandwhich. "Er…thanks." This is /not/ what he was expecting. At all. "You know, considering what I was told for four years, I figured there'd be cowering. Yeah. Probably that."

"Rindr and Vali do indeed mean something to me." Fenris rumbles. Kevin can feel the focus that's suddenly on him. Tasked to deal with this. By whom? Clearly he has suspicions but doesn't want to side track things by attempting to verify them.

"Told, mmmm, about me or about yourself?" Fenris makes a gesture to silently ask if he can take the book. Or at least look at it. When allowed he flips through it briefly. "It's old. Vedic Sanskrit. Not a language I'm very familair with… though familiar enough to tell you that this isn't normal vedic sanskrit. There are very distinctive flourishes and accents that I've never seen before and… mmmmmmmmm."

The Wolf-God actually growls a for a moment. "Charlie, can you get the large red book off the coffee table at my place?" She knows the one he's talking about. He's taught her out of it before and indeed was doing so recently which is why it's on his coffee table.

Glancing back up at Kevin, Pepper and Astryd he hands the book back. "I think it's in code. Moreover I think I recognize it. Not how to crack it but I think I know what it is…" Cracking codes is a bit beyond him. It's more a job for computers. However… there may be someone here with appropriate connections…

"So you've been tasked with this. You're in for a hell of a thing you know. What were you told beyond that?"

Charlie looks up from her spot on the ground and swallows the chunk of steak sandwich "Sure thing." and she is gone with a slash of pink and purple smoke >pinkUrple> .. … .. … .. after really not all that long at all she reappears with a big red book balanced on one palm held up to Fenris as she sits, taking annother bite of her sandwich held in her other hand. "I like quests.. this sounds totes like an awesome quest."

Pepper Potts returns to her seat and her soup as Charlie poofs away and back for the book that Fenris requested of her. Useful skill, that. And, as Kevin seems to have important matters to discuss with the Asgardians, she works on finishing her lunch quietly.

Astryd stills, a small growl coming from her at the mention of Rindr and Vali and she unconsciously rubs her wrist where the bracer had held her. "You were given counsel. Yet you sought us out. Why? Because of stories?"

Grey eyes gleam harshly as she reads the book over Fenris' shoulder. "I haven't seen anything like that in a very long time. And I certainly haven't seen anything exactly like that before." Fenris gets a raised eyebrow "Code cracking? Surely he'll need a computer?" She's certainly not got the contacts for that. A meaningful look though is directed to Pepper.

Charlies 'bounce' has the goddess shaking her head, the hard look softening just a little "It does sound like a quest, but whether it's awesome…" Astryd doesn't think so. But then, Rindr and Vali have taken a personal interest in her.

"Who gave me this task said they knew nothing of your intentions, it was up to me to find out or not. And like I said, I figure better to know than to not know where you stand on it. I knew it was risk but…I had little else to go on. I'm no linguist in ancient languages." The book is indeed handed over easily for Fenris to read over.

"Nothing. I was told nothing else. The fact that I'm human is what brought them to me. That I have no affliation with Asgardian politics. I haven't been to Asgard in over a year, so I suppose that made me a prime candidate for this. I could be trusted. I admit, I didn't think when I got the mace that I would be involved in something like that. And yeah, I sorta pieced that together when the Midgard serpent was mentioned."

"Thank you Charlie." Fenris looks through his book and lays it open. "There's an ancient tradition of sacred, or infernal, geometry. The author H.P. Lovecraft wrote of shapes that made no sense to mortal eyes because they existed in dimensions that couldn't be seen - and shouldn't be seen - by regular eyes. These flourishes are describing something that can't be read in three dimensions. So it's in Sanskrit… it's just incomplete because half the words are touching on dimensions that you can't see. The last people to try this were, amsuingly, 'Masons'. This looks like one of their cyphers. You'll need a key to unlock it but…" He taps the diagram which - frankly - looks a bit incomprehensible and straightens up.

"I could try a spell to make it more comprehensible but if it's in any kind of cypher that won't help us read it. Fortunately mortals are a resourceful lot, concieving of dimensions unknown to magic in ages past. I think the resources to decode this are right here…" He glances from Kevin to Pepper.

"As for what else you may need to be told, Kevin Masterson, only this: That I don't think they're trying to start Ragnarok. I think they're trying to break the cycle of Fate. Ragnarok is not a singular event. It's an endless cycle. I know, I was part of it. Breaking wheels like this is… very very dangerous. We're not risking the destruction of the planet."

He glances around. "We're risking oblivion."

Charlie licks her fingers clean "That sounds like a less than awesome outcome .. but it might still be an awesome quest." this is pointed out to Astryd. "I have been told that my perspectives can be skewed and my definition of awesome is not always everyone elses…" she bounces up to her feet. "I also keep my important stuff here so oblivion certainly can't come this year." she cocks her head a bit "Guh.. maaan .. this is such a Tuesday.. be back in a jiff… something something hellmouth.. something something… Star city.. I'll bring Starbucks when I come back…."

There is another slash of pink and purple smoke >pinkUrple> and Charlie is gone.

Pepper Potts waves a hand to try and make the smoke dissipate after Charlie poofs away again. "Is she always like that? But, if you're trying to be subtle about my asking for computing cycles to try and translate the text, I should be able to do that." She doesn't outright mention JARVIS, not in front of Kevin. Not yet.

"A wise move." Astryd murmurs as she watches Kevin, nodding slowly in agreement with Fenris' words "We had heard they were trying to change Fate." Yes, with a capital F "and we can't allow that."

The Valkyrie turns her gaze to Misfit as the woman vanishes. "I believe she is, Lady Pepper." she answers with a slight shake of her head. "I would never presume. But I do believe you have the resources."

"Oh." Some color just drained out of Kevin's face. "So, it just got so much worse, didn't it?" He blows out a breathe. "Well, that's great." He paces a moment. "I, uh, I need some air. I'll be back in a little bit. But, thank you, Fenris. Astryd. I just need to…absorb all of this."

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