Pick to Win

April 11, 2016:

(Backdated Scene) Those who rode back on the E.V.A. have a conversation post-Ibiza, accusations are thrown and Cessily meets Rogue, sort of.

Westchester County


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Fade In…

With Charles escorted to the X-Grounds medical facilities and the X-Men that did ride upon the E.V.A. filtering off Remy yawns and stretches. His backpack was opened at some point to put on a hoodie, the weather on the East Coast is a nudge less friendly than Ibiza's.
"It appear we're gonna have talk wit' some of my family but for starters… " Remy LeBeau glances at Fantomex, "All too convenient and went down on the side of ugly for us. We saved Charles but dis still coulda went a lot better." It didn't take a telepath or empath to catch that psychic foreboding that loomed over this mission from the go. Questions need to be answered. On arrival to Westchester Gambit made it clear Fantomex is to steer clear of the school's territory as well. A definite no fly zone for the Frenchman.

The E.V.A. is departed as quickly as possible and Remy LeBeau stands in a farmland in Westchester awaiting those of his team that traveled this way and no commercial again or by means of Mike.

Fantomex was unusually quiet in the trip back. Not that the X-men would know when he is 'quiet' or not. And the trip was less than an hour, apparently E.V.A. being even faster than the Blackbird, although it was crowded when carrying so many.

In truth he was busy running face recognition protocols on the dead of the group that fought the Magistrates, and then tried to track down the mercenary contract yet again. (So far no luck). "Oui. I have to wonder if the British were also on it. The talks ended too soon. But that would mean they knew also when exactly you would be arriving." But they would if some member of the Thieves Guild was intercepting the messages Remy sent him.

Rogue was skeptical about flying in anything that could possibly leave crop circles, but she did because well… Shoving TSA aside and flying off the tarmac on your onesie was not about to get you a good face on the airspace list. So avoiding airspace, traffic control, and anything not private was on her to do list for a while, or well… Until Rogue stopped caring.

The ride in EVA has her leaned back, it would have seemed in a manner of casual if it was not for the upward draw of hood, and the constantly flexed fists of gloved hands. Not once did they uncurl the bite of fingertips from palms until she got off the ship and exited onto the farmland. A deep breath and her head tilts back, revealing her face to the open sky so hood could also fall back and away.

When the words exchange between the two of them, sharp green eyes snap back over her shoulder and a brow perks. "Ya'll mean to tell me that fingers are gonna point right now?!" brows furrow in thought, yes she was upset, but because one of the few that have ever shown her a kindness was in harms way. "It could have gone worse."

"Finger pointing? Why we do that? Pretty obvious who likely behind this." Gambit glances from Rogue to Fantomex, "Either dis man here or be some of my people. All thieves after all. Maybe both." A wave of a hand in the air and a card appears and proceeds to flip flop over every finger.
"It coulda went much better. We did what we were 'sposed to but what the fall out gonna be now? X-Men been down this road. We used to being the badguys but we always try our best not to give that ammo."

"But of course," admits Fantomex, leaning against a tree. "It might also be the Genoshans have metahumans working for them. That giant bruiser was blanketing the area with psychic static, or something similar. And I have been unable to infiltrate the island, somehow they knew when and where I am landing. They might have very effective mutant-detection equipment."

Cessily Kincaid is out doing her hand to hand combat training, as she is gradually nudged to try to use her powers for something useful. When doing this she's been going a good distance away from the school sometimes, since she's embarrassed by it a bit. In her combat suit, she's banging on a tree when she notices a group out in the field, and wanders over to see what's going on, and who's there, shaping her arms back to normal as she does so, from a hammer and lance that she had been experimenting with.

Rogue is new to being an X-Man in a way, but she is coming to know the mantra and abide by it, but she has a history that she still has a hard time shaking in part. Equality all around for humans and mutants or metas alike, yes. Easy peasy. But to hold back when one or the other is in harms way, shaky grounds. Her thoughts are not spoken aloud, the white scarf around her neck lifting lightly in the wind to mask her lips for a moment, a reminder…

Covered fingers reach up and grip the white material, tugging it down while chin lifts in a proud fashion while turning to face them both, her eyes going from Remy and that card to Fantomex. Though her posture belies her words, they came softly upon southern drawl. "Then we keep on doin' what we do, boys. We walk softly and put silencers on the big guns. Ah'm not going to just put on kid gloves though when they are massacrein' people and comin' for our own."

Cessily's approach is regarded but nothing in her words ceases or lowers, the girl is cleared and saw the videos. No kid gloves.

"This a game moren' jus' killin an' fightin', ma cherie." Remy LeBeau says to Rogue, a frown still etched across his brow. He still doesn't trust Fantomex. Not one bit. Maybe he just knows his own kind too well. "Dis whole lot of garbage politics. Somethin' I really dun wanna be involved in."

Cessily's approach has him glancing over at the young X-Men. "You eaves droppin? p'tite." The card dancing between the Cajun's fingers vanishes.
"She an X-Men. No need to be quiet around her, anything we can say in front of dis one, "An upnod towards Fantomex, " We can say in front of her."

Gambit's distrust is easy to read for the thief-in-white and in truth he is annoyed at himself for not spotting the trap in time. "Tres bien," he notes, "ah, but we don't pick the game this time." He nods to Cessily, "I remember the young lady, although not her name," which was never mentioned.

Cessily Kincaid smiles sheepishly as Remy addresses her. She gives a shy wave to each person, and comes over. "Sorry I was just trying to see what was going on, couldn't see who was here. With all the talk of trouble I was you know, curious." she over-explains, folding her hands in front of herself and taking a very tight posture. "I'm Cessily, or Mercury, depending on whether it's X-men business," she nods to Fantomex, then going quiet to let them talk business.

The frown from Remy and the obvious switch in concern and levels has Rogue silent for a moment. Politics is not her area typically, let alone putting on a good face, not yet, but she's trying. "Then tell me what cards to play, sugah." A flick of gaze to his hand as the card disappears on Cessily's approach. "That's your area, and you are in this as much as the rest of us, like or not, and Ah'm not about to let ya leave me with a bag again. Don't make me show you my roping skills." Here's to history and Darkhold!

No the expression on Rogue's face turns to her own frown, stepping back to lean against a weathered fence post, crossing arms over her chest. A look to Fantomex then and brows rise. "Do we have to pick to win?" No accusations just sheer will to find the next best route without lynchings of eachother or pitchforks and torches upon their doorstep.

Now that Rogue has a name to go with the face she nods a greeting again, to Cessily. "Ah'm Rogue." Though that intro is also awarded to Fantomex, though no hands or formal greetings offered aside.

"Parts o' dat I won't complain about, like de kiss but the rest of that… " The grin from Remy is half-hearted, as much as he would like to say he remembers that brief moment of contact it was nightmarish as possession tends to be and not the best of memories. Elder Gods, curses, demonic unhealthy things… no thanks.
"Pick to win? Games are my forte and I always win. Starters I'm cuttin' out de middle man." Remy jerks a thumb towards Fantomex. "That is step one for me. Home calls me again and this time it gonna be rough." When is it not? He always heads south and comes back with some issue. "Ask some questions, flush out some form of de truth. I got no clue what Cyclops or Phoenix got planned… "

"Mercury and Rogue," Fantomex bows gentlemanly to both women, "enchante." Then he glances at Gambit. "I shall avoid the Guild for the time being. Now I know where you are, I can just phone, oui? Assuming we are working together again, which remains to be seen. Your professor is safe, and my interest in Genosha is mostly about those Sentinels. I am curious, as all good Frenchmen. I have to admit the treatment of the mutant… slaves, also warrants a response. But I am a thief, so robbing them of their valuable and their pride would be the furthest I would usually go."

Cessily Kincaid smiles when Fantomex bows, and gives an awkward little bow back. Fotunately she's adapting to the accents flying around, so she understands what they're saying this time, a lot better than before.
Remy gets a narrowed set of her eyes at his comment about enjoying that in part. "Ah'm not a fan of being force fed your demons." Though it is past and despite the fold of arms across her chest in a nearly boxer-ready stance there is an amused tick of a smile on one corner of lips.

Remy's regard towards Fantomex though has the amusement fading, amongst other things when she is seemingly invisible to the Cessily. She looks down to her boots and up, then blinks at the two men and pinches her own arm. "Ah don't think I touched someone with invisibility…" Though little does Rogue know EVA is sentient, she remained covered on the ride. Lucky EVA.

Rolling shoulders she shrugs it off. "We need the help, all of it." Looking between the Cajun and the Frenchman the sudden placidity in her gaze shows she is not really going to debate much more.

"My demons? Those were yours!" Remy counters, "You 'bout as invisible as the Hulk in a tutu."

"Can you say good and Frenchman in same sentence under dat mask with a straight face?" Remy's grin has returned, "Yeah, we still got use of eachother. Whether full trust there or no." He doesn't want to applaud the commentary about robbing Genosha as that sounds like more fun than Gambit has had in a long time. He really just refuses to fan any of Fantomex's ego. "Lucky for you Mercury, you didn't end up in Ibiza wit' the rest of us. Likely you be suffering the bad aftertaste too. We got Charles back safely at least, I suppose that de most important thing."

"Monsieur, everything French is good… non, fantastique," and Fantomex is probably not being serious about it. Some voice in his head (hint, it is also a flying saucer) reminds him this is pretty serious business, so he clears his throat and begins pacing. "First order of business would be finding the leak, or at least confirming there was one. Then we need more intel, which it is… unfortunate. I am usually the one gathering it. This time someone else might have to, we know too little about them."

"Ah'll do what it takes for Charles and this team," Let's not mention Magnus and the Brotherhood, it is likely best this way as mouth opens, then closes down into a thin line, sliding gaze from Cessily to Gambit and Fantomex with a hitch in brow that is likely more an eye tic.

"Just let me know where Ah'm to go." A pause upon Fantomex and Rogue nods. "Find me if the Cajun decides to be stubborn." And on that note Rogue turns to walk across the overgrown field and then takes to the sky, blasting out the mixture of sod and stalks in departure.

"You gon' do me like that, ma cherie?" Remy LeBeau plays the hurtful tone as Rogue drops the stubborn Cajun line, Cessily's giggle at least adds to some of the light atmosphere intention despite the seriousness of it all. "We go south. That step one, deal with the Guilds. I do need some back up though. That fo sho."

"Meanwhile I am going to look for information on the other group that attacked Ibiza," mentions Fantomex. "They killed the Spaniard policemen, making sure the Magistrates were blameless, and then they were slaughtered. If any of them survived, they might be willing to talk, and I bet the money trail leads to Genosha."

At those words E.V.A. 'fades in' into view, coming down on the field slowly. "Bonne chance, mon ami," he says to Gambit, climbing on the ship. "And to you, mademoiselle," that to Cessily.

Cessily Kincaid looks around, and walks up a little bit more to Gambit. "Is it always this crazy?" she smiles, looking down at her feet after she asks.

"Always, welcome to the X-Men, p'tite." Remy winks at Mercury as the other two depart. "C'mon, I'm hungry les' go see what the Mansion fridge has to offer."

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