It's The Little Moments

April 11, 2016:

The little bits of time between between all the danger and risk and hardship, they might be rare but that just makes them all the better.

Queen Mansion - Gotham


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Fade In…

The opening had gone very well and Jes would be somewhat proud of how well she'd behaved, she hadn't lost her temper, hadn't frightened anyone and had kept her true nature underwraps. It was Oliver's night and she wanted everything to go well. So badly that she'd made a bit of a mistake that had led to her looking like a total clueless little idiot in front of her God.

Jes hates being embarrassed and looking stupid and to do both in front of Fenris, it had been a little too much. She'd snuck back into Red Maple and stolen the Godsmead the Asgardian had left. Well, not so much stolen as fished out of the trash bin beneath the bar that the bartender had tossed it in.

Who drinks out of an animal skin?! Apparently Jes. When Oliver arrives at the Mansion he'd see a trail of Jes's clothes.. not many, just a tube top and shorts, pair of sandals, a gun, two daggers and a belt. All leading to the nearest bathroom. She's curled up in a pile of his dirty clothes on the floor, not quite asleep but near it.

It was around 4 AM or so when Ollie finally got out of the restaurant and made his way back to the mansion. He wasn't just tired, he was exhausted but still on cloud nine from the successful opening and announcement. Things went well, no one died, it was a blast. But it was tiring. When he was younger he was social. There's a reason he's more reclusive now, that's not who he is anymore. THose years on the island alone changed him to appreciate being alone.

Walking into the house he shuts the door and after a few steps actually finds his foot caught in something. The tube top is picked up off his foot and he looks at it curiously before following the trail to the bathroom where he finds Jes curled up in his… dirty clothes? "Jes?" He asks, confused about just so much. What she is doing there, both in the mansion but also in the pile of his clothes.

Her head snaps up and Jes blinks at Oliver in surprise. She should have heard him come in but had kinda, dozed off a little. "Uhm." She had sooo meant to be dressed and downstairs before he actually got back. She eyes the skin of mead. "Damn. That's some good booze. I uh.. lost track of time."
Seeing his puzzled expression Jes looks down at herself and then flushes. It's not her lack of clothing, the woman has no modesty in that area, but she's laying in a pile of his. "There isn't any explanation for this where I don't seem some kind of skeevy perv is there?" Jes peeks up at him from between long locks of black hair.

Oliver bites his lower lip for just a moment then shakes his head, "None that I can really see. I mean, laying naked in someone else's clothes on the bathroom floor really is a tough one ot explain off." Despite it however, he seems relatively amused. "Had some after party activities?"

Jes ducks her head in a sheepish manner. "Sortof. You, you just smell awesome, okay and you know how scent is important to me and I had a..a… episode after I left. I wanted to just kill someone. Just squeeze the thil their head popped off." She grunts and mimes it as she talks. "I needed to calm down so I grabbed that mead and well,.." She shrugs slightly. "I meant to be all relaxed and normal before you got here." Jes sighs. "I uh think I kinda fell asleep." At least he doesn't seem mad or, freaked out.

The bit about him smelling awesome has a soft chuckle coming from Oliver before he shakes his head and motions with his hand. "Jes, I don't think you could be any more relaxed than you are right now." Reaching up, he starts to undo the tie that is around his neck. "And believe me, I know what you mean about wanting to be relaxed and normal. Too much socializing, ugh."

Jes smiles and looks up, watching him remove his tie with a slightly mesmerized expression.
"Yeah, I think you're right." She'd got to find out how to get more of this Godsmead. …And maybe steal a few of these clothes when he isn't looking. "It wasn't that. I was fine with all the people. Okay, most of the people." She amends. "I wanted to kick that Spider guy in the nuts. Or drop into the ocean somewhere. I thought the opening went really well though. It was stuff that happened later. Stupid, dumbass stuff." She scowls but it fades after a second because it just doesn't seem as bad as it did earlier. Damn, she is relaxed. Nothing seems all that bad right now. Infact, things are looking up… Jes grins as she watches Oliver.

Since it is his bathroom, Oliver heads over to the sink and runs some water in it, reaching down to cup a few handfuls and splash it over his face to wash it off from the evening. "People will be … well I gotta have a thick skin for folks if this is going to work, so it's not a big deal." He isn't watching Jes now, as he reaches to find a toothbrush and sets to work with that as well. Even while doing it, he is unfastening the buttons of the shirt to get out of it, apparently thinking nothing of it. She's seen his scarred up body more than enough. "So you had dumbass stuff, got a little drunk, and came to my laundry pile. Sounds like a nice evening."

"It is now." Her voice sounds appreciative. "Earlier not so much. Ever have one of those times where you look like a total dipshit puppy in front of someone important? But it doesn't seem so bad right now. Probably feel different tomorrow, right now I don't care. I'm not tied up anymore and you're here and we have the best alcohol ever." She eyes the skin. She'd had like four sips of it. So weird, stuff doesn't hit her like this anymore. But then, it was made for gods apparently.

"I figure most days I look like a dipshit." Oliver admits with a soft chuckle as he finishes his brushing and shakes his head, "And it's 4 AM, that's a bit too late to start drinking." something he doesn't even do anymore. "I never asked but, if you lie around on the floor naked, are you going to get sick? Want me to get you a robe or something?"

Jes shakes her head. "I don't get sick anymore, unless something is wrong. Last time I got sick it was because I'd been poisoned by something meant to kill a dragon and didn't know it, and I'd just spent three days outside in the freezing rain and ice tracking someone." Normally it'd occur to her that she should take the robe, despite her personal preference for it, most people don't sit around undressed.
This isn't back on the farm and he might prefer she had something on. Only, they've seen each other this way before too, so Jes doesn't think of it. Instead she scoots a bit closer and rests her cheek against Oliver's knee. "I don't think that's true. You're one of the best people I know. I told Fenris so." It's four am? Jes blinks. "I have to drink sometimes, for one I love it. Two it's either drinking, fighting or some kind of herbs or I go nuts. I have to have some sort of release. Hey, do you need any meat? I've been doing a lot of hunting.."

"Meat?" Oliver asks sounding confused again as he looks down at Jes now resting against his knee. "There's probably stuff in the kitchen. I haven't really thought about it much; haven't thought about much of anything other than getting shot or the Maple the past couple of weeks." He reaches down, gently running his hand through her hair out of habit. "Still, we need to get you up off that floor because I'm not planning on hanging out in the bathroom." HIs hand turns, offering her a hand to get up.

"Mmm." Jes takes his hand and rises to her feet. She isn't really drunk, not even all that tipsy. Just relaxed enough that none of the stuff she's been worried about while near him is troubling her at the moment. She isn't thinking about that at all. "Where are you going to hang out?" She asks as she uses the grip on his hand to wrap his arm around her and tucks herself against his side. "Damn. Shoulda lied and said I was cold. You sure are nice and warm."

Ollie is a live, breathing male, and despite his monk like habits of late having a naked female curling against him… well he becomes distracted for a moment before regaining focus. "I am going to go lie down. Try to get off my feet at least for a little bit before I have to head back out in a few hours to start meeting people." Even as he says it, he leads them out of the bathroom towards the master bedroom where he can go lay. "What about you? Big plans today?"

"No. Not that I know of anyway but things usually happen." Jes follows, keeping nestled close. "I've got to think of some wicked bad thing to do my houseguest to pay him back for earlier but other than that.. and sometime soon I'm meeting Zee to learn about scrying while we try to spy out who is trying to end the world."

"I um.. I know what you said before and I respect that but if a fucking tsunami starts, I'm grabbing you and taking you out of it's path." Jes turns her head and places a gentle kiss on his pulsepoint. "You aren't dying to a some assholes freak act of.. whatever the hell you'd call it. Ecoterrorism? I don't know. It's only a side effect of the real problem anyway." She's rambling and seems to realize it, going quiet as they approach the bed.

Oliver's shoes get kicked off and unwinding himself from Jes's side, but not before a soft raising of
goose bumps on his arms when she kisses his pulse, he crawls into the bed and just flops down on his stomach, face into a pillow. The man must actually be tired. "Zee. She's an interesting woman." There's an odd tone to his voice at that, one that is admiring. "You can grab me from a tsunami; after everyone else is safe."
"There won't be time. If it happens, it could take out the entire northwestern seaboard. We're trying Ollie. I promise." Jes crawls across the bed and snuggles up to his side. She can scent his tiredness and just wants to hold him and maybe talk a bit until he falls asleep, though a part of her mind is considering other, wicked and much more fun course of action.. it's been a long time since she engaged in those activities and he's incredibly tempting. But Oliver is also exhausted and she is too.
"It was.. it was like I was on fire. My body, my mind, my very soul. I was burning up, being overwhelmed by so much magical force and power, more than anything I've ever felt or imagined. It was everywhere, everything and I wanted to flee but I couldn't move and at the same time I wanted more and more, even though it was a kind of pain unlike anything ever done to me. It just kept coming, Ollie." Jes shivers and wraps her arm around his back. "Someone is flooding the leylines, overwhelming them and the effects on the physical world are going to be devastating. It's how they are going to wake the Serpent." She sighs and presses her nose against the side of his neck. "No, it's how they are going to try to do it. We're gonna find them. We have to."

It finally seeps into mind what he said about Zee. "Zee? Yeah. She's amazing. I wonder what happened with her and.. well, not my business I guess. She's changed. I hope.. I hope things work out for her."

Face is still burrowed into the pillow initially, but he turns it to the side slightly in order to speak. "You know I avoid magic, there's reasons for it. Reasons I don't talk about much but that stem from when I was on the Island. Someday, someday I'll tell you about it." Oliver falls silent then, his skin warming from the touch of Jes's arms over his back. "There is nothing I can do to help with this I suspect, but I can try to prepare people to lessen the damage, to reduce the risk to people getting caught in the chaos."

He is quiet then for a few moments before speaking, "I do not get taken in by many people. But that woman… she is intoxicating." Then Oliver falls quiet, "Probably best for me to avoid her."

Jes blinks a bit and reaches out to gently touch Oliver's cheek. She brushes his hair back and then rests her palm on the side of his face. "Anytime, I'd like to hear what it was like for you then. And if you mean Zee.." Jes bites her bottom lip in thought. Her views on relationships and intimacy aren't the same as most women. She has no objections really to helping him go for someone if that's what he wants. That kind of jealousy isn't something she's ever displayed with Oliver. If he were still her Mate, it might be different.

"I don't think that her life is going to be easy. If she succeeds in the quest she's on now, she'll probably never have a family and I doubt she'll marry or have a steady relationship. There won't be time, and there are.. other reasons. She's given up so very much on this path already. Something that she can't ever get back. I'm afraid there isn't going to be any happy ending there. I just hope it won't be a horrible one."

"I know you don't like the mystical or magic. I kinda figured that was why.." Why he'd gone. She can't help what she is and she understands it's too much to deal with for most people. "That's okay. I understand. And you shouldn't avoid Zee, she can handle herself and she needs friends. Good ones, like you."

Ollie chuckles softly, looking at Jes when she touches his cheek. "Jes, everything about me is complicated. Every facet of my life. One more complication could be too much, couldn't it?" He asks the question and his eyes close momentarily before opening again, looking very bright green as the sun finally breaks outside to creep in through the window. "Every complication I remove another creeps in. It's why I don't involve myself with anyone deeply."

"Well, there's complication and then there's… Have you ever heard of the Sorcerer Supreme? Zee is one of the people chosen to possibly be the next. If she wins, she'll be looking after the entire universe. I'm not sure how any of that works, really but that's what she's doing. Jes studies his eyes intently.
"Frederick made me promise to do that, after the last time. Not get serious about someone. When it went south I uhm.. well, stuff happened. I think I've decided I'm okay with that. I know what I want and I can have that without a mate. But I still want.. all the other stuff you know? Someone to cuddle with or sleep with sometimes. Sex. Oh god I miss sex." It's one of her favorite things. "I can't believe how long it's been since… whoa. too much information Jes." She mutters to herself and tucks her face against Oliver's shoulder.

"That isn't what I meant to say. I meant to say you deserve someone. Someone you can and do care deeply for and who does the same about you. Someone who can stand at your side, and you don't have to worry about them. You should have that, you're wonderful."
"Sorcerer Supreme?" Ollie comments back, he sounds confused but puts it aside. "And here I thought looking after a city was a tough gig. No wonder she…" He trails off then, ponders his words then finishes, "No wonder she rattles my soul."

"Jes, I've given up on all that. I have friends for my side, and friends who care deeply for me. Romance, intimacy, those complications are just going to get in the way of what I need to do. Hell, I've even managed to give up physical intimacy; too afraid it'll end up becoming emotional I think."

"I can't give that up. Not for much longer. I just.. need that. I've just gotta learn how to, I dunno, separate things better. But if you find the right person they won't complicate things or get in the way of what you need to do. They'll stand at your side and help you." She isn't talking about herself. She doesn't think she's nearly good enough for him. But she'll always be there to help, to do whatever she can for him. That's just a fact. She takes care of the ones she cares about and her feelings for Oliver are stronger and run deeper than the other people she's let into her life.

It's those feelings, the emotions that keep Ollie from doing the things that any sane male would do when presented with a nude, beautiful woman curling up against him. "We're alive, of course we need that. But I can't separate well enough so I have to choose. What I want, versus what I need. And I need to be focused, to be unconnected." There is pain in his green eyes when he says it. "I don't want to get involved, because I will hurt people. But I hurt people by keeping them away. I'm truly cursed. Maybe that's what I need, someone who is equally cursed."

"I know what you mean. I'm cursed too. Because of what happened to me when I was younger, I can't just sleep with people randomly like my Father. I have to trust someone enough to be with them and if I trust them then I start to care and then I start to.. and then it never works out because my life is so random and complicated and I'm not human and…" Jes tilts her head back and looks into Oliver's eyes with an intent, considering expression. Her doubts are still creeping around the back of her mind but.. being here, talking like this, something they really should have tried when they were together.. oh it's so tempting, and it would be so easy..

"And emotions take over judgment." Oliver says quietly, almost finishing his own thoughts on the matter. "It's the way we are made, that physical intimacy leads to emotional intimacy. Then those start to creep. Jealousy, suspicion… and the road just gets worse and worse from there."

"I don't get jealous usually. So I'm not suspicious in that way. But I'm wired differently. I can and have loved several people at the same time. It's how I was raised too. My brothers were identical twins. They married the same woman. The three of them were together and it worked for them. I'm not saying I can't stick with just one person, I can, I have done it. But I don't see anything wrong with going another way either. But..most people don't see it that way. It's been an issue. That or my Father comes along and fucks everything up just by existing." Jes sighs. "I've kinda given up on finding someone who is okay with who and what I am and can also give me what I need or let me get it another way.""

"I spent years upon years of my life being disloyal, pursuing whatever I wanted when I wanted it. I like to believe I'm more disciplined now. That I can control myself, my urges." Oliver is doing it right now in fact, controlling his urges. He rolls to his side then his back, feeling the warmth of the sun falling on him through the window. "But every once in awhile… just that urge to let all inhibitions fade."

"I can be loyal, and I'd be willing but the thing is, there are certain thing I need and am going to do. Like kids. I'm going to have a lot of them. That's what caused the end of my last relationship. I was loyal, I did everything I could to make it work and I thought that it would but then, he was kinda like me. Only not a direct descendant of a native american God. Just, a descendant. That God said that he would not allow me to bear his children or blood of his line because of who I am. Coyote's Daughter. I can't not have more kids and it would have killed him watching me have someone else's. Plus he was, just, so damn innocent and sweet and I'm a freaking monster and now it. I realized I'd just been kidding myself, clinging so desperately to what I thought should be, what was supposed to be normal and right. So I let him go. He'll find someone who can be a good wife and give him a family and isn't likely to end up getting killed somewhere. But I've been kinda punishing myself for it since then, because I never should have gotten so involved. I hurt someone, badly. I don't want to do that again."
She's watching him, watching the sun play over his body, the muscles in neck move when he swallows. Listening to his heart beat. And she's so tempted to try something but this.. it's a really nice moment, just lying with Oliver and talking. Touching. She doesn't want to let go of it just yet.

"Children… that is one complication I don't want. I'd just be leaving orphans behind since with the way my life is going." He pauses then and whispers, "Sorry. It's the truth for me though. Even if I make it through to the election, and even if I win, how long until someone finally does get lucky? Or I get sloppy? It'll happen sometime. No, children for someone like me is a terrible path." Oliver sighs at that some, his eyes sliding half closed then open again. He is quite relaxed, looking to be in between two places, this and perhaps a dream land where life isn't complicated.

"That was something I wanted to ask you about, actually. Those lawyers.. they're good right? Uh..the blind guy and Foggy. I need some legal documents. So that if I die before I gain immortality then Frederick has legal custody of the kids. And if he dies they go to this Elder I know who will look after them. I know it seems selfish, knowing how risky my life is all the time but being a mother is part of who I am too. I love my kids, they're the one truly bright, pure and good thing I have and they help me stay whole and sane. There are other reasons I want more but, it's complicated. And truthfully, even if I die I'll probably still be able to look after them. Unless I lose myself and Fenris destroys me.. if I die before becoming immortal, he'll bring me back as a shade to serve him that way. Or my Father will find a way because he wants me around." Jes shrugs. She doesn't worry about dying herself. Not much. "You.. I don't plan on letting you die Ollie. Not til you good and old and ready to go. I don't care what I have to do to keep you that way. I need you around.. and I want you around."

"They're good. They are very good people, people like us." Yes, Ollie did just call her a good person. "They look for the best in people. I chose them for this for a reason." He smiles then, eyes lidding a bit. "Of course you want me around. You need a pile of clothes to lay in every once in awhile afterall."

She snickers a little at that but gives him a tender look for calling her good. "Yes, but I need this too. And that, you seeing the good in me and reminding me it's there." Jes leans her head back and brushes her lips over his. Just lightly, a quick soft touch of warmth against his before she lies her head back on his shoulder. "We're good for each other, I think. You remind me it's good to be human too and to hang on to that part of myself. You give me hope I can be more than what I was twisted to be. And I take care of you and keep you safe and remind you that there's more than just saving people. I'll do whatever I can to make sure you get to be happy too." Even if it means going against what she wants.

The brush has Ollie's eyes opening a bit, his heart beating faster for a few moments under her ear before it settles. "Jes… I appreciate that, so much. I think, I think I've kind of given up on being happy for myself." He reaches down, his hand gently brushing through her hair now. "The most I'm aiming for is to not be miserable."
Jes smiles, a a sense of satisfaction at Oliver's reaction filling her. Her voice is both determined and a bit.. amused when she continues. "You'll be happy. I might be trying harder to not just take and do whatever the hell I want but I'm still me and one of the things I want is you happy. So I'll figure it out." She will. There is some way where he can do what he needs to do and still have some sort of life. Still have joy, and closeness and, a reason to make it all worth it. He deserves that.

Ollie, well he smiles. He glances down at Jes lying on his chest and smiles before his eyes half lid again. "I don't remember the last time I fell asleep at daybreak with someone lying next to me. It's been… well a very long time." Then he chuckles softly at some thought inside his head.
"Too long.." Jes murmurs and drapes her arm across Ollie. She nuzzles his chest and throat and settles again, her eyes shut this time as a wave of sleepiness hits her. She's warm and safe and so is he and for the moment she's not got anywhere else to be, or anywhere else that she would rather be than right here with him. Life might be risky and dangerous and uncertain, full of complications and hardships for the both of them, but that just makes the little moments like this all the better.

His voice is sleepy, Ollie is dozing away. But before he does, he makes one last chuckled comment. "It's funny. I actually planned to just… come home after the opening if all went well, bring someone with me, and just go primal on them." Then he dozes away.

"Mmmmm.." She's already joining him in slumber though she caught his words and will later remember them, and probably end up swimming in the arctic again and guzzling some more of that mead to cool her frustration at a missed opportunity even as she reminds herself why she's been resisting that very thing. Although.. perhaps she won't consider such a risk after tonight.. only time will tell.

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