Extradition 101

April 10, 2016:

Wanda learns about extradition hearings

New York Department of Justice


NPCs: Florence Back, William Hore



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Fade In…

Wanda sits quietly in the small room staring at the teasing door that leads to the outside world. She is still clad in the orange jumpsuit they gave her. Her fingers and thumbs each individually cuffed to disallow movement and linked to the handcuffs around her wrist. Ankle cuffs make sure she isn’t even able to stand. Seated next to her is her X-Red supplied lawyer…not that he seems happy with the assignment. He nervously looks around the white walled room with its blinking fluorescent light making him wince and soon develop a migraine. “You think they would fix that” he mutters and Wanda looks up for a moment before offering a shrug in reply.

The door opens and Florence Back strides in and takes a seat at the metal table. Behind her are three aides, two of them wheeling in a cart stacked with boxes, the third an obvious bodyguard. “How are you today, Ms Maximoff?” Florence asks as she opens up a folder and slips on some reading glasses. She is dressed in an austere, finely tailored black business suit that is meant to dominate as much as impress.

“I want to go home” Wanda frowns in reply.

“Good” Florence smiles. “It sounds like there won’t be much issue in returning you to Transia if you want to go.”

“Transia is not my home. This is my home” Wanda replies.

“Prison? Oh dear, we don’t want you to think that” Florence replies with a sweet smile.

“You know that my client is referring to the United States” Wanda’s lawyer, William Hore, replies with a sigh. “I don’t think deliberately misinterpreting my client’s words is going to help the situation.”

“I totally agree with you, Mister…Hore is it?” Florence asks with a quirk of an eyebrow. “Unfortunately what she wants has no bearing on the hearing that will occur in a few days. Ms Maximoff, I am here today to explain what will be happening.” She clears her throat for the spiel. “The Transian government has requested your extradition so that you can face charges of terrorism, murder and destruction of property. There are other charges but those are the big ones. The hearing will determine if there is enough evidence to allow their request. Now, I wish to make this very clear. /You/ are not on trial. What is being examined is evidence of your participation in such acts. This hearing does not care why you may have done something and it is not even judging if you /did/ it. It is merely looking at the evidence supplied to support the extradition.” Florence indicates the trolley with the boxes. “And as you can see, the Transian government has been very forthcoming with evidence; video, depositions, a long history of alleged criminal activities. The judge at the hearing will decide whether this is enough for you to be sent back to Transia to face charges. You will not be allowed to offer any defence for the acts described though you may, through your lawyer, dispute the authenticity of the evidence. If you are extradited, the Transian judicial system will then determine if you were actually guilty.”

“There is no Transian justice” sighs Wanda. “Not for Romanii. Not for me.”
“/That/ I cannot help you with” states Florence before making a quick note in her folder.

“It was my understanding that the United States does not have an extradition treaty with Transia” pipes up William. “If such a treaty is not in place then this is all meaningless and you are holding my client for no reason.”

“The United States has had an extradition treaty with Transia for the last month. You should keep up with the news. It was signed soon after Vibranium was discovered on that mountain of theirs and they wondered if we would like some” Florence explains before looking at Wanda. “Seems you’re worth a lot to them. I can’t say I agree with such obvious timing or reasons but that is not my department.” She closes the folder on her desk. “If there is nothing else?”

“If my client is determined to be eligible for extradition then you can rely on a writ of Habeas Corpus immediately. And my client has done so much for this country and its people that she should be allowed to return to X-Red headquarters and not have to suffer the ignominy of detention that is far beyond that of any other inmate. Fingercuffs? Really?” states William with righteous indignation.

“What you do in court is your business, Mister Hore. But if she does turn out to be a terrorist, and that video is very compelling, just remember what you’re protecting” Florence replies flatly. “We have enough issues with anti-mutant feeling already that we have to approach this case, and Ms Maximoff’s detention, with a firm hand. Excuse the pun. We are aware that she requires her hands to use her powers so that is why they have been rendered useless for times when she is not in her cell. Excuse the crudity of the comparison but if you were in jail with a deadly venomous snake would you be happy for it to be able to use its fangs? And as for what she has done for this country. There are rumors that the oil tanker that exploded in the East River some months ago was due to Ms Maximoff. Just rumors of course but it does illustrate a legal dilemma that this country is dealing with. All these superheroes and supervillains roaming around destroying property and people at a whim and there is very little we can do about it. I am no fan of the Purifiers or other hate groups but I am a fan of the Rule of Law. Are you suggesting that these people are above that? Or they should have their own set of rules without consideration of mortal mankind? If we are all to live in peace and harmony then the Rule of Law needs to be obeyed by all sides. And if a person who can hurl skyscrapers chooses not to obey it…shouldn’t the Law be able to do something about it rather than cower in fear?” A soft smile appears. “But enough philosophy. The hearing is this weekend. You will receive copies of all the evidence, Mr Hore. Sorry for the brief time but we only received it ourselves yesterday. The court location is secret in case some of Ms Maximoff’s friends, or enemies, wish to interfere with justice. Good day to you both.”
The group, and evidence, leave the room and Wanda stares at the closed door again.

“Don’t worry about a thing, Ms Maximoff, no doubt the evidence is as fake as Batman’s voice. We’ll get it all thrown out and you’ll be allowed free. Perhaps you could even apply for political asylum” suggests William.

“And if it is not fake?”

Before William can answer the door opens and the helmeted guards in black that watch over Wanda gesture for her to rise and come with them. Mr Hore will have to wait a few minutes before he can leave.

Wanda is soon surrounded by her guards as they make their way down the brightly lit corridor towards the heavily armored vehicle that will take her back to the experimental prison she is being held in; the prison that no one knows about. Once she is seated in the van she is blindfolded and chained to the metal floor. Then earmuffs are placed over her ears that play distorted atonal ‘music’ to keep her disorientated.

So Wanda never sees or hears the gas containers or the gunfire. And by the time rough hands are dragging her back out of the vehicle she has breathed in enough of the gas to be unconscious.

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