Of Skills and Compound R

April 09, 2016:

May and Thomas drop in to talk to Jemma … about time and other things

The Triskelion - New York


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May had said she wanted to see Jemma about Thomas. Well, not about Thomas … about the time thing that happened in the park the other day. It's just been so busy, they haven't caught up yet.

Today, Jemma's in the gym again, working out but not with her security detail. Matthews and Jefferies are looking on, amused smiles on their faces.

"Unffff…." Jemma's knocked backwards, stumbling a little but not actually falling as she glares at her sparring partner, before squaring off again and beckoning him to come at her again "Again …"

Melinda May arrives quietly as is her habit, and stands by the door to watch this sparring practice in progress. Sometimes that will reveal more than asking questions directly. In this case though, she has every intention of doing BOTH.

Thomas Nashoba at least has an easier time getting into the Triskelion than some other people May knows. Comes of having a badage… and a file with a federal agency that doesn't label him a maybe-terrorist. Also not being paranoid. That helps too.

Anyway he's arrived by coincidence just at the same time May has, watching Jemma spar. It's weird, seeing her use what are clearly Federal Law Enforcement Academy moves. He'd wondered aloud before where on earth she might have learned them.

Jemmas sparring does come at her again, this time using a different attack. The biochem, sidesteps nicely, grabbing the arm swinging for her and uses her partners momentum to turn them and twists that arm up their back, folding their wrist back just on the edge of painful.

"OK Doctor Simmons, you can let go now…" Agent Maxwell breathes as he waits for the pressure to be relieved.

Letting her partner go, Jemma finally sees May and Thomas and gives them a nod as she grabs a towel and heads towards them. "Thank you for the workout, Agent Maxwell."

Maxwell rubs his arm and stares at the biochem, just shaking his head "You're welcome, Doctor Simmons."

Nodding to Nashoba when he arrives, she turns her attention back to the pair in the practice ring, then steps forward after Jemma thanks her sparring partner. "Interesting technique. Where did you learn it?" And yes, she's asking because she KNOWS that Jemma didn't learn that from any SHIELD training regimen.

Thomas puts his back to the wall and watches for a few minutes. He has some ideas but he's not going to answer for Simmons. Instead he waves, waits until the match is done and then glances over at May. "Simmons had indicated that you had some questions?" People wanting to see him is unusual… mostly because they can't remember his name.

Whether May remembers Thomas, she'll certainly remember the incident at the Park. That she gave Jemma the instruction then and there … would be why she asked Thomas to drop in.

Cutting her eyes to Thomas at Mays question, the biochem shrugs a little. "I think I learned it from Marshal Nashoba." May might remember they disappeared through a portal together, if only to appear a few seconds later - looking like they'd been gone for much longer.

"It's not like I remember it either." Jemma nods to Maxwell "They have to push me to the edge and then it comes out … " which is both good and bad.

"Do you remember, Marshal Nashoba, Agent May?"

Melinda May looks over at Nashoba again and it takes her a moment, but… yes. He's somewhat familiar. Of course, the fact that she's normally extremely good at remembering names and faces makes struggling to place the man a true anomaly, and something she DOES remember. "Yes. And that's what I want to ask about. That level of combat skill is not something that's learned quickly."

"Simmons and I have some… lost time." Thomas explains. He doesn't exactly remember what happened there either though he and Simmons have been delving into that, quite literally, using a machine to relive memories. "Those are techniques taught at the Federal Law Enforcement Academy and, absent another explanation, it seems likely that she learned that from me during the… possibly months we were missing." Sort of. They were only gone for about thirty seconds… except they were gone for longer. Apparently.

Jemma nods as Thomas explains. "We're still trying to work out what happened when we through that portal" Whether May is going to remember any of this after they're finished is a good question "But given the techniques are one that Thomas recognises" Thomas, not Marshal Nashoba "I can't say how I picked them up so quickly… Although we were probably there for about six months, if not longer." And it had been pretty vicious.

"You also wanted to discuss the Time Anomaly the other day?" If May wants to keep questioning the combat skills, they can discuss it.

Melinda May is willing to let the combat skills question go for now. "Yes. For a brief time, there were two of you there, Marshall. Can you explain that?" She glances over at Jemma. Don't speak up for the man, let him answer this for himself.

"The theory I've heard from people who are both smarter and more interested in that kind of thing than I am…" Since Thomas is not a temporal expert by any means. "Is that was a version of me from a divergant but very similar timeline. How exactly that works don't as me." Since he doesn't know and the whole thing makes his head hurt a little bit.

Jemma wouldn't answer, she's still working out how Time affects the Marshall. As Thomas explains, the biochem nods. "That makes sense, Agent May. Something like time resonating at the same frequency so we can see two versions." The research on temporal mechanics is still quite sparse.

Looking to May, Jemma wipes her brow, bruising from her latest work out starting to show on her arms. She'd told Maxwell not to go gently and that's just what happened.

Melinda May nods slowly at that. Temporal mechanics is even less her area of expertise than it is Jemma's, so she'll take their word for it. "Any guesses as to why that happened at that particular time and place?"

"Nope." Thomas knows that those things happen after he uses his powers but it's not a linear correlation. If anything it seems like an elastic band. He can make time bend, a bit, but eventually it snaps back at him usually in a fairly painful fashion. "Sorry I can't be more helpful on that Agent May but I'm a Federal Marshal, not really… technical in any way. What little I know I know from being exposed to researchers a lot."

"As best I can work out, in the short time that I've worked on this, Time tries to compensate for Thomas's presence." Almost like nature finding a balance. "But that's all." and it's going to take time, pardon the pun, to work out anymore of that, but the biochem currently has other worries.

Looking between May and Thomas, Jemma indicates the door. "Let's take a walk, I've got more to discuss." May will realise that what she wants to talk about can't be done here - too many eyes and ears that they don't trust.

Matthews and Jefferies fall in behind the group as she leads them out of The Triskelion towards a coffee shop nearby.

"Thomas, do you remember the other day, we found the material in your vertbrates resonated with the material in that device? I've found a name for it. Red Mercury." Glancing to May, they haven't had chance to catch up on this "It doesn't exist on Earth." she won't go into how it was thought to be a hoax. "But it does appear in technology used by techo-organics beings that I believe come from another dimension."

"Like the Daemonites." News just keeps getting better and better. "Any good news in here anywhere?" She reaches to snag one of Jemma's arms and check those bruises. Are they indicative of anything more severe than just a particularly brutal sparring match?

"Okayyyyyyyy…." That's disturbing news but in a way a bit like telling Thomas she's discovered that he's powered by cheese. Fascinating, slightly grotesque but he hopes she's going somewhere with it. "So my spine contains material that doesn't presently exist, but may have been brought here by dimensional ET's. What does that mean?"

"That is good news, Agent May." Jemma might have a slightly skewed sense of what is good. "It's something I didn't know the other day and gives me a direction in which to look." What it means for Thomas though? It's why she's not sharing this where they're compromised.

"Maybe not ET's, Thomas. The Red Mercury, was in the Psyborg equipment and they are, or at least were, most definitely human. In all of my research on the 084's, it's only just started appearing in them." So what does that mean?

"For you though, Thomas, we now have more information to look at what's happening to you." It might also help her work out how those vertebrates came into being.

May will find the bruising consistent with the work out. For a change, the biochem has kept her nose clean.

The coffee shop is the next door up, and Jemma guides them all inside.

Thomas opens the door and steps inside. Coffee shops as places to discuss things you don't want to discuss in the office aren't really techniques he's familair with but then again he's a cop, not a spy. Or an egghead whose prone to series' of unfortunate events. He gets a coffee (since they're here) and stakes out a table, hoping at some point this all makes more sense.

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