Genejoke in Genosha

April 09, 2016:

(EVENT: Stop the Hit) - The X-Men travel to Ibiza after the intel drop from Fantomex. They arrive and a pitched battle with unknown attackers and Genoshans is joined. Things are not what they seem.


NPCs: Devilmind (Genoshan Magistrate), Genoshans, National Police, Unknown Assassins, Charles Xavier


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Destination isla de Ibiza arrival time 12:30 PM, which is just sometime after 7 PM back in the US Tri-City region. The Blackbird unfortunately wasn't an option this time around and the X-Men flew incognito and commercial courtesy of Ferris Air.
There should have been no issues between stops and airports. Falseified IDs, Jedi Mind Tricks and straight up X-Men luck paves the way for a rather uneventful trip. This does not allow for weapons to be brought along unfortunately but then, this is X-Men, they are the weapons, right?

The Island of Ibiza's gorgeous blue-green Mediterranean and white beaches though visible even from here are not why the X-Men are here. They are here due to a tip off from a mutant thief named Fantomex who had information claiming Charles wa in immediate danger. Which, looking around them right now seems almost unlikely; this very much looks more like a vacation than an actual mission.

Its been no secret that Professor X has been in Ibiza for almost three weeks going to bat in the defense of several Genoshan refugees who were discovered by a Magistrate here. The officials detained the entire group and it became a public spectacle. However, the news this morning announced the 'mutates' will not be returned to Genosha. This is both a victory and a loss. It stirs up some serious political concerns that could bode very badly for the African island-country of Genosha.
Contact with Charles has been limited since he has been here, namely due to his schedule and focus. He is aware they are arriving and under what reasoning. He seemed rather unconcerned with it but this is afterall what he does.

Awaiting the X-Men is a Private Transfers Minibus with the words ISLAND BUS across it's side.

When X-Red heard there might be trouble for Charles, Brin hadn't batted an eyelid. She'd simply prepared, left details for dealing with any client issues that might arise and headed over to the X-Men HQ with any other X-Reds who wanted to join her.

Now, she's waiting with the others looking at the minibus … dressed in her X-Red Uniform. She'll handle anything public that needs doing (and maybe other things too!). "So… what's the plan?"

Scott Summers has a pair of duffels over his shoulder, his and Jean's. They had bickered briefly earlier almost entirely on Scott's insistence on carrying Jean's bag, completed with, "Will you let me just be chivalrous for once, woman?" said in a somewhat exasperated but good humored tone.

He's wearing his bomber jacket and trademark ruby shades as he looks at the bus and sighs, "I swear to you, I could have gotten the Blackbird in without getting noticed. I find your lack of faith disturbing," he says. To Brinley's question, he looks back to Jean - she's the leader now and, having once held those reins himself, he knows the last thing he needs to do is undercut her or speak in her place.

This is not Mike Drakos' first preference for mode of travel - he would totally fly here himself in his shiny suborbiter, but that'd set off the alarms of anyone truly malicious, so instead, he's here in a modified Drakos-LMD chassis, looking like a football player or some other unduly large and massive guy. The robotic interior is entirely disguised by the outer layer of pseudo-human, and would pass most SHIELD scans. It also has a jammer that can emit white-noise in the frequencies of the psi-field of mutants so that method of detection won't work — if that's the method they use. That's an optional feature.

He learned about this situation from the undernet, and decided to prepare to serve as an emergency evacuation unit should Xavier need such a thing, and as weird tech support otherwise.

When Peter heard the Professor was in trouble, he had to come. The man took him in and is training him. It's the least he could do. He didn't bother with a costume, instead wearing his usual jeans and sneakers, a hoodie and sunglasses. Combined with his Jedi mind tricks, no one should be looking at him anyway.

Bickering aside, Jean could carry her own things thank you. But it was a godsend in the moment where she actually needed her hands to do whatever that needed to be done on the plane. Which was her hair. Static is a mess on those red locks.

"We could just stand here. In fact, I'll assign us seats. And as we assemble and get strapped in the Professor will be well under attack." Jean was kidding, kidding of course.

"We start moving. By getting on the bus and getting to our location so we can have our eyes on him. From there, we do what we do best. Protect him until we can bring him home or the threat is neutralized." She had presents for Mike, a few random and odd metals that she's found outside of Xavier. "How are you fairing?" She asks of the tin man, tossing a few his way. And she was aware Peter was there, and glad that he decided to join.

Because Betsy is Betsy, she's dressed to blend in with Ibiza's socialites. A pleated gold skirt, a demi-jacket in black, and a high-collared white shirt with a starched white choker tied asymmetrically. Her shoes and small clutch match precisely, of course, in a deep navy tone. She trundles along her suitcase behind her, holding a sturdy PVC transporation cylinder by the carry straps in her other hand. "If you're feeling generous, Scott, feel free to carry mine, too," Betsy says a bit whimsically, wiggling the handle of her LV-embroidered luggage bag at him. "Jean, do you need a brush?" She moves right up to the island cab and sets her things down to be loaded on board.

Fantomex has been looking for the assassins without much luck. He managed to find the contract in the Unternet, but the very nature of the dark net makes almost impossible to find the parts involved, even with E.V.A. superb networking/hacking skills.

So when Gambit sent him a message, he reluctantly agreed to be here. Well, a handsome Spanish bus driver is here, helpful with the bags and all. Not a trace of French accent until they are all onboard. Only then he drops the illusion. "Bonjour, fellow mutants. Welcome to Ibiza. Truly a nice tourist spot, shame there are assassins afoot."

He didn't want to come. Leaving the country was not a good thing at this juncture, something could change at any moment and Gabriel could have been needed. His own distractions were evident on his features as his brow furrowed beneath the cowboy hat he wore. There was no disguise, and no uniform, for the man rather he was dressed in blue jeans that had a tear in the knees and a T-shirt proudly emboldened with a depiction of Will Ferrell holding a cowbell proclaiming 'More Cowbell' on it, not that the man would get the reference.

He has remained quiet, looking at his hands as he cracks his knuckles one by one, examining the slightly purple glow that traces along the bones when he does so, siphoning more and more energy with each passing moment.

"You be standing out, p'tite." Gambit grins at Mana. He is like the rest dressed rather casual, a loose long sleeved shirt with a wide neck and sporty thin pants that looked like they could be used for Yoga or Brazilian martial arts or even possibly dancing and flip flops. A small backpack over one shoulder. He knows how to travel light. No need for weapons when you can weaponize just about anything.
"Ah, you got tacky taste, monsieur Fantomex." Remy's foot taps a buswheel.
As Betsy sets her belongings down to be loaded in to the bus the Cajun grins at Fantomex, "Bes' do your job. We in no rush?" He already had a snicker at Gabriel's shirt. He's a big fan of Walken after all.

No rush? It has been several days now that Xavier has been declared a target by assassins and he has been rather secure in the British Consolate amongst several friends, today though, today he leaves there to a private airstrip north of Ibiza Town a depature that takes place in several hours. If Charles had more pull they would have been there waiting for him but not the case this time, as busy as Xavier is he very well may not even know the X-Men were on their way. He hasn't exactly attempted to reach out to any of them lately, not even through telepathy.

"Thanks, and well enough," Mike says to the redhead, successfully not imitating Colossus's voice. The temptation was so very there. He quirks an eye at the new fellow who used to be the driver, and resumes listening to radio traffic, trying to tease out anything useful. His best decoders are of course in the shiny silver ship, back in New York, so he's forced to rely on less sophisticated tools. Which means he can listen in on phone calls and track most common cellphones and totally can't decrypt anything with even halfway decent security on it - but such things tend to stand out. While part of his computer mind is doing that, the less automated parts begin talking quietly to the bits of odd metal and old broken tech Jean gave him — perhaps they could be useful. A third consciousness fork activates the small drone device in his luggage, and that spins up and zips away like a hyperkinetic humming bird. There are probably a few private airstrips, but not as many able to handle a private jet, and those have probably been visible via satellite spy cameras over the last few weeks — so the drone heads for the nearest. Which may or may not be the right one.

"Probably we are," the oversized fellow says. "If you were an assassin, would you wait for the rescue squad?"

"My partner is watching over him," notes Fantomex, driving rather alarmingly fast. "Security in the British Consulate is notable. But he would be vulnerable in the way to the airport. But we will be there, oui?" At least that was the idea. He has been unable to talk with Xavier in person.

Jean certainly wouldn't wait for a rescue squad. But that was neither here nor there. She shakes her head towards Betsy as she draws closer towards Gabriel, reaching out to lightly touch a hand upon his shoulder so that she could lift up and lean in to whisper into his ear. Once that was done and she was on the bus, she keeps an eye on Gabriel and the rest of them as a whole, though she was quiet as kept and waiting.

"Merci," Betsy tells Fantomex, unflustered by his sudden reveal. Then again, Betsy's rarely phased by much. She finds a seat on the bus and settles into it with a swivel of her hips, hooking one ankle primly behind the other and fishing immediatley for her smart phone. Letting the others get settled, she starts texting folks on the other end of the line.

Peter Stanchek has just a backpack stuffed with a extra pair of jeans, some shirts and mostly changes of underwear. Being on the run teaches you to travel light. When the illusion drops, he studies Fantomex curiously but just accepts it. Mutant powers are always so interesting, especially the ones he can't do himself. Once his pack is stowed, he takes a seat on the bus and looks out the window. "So." he says to no one in particular but chose his seat so he can see Jean. "What are the rules about killing people? Try not to, of course but is anyone going to get their panties bunched if it happens trying to save the Professor?" Best to bring it up ahead of time since that's the kind of thing that can cause hysterics in some people.

"Maybe. I can change into something else." Brins bought a small bag of her own and she can change quickly enough. Her dark eyes though rest on Gabriel as she senses the anger from the man. Waiting till Jean had whispered in his ear, the small brunette moves to stand next to him, sending a wash of gentle calming energy in his direction and greets the 'spanish' bus driver "Bonjour."

Taking a seat on the bus, she lapses to silence. No real surprise - she's quiet enough.

Jean cracks a laugh, her head shaking as she leans over to give Peter a good look. "There is no try. Just don't do it." Though, accidents happen. She wasn't going to say that part aloud and anyone who tries to read her mind would be met with a brain-punch. "Disable as best as you can." Diplomatic way of her saying she doesn't care if it hurts like hell for them, but for the love of god, put them all down. "Though no, I don't think anyone would be upset but me and the big guys so do your best."

"It okay, girl, you look good.
Remy offers Brinley. He doubts many will give it too much attention anyways.
"Probably good to hurry up then, we got lucky to catch the flight when we did." Convenient to say the least that they arrived just as Charles decided he was leaving. Gambit won't question it. Not this time around.
Remy takes a seat putting his pack on his lap, a pack of smokes is taken out and an unlit cigarette is set between his lips. It will likely remain that way at least until they stop.

The rather unconventional means in which the X-Men have arrived is or was the safest way to get in to Ibiza without notice to the Blackbird, even it's stealth technology at times isn't flawless. It was also not exactly anticipated they would suddenly be rushed with a depature, Charles is leaving early. He wasn't set to leave until sunday night not saturday. At least according to his itinerary update at the school, which Jean has access to as do any other senior X-Men.

Peter Stanchek looks back at Jean and nods. "Got it." He'll do his best but if it's a choice between anyone he knows and one of them, it's no choice. And now the idea is out there instead of coming as a surprise to anyone. Reaching into the pocket of his hoodie, he pulls out one of those little bottles of alcohol you get on airplanes, twists open the top, and downs the contents without looking to see which one it was till after he's finished it. Scotch. Good scotch in fact. Hopefully, there's another among the bottles he looted.

Scott Summers looks over his shoulder at Stanchek, "Yes, my panties will be considerably bunched. If you can't figure out how to put someone down without killing them, then you need more training and shouldn't be out in the field in the first place. If we judge that you are using your powers recklessly without regard for life, then you will be benched. I understand you may feel like it should be fair game because they're bad people and they're out to kill us and it feels unfair. To which I say: too bad. Deal with it," he says firmly.

"Sacre Bleu. Your professor is leaving earlier," Fantomex' announcement might not come as a surprise to those in telepathic touch with the old telepath. But it still puts the whole group too far and too late. "If I was going to kill him, I would strike now." And really, he knows what he is talking about. After all he is an assassin 'working' as a thief.

"Wrong airstrip. Must be the one due north," Mike mutters, and sends the drone off in another direction. Only one drone. Such a drag.

The small bits of metal and tech have come together into a rather strange shape, entirely without Mike meaning them to. A sort of circuit-and-fine-chainmail glove. A conversation ensues: "Oh, what are YOU then?" and "Takedown!" and "And are you non-lethal?" and "mmmmaybe?" and "Well tone it down." which probably won't bother the people around him at all. Unlike when he's doing it at the diner. Nobody wants to know what the stainless at the diner goes through every day.

"Do you need us to be faster?" the big guy says. "Because I can make us be faster."

Gabriel looks at Jean when she whispers to him, his head nodding in silent recognition of her words before he goes back to his absent stare into wherever it is he was staring. For long moments it continues before he looks up at the others, overhearing the no killing commentary. He speaks then, his voice quiet but there. "I will not attempt to kill anyone. She would not want me to."

"Gas pedal, Fantomex. You best punch it." Speeding tickets be damned right besides how fast can this bus actually travel anyways?

Now towards Telepathy and use of. This is where things become tricky, once just south of the airport Charles ceases to exist on a psychic field. Charles projects a sense of alarm, dread and confusion before his presence just disappears in a blink. Those closest to him like Scott, empaths like Mana and telepaths like Betsy, Jean and Peter feel the sudden snuff. It is almost like someone just died, which is a fairly alarming sensation for those who have felt such a thing before.
"No killing, dat kind of an important rule, mon ami or else you get de wrath of Slim." Remy says to Peter while the thief grips on to his seat, the bag thrown back over a shoulder. Why is he grabbing a hold as if this bus was going to go fast? Oh, that is right. Mike Drakos is here. "Yes! Do it, make things do things faster… " Thats what the mutant does right? He honestly isn't exactly sure all of what Metal is about or is not. The kids a relative mystery to Gambit - he supposes he should read student and team dossiers more or like… ever.

Brin just smiles at Remy as he makes that comment, keeping her silence. She's X-Red, they don't kill and her powers aren't anywhere near strong enough. Holding her silence that is, till Gabe speaks "No killing. Stick with me … " It's worked once before after all. "… and no she wouldn't want you to."

"Can we get there quicker?" She does have wings after all … Eyes widening she looks to Jean and Betsy - the strongest telepaths she knows "He's … gone … I can't sense him. But I'm not strong enough to know why."

"It's not something I need to deal with." Peter answers, shrugging a shoulder as he looks over at Scott. "I just wanted to know if it was them or the Professor, what the priority was." Though he's still not inclined to let the Professor die if it comes to it no matter what Scott says. But hopefully it won't come up.

"Faster. Right," Mike says, grinning in a disturbing fashion. "HOLD ON."

Seat-belts (not standard on busses) spin themselves out of the chairs into place around the passengers, back-of-head braces appear out of whatever surface is nearby, and then the bus is moving. Not on the ground. It's flying along at an acceleration of 3G, heading for the airstrip his drone is approaching, but MUCH faster. As it moves the shape of the bus distorts to something much more aerodynamic. And conveniently, the controls still seem to respond to the driver.

Jean felt it, and it hit her the hardest. Her fingers reach out to clasp against Scott's shoulder as the belts halt her movement of bursting out of the top to get a move on faster than they all could. Which was lucky, she probably would have mucked up or ruined things by getting their first and dashing into the fray. Good thing she didn't ask for the brush from Betsy.

"Isn't there some saying about Halt and catch fire?" She asks of Scott quietly. Bad time to make a bad joke, but GO MIKE GO!

Fantomex considers Mike's offer for a few seconds and then he nods. "Oui, speed can be essential right now. Indeed, if any of you is able to fly I'd suggest you to…" he abruptly stops talking. Just a Brin and the others lose contact with Xavier.

"Mon Dieu. He is under attack," announces the thief-in-white. "And not just one but two groups of killers. Genoshan magistrates with energy weapons on one side." And E.V.A. wanting to get involved, which is not going to happen while he has control.

Physics be damned and also Gambit is likely going to want a chiropractor after this all thanks to Metal's transmogrifying tech power. The super bus rips through that distance from south of Ibiza Town to north of it in less than minutes.

Dropping out of fast travel the X-Men's party bus skids to a halt at the face of a pitched battle, nondescript men in varying urban punk clothes mixed with miltary are fighting outdated Russian weapons at very overpowered and hi-tech Genoshan special forces, men and women in power armor with laser weaponry. The battle is largely one sided.

Charles Xavier is seen down the road being hauled over a large man's shoulder. His body limp and lifesslooking as the devil horned man in greens stomps his way towards one of three hovering vessels. Genoshan, all of them. The African island is known for it's mysterious advanced tech.


Under attack. Gabriel hears the words and his focus sharpens again, the distractions of his mind fading away as the hardening of his eyes pierces yet even further. Quietly under his breath he begins to speak, almost like a chant for several moments but towards the end of it several of the words can be heard. "And Caesar's spirit, ranging for revenge with Ate by his side come hot from hell. Shall in these confines with a monarch's voice…" The man trails off then looks up and actually, of all things, smiles.

Peter jerks in surprise as his seat suddenly grows a seatbelt around him. Another one of those interesting mutant powers it seems. His hand tightend on the seat in front of him as they start moving way faster than the bus is designed to but otherwise just lets the others do their thing. And then they arrive. "Cry 'Havoc!' and let slip the dogs of war." he finishes once Gabriel trails off. Then "Why stop here? Go after the Professor."

Scott Summers barrels out of the door quickly, duffel bags forgotten as he switches from glasses to visor quickly, snapping the headgear in place even if he's not in costume. The gleaming crimson X on his face certainly marks his allegiances as he scans the raging battlefield quickly.

He may not be the overall team leader anymore, but he's still the best tactician they've got and he trusts Jean knows it to not feel too grumpy about him shouting orders, "Gabriel, no, your powers will work better in the fight. Jean or Peter, see if you can use your TK to snag the Professor loose of that hump. The rest of you, lay in hard and fast. Batter up," he says, finding a nice grouping of enemies and unleashing a focused blast of crimson energy.

Brins knuckles whiten as she grips the edge of her seat. Mikes acceleration of the bus isn't comfortable. "Where do you want us?" she asks as she scrabbles to remove the seat belt. They need to move and move now. And so she's moving…

Gabriel and Peter get a faint smile from the brunette. Oh, this is going to be interesting…

"They brought POWER ARMOR!" Mike says delightedly. "Oh this is … dammit. They have the Professor."

They never let a robot have ANY fun.

One mind-thread sends the robin-sized drone into a superspeed overdrive, and then he takes control of it with his kinesis power, shaping it into a sphere and snapping it into a tight supersonic-speed arc at the nearest of the hovering vessels. If it hits, it doesn't explode. It dissolves into a cloud of system-infecting nanobots. If it doesn't hit, well, it'll probably explode. Meanwhile, back in his body, the defensive-combat mind sends a release code to all the safety belts and devices he just installed, and then he aims the Takedown at a clump of non-mecha-armor Genoshan soldiers. And it sends out a sonic thrum that does horrible, horrible things to the crystalline structure of calcium. Immediate effect: extreme ouch.

There was no time to talk. As soon as Scott barrels out the orders she was off of the bus right behind him. Duster jacket that was worn was immediately tossed out to the side as one hand lifts to press fingers against her temple and the other shoots out to weave tendrils of TK towards the Professor. Her aim was to snatch and grab, putting all of her focus on that one task. If Gabriel was going to be effective, she needed to keep her powers down and the man contained while the battle ensued. She was officially on secondary support.

Charles.. wake up..

People stream off the bus, rushing into the conflict. Gabriel stands up and walks in a casual fashion as he fastens his cowboy hat more tightly to the top of his head. He glances around and spots Jean who is rushing off and then a look is tossed at Brin. "If I am needed, Miss Jean you know what to do." In the meantime the man simply follows her around, acting like a quiet security guard for the red head since he cannot do much else until he draws energy. He isn't tactical, he just knows that if Jean tells him now, that he is to do his thing.

"Mercy," states Fantomex, somehow managing to drive the now super-fast mini-bus without crashing and avoiding the traffic on the road. Still a couple pretty intense minutes, and since Peter asked, "brace yourselves," he advises, ruining the bus out of the road and into the hopefully unexpecting Magistrate contingent.

Unexpecting because he is close to E.V.A. now and trying to distract the Genoshans from looking at the road. Hopefully, as his track record deceiving the Genoshans has been poor so far.

If he manages to run over a few high-tech troops, all the better, in any case they end up in the middle of them, and he jumps off the vehicle guns blazing, and loaded with armor-piercing ammo.

Released from his seat, Peter follows Scott out of the bus when he's told what to do. It pretty much agrees with what he was intending anyway. Seeing Jean do her finger thing, a different finger thing than the one he usually does, he tells her "You snag." Despite the training, he's still not too good at finesse. He's much better at smashing and the same TK which can bring down a building is being used to slam the guy carrying the Professor off.

The assault craft stricken with the cloud does not explode but it does begin to waver and swerve erratically. It dances in a jerking side to side motion before it is hitting the ground on it's side and spinning in a noisy crashing circle that kicks up dust, debris and sparks. One of the three hovering vehicles is downed. It's crew leaping free and running for safety.
The bus itself jerks forward Gambit and several of the others still on it being driven by Fantomex as the bus is used as a battering ram in to the second squad of Genoshans. Armored bodies in all directions as they crunch and roll. Gambit is saying something but all the noise drowns out words.

Telepathy. It doesn't happen. There is no telepathic or empathic noise of any sort. It just doesn't exist in this location, Charles doesn't move, voices don't send, emotions don't transmit. Absolute nothingness.

Phoenix's TK grab snares up the Professor's sleeping form and she finds herself in a tug o war with the armored man in the horned helmet, his lips curling back in to a sneer as a Charles head lifts and he groans. A sound that may or may not be heard but even unconscious one can tell the man is in pain. He will be ripped in half at this rate.

Cyclop's blast hits down pummeling a trio of the armored Genoshans in concussive force driving them in to a spiderweb of earth. Their return fire scattering every which way.

Gambit scrambles free of the super bus and finds the ground on hands and knees, getting his barings before racing for cover where he slides to safety and collects amunition. No pockets for cards. He should have considered that.

"Stupid of you." The armored Genoshan Magistrate declares. His voice a deep rumbling timber that matches his impressive size, "Genejokes."

Takedown was good for one shot, and Mike stuffs the glove in his pocket. The robin-ripper was successful and Mike is gratified to learn that the ships can be taken apart that way. Which means … sorry, this will be kind of disgusting … he pulls his left hand off, detaching it, and then his right hand in his teeth. Both of them launch into the air, shaping into spheres with the same ship-destroying nanobot mix, heading for the remaining two at the fastest speed he can manage. This leaves him open to being attacked, since he can't reshape himself at the same time he's changing his hands into weapons.

Mana herself isn't far behind Gambit, tumbling and dragging herself to her knees beside him "What was you said… too much noise." and then she's scrambling for cover herself, glowing green and gold bow appearing in her hands.

Taking careful aim at the armoured men, looking for rents and gaps in the armour to target, she lets an arrow fly and nocks another.

Scott Summers keeps himself low, strafing with his blasts in a steady, pulsing line to try to knock back the assault. When he hears the Magistrate, he turns, looking at the massive opponent, "Genejokes, huh? Have I got a punchline for you," he says, unleashing a heavier gauge of blast, his visor crackling with his power as he places his blast square dead center on the big target.

That wasn't good. She couldn't hear anything from the Professor but it was clearly obvious he was in pain. It was clear that her, Peter and Gabriel (hah, that order though!) we're going to have to do a toe to toe demonstration at getting him back with little wear and tear.

"On me!" She calls out to the two men, "Gabriel, Peter.. follow and cover!" The rest would be left up to the gods. A conservation of energy was at play for Gabriel's share, especially as Jean buckles forth. Running at a normal speed at first, leaning forward to take off into the air, blasting herself at a break-neck speed intending to clash hard and fast with surgical precision, all the while attempting to form a shield around the body of the professor so that her actions wouldn't.. truly break him.

Fantomex is not geared to go after the armoured giant. But he doesn't even know Xavier. But he likes the idea of really asses the Magistrates fighting capabilities, since so far he has just been playing cat and mouse with them. "Genejoke? Are we now back to high-school name-calling? Sacre Bleu. Good armor, but the faceplates are not so good, are they?" Apparently not. Ah, no one told Fantomex he shouldn't kill them.

The lack of anyone thinking into his head is a huge relief. But not a normal one. Obviously, there's gotta be a telepathic dampener somewhere: an object Peter's not unfamiliar with. Since it was obviously meant to be used on the Professor, taking him outside its range would just be stupid. Which means it's gotta be on one of those hovering things they were taking Xavier to. Lets assume the one closest to the guy who was carrying him away. Taking hold of it telekinetically, he starts trying to crush it into a sphere. "Lets destroy those ships." he tells Gabriel. Whatever it is you do.

TSA. Damn them to Granny's Hell. (In the south there is no worse curse then that of Granny's.) TSA. They suck the spines off a porcupine. more powerful then a suck that clears a crawdad from it's shell.

So let's say this is the damning that comes from Rogue when she lands into the fray. From the sky it looks like smoke and mirrors, but when she descends…

"You need to stay here ma'am, we're going to need to search you…" Rubber glove snap
"Ah,m gonna say fuck that mister. ya'll have a good un." A tip of the cowgirl' hat with ponytail flowing over one shoulder beneath…

From the sky a rocket seems to penetrate through the clouds of the atmosphere and that of smoke, splitting them in spirals outward and away in the crash landing that has the resonating echoes of metal concaving and crunching. Cans in a crusher and when smoke clears a cowgirl's hat flutters to the ground before the fist that had cleaved through a metal suit.

"Ah'm late, but them boys at tha airport…" A rip and a small man is ripped from the crumpled suit and thrown - asshole over elbow across the concrete…

"Ah think they wanted to cavity me. I saved them the pain."

Final words and the suit is thrown at the others in a flurry of green and white.

Feeling the extra energy which is seeping off of Jean, Gabriel leaches onto it and begins to pull it into himself, opening up the spigot and taking it as the sign that it is time. His hat is blown off by the first gust of wind that strikes in front of him as the power washes over, dusting it away from his body. The initial feeling of Jean's energy opens Gabriel up to others nearby; the kinetic energy of the bullets striking the ground, the potential energy of the movement of others. Optic beams and energy arrows, all of it is energy that have traces and after effects, the laws of thermodynamics far beyond the understanding of the man but the benefits of it pulling into him.

Within the first few steps that Gabriel takes his eyes begin to glow deeper and more brightly purple, followed quickly with the veins of his arms as he sucks in energy. Turning his head slowly he looks at Peter, speaking coldly. "Destroy them… Destroy them?" He asks it almost.. amused. Both of Gabriel's hands fly up as the purple beams of plasma energy fire out from them, accompanied by the beams from his eyes for a quad blast of energy directed towards the ship. "I will destroy them." The cold tone becomes more so as the dissipation of energy must be replaced causing him to draw more into him while keeping the stream of plasma firing.

Operating hands-free now. If they manage to take down one or both ships, the fist-missiles will do so. (Oh dammit Drakos, you could've TOTALLY done that anime-robot-rocket-fist thing. Remember that for next time.)

He jumps toward the nearest of the remaining out-sized mecha-suits, and it steps on him. And then inside it, there's a voice.

"Oh, this is cool. I like it. OK, little human, out you go," and the giant mecha changes color to the black and red pattern of X-Red and then the robot combat framework spits out the pilot and throws off all the riders.

"No freebies," Mike's voice says from inside it and then it starts launching missiles at the other heavy armor.

Assault Craft #2 begins to screech and groan as Sting crushes it, dents appear sucking inwards and the vessel itself tips sideways, the pilot and gunner leap out hitting the Ibizan soil in crashing sounds.
"Yes, genejoke, genetrash… mutant scu— ARGH" The armored man is hit with enough force he staggers backwards the blast amazingly doesn't drop him from his feet. Thats a clear sign of superhuman levels of strength. Charles is protected from Cyclop's onslaught by Jean's TK protective bubble which now free she has control over his unconcious form.

Mana and Gambit begin cover fire with an assortment of arrows and explosive thrown rocks. The two of them are taking down lighter armored troopers and causing general distraction with returned fire. Amazing how a small group of X-Men can cause so much ruckus, there is a reason the world fears mutants.

Rogue's appearance amidst third squad has them scrambling to open fire on her but their heavy troopers is wrenched free of his suit and face down now, the armor tossed aside like garbage. Once very high tech garbage that looked fancy on Genoshan propaganda boards. The future without fear!

An electronic distorted voice much like a Storm Trooper from Star Wars points at Gabriel, "That one! Get that one! Take it down." Panic fueled aggression causes Squad Two two open up a salvo of focused fire at Gabriel. Despite the terror these Genoshans are all feeling right now they're brave and well trained, discipline shine sthrouhg as they still manage to follow order.
The third assault craft is besieged by Mike's nanite cloud, the ship itself going erratic and spastic like the first spinning in a wide arc as the autocannon on it sprays in all directions cutting through a car, a Genoshan and the back portion of the super X-bus. The pilot of the mecha suit hits the ground his suit stolen by a voice? The rockets striking an opposing mecha suit. Confusion being placed on the enemies an entirely new sensation, the Genoshans are not used to such coordination and power.

As of yet hopefully no one notices Fantomex is aiming for faceplates and keeping squad one rather occupied as they return fire. Even despite their one mecha suit being overtaken by Metal. The chaos is rather… exceptional at this point.

Oh, so that's what Gabriel does. Peter takes a couple steps to the side at the man's tone of voice. Scary dude. A pilotless aircar can make a good weapon and he starts using it that way, sending it crashing into other vehicles or sweeping troops off their feet with it. Especially the big guy Scott is, so to speak, eyeing.

Speaking of his feet, Scott aims lower, going for the legs and trying to take the big guy down. "You're outmanned and outgunned. Let the Professor go now and put an end to this. You tried and you failed," he says levelly. Not that he isn't enraged at the bastard, but he keeps his cool under fire, speaking almost like a professional and demanding surrender . Probably futile, given he's dealing with a fanatic, but Scott never wants it said he doesn't give someone a chance to give up before he blasts their teeth down their throat.

"REIGN IT IN!" Jean hollars out, stopping midflight to throw her arms out. It was uncontrolled chaos, someone could get hurt! Or, someone could get killed with the level of destruction that was on hand. With the Professor safe from harm, she easily pulls him to the side, keeping him up and aloft and in her arms, one hooked around his back and the other his legs as she flies off towards the bus to keep him safe. The door was wrenched open with a level of TK, carrying him onto the carriage to rest him onto the seat. She keeps him upright, fingers gripping his jaws as she gives him a few light pats to try to wake him up.

"Professor? Profes—.. ow.." The level at which Gabriel draws from her was staunched, her mind going out towards the young man to try to keep him at a level of sanity that she's only seen from him before. "God.. dammit Gabriel.." Surely he couldn't hear her, but he could feel the turn of the spigot which lessens in a few seconds..

From her cover, Mana keeps firing arrows, aiming to maim and hinder and let the rest of the team do their thing. Good thing about psychic constructs, she just creates more - although it takes a little concentration, particularly with the level of emotion in the air.

Gabriel feels a sharp pain in his arm, looking down with a glance he realizes he's been shot by bullets and diverts the energy he is throwing out to generating a shield of energy around him as those purple eyes redirect towards the men shooting him. He was angry before, now he is simply furious. How dare they shoot at him? "Who do they think they are?" The words leave his mouth in a hoarse whisper. His steps begin to fall to take him towards the men firing now at him. Just when he is about to reach out he feels the energy source that Jean was producing start to turn off.

Growling, he reaches towards that source of energy to pull more. "We are not done." He whispers it to himself once more, attempting to pry open that spigot again to sustain him while pulling energy from other ambient sources around him. The stalking approach of the man taking him towards the Genoshans as his voice trembles. "You are just like the ones that are imprisoning her. Holding her. Keeping her from being free. You want to take other people's freedoms? What if I take your existence?" The coldness grows with each step of glowering hate.

"Rogue on site…finally.." The southern accent rings over the communicators for the X-Men be they Red or whatever. X-Men. "Let me tell you about airports lately. Ah haven't had to take one in a long time.." Given her powerset. She tried to join them from the beginning, but her spurs set off TSA's alert and lo' and behonld… 2 hours later… Here'sssss Rogue!

Prattle prattle… "…Ah ain't no terroist!" The southern drawl pours over, venting her frustrations of almost being violated while she goes radio silent into a barrage of bullets, a blur of projectiles she walks through with bits of that green flaking off with every impact, scathing skin, melting fabric into openings..

"… Try and tell 'em you're aimin' to stop terrorists, they put on the rubber gloves." Reaching forward geen gloved hands take ahold of the wepons firing upon her by the barrels, palms unmoving as lasers fire into and through skin, those close enough able to see gloved rend and bood drip…but just as quickly sealed as the barrels are bent up, back, and at the faces of those manning the weapons.

"Come on sugah, fire again. I dare ya'll." A wink before both flattened palms in shredded gloves impact forward and cast some off feet…

As for the rest, Rogue spins, the fallen side-po' in errant strands of brunette and white across her face that mar like the angry red of lasers. No holding back.. This was Charles, and he has shown her as much acceptance and kindness as Magnus had before… If Rogu is anything, she is loyal.

Stepping away from the semi-crushed humanoid now revealed as a robot, the X-Red Mecha Mike begins adjusting one or two weapons to be less horrific. Because while military means military, there IS such a thing as overkill, which seems to be running rampant. Sonic weapons that cause unconsciousness and/or loss of bodily control are both more useful and more humiliating in the long run anyway.

THRUmmmmmMMB *agh mine bladder!* Zrummmmm *oh no zzzzzzzz* and occasionally "Zssssmmmmmm" B AN G smoke erupting from weapons systems where it's needed to keep circuits running.

War is hell, especially when you're on the wrong side. Also, there's some COOL gadgets in here. Mike starts 'reading' the onboard systems, seeing what they do. And that … engine design was totally stolen from a Drakos Motors concept vehicle. Oh, this means war.

Micheal Bay has nothing on the X-Men or the Genoshans the returned back and forth has the countryside of Ibiza lit up more than their techno-rave concerts could ever hope to accomplish. The Genoshans despite their numbers are losing their numbers are more than halved at this point, the unexpected might of the X-Men is just that.

Metal taking control of one of their Mecha units was a big hit. They only have three of those. One of them downed by Rogue the other now a heap of half-machine that is not usable, this of course also due to Mike.
Their aerial cover is likewise down by combined efforts Sting took the last out and the shock troopers have been rendered useless due to continued fire from Fantomex, Gambit and Mana. A complete loss across the board.

Yet… the Magistrate laughs as he fends of Cyclops hits, "Tried what? Accomplished what?" He almost spits out. Then his feet are taken from him and there is a hiccup in the telepathic and empathic plane, suddenly for a brief instant the X-Men have psionic help returned to them. It is gone as soon as the man stablizes himself on hands and knees, "You heard the mutant bitch, men. Stand down. Let them have their small victory."
One by one the men and women of the Genoshan forces start to cease fire or sling weapons aside from the squad facing down Gabriel. They keep weapons trained, panick in their eyes, "This ones still coming, what do we do!?" English with African accent. They are about as native to this region as the X'ers.

"Bes' get a handle on your boy. Otherwise we all gon' end up bloody." Gambit shouts to whoever is in charge.

"Yes, put a leash on that one. We can assist you." The horned man adds with a smile. He is still on the ground but looking up at Scott.

Xavier doesn't awake and blood is trickling down his brow, likely he has a concussion if not worse. His car was slammed in to by another and taken off road.

Fantomex stops firing when he sees the Genoshans have no chance of winning. The X-Men are simply too powerful and they are destroying the company quickly and efficiently using an amazing array of different powers. They have a minute, maybe.

Somewhat paranoid, he pulls back and checks on the other group of attackers, the ones that got slaughtered by the Genoshans. Because it was strange and Fantomex loves mysteries.

Scott Summers shakes his head, "No victory is small when it's against bigots like you," he says. "Gabriel, stand down now," he says, moving over if necessary to try and put a hand on the younger man's shoulder, "They've stood down. We'll let the local authorities handle them. Drakos, figure out the fastest way to disarm these bastard machines. Gabriel, go help Jean and the Professor, they need you. Now." he insists.

It was starting to be a tug of war. Jean knew the risks by allowing Gabriel to siphon which is why she puts in concentrated effort. Effort that makes her nose bleed horrendously. It was quickly wiped away as her face turns a beet red, her gaze gone out of the window as she hears the battle slowly coming to a close. But not Gabriel. No, not that one.

She reaches out to place a hand upon the seat to rise, her jaw tensing tightly as she takes in a breath. "Sleee—.." But she stops. She stops and waits. She was watching to see if Gabriel would calm on his own or if she would have to step in. With a shake of her head, she continues that tensed look as she rips her bag from the floor, dropping it next to the professor to take out the first aid kit and begins to dab and clean his head wound.

Which is real easy cause he doesn't have hair!

"On it," Mike says, and starts muttering, the giant-robot hand with all its weapons waving over the various machines and enemies. A pale yellow beam of light emits from the palm (there's a useful LED array there) and as the light shines over each one, the weapons start to come apart, detail-stripping them in seconds. This is a basic demonstration of technomancy, and doing it on this scale is somewhat exhausting after running on high output for this extended firefight. Mike may have to stay in this chassis for a while. (Oh, how unfortunate.)

There are tense moments, when Gabriel's expression and tinted eyes look at the Genoshans that are staring back at him a person might look at ants, or some other insect which has been annoying them, ready to be squashed. "We could put them down." He speaks quietly in the direction of Scott's voice. "I could end them. They would no longer be a problem, any of them. They will come back. Again, and again, and again. They'll keep doing this until they are stopped once and for all." The words may be directed at Scott but he seems to be debating internally.

Finally after long silent debate, he spits on the ground by the Genoshans and turns his back to them heading in the direction of Jean where she is at helping the Professor, letting the energy he has gathered dissipate away. As he walks, he notices his hat and picks it up to put on his head with the arm that does not have a gunshot wound in it.

Peter isn't going to argue with Gabriel. No that he want to or disagrees. But now that they've stood down, he's not going to kill them in cold blood. "Let's get out of here." he suggests and heads for where Jean took the Professor.

The assassins have very little unusual about them as Fantomex sorts through their attire, weaponry. They're largely dead or wounded and in need of medical attention, the Genoshans tore through them with about as much effort as the X-Men exerted. Which is to say little.
The Magistrate straightens up to his full height and stares down at Scott and the X-Men, "Yes, run along. You only accomplished what we were and that was saving the Professor… " Another larger smile, a toothy one. "You are your own enemies in this. We only wished to help. You will see." A large armored fist rises up and points a finger towards a hovering cam. Several of them. "Politics. Ours is a world of it."

Remy frowns straightening up, "You okay?" He questions Brinley before hopping over the debris cover he and her were behind to stride up to Rogue, "TSA? I tol' you not to wear dem big belt buckles." A sly smile, "Dat one right. We should go." Peter is who he is talking about. Hes a thief, flight is usually option A.

The Professor is at least in good hands now, his eyes open and he reaches up, "Jean… " A touch to the side of her face and he is out once more. No mental contact in that. It is clear something or someone is dampening it. Making it null and void.

Upon Gabriel's power down the remaining soldiers who still held weapons ease up and take position by the Magistrate. None of their firearms are thumbed to safety but they're not pointing them at the X-Men anymore.

Scott Summers shakes his head, "You'll excuse me if I don't take your advice on what's best for my people," he says to the Magistrate. "I'd like nothing more than to blast you to smithereens, to unleash and go off. But I have responsibilities and I have rules. People who don't usually ended up like you - fanatics willing to do any evil, commit any crime, in the name of cause. The X-men way is harder, but it's harder because it has to be. We have to be different. We have to be better."

None of which would mean anything to the Genoshans, but he didn't say it for their benefit. He said it for Gabriel's benefit and for Peter's and for the others. The X-men weren't just a strike force, they were an example. A beacon. Yes, their way put them at more risk, required restraint and control and precision that their enemies need never indulge. Which is why, when the X-men won, it meant something. It meant that they could be decent and still get the job done. It meant that their way was the right way. And that was more important than any schoolyard fight or fit of anger.

Brin smiles slightly at Remy. "I'm fine. Just waiting to see the fall out." she answers as she straightens, keeping her bow handy. Yes, she's noticed the weapons haven't been turned to safety … this could still go wrong, even now.

Hopping over the debris, with not quite the ease as the other, Rogue gets a small smirk. "Good to see you here, none-the-less. Sorry for not acknowledging you straight away." the brunette had been slightly focussed.

"We should be away, but there's questions that need answering." she nods to the Magistrate "If what he said is just true. Who was the second group?" Too many questions and not enough time. Maybe the bus driver can shed some light on that matter.

"Professor.." Jean murmurs quietly, she still couldn't hear his thoughts. But he was safe and lightly bandaged and that was all that matters. Still, there was only so much she could do on a bus. The others were hurt and they needed at least a safe space to check up to make sure that everyone was all right. And everyone was all accounted for.

There was a lick of faith as she realizes that Rogue had joined, a smile gone out to the woman even though she couldn't see it, and a soft sigh as she falls into the seat next to the professor, her arm wrapped around his shoulder which allows his head to fall upon her own.

"We need to get out of here now!" Jean calls out. If there are cameras, they would be all over it. And if there were more like the squad of assassins, then they would be in for a bad time. They had luck on their side for now, may as well utilize it.

Instead of calling out, 'To me, my X-Men!' She properly waits until they quickly filter upon the bus, biting her lip in anticipation. Regroup, clean up, bandage up, and get the hell out. Back to New York for them to be properly and relatively cared for.

Ibiza Town is not far off and the National Police are enroute. Not as quickly as super bus but they will be here very soon.

The Magistrate looks towards the corpses, "Like I know or care. Maybe they're just fellow enthusiasts, your people attract do not go without their fans." The Genoshans do not have transport to retreat to like the X-Men. They stand awaiting the authorities.

Remy sighs, a hand rakes through his hair, "Les' go. Dis mess was ugly but at least we got Charles. Hopefully he okay… "

And Fantomex is glad he stepped out of the way and the cameras, because given the Magistrate words, he strongly suspects this was a setup. Starting with the Thieves Guild leaking information, and ending with a bunch of what are probably novice or crappy mercenaries, all dead to show the heroism of the Magistrates.

And of course the X-men are the mutants that attacked them without any reason. He sneaks away, only to reappear when the Genoshans are out of sight. "I can take you back to the US," he offers. "But I am afraid this whole assassin business has been a setup, and we fell for it."

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