Isn't Knowing Enough?

April 08, 2016:

A debrief after Sam drops the information from the Daemonite reveals even more unwanted news

New York


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It's been a few days since Sam had woken from the incident with the Daemonite. He's been released from the medbay but Jemma has asked for the flyer to drop, predominantly so she can see how he's doing but it's also a good time to regroup. As such she's asked others to join her as well.

Given the news the man had dropped, the meeting isn't going to take place in The Triskelion. Too many eyes and ears. Instead, Jemma's chosen a nice little coffee shop some distance from the building. One she's sure won't attract attention to them.

May will have noted that a lot of Jemma's time is spent outside the building these days. Where she goes? Well, her security detail knows.

It's a good thing this SHIELD team is being all secretive with the rest of the organization about just how much Sam knows, or else they would never have let him out of his restraints, much less the building. That would seriously have cramped the man's legendary multi-team style, so in a funny way, he's grateful for the ongoing alien infiltration. Well, probably less than funny to those who are still trying to work out just how extensive an effect the brain-whammy from Sstass had on him.

Anyway, he arrives at the shop in civilian clothes and a pair of dark aviators that he thinks make him look nondescript. (They actually make it easier to spot his resemblance to the begoggled Falcon, but no one has so far had the heart to tell him.) He goes to the counter and orders a plain medium roast coffee — no elaborate soy-mocha milkshakes for him — then parks himself at a table with his back to Jemma, not even vaguely acknowledging her. From his pocket, he grabs — dear God, is that — yes, it's a bluetooth earpiece. Hideously uncool, but still the best damned cover for talking to yourself this side of a week without hygiene and an 'end is nigh' sign.

"Hey, it's Sam," he says quietly. "Just how secretive are we being here?"

Rain is sympathetic. She does like some cafe, though. Captain is likely to be a local celebrity and draw attention away, if anything. Because jowly kitty in trenchcoat=CUTE. Rain really is contemplating owls as a means of sending memos from WAND. Rain is actually a pretty astute spy when she needs to be. She was homeless, and those who know most about the crime in an area… are those who must live with it the most.

She doesn't really stand out, aside from being lanky, tall and purple eyed. She has her mathlete hoodie with a math pun. She'll wave to the others, and get herself something nice and caffeine-y. "Hey guys."

Arriving bit early but appearing completely unsurprised at seeing Jemma already here, Agent May moves to sit at the biochemist's table without bothering to say hello. She looks at the two men who constantly shadow Jemma, then at Jemma even though she answers Sam. "I didn't think we were being secretive at all."

Sam gives Captain a look that's a bit jaundiced. He's had enough time to get used to the idea of having a witch for a consultant, but given the amount of work he has put into learning to 'communicate' with birds by observing their behavior and understanding their instincts, the idea of a cat that just says what's on his mind seems a bit like cheating. He deflates further when May informs him that his sneakiness wasn't necessary. "Well, that's a waste of a damned good entrance," he grumps, taking out the embarrassing earpiece and spinning his chair around. "Still, at least I can rock the shades, right?"

Jemma had just been about to respond to Sam, trying to work out how to be subtle about it, but May scotches that with her entrance. "Not secretive, Sam." the biochem sighs "I just don't trust discussions in The Triskelion. Truth is…" she glances at May "… I haven't for a while. Heck, I've moved a lot of my research offsite as well."

One day, probably soon, people are going to notice the amount of equipment that is 'out for maintenance' and the switcheroo's Jemma's been doing on subject material.

"Hello Rain, Hello Captain." Jemma greets the other pair as she waits for them to join the table. "I'll let May explain what we knew up to the other day, and then I'll add what I've found as well."

"I might use owls for memos. I guess I should keep my sensitive stuff to the manor," Rain muses. "Or my warehouse 13-not-copy-right-infringing," She quips. Captain grumps at Sam, too. Gosh! His tail flicks. And he let you pet him, Sam! The betrayal. She stings. "You do rock them," Rain offers quietly.

Thankfully, Captain doesn't talk in public. "No one really comes poking around my wing of things, though." Definitely not. At least WAND has the 'oh shit wizards' and 'wtf' factor keeping most busybodies away. "Anyone want pastries or food while we're up here?" She asks as Captain hops onto a chair near the others.

Melinda May reaches over and touches Captain once on the top of the head by way of greeting but leaves it at that for now. "Keep as much as you can at home, Rain. SHIELD is definitely compromised, and we've only recently realized how far it goes." She glances toward Sam for a moment, but not in any sort of accusatory manner. "Until further notice, do not trust anyone that has not already been vetted by myself, Simmons, or Rain." Or Jericho or Barton, but they're not here right now.

"Thank you," Sam says to Rain, his mock dignity giving way to a teasing grin after just a moment. He also holds up his coffee cup, to show her that he has already ordered for himself. To Simmons and May, he continues, "More problems in SHIELD? I figured after I pretty much spelled out who the bad guys were, that wouldn't be such an issue." He takes a sip of his coffee, then adds, "What's the point in getting all that crap dropped off in my head if it doesn't do you any good? Or is this one of those friends close, enemies closer situations?"

"I'm fine, thank you, Rain." Jemma has a pot of tea in front of her. "And the shades do make you look ultra cool, Sam." She can't really help that she's focussed, the issue is quite serious really.

"You know some of the compromises in SHIELD and that's going to be helpful, but the issue is that we don't know how far and deep they go." the biochem glances round the table, not smiling at all "Clint advised us a month or so ago that SHIELD had been compromised, but didn't know the extent of it. HYDRA has as well. Which is interesting. At that point in time, we couldn't be sure /who/ had done the compromising. Recently, I had began to suspect the Daemonites. You're information just confirmed it."

"Now, we have to work out just how deep the rot goes." And what they're trying to do…. "I took a visit to the Academy recently. What I found was … horrifying." beat "Of course, we don't want this information getting out, but we need help."

"Knowing how far it goes is our top priority, but making sure they don't find out how much we know is the real challenge," May tells Sam. "Fury is staying hands off because anything he does will be noticed, and I'm having to be extra cautious as it is. There's only so much insulation I have with WAND. Until we find a reliable way to remove Daemonites from their hosts and can keep them out, we're walking through a minefield."

Captain merps, in a greeting back. He doesn't speak here. Too much attention would be drawn. She nods. "I see. Okay. Well. I mostly stick to minor task in the lab, like helping keeping the servers gremlin free," She replies. "Or testing my magic and distortion GPS." She shrugs. "We may well use owls. At least owls can peck someone who tries to steal the memo." She murmurs. "I will keep my eyes open, but - we really only deal with a couple of people." Deference to May.

Rain grins at Sam. She wil have some extra pastries, and settle in with her own drink and snacks. "Because your head must be AWESOME."

"I don't know if I'd call it 'awesome,'" Sam says with a laugh. "It's a little creepy, actually, having all this stuff up there and not even knowing what's important." He shrugs, still smiling, and says, "But I figure you can help May find some witchy way to pull the daemonites out, right? I mean, name aside, they're more biotech than sorcery. They might not have defenses against what you can throw at them." The flier shrugs, says, "Just a thought. Unless it's a stolen insight — who knows?" He glances over at Simmons and finishes with a more serious expression, "Well, don't keep us in suspense, Jemma. What did you find, and what kind of help do you need?"

"I don't know what help, Sam. I'm just a scientist…" Jemma nods to May though "Knowing just how far it goes and how bad it is, is one of the priorities. Then working out how to evict them or stop the mind control is another."

"As to what I've found out." the biochem shrugs just a little "Clint took me to visit a SciTech in the Appalachians not too long ago." Took her to visit - read, took her on a raid! This bit isn't news to May at least "What I discovered is they've taken my base research on the 084's we've been collecting and were merely months off getting a stable portal to open… all they were lacking was the power requirements to make it happen. They'd need a particle accelerator." And she hasn't mentioned what she found at The Academy. There's also the matter of Red Mercury that had her so worried the other day.

Looking thoughtfully at Rain, Jemma cants her head. "You know Rain, we haven't seen how magic works on these things…" Maybe Rain might be interested in doing some tests.

Melinda May nods in her agreement with Jemma. "We do need to test that, Rain." And hope that the witch turns out to be their ace in the hole. "And perhaps work on a way to help resist Daemonite possession." She looks at Sam, then at Jemma again. "What would it take for them to get their hands on a particle accelerator?"

Rain looks uncertain. On one hand, bear form does wonders for ripping these things in half. On the OTHER… Rain smiles at Sam and his laugh. Captain miaos at the man. "I'll do my best. I mean, I was an electrical engineer before -" Fingerwiggle. "All this… I kind of shucked fate pretty hard unintentionally."

It really was a shock. She looks to Jemma. "I'd be glad to help do some tests. I have a - I guess people call 'em warehouse 13." Then a blink at May. "Depends on the power of the accelerator. Something as big as the Hadron Collider— Millions in funding."

"You can't 'get' a particle accelerator," Sam says, brow wrinkling. "They're huge. You could maybe break into one. I suppose you could build one in secret, but even when the EU or US government wants to build one, it takes decades and billions and you need huuuuuuuge tracts of land." Yes, that was an intentional reference. "Breaking in makes a lot more sense. And that narrows down the number of targets very nicely."

Melinda May looks from Rain to Sam to Jemma. "What's the power output on one of these facilities? Would an Arc Reactor like the thing Stark has powering his building be able to offer similar power output?" She really, REALLY hopes they say no.

"That's great, Rain. I've some samples you can work on and we'll work that out." The truth is, Jemma is stretched thin. She's more than just Daemonites that she's working on. It's May and Sam that get a 'look' from the biochem as she takes out her tablet and brings up an image gallery, turning it so the table can see.

Flicking through them, it shows her and Peggy Carter on a tour of the SciTech Academy … nothing special until they get to a picture of 'construction area' - the picture is really a selfie of the two women, but it clearly shows a door in the background - a door with a biometric reader on it and a sign clearly stating 'Construction Area'.

What on earth is a biometric reader needed for on a construction site?

The next photo's tell the story … clearly Peggy and Jemma found a way in - and found … a Particle Accelerator - built.

"SHIELD built it. They've obviously been building it for years …"

"Sam, May, the help that I need from you, is to get my detector tested so I can get more made."

"I might work for Stark, but there's no way he'd let me know the specs on the Arc Reactor," Sam answers May, putting his hands up. He half-watches the slideshow on the tablet and explains, "I wouldn't rule it out, for the one that runs the tower. I can't imagine the portable ones having that kind of output. But —" Jemma gets to the scary bit of the series. "Oh. Oh, shit. That answers that question." In the worst way possible.

Melinda May glances at the photo and she does that not-frown. Where she would be SCOWLING if she did that sort of thing. And, Sam said it for her. Shit.

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