I Dare You

April 08, 2016:

Remy meets Jean about what Fantomex delivered.


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Fade In…

The early morning wanes on, the sun raising over the tops of the manse/school that houses the worlds most strangest students. Even a few regulars! Yes, there are humans that attend this school in small amount, trusted friends of trusted friends or siblings that refuse to let their own blood go away in vein. It doesn't matter. It was all apart of the dream and everyone was considered family no matter the make or model. At least that's what Jean thought.

This morning was rife with turmoil, Jack broke up with Cindy and started to date Laura. And Jean spent the entire morning trying to clean up that shit show. Why?

Because they were only six! Six year olds! Broken up because Cindy didn't have the black crayon that he needed and Laura offered! Kids are so cute, so fickle.. and most of the time Jean wanted to laugh.

But then she wanted to cry, because all of this would be put into danger soon enough.

But as the last tissues were used, pictures were drawn, sniffles were had and little Cindy was out. And Jean remained by the window, fingers laced behind her back to stare down into the yards were a few of the college students began to tend the grass. It was as green as it has ever been, and it looked wonderful.

Remy rarely goes in to the school proper unless he needs something and this time it is an audience with Jean. Many of the students not affiliated with anything X just think hes the groundskeeper or janitor, especially since they know he lives down by the lake in the boat house and is often seen mowing the lawn. Only the riding lawn mower. Never the push ones; thats reserved as a punishment for bad students and younger X-Men recruits.

The green outside is appreciated but the weather is still overcast with that touch of cool, warm clothes still sadly required. Today though is just a black on grey sweater and jeans. He looks like he is ready to go visit someones parents.
"Jeanie, you lookin' lovely as ever." A chair drawn back and he flops in to it, shoes kicked up on to her desk. "You get my memo?"

Jean snaps out of her little reverie, turning to give Remy a stern glance. Her fingers gesture towards the feet upon her desk, pointing down towards the ground as she returns to her own chair with a slight little bounce and grunt.

"Thank you Remy." She states, a little smile upon her lips. "And no, I didn't get your memo. Did you send it to the right email address?" She doesn't bother to check, she figures he'll go ahead and tell her.

"What was it about?"

"Dey clean." Remy teases but sets them down anyways, "Bout Fantomex bringing us inFomation about Charles in danger. He gonna be attacked in Ibiza before his flight takes off… " Leaning back so the front legs of the chair pick up he folds his arms up behind his head, studying the telepath. "You reading my mind?" A curious question, he doubt's she'll intrude but he knows sometimes they just can't help it.
"Beast wasn't too worried. I think he trusted Fantomex less den me." Which ain't sayin' much.

"Still, it's rude." She wasn't going to overly discipline him, one word was just enough.

But hearing the threat to Charles, Jean frowns completely. "Oh no, that memo I did -not- get. Still, who is this Fantomex and where did he come from?" She doesn't remember working with him or anyone on the team working with him.. but.. wait.. "OH! Fantomex!" She snaps her fingers and points.

"Roguish fellow, bit like yourself actually. But french. If that's any difference, wears white. Helped us with some of the children kidnappings that happened.. two years ago. He's good. Sort of."

So would that information be trusted? Yes. "No, I'm not reading your mind. But I do feel that you feel that we shouldn't leave it up to chance."

She does smile however, one that grows slow. "Do you want me to read it, Remy?"

A grin from Remy, "Is it really? Figure you take dat as a notion I real comfortable 'round you."
"Where he come from? Think he was waiting for me. Found me someway… " A shrug, the thief isn't putting too much thought in to that one. He didn't follow him or approach him at the School at least.
"You wanna poke around in there? It can get real messy, mon chere."

"Being comfortable and putting your feet on someones desk are two totally different."

"I don't remember where he came from. I do know that he met up with Laura first, and then me afterwards. Somewhere in Gotham." She shakes her head just a touch. "Trying to get a read on him is difficult, how he found out what we were looking for is suspect. But.. he's a willing helper, this much I know."

She stares at him for a moment though, her head tilting oddly. "You know, everyone says that to me now a days. I'm not a delicate flower. However, I'm not rude to insist or try to imply that I would or should. As much as I'd like to… your demons are your own unless you want to lighten the load.."

"Where I come from, they the same thing, p'tite." Remy continues with his casual manner, "But I respect your space, Jeanie, you no need to worry there. See." His feet tap in place. "We all good."
"Gift horse in de mouth right? Maybe it be a nice trip for some of us anyways, weather nice there this time o' year, maybe some of you get to try on some bathing suits. Escape dis' hum drum New York be under right now. Plus, if Charles in trouble, it our job no?"
A flex of his hand and he looks down at his fingertips, "You dun believe me? Go ahead take a peek, I dare you."

Jean considers this for a moment. "I suppose I can see both sides of the coin. Though, since we're not on official business.." She gestures around, indicating the school. Not to mention, the place where his feet once were wasn't dirtied with mud or outside particles, so it was a win win. "If you please then."

She leans back into the chair with a slight rock, her head bobbing up and down as if she were listening to a song. "Yes, but.." She thinks about what to say for the moment. ".. since we're there, there are other things we can do in Ibiza, right? Recon. Ect."

Though, looking into his mind? She was now intrigued. Her eyes squint for just a moment, before they widen in horror, rearing back into her seat as a hand reaches up to clap against her mouth. There was a quiet 'urp' sound that surfaces from her lips, her cheeks turning a deep, dark red. There was even a little vein that pops out upon her forehead as she attempts to keep the force of the projectile that would have come if she let it down.

"You… you.." She swallows hard, her eyes water. "…(CENSORED).."

"Recon? I like dat word. Almost as good a word as bikini." Remy chuckles and then his eyes widen in absolute amusement as Jean takes his dare. Her abject horror has laughter rolling out of him, "You a brave girl, chere. We could get in some real trouble together."

"You like me to fetch you some water?"

Jean has to quickly stand, her eyes squinting shut to bite back the tears, "That is the most horrid thing I have ever seen!" She was flabbergast, the plans that she were forming in her head were tossed by the wayside with that one … thought. Whatever the hell that was.

"No.. no.. sprite. 7up. Something.."

The struggle was real with that one, absolutely real. She had to fan herself and turn away just in case something were to accidentally spew. "We're leaving as soon as the sun goes down." She chokes out, then coughs just a little. "I'll alert whom I can."

"I go get that for you… only fair you gave me the best laugh all week." Remy stands up and stretches arms over his head, "No party before business? Dat a real shame." The snickering scoundrel makes his way for the door so she can recover and to find a Sprite or Lime Burst Soder Coler.

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