Talon: Let's Make A Deal

April 03, 2016:

Audrey visits Peter and get some insight on ship that needs to dealt with.

Audrey's Safehouse

A really small apartment. Doesn't even have it's own bathroom. What's up with that.


NPCs: Yondu



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Peter did eventually decide to take Audrey up on her offer of using her safehouse. Normally, he wouldn't, he's not one for chairity, but as recent events have unfolded, beggers cannot be chosers right now. And that's where he's been the past day, even after he and Audrey went out for canolis and talked about things that didn't pretain to the superhuman variety. So, that was nice. A change of pace.

Anyways, he offered to have her come by if she wanted to talk, get to know him better if she wanted to. Besides she was interesting to talk to. In the meantime, he's been speding this time getting whatever things he owns to his name, in the same duffle bag he was dropped off with, in the little room. Currently, he's in the midst of cracking open an old microwave and an old radio, a soldering gun sitting hot in it's rack. There's scattered wiring and components. The spacer has been busy today, making do with what he's got availible.
Audrey's apartment is a tiny place. It's in the Puerto Rican neighborhood of the city, and it looks to be a sublet of a sublet. The furniture is hand-me-down or self-assembled, though all of it's clean. And everything in it looks like it could be left behind on a whim, including the glasses in the cupboards - mostly old jars. When she shows up, she doesn't even look like herself at first. She looks shorter, a heavier-set young woman of mixed race with a backpack. The key in the door warns she's coming in, though.

There's a disc set on a knightstand. It's an odd looking thing, with blue leylines running about it, as if it were a heartbeat. It's rythmatic anyways, and clearly a level of technology not found on Earth. Wires of a more mundane fashion have been wired to the magnetron of the microwave, which has been gutted, another line running to the little disc device, and then another wire running from the two of them together to the guts of the radio, the transmitter of which(antennea included)was the part that he most interested in. Currently, he has a screwdriver in one hand, and a sandwich in the other, all the while he tinkers, the sound of frequences changing by the moment. The disc, for it's part is emitting a holograhpic interface in langauge that is definately not from Earth.

But he hears the key turning, he touches the disc, display vanishing, hand now occupying one of his blasters, which is kept behind his back. "Yeeeees?" he asks, waiting. It's probably Audrey, who else would have a key. But. Just in case.

Once she's inside the apartment, Audrey lets the illusion drop. "What…are you making?" she asks, quirking a brow at the machinery spread across the table. "Please don't burn this place down. I'd feel pretty guilty if the place burned down because I let you stay here. And I'd have to find another place."

The blaster almost came out. There's a glint of metal behind his back, and his arm loses tension the moment the illusion is gone. In effort of full honesty, the weapon is set on the bed. "Next time, let me know you're going to appear as someone else." he says, rubbing at his face. "This, Lux, is something I need to take care of because I'm looking for information on something. Probably is, this," he picks up the disc in his hand. "Only receives messages, doesn't transmit, I'd need the other half. Which…wasn't on me at the time. So…I'm making do." he gestures at the equipment. "Besides, making phone calls across the galaxy isn't what you'd call easy, but really, all I need is to boost the power. /This/ should do it." The display pops up again. It's rather large interface to come from such a small thing. And he can seem to read the language it's in just fine. Yes, all futuristic looking, that.

Picking up the number pad from the microwave, which is still attached, he presses the 'DEFROST' button. "It's not going to blow up." he assures. "Okay. Well, it shouldn't."
"You're building a space phone," Audrey summarizes, a flicker of humor in her features as she sets the backpack down by the door. "I always show up as someone else," she explains belatedly. "It's…a habit, you could say. But I was being tracked by some people for a long time, so I try to make it hard for them to track me now. Or anyone else for that matter." She pulls one of the chairs out, looking at the set up. There's a glimmer of comprehension there - she's had some mechanical training - but she's certainly nor familiar with it.

"More or less…yeah." Peter nods, fingers touching symbols and icons that apparently only mean something to him. "Oh. Sorry." he brings down a tab, changing it over to english. "I never thinking about changing the visual imputs. I just got used to reading it that way. Anyways. So… everything seems to be working alright. Let's give it a whirl." Touching another set of controls he makes a series of inputs. The interface is visually sucked down into the disc, replaced with a single pane video image. Of a blue looking…man. Red eyes. Sharp teeth, and what probably passes as some kind of cybernectic mowhawk.

"…boy." the man states with a mixture of disdain and..something else.

"Yondu!" Quill smiles, but with him it sounds like a man who's trying to make nice even knowing there's going to be a fight.

"Where you at, boy?" Yondu spits out. "Where's my damn ship?" he then holds up a Troll doll in his hand. "And where is /this/?"

"I really don't need to-" Be seen on the space phone. When something shows up on the image, Audrey blinks out, stepping quietly out of frame as she watches.

"Yondu…no need for hostiliti-" Peter starts before being cut off completely by Yondu.

"My /ship/, boy. My damn /ship/. And my credits. Where the hell is my money?" the alien snarls at Quill.

"For the record, you better believe I was never giving that to you. Because that kind of…thing was the last thing you needed. Besides, you have enough of that already don't you? And /my/ ship? Stolen. I'm on Terra."

There's various mixtures and levels of anger that the alien man goes through, looking at Quill. "You /lost/ it?" he stammers. "Boy, when I find you, all the credits in the sector isn't going to make up for it. You get my ship."

"How Yondu? I was dumped by Elkie and Slipple. You know those two. That's not the point. I'm calling you because you can get ahold of people I can't. You can tell exactly why the Shi'ar want me to look for a ship of their. Here. On Terra."

The lure of profit seems to quickly qwell Yondu's anger. For the moment, anyways. "The Talon, you mean. Ya, I may of heard something. Couple people been talkin about it. Who told you?" he asks.

"Doesn't matter where I heard. But the Shi'ar don't come to Terra. They stay out of it. But I /am/ on Terra. And I can get you the Talon."

Invisible, Audrey remains silent as she watches, brows furrowed. She has a lot of information about things on Earth. Politics, war, the underworld. But space? Aside from daemonites, it's new to her. But she'll piece it together as she can.

"That's the name of it? All the Shi'ar told me is that the ship has been on Terra for decades, maybe longer, and they wanted to keep it out of Terran's hands. I need to find where. What kind of ship is it? What's so important about it? Besides the obvious."

While they're talking business, Yondu will leave things how they between as they are. "It's a frigate. Military ship. Used for research. Don't know what. But if you get me that ship, boy, I'll…overlook you losing the Milano."

"You used her /name/. Aw Yondu, I didn't know you cared. Thaaaanks. So, I'm in a bind. I can't get this ship if I don't know where it is. I need access to the Shi'ar records. Where they think it went down. If it's near a populated area. If-"

"Yeah, yeah, I know boy, look…hold on." He vanishes out of camera view. Leaving Peter to wait.

"You know, two things." he says lowly over to Audrey. "I don't think you need to worry about someone who hardly comes to Terra seeing you. And if you're still in the field of view, he can probably still see you anyways. His race has a thing about picking up light distortions. It's the eyes. Also, if I know Yondu, he's already having screens filtered for heat emissions."

"That would be why I moved out of frame. Unless that thing is a 360 degree job," Audrey says quietly, crouching down a little bit lower and tilting her head. Not that he can see her. She's not giving it up yet.

"No, I have that setting turned because I sorta had you considered for the paranoid type." Peter remarks, touching some controls. Looks like he's been recording the conversation, then waving a hand in her general direction. "I know, because people suck. I'm not judging. I'll just say that Yondu…heh, he doesn't care about you. Though he will think I'm up to something." Which should go unsaid that he is.

"Boy!" Yondu comes back into view, Peter turning his back towards the screen, smiling a little too brightly. "Got your Shi'ar records, sending them to you…" he jerks a finger back. "That is of course you plan on giving me the ship. We'll split what's on it 50/50."

"C'mon now, Yondu. You give me information and I do all the work? Half doesn't seem right. And it's not like you're gonna come down to Terra yourself. And it's not like I'm gonna take the first light-jump to Knowhere to sell it off. If it hadn't occured to you, I /can't/ leave. I'm stuck here."

"Oh, I know. Which means, if you screw me, I know exactly where you are. And my boys are still a little curious about what Terran tastes like. What you thinkin? Roasted? Fried? Go with a nice tzat sauce and some kleema?"

"At least you're still the fine diner you always were." Peter remarks lightly. "Look. 30/70. I'm not putting my ass on the line just for your profit."

"40/60." Yondu counters, frowning.

"35/65." Peter counter-counters, grin increasing on his face.

There's a growl. "Boy…" he makes a frustrated sound. "/Fine/. But the ship is /mine/. You hear me. And when I see you again, we're talking about that whol-"

Peter disconnects from the conversation. "Yeah yeah, sure you will. Blowhard. Ah hell, he's such a good liar." he remarks, making sure the he received the file.

Once the display clicks off, Audrey blinks back into view, straightening up from her crouch and coming a little closer to see how it works. "He seems nice," she drawls. "What's a Shi'ar?"

"Like I said, that was the man who, in his eyes, 'saved' me. Trained me. I was to be his protege. Take over the Ravagers. Be scrouge of the sectors. All that fun stuff. Killing and thieving for fun and profit. And believe me, for awhile, it was /a lot/ of fun." Dark admission there from Peter. "Anyways…the Shi'ar. Short version, they're one of the bigger goverments in the galaxy. Big players. Do questionable shit. There's a rumor that Charles Xaiver have, or had, I honestly can't remember, dealings with the Shi'ar. I think. At least, it was rumor, I have no idea if it was true or not. I only know that because I heard it on the Shi'ar's end, not on the other side. Though granted, they guy was never the most reliable ever, so take it with a grain of salt. Could've been completely made up. Though some of them will tell a completely diferent story. Like Gladiator. That mohawked prick. So. The Shi'ar, the Kreen, Skurlls, Spartosi, are the big names. The big governments. Countless other smaller ones or tied together in loosely-affixed federations or republics or whatever you want to call them. They don't matter in the bigger picture. But a Shi'ar military ship on Terra? That's a big deal."

"Uh huh." Audrey tilts her head, eyes narrowing. "Charles Xavier? Bald guy in a wheelchair? Powerful psychic?" She moves to sit in one of the chairs, though she's careful not to touch anything on the table.

"That's him. Like I said, it may been just rumor or someone was just making up shit, at the time I didn't really care to ask. Would've created this big massive scandal, I guess." Peter says with a shrug. "Again, that kind of stuff I didn't really pay much attention to." he explains, start to disconnect stuff and set it away into a box. Microwave and radio, and all the wires put away into a box, and shoved under the bed. "Alright, so…what did Yondu send me? That lovable bastard."

The file, once it's brought up on screen, gives a globe of Earth, the location coming from what looks like the Canadian wilderness. Yukon territory. Considering the big red dot flashing. "Shi'ar distress frequency. Not shocked that nobody here knows. They work on quantum entanglement theory. And that's what bothers me." Using both hands he expands the map for a closer view, and then a timer. "The Shi-ar wouldn't of just let this ship sit here for this long if they knew it was sending out a distress code. Soooo, either they're really bad at their jobs, which seems really unlikely….or…" he extends his hand to Audrey, hoping she'll put those pieces together.

Audrey pauses when she sees the dot, brows furrowing in a frown that has more to do with her own thoughts than the blinking dot. "Is there something about the Canadian wilderness that's particularly attractive to aliens? Like, you all really like lumberjacks and snow?" She takes a breath, letting it out slowly. "Does the term daemonite mean anything to you?"
"Because the less attention you draw, the better. And people tend to get annoyed when you start messing with planets that are not ready to join the galatic community. Some would call it immoral, others would say illegal, some say it's dirty. Y'know, affliating with primitives." A shrug at the last part. "Hey, we got that stigma. Most can't talk, though they do. So those that do watch other planets? They usually do it in areas where they won't get noticed, and they be considered not credible when they see lights in sky or cows vanishing." The term, has him take a step back from her. "Yeah, I know what they are. Nasty things. Pains in the ass. Like to posess people. Ran into some down here a week or so ago. Why?"

"Because the last time I went looking for alien artifacts in the Canadian wilderness, I ended up in a bunker that had apparently been built by someone who was here to help resist the daemonite invasion," Audrey answers slowly, still watching the blinking light. "And apparently we've got some connections to whoever those people are in other places, too."

Peter considers that information, and then back to the map. "Well, what I was hoping you would say is what I was thinking. Is that someone activated this beacon. Recently. And that's what bothers me." he states evenly. "Someone has found the ship. But no one knows who. And Terra has enough fucksticks running around with over grandiose plans. None of them should have the technology on board. You throw a culture forward couple thousand years, it's like giving nukes to cavemen. Bad things happen. If there's a connection to deamonites, I don't know. They usually keep to themselves in my experience. Why they're looking to invade now, I don't know. Deadly, but not exactly huge players. Something must've changed recently. Something I don't know."

"Sure, that too," Audrey grimaces, pushing a hand through her hair. "Just…seems a little bit weird, that many different aliens kicking around here right now. But yeah," she agrees. "I'd say it's probably for the best that neither the various governments nor any of the random aliens running around here should get their hands on another alien ship. Especially if it's a military ship."

"Not weird at all. A lot of people are interested in Terra." Peter replies simply, tossing the disc to her since she seems to want to look at it. The display stays where it is. Wherever the light is being emitted from, sure can't tell. Strange little thing. "Nobody needs that ship. Well…nobody but me anyways. I get a ship, I'm back in business. Different worlds, different relics to pilfer. Ruins. Credits, Shooting other bad people in the face. Getting good liqour on Knowhere. Yessir. Good times. But you're right, nobody on Terra right now needs a ship like that. Speaking of, let's see what Yondu has on it."

He flips through a couple more screens. "Observation ship. Limited weapons. Complete cloak on it. Very nice sensor package." he notes, stepping back to see the holographic display of the ship, rotaing on its axis. "What's…that." There'sa portion of blacked out text. When he tries to highlight it, he gets a buzz. 'NO DATA AVAILIBLE'. "Damn you, Yondu. Of course he wouldn't tell me everything. Oh, there is something on that ship he wants."

"Observation ship. What're the chances a ship like that has intel on daemonites on it?" Audrey asks, looking back to Peter. "I'm just saying, if that were the case, I might be able to get you a little bit of help. And…probably best it not come from SHIELD. Somehow, I don't see them refusing to weaponize that sort of thing."

"The Shi'ar? Like I said, they got info on everybody. You don't get on top of the dogpile but not having ears. They keep tabs on Earth. Though…" Peter sits on the bed, thinking. "You get me on that ship, and I can tap into the Shi'ra information network? I can get you /a lot/ of information. They got files on just about everyone. Everything. And if this is a ship built for spying…I think I just figured out why the Shi'ar may want this back. They may dirty secrets on other governments that they don't want being made public. Worthless to you and anyone else on Terra. But to me? That's worth it's weight in gold." A nod. "Altruistic or not, nobody needs this ship. Not even Yondu. I'll take good care of it. And they could. The shields, weapons, armor. The ship is old, even my Shi'ar standards. Anything they have now outclasses this. But to Terrans? It's a Pandora's Box." Leaning back he looks over at her. "You wanna order in? Got any place to be? Sorry, you know. Didn't mean to pull you into this. Was kinda hoping to get to know you, not talk drastic life-changing, world-shaking stuff."

"Peter, this is a potential answer to something that's threatening my entire species. And sub-species, I guess, technically," Audrey muses at the last before shaking her head. "I'm pretty okay with there being a possible answer dropped in my lap, trust me. So yeah, I think we can order in some food." She stands up, going to one of the drawers in the kitchen to pull out a stack of menus. "Dealer's choice."

"Hey, I had no idea. This is all new to me. Ships, I know. Galatic politics and governments, I know. Terra-bound stuff? I'm lost. The whole mutant thing? That's new to me. So are you saying this daemonite thing is a threat to mutants or Terrans in general?" He smiles then. "I'm an answers kinda guy. If helping the pretty woman with her problems, well shit, color me helpful, right? I just didn't think about it. I was…well..I was thinking about me. Getting off Terra. Though, that ship may not be spaceworthy. I shouldn't get my hopes up." There's a look at the menu. "Got any place that deliever pad thai? I could go for some of that." Another moment pauses. "So am I going to get your actual name, or just your codename? Because I'd rather people call me Peter than Star-Lord."

"Humans. The word is humans," Audrey points out, smirking back at him. "And mutants both, sure. We haven't seen anything that implies that they're particular about species and sub-species, so they're probably not super keen on either of us." She reaches over to shuffle through the menus at his request, tossing one his way at the last question. "That's because Star-Lord is a dumb name," she points out, a glimmer of humor in her features. "Whereas Lux is the coolest thing a thirteen-year-old army brat could come up with."

"You know it's funny, I'm human, but I just so used to saying Terran. Technically both are right. And hey, c'mon, don't make fun of Star-Lord it's an awesome name. Nobody forgets it. Ever. You gotta be pretty full of yourself to give yourself a name like Star-Lord." A wink at her, grabbing the menu. "Yeah, pad thai, I'm all about that. Although.." he pauses. "Your name makes actual sense I suppose. And you still didn't give your actual one. Or am I just going to have to make one up. But alright, if it helps you out, all of…that." he waves at the screen. "Good." He has an ancient flip-phone that someone he uses to call people. "What do you want."

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