I'll Keep You Safe

April 05, 2016:

"I was in trouble, so I thought I'd call in bigger trouble."

The Den

Jesana's secret refuge and location of the Gateway between Earth and Giizhigong.


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Fade In…

Oliver was still asleep when Rain finished healing him and Jes decided to take advantage of that fact. Now that he's okay and out of danger for the moment she's a helluva lot calmer but no where near letting him out of her sight just yet and so she'd thanked her witchy friend and gathered him up to transport back to her den. When he starts to stir, her voice can be heard softly but with a very sharp note. She's speaking her native tongue so it's hard to tell for sure but it sounds like she's giving someone orders.

A gentle burbling of water can be heard as if he is lying next to a stream though whatever surface he is on would seem soft, and warm. There's a splashing sound and then a gentle scrubbing motion over the area where he was shot as Jes gently sponges the blood off of his skin. One hand splays across his chest as if seeking reassurance he's still there, still breathing.

Coming out of a slumber brought on by blood loss and healing is still a sensation that Ollie hasn't gotten used to yet, so his eyes struggle to pull him out of the daze he was in; fighting against the blackness until his green eyes open ever so slightly to flitter around. There's a disoriented sense about him as he looks here and there before he swallows a bit dryly. Lips part and his mind tries to put words together.

"Where am I?" He asks it, eyes fighting to open, sliding closed, then once again he pushes them open and takes a sharper intake of breath.

She seems to be prepared for how he'd feel on waking and shushes him softly before dropping her sponge and grabbing a bottle of water from beside Oliver's head to hold to his lips. "Somewhere safe. This is my Den. No one can enter here without my or my Father's permission. Only a few people even know it exists. So relax, don't rush waking."

When he is ready to look around he'll see he's lying on a fur pallet next a stream, but underground, some sort of cavern. The light comes from camping lanterns and oil lamps places about the room. One corner, next to a stone passageway is filled with more pallets and cushions and furs and next to it a handmade wooden and wire mesh open top square that sort of resembles a playpen. The opposite wall contains a well built stone hearth and fireplace, water trickles into the stream from a tiny waterfall and it seems to go on beneath the far wall, just as it pours out next to another passageway. A faint trace of sulfur comes from that one. Perhaps the hotsprings she mentioned? "I've got food too when you're ready. Magical healing usually leaves you kinda tired and really hungry." She pauses and swallows hard. "You lost a lot of blood. I've got a tea going that will help with that."

It takes several moments for the memories of what has transpired since he was last awake to come flooding back to him, but when they do, Ollie nods his head. A sip of the water is taken before he speaks. "I was shot. I had you called, you brought me to Rain for healing. I must have passed out and you brought me here." That's when there is a slight start to Oliver and he tries to move perhaps a bit more and faster than he should.

"How long have I been out, been missing? People will start to ask questions soon with everything going on." There's an urgency and concern in his tone, but he cannot do much beyond that as he is still a bit worn and weak.

Jes pushes him back rather firmly and she doesn't take her hand off his chest as she holds the water bottle up. "Stop that! It's only been an hour. And I know.. I know. I'll have you back home soon. I'm staying with you though, at least for tonight, maybe a few days. This was professional Ollie. It was a freakin hit! They'll try again." It's occurred to her he might not want her there but she can't.. he could have died. Her fear of losing him and the instinctive need to protect and take care of the people who are important to her aren't something she can really right. "I'll.. stay outside if you want. As coyote. I'll sleep in front of your door. I don't care. I just need to make sure you're safe." She tries so very hard but still can't manage to keep her voice from breaking. Seeing him lying there after scenting his blood had scared the hell out of her.

There's another sip of the water, he needs it right now before he shakes his head slowly. "Third attempt." He adds quietly after clearing his throat to get it a bit stronger. "This was the third attempt in the past week or so. There was the one at the restaurant with the thugs. Another one at the mansion a few days back, and this would be number three. Someone wants me dead; that's good."

He takes another drink of the water before lying back some, letting his eyes close. "I just didn't expect them to do it out in the open, in some place public like that. I'll have to keep that in mind, that they aren't afraid of taking the hit in the open."

The thugs had been one thing, idiots, ignorant sacks of.. "I searched their homes. There was nothing. Nothing other than more proof they were a bunch of ignorant jackasses. Those three won't be coming after you or anyone else again." Remembering her promise, "I didn't kill them." Three times? In a week. "You should.. there was some kind of explosion I think. I kinda didn't give a fuck once I saw you.. but you should say you were hit by debris, protecting people or something. Hell I know you, I'm sure you did and there is probably camera footage of it before you got drug into that alley. It should help with the mayor thing, right?"
Jes still hasn't let him go and she looks strained, as if she's exerting some kind of great effort. "I know you wanted to keep it quiet and that's why you called instead of the feather. I'm glad you did. Just.. thank you. For trusting me. For letting me help."

Oliver shakes his head, "I'm not to worried about the way it looks really. I just didn't want the people who did this to know they got me, or how bad they got me." His eyes slide closed again, he seems to be relaxing just slightly. "I must be doing something right though to get these people willing to take the risks like this. That's good. I'm on the right track."

"And of course I trust you, you haven't let me down. I was in trouble, so I thought I'd call in bigger trouble." He smiles, very slightly when he says that, his breathing becoming more comfortable now as he relaxes.

His relaxing seems to help her start doing so and Jes let's out a long, slow sigh before dipping the sponge back into the water and even quirks her lips in a slight grin. It isn't cold or even cool as one might expect, it's source one of the hot springs in the next cavern. The water is well above room temperature. Jes brushes his hair aside and then rests her hand on his shoulder as she starts gently scrubbing at his skin again. She hasn't noticed, or doesn't care that her tank top and hands are covered with it.

"We've got to find out who. I don't think they mean to give up until they succeed and that just isn't going to happen." The last several words are more growled than spoken. "They messed with the wrong man." There isn't anywhere on earth these bastards can go that she won't find them.

Ollie's eyes are still half closed, the closeness of Jes to him over his shoulder and a sponge, well, he's shot not dead, and thus his body responds to the touching. Especially since his normal protective mind is weary. "I have a suspicion who. It is most likely the Section, the Government agency or the DEO or any of the other anti mutant, meta groups."

He sighs softly again, almost contentedly, leaning back some. "A public figure opposing their ideas and principles… they have to eliminate it. If they wait too long and do it, I become a martyr."

"The section.. shit. I need to check in with someone. I don't think it's the DEO. Fenris said that they'll use public and legal means to go after people. Not sneak attacks or ambushes or snipers. I've eliminated them for being who came after me. You, they wouldn't go this route and since you're human and I'm sure they know it, I don't think they'd bother. At least not yet. Purifiers usually aren't this subtle. There would have been a lot more of them, more casualties and less finesse. That's how they've always done it before and.. and.."

Jes trails off and frowns. She's calmed enough that certain things she noticed earlier and shoved aside as unimportant for the moment are coming back. "What the hell?!" There's a note of outrage in her voice and she leans over him to grab the remnants of his shirt and brings it to her nose. "They.. they just left you there?! In the alley… both of them?? A doctor and a nurse.." She growls and clenches her fist around his shirt. "No one is gonna kill you but I'm gonna track those two down and.. and…" She growls in frustration. She can't do anything. She likes Jemma, or she did before this. And the other woman is the sister of someone she owes and has promised to look out for. "Sonofabitch."

"They left me Jes because I told them to." Ollie responds quietly. "And they respect that I know what I'm doing. What happens to them if they're seen helping me? If they're caught up in that mess?" He asks to the woman turning to look at her and opening his eyes once more, the calm gone. "I told them to leave me there so that when help came, when you came, they wouldn't know who that help was. They don't need to know my secrets, and they don't need to know my friends. I keep those things separate to keep people safe. They're safe because of that choice. So if you want to be mad, you can be mad at me."

She blinks at him and opens her mouth, then closes it and lowers her head. "..I'm sorry. You.. you're right. I know it. I've had a rough.. that doesn't really matter. Those two get in enough trouble on their own. I just.. don't want to lose you, Ollie. Not before I have to. Some day, I'll lose everyone." The last is a whisper and perhaps something she didn't mean to murmur aloud. Jes tosses his shirt aside and scoots down a bit so that she can lie next to him with her forehead pressed against his shoulder. "I'm not mad at you. I'm just shaken."

"Jes, long before you ever knew me, I've suffered much worse." Oliver assures softly. "Besides, how could I be in danger with so many people watching over me? These scars didn't come from skiing accidents or other rich kid adventures. You forget I survived alone for years with myself to rely on. So really, don't worry so much. It's just a sniper shot. Wasn't the first, won't be the last." He sounds rather confident in that, and more relaxed again since Jes seems less likely to stab something.

"I know that." She suddenly snickers a little. "I can't even imagine you getting hurt skiing. I guess, it's just that, I lost you once before and this time it's different. It'd be worse. I know that you don't really know it but you've helped me so much. More than I could ever express or repay and beyond that I.. l" she coughs. "Really care about you."

Jes is quiet for a few moments, lost in thought but her arm reaches out and snakes across Ollie's chest. "I went a few days ago and tracked someone down. This man, this really horrible man. He's doing something to hurt a friend of mine and she doesn't deserve it. She's alone and afraid and I wanted to make him pay. Only it had to look natural because killing him would have made things worse. So i had this poison that mimics a natural illness. He'd died a slow horrible death. So I got to his place and instead of just doing it, i took the time to look around. I wouldn't have before. I saw that he had these three little kids. Beautiful innocent little kids. As much as he deserved to die, I couldn't do it because I'd be punishing them too. I would've done it before, wouldn't have bothered to check around but this is the influence you've had on me. I'm more careful, at least when I can be. I think more instead of just acting. I want to be worthy of your friendship and I don't want to let you down."

The exhaustion and the situation have Ollie relaxed enough that he doesn't squirm away from the contact or shy from it, or stop it for that matter. "That's good Jes. I'm glad that you are making more careful decisions, that you are thinking about your actions before just taking them. Learning about our consequences is a big step." His head tilts, he smiles at her a bit looking tired still. "There's always an alternative."

Jes tilts her head up and smiles back. She isn't really thinking about how close they are or that she's hugging him now. Physical touch is and always has been a very important part of her life, while there are a very limited number of people she trusts enough to be this close to and less who are okay with most people consider an unusual amount of affection outside of an intimate relationship, she's always been this way. Her human and coyote halves both crave closeness and affection. She usually has to remind herself not to do such things.

"I know that's like a normal thing for most people but I wasn't raised that way. No one ever told me no aside from my Elder when he was teaching me. They let me run wild and do whatever I wanted and if there was some reason I shouldn't or it went poorly, well, it was up to me if I learned from it or not. My brothers raised me for the most part and their father was a werewolf. Predators take and pretty much do whatever the hell they want. And since I am what I am, they didn't try to teach me otherwise."

"It just means Jes that you are more than what you think you are. That there is a greater depth, and that you are growing into who you will become. You struggle with knowing what to do, when to stop or when to press on. You're learning that." Oliver affirms her quietly. "That's simply maturity. Even something I need to work on sometimes."

"It helps a lot, that you believe in me. Believe that I can be something more. Fenris does, and that helps too but he isn't human. I'm not sure, of myself or my ability to be more than the monster my stepfather tried to twist me into and it's so much harder to overcome that then it would be with my soul all twisted up. That isn't who or what I want to be though and you remind me of that and make me think it's possible that maybe I can do this, no matter how hard it gets. I've been struggling with this ever since I got back from Hell and realized that there isn't really anything to stop me. If I become a crazy evil bitch or just, an unfeeling monster, there won't be any Heaven for me when I die and I'm not going back to Hell either."

She sighs softly. "I went kinda crazy after you left. It wasn't your fault. I was so lost and so angry and so I threw myself at you with everything I had, you were so good and fun and interesting and something to focus on that wasn't me or all the things that were wrong in my life and I didn't or couldn't deal with. Then something happened that made me realise how messed up I was. I had to take a good look at myself and decide what I wanted to do. If it hadn't been for you and the kids.. I wouldn't be here right now."

"We all change, and grow Jes, myself included. I'

"We all change, and grow Jes, myself included. I'm not who I was either. I didn't like who I was becoming, it's why I left to go back to the island for those months to find out who I wanted to be. I'm glad I did. It brought me back, at least I think, a better person." Oliver sighs again, that contented sound as his eyes lid shut. "Healing is… so much faster but leaves you so tired…"

"Then sleep, Ollie. In awhile I'll take you home and you can sleep some more. I would normally say you shouldn't go home right now but you need to keep things looking normal and I'll be there if anything happens." She should have gone looking for the sniper's nest and scent but hadn't been willing to leave him. So she'd sent someone else though she doubts they'll find anything. Professionals don't leave anything behind if they're any good at all. Jes knows, her stepfather was one of the best. "I'll keep you safe."

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